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The rise and rise of RSS:-

                      The RSS which earlier proposed  Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in his bad times is unfortunately always tried to be brought in the bad light.
             That is real bad as from neutral man`s angel if critically viewed; this group is only seen to have believed in true nationalism and following in letter and spirit the Sanskrit sloka
                -JANANI JANMA BUMICHYA SWARGA-DAPI GARI-YASHI spirit .E,I- The motherland is more then heaven.See by the simple dress and their down to earthness look the RSS cadres can be instantly identified anywhere.
            And the ABHA MANDAL/outer look of the pracharaks shows what Gandhiji commanded to do.Namely to Practise Simple living and high thinking and I am sure in all the natural disaster they always arrive like Guardian angel.
              And later after helping vanish like national leader Gari Baldi after unification of Italy or the Santa Cruz in X-mass.Silently working for the nation without any covetousness seems to be their true motto. .
               See their should not be barrier in language and appearance as I had also chance to study in Hindu School.Thus I feel like having two spiritual mother and many of our difference seems to be our different perspective of a thing which is basically due to communication gap.
        See most of the Sanskrit slokas of the Vedic era also glorify universal all powerful God alone.See the meaning of this Sanskrit poem`s-
                          `MUKAM KAROTI VACHALAM,PANGUM LANGAYATI GIRIM, YAT KRIPA TAMHAM VANDE PRAMANADAM DAYAKAM.`This means let us pray one super God who give speech to speechless,make lame walk and when prayed whose grace fill one will divine happines.
                 Thus there is need to see other as own by the Christians also.And thus unknowingly also if some have been hurt by us we need to also apologies to them.
              I can`t be seen as coward by our co-believer as when Baba Ramdevji was also in worst crisis before election also I stood by him.In fact the  request to rise Swiss  Bank issue was perhaps also sujjested by me in his Itanagar visit.
                     And thus now in this matter of non recovery of black money he can`t alone be blamed for non action.As this is also long process and will take time.Any one can ask Babaji did I not give Jodik Talijis C.D where he had staged dharna in the Jantar Mantar Delhi against INC misrule in Arunacha Pradesh?Presently Jodikji is President NPF of A.P.
              See criticizing is easy but in historic occasion standing tall is real difficult this is possible when perhaps God alone work in a person.That too in place like A.P.  

                     Perhaps our interaction seems to have inspired Babaji also to organize Ramlila rally in Delhi against Black money stashed in foreign country and rest is history.As I have always write openly what is fact and seldom I have legal problem for my claims also.
                   Thus I can be trusted a bit isn`t it?And mind it this is not for any name and fame also.But I feel like having a divine duty to do so; yet it has its own demerits also.
                The threat perception from some of the angry readers dissuade me to be easily assessable to most of the Publics also.As some family and friends advise me to be careful now specially in other place.
              And this passion to write truth as much as possible perhaps came when I was saved in operation theatre by God ones upon a time.And to write this when others don`t dare in place like ours.
            This was honestly initially very difficult game.To begine with my articles was even refused to be published in leading newspapers and so I was compelled to make my own Blog in net.As the rise of the evil is due to silence of good peoples so some have to take initiative isn`t it?
                   Our country man are so simple that if some  have also wear a dress of a Sanyasi he may have been seen with much more respect also.As for truth teller it takes time to get the due limelight unless he is also smart.
             Only Baba Ramdevji among most of the Hindus seems to be giving justice to his dress even if for some he is seen as bit talkative.But in this world the human being need to expect some weakness with the co-human being also.
                 But amidst the cowards the top RSS leaders are they not real Mard also?as earlier their was very danger of their assassination by the some company based in Pakistan.
                And so I salute likes of Mohan Bhagwatji and RSS Spokesperson Rakesh Sinhaji for their real guts in saying spade a spade.This powerful trend few Peoples alone have.As for Tarun Vijayji Editor Panchajanya he is like family member.
                     See howsoever great one is we need each other this is the funda.See in Hindu mythology also trinity e,i– Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh always used to take confidence of each other before any action.
             Thus Amar,Akbar and Anthony e,i- Hindu,Muslim and Christians have to be united to make this nation great and mind it non can do anything without each other.God seems to have given something to everyone even the other Hindu gods never wanted the Brahmashtra being used isn`t it?
             And this friendship with other religion myself I have tried in grass root level also and helped construction of Shiva Linga in the Gori village Basar and helped procurement of the Gangi temple land in the Basar town.
              Even not for the sake of religion but for the wonderful Peoples in this religion one should be forthcoming in helping other.As for rituals one cannot be compelled to follow.
                See God must be dwelling in human heart we need to appease all human being for changing this soceity.See one believing in the SWAKCH BHARAT ABHIYAN should first clean and paint his house;this is what I believe should be the honest beginning.
                       See all the Christians is not accepted to side with the Gandhi family even if they were in wrong side. Earlier I had even sujjested Rahul Gandhiji in his face book to retire from active politics and become missionary before last election, this seems to have infuriated his supporters more.
              May be some have been divined commissioned to tell the harsh truth also. Unfortunately the truth tellers are not accepted as friends by some and later seen to suffer.
             And see truth alone triumph and as the majority truth was with the BJP it seems to got divine blessing in last election.See even the Devta had no upper hand always in the Hindu mythological books.
         With the BJP cadres they seems to be more sensible to the divine power with their divine knowledge.As most of the BJP leaders are great scholars thus this party may last for long time.
                 See have  their been no moral force like RSS then the country will never have succeeded in remaining united also.And this is also truth while in Rome be Roman so Panga with such powerful force working for good reasons,enemity  without any reason is it o.k?
               And that too when many of them themselves are seen to despise fringe elements like Asaram Bapuji kind of maligners.And insensible wrong commenters.Yet is their no bad element everywhere?
                  See RSS word doesn`t even carry Hindu abbreviation and is always seen doing good work like other NGO`s, thus unless something real bad is committed in the future this will be wrong to criticize them.
               As in issues like alleged forceful conversion by some also they are seen not much vocal.What else the critics want?And seen only promoting education as way for national unification.And so long as there is no preaching of Hindu religion what is harm in national glorification and will to fight like Indian army in the battle of Longewala 1971?
             See Contrary to some devils angels like –Islamic Mujjahidins,the RSS pracharaks are seen to be really working for the unity of the country.And above all seen as a deterrent force against the excessive corrupted Individual and class who may oneday even sabotage the national interest in vulnerable places.
            As rules seems to be always different for the rich Peoples specially in remote place like ours.Thus can guardian angels like RSS can be criticized?
             As believe it even in the capital town of Itanagar earlier even some of the senior Advocates have been mishandled.And some opposition leaders have been unnecessarily targeted and their residential plot have been snatched away.
                Some critics believes the real litmus test of any central party will be how they deal with some of the excessive corrupted INC leaders in the Arunachal Pradesh.Who may even catch the leg of Hon`ble P.M inside the room in his official visit some opines.
              And with RSS guidance the BJP may not commit Himalayan blunder also.And soon the Publics of the State may dare the INC leaders to contest from INC party only in coming election if they are real popular and have grass root connection. And their earlier claim of party discipline was not wrong.
                       See the way some INC cadres had earlier worshipped Gandhi family like demi god;was this was also not condemnable from all account?
           As this have harbored non performing leaders around them.Thus the general Publics of the country also seems to have discarded this INC party and that also seems to be going to be the fate of INC in this State in future.
                     According to the survey educated leaders are seen to be more well equipped and easily available and have quick capability to make friend in today`s time.Yet they seems to have been sidelined in earlier INC rule.May be to browbeat the uneducated leaders to sign risky agreement for the benefit of the Highcommand at the loss of State coffers.
                      And so the positive effect of removing redundant and uneducated leader is definitely seen in the Nyishi belt area around capital of the Arunachal Pradesh, where recently maximum crore patis have come up.See unlike some critics view the illgotten money of whimsical leaders seems to be only helping few.
               And so the real intelligent Publics seems to have knowingly removed the offdated  leaders for it.And so who knows some of the whimsical and uneducated leaders may be the one sponsoring this badmouthing propaganda against RSS or trying to mislead them also.As this group knows that to secure country the most corrupted ones the enemy within have to be first harshly dealt with.
                           And for the whimsical leaders they also need to understand unlike others this RSS will never compromise with national interest.And some Arunachal leaders age old Kader Khan movie technique of shedding crocodile tears in the senior leaders office will not save them now.This is the common hope now as some Publics may forsake the nation for monopoly by few class.The way Mao wadi took Nepal as ransom.
                In any case is their such a rich leader in this State to give handsome money to all the top BJP leaders also?Speacially they themselves after badly made to incur heavy loss in last election by Publics should not have stopped acting smart now?
               As BJP have zero tolerance policy against the corruption and give damn to coal mafias also with thousand crores bank balance.Thus the final judgment in PDS may seal many leaders fate.As if their relatives is also involved the BJP may be unable to save them even if they join the party.
                 And thus this was time for some offdated Arunachal INC leaders to realize that their time have gone.As egoism may doom some as clock seems to be tickling backword now.
              As more they blame their supporters for anger at their criticism their own money will be spend in the election.And in coming time with more Modi magic can they survive?Atleast among the opposition leaders some have to speak the truth isn`t it?
           Thus this was time some instead of preparing their own grave  should have raised their hand.As their own family members may lock up them in room in coming time ,as everyone knows Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis wave.
                                 So this clarion call of removing the fring element from the BJP by India Today group may be bit too much.As few man doesn`t represent entire RSS or VHP; and the BJP have no reason to be afraid of allegation by few and leave its policy of cleaning the system.
             As this alone makes the BJP party with difference.And see few RSS members have also freedom of expression also.The day there is mess and genuine need for interfere anywhere I am hopeful good man filled in this Institutions will also not fail them.
            The present RSS is seen basically filled with very national loving,practical ,compassionate and understanding People .And unlike common belief of the Arunachal Publics RSS seems to be not willing to use this innocent place like colony; specially in election time like in earlier occasion when the INC seems to have been minting money from this Poor State.
                Honestly earlier the picture was each top INC man seems to have been willing to take heavy money by selling party ticket to highest bidder by keeping all in the suspended animation till last moment.
                      See the recent effort to put 5 yrs. punishment on the anti social elements discriminating and abusing the N.E Publics on racial ground by the BJP Govt.As for the N.E Publics we need to be more then happy for this acceptance of the Bazh Baruah commission report.
                See was RSS also seen objecting this proposal`s?Blessed are new N.E generation who may have good Hindu wifes also;as the boundary of misunderstanding is being removed now.After all who will not like relationship with the family tree of Lord Shiva as the Nobel-Trilogy of Shiva also sujjests.
                      See the RSS also seems to be accepting the facts that the Hindutva card is nearly absolute now specially in N.E.As remember before last election Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji cleverly detached himself from one Soham Sarkar who was duping the Publics that their was gold inside the well.
                And in the recent U.P State Assembly election also BJP party seems to have tested the Public mood against communalism .And thus smelling the Public mood the clever RSS seems to have arranged partnership only with Baba Ramdevji before previous election who seems to be a clean and great Hindu Saint with respect from other religious man also.
                     The RSS is seen to be respecting core issues of Hinduism which is to reach to the last line of poor Publics which Vedic Sloka`s call as -`DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH`.As all the religious scriptures seems to have asked to forgive a normal person for his mistake but not the king e,i- modern political leaders for hurting the Poor.
                 And surprisingly in most of the religious scriptures the King have been even asked not to take wine/SURA also.And for all major decision he have been asked to perform Yagya/meditation to know thy will.
                   Yet the modern Kings e,i-earlier the INC leaders seems to have organized orchested dramas to defame their political adversery like-RSS and VHP leaders by faul means.And torture the righteous forgetting all the RAJ DHARMA against the more poorer sections.
       See in the desperate place like ours where even the genuine opposition leader is not provided the Police security, sometimes even in election time also.And by evil means many top leaders are doubted to win and talk as if he is the messiah of democracy and not win by surreptious means.
            Then here in this kind of place the RSS alone is accepted to do something about it.So why they should be also not given due credit for good work?as everyone want to live securely in capital Itanagar area and will to settle down also?And want to do away with jungle RAAJ which seems to be State sponsored more against the truth speeking leaders.
                   See in the INC even if the person was bad ,praising Gandhi family was alone seen as his triumph card in political carrier.Isn`t it?And for RSS when it have proven record of earlier giving chance to the genuine leader with less illgotten money why there is now brouhaha?
                 And this will happen in all the coming election for sure.As BJP don`t seems to be only playing politics for winning shake by hook and crook.And see if an Institution can be positively advised by friendship then why always confrontation mood by the INC spokespersons against BJP and RSS?
   As for us one who seems to be living in place like ancient Peru in the Machu Pichu area in the time of the human sacrifice.The historical invasion of the Portugal’s proved to be a much better option isn`t it?This condition is as shown in the Hollywood movie Apolocypse  produced by Mell Givson.
           Where the character a member of a poor tribe about to be sacrificed by Kings powerful tribe was saved by the arriving Portugals at last minute.And see amidst the praise of few fatty INC leaders Gandhi family seems to have believed that all was well in the North Eastern front.
          And likewise as Portuguese arrived in the movie it is now believed the RSS alone may arrive as Guardian angel to save us from some leaders who seems to have antagonized divine power also.
                 And one leader who have earlier cursed publicly against nation, BJP party and Narendra Modiji also.And yet now he is seen shamlessly hobnobing with some top BJP leader`s also.
             This may be  for ones more willing to change fence and jump in green political  pastures to the peril of the Poor Publics.That too in their name and for their benefit slogan;as if he is not the mother of all the ill.
              So much so for some leaders monopoly due to shamlessness; that- isurgency have already started with the frustrated unemployed youths here also ;as some critics said will Old cow give milk as some senior uneducated leader is seen to be total misfit in new e-world.As one may have perfected the art of winning by goondagardi;but what future he is going to give to society?
                     And even for himself after he is defeated and deprived of police protection what some gentleman will do in future?Have he seen what is traffic jam from Itanagar to Naharlagun.Many a times the central Govt. fails to understand how they have connived with the worse order in the place like this.
                 As the office may be even burn in the future also to do away with important files.As many villages and offices have earlier surprisingly burn before a Govt. changed or election.There need to be through investigation.Today here the pride and self respect that dream Hon`ble P.M have shown is now badly needed by all.

         As when there is threat from the outside country and the Public are angry with leadership should national interest should not be put in supreme position?And when some even seems to be misusing -` loss of culture is loss of identity,`This holy slogan as hidden agenda for his own political survival only because his counter part is from other religion.
                  Man then this is real bad as lost of more righteous leader should be loss of everything isn`t it?History is witness even the great rulers like Akbar the great was from other religion.It is high time we have to evolve from this own religion member syndrome,
             Pliz let us see Indians as Indians nothing else.Atleast the leader who have been never given political chance have suppose right in this claims more so if he happens to be from minority religion.And INC party talks secularism as its main manifesto.
                 This is the time in this places the RSS Pracharkas like star Sunny Deol in the movie Gadar will be accepted to pull up the  corotionned tube well e,i- if necessary even warn the senior BJP leader trapped by his coteries and misleading them to date with the enemy.
             This appeasement of the BJP leader by the INC leader will be ridiculous, but which have ironically happened earlier in this place.And the injustice have to be exposed for the sake of the future generation as even if presently most of the opposition leader have no money to distribute their calendar also.
                But they are in divine mission and it will be insult to overlook the sentiment of their honest supporters also;see this is challenging times for all as we as a team can alone progress or doom.
            Lately it is heard that INC camp is also hunting down their own leaders with the maximum past record of betraying the party and is now often seen in the BJP top office.
              Thus may be finally time for some leaders to be in no where in the end as world have become very competitive this days and some leaders all evil tactics seems to have been exposed now.
            And now all the party will be perhaps better off without them.As some seems to be willing to want to make personal enmity with their adversary for ideological difference.
               And some may even doom their State boss as INC have already seen drubbing in the centre in earlier election.The allegations are not without basis also ;where is the crores of money spent for RE schemes?
                Have PDS case have been brought to logical conclusion as directed by Hon`ble Supreme Court to be concluded within 1 year?Where is white paper document on the money wasted by the Govt. just before previous election?
           And crores of money is heard to be amassed by the fake companies by doing away with subsidy amount.and where is the previous affron money paid to the INC Govt. by the Hydropower Company for signing MOU?And why so far the Highway compensation money is not paid?
                And even the Highway road is nicely constructed or not?And is the Govt. really furnishing the certificate of work completion report in other projects also to the central Govt.?There are many more questions by the Publics this days.
           Many believe eventually top BJP leaders will be sympathetic to its own poor cadres in A.P as it is enshrined in the Hindu philosophy which is divine commission to side with the gods angels.
             As when there is seen too much injustice His spirit is seen working in some place as if Bhagwan Sri krishnas immortal promise flows yet ones again-
                        So please let us never commit so much sin as to wake up our sleeping god and godess and forefathers spirit  also.And respect the RSS which may alone ponder upon this article.As the summary  is RSS and VHP is different.The fringe element is always their and everywhere.But BJP takes the best idea.
           And backbiting in the back is wrong pliz come open like me if there is a substance in a claim.And see like the musicians in the movie Titanic the RSS cadres alone can sink for the cause they believe in also so they need our standing ovation and respect.South  with them atleast-`Bharat Mata Ki Jain`.

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