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The NGO with Difference :-

              During a time when the leadership seems to have failed in the State of Arunachal Pradesh and the local Public's are going to see certain famine within a year.
               The NGO with difference GRK- GUMIN RvGO KwLAJU like a true Guardian angel have arrived with big bang in the Basar area of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh N.E India.
           To some critics point of view the GRK is all set to start a revolution like the Vergish Kurian  brought white revolution in the State of Gujarat long time back which helped the company like Amulya to evolve.
                        Like the -`Manthan`, film stared by Nashiruddin Shah based on this success story of white revolution in Gujarat ;the GRK Society members spirits of developing this Basar area society of the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh may be tomorrow a chance for an Oscar award winning film by a passionate film Director in search of great story.
                The passion  to change for good the character the villagers of the Gori and Soi Village posses was never seen in other place and even here also.The credit lies on great persons like Bokar Basarji ADC under Govt. of A.P,Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer PHED( Drawing and Disbursement)Govt. of A.P.
          And his left and right man Jumgam Basar Director Architecture and Sri Igam Basar Mission Director( Horticulture- Technical)Sri Hengo Basarji ( P.D) etc.Though all credit it to Er. Tomo Basarji for his beautiful mind.And man like his loyalist Sri Jumkar Basarji who like Luca Braci in the Nobel Godfather of writer Mario Fizo seems to be ready to do anything for him.
             But Er.Tomo Basarji he credits the simple villagers of the Gori and Soi Village for constant source of his stamina and endurance.The great officers mentioned above have never covet for promotion and have burnt midnight oil besides the tough office schedule to make the future of their loved ones secured.The GRK and the Gentleman’s can be contacted in the Facebook.
           And today for the cumulative sacrifice and standing of the Society members of the Gori and Soi villagers.For the value they stand for , the Ronin like Samurai tradition and culture of sacrifice have evolved here in this village dwellers.
                 Each villager today perhaps also ready to commit Harakiri /embrace death for the truth,values  and pride he believes in and to be remembered as martyre/Bushido for the future generation.
                            Surely this officers are living legends and someday may get the status of Phir`s to the grave of the Sufi Saints after they are no more.And the Publics may flock to their grave yards for blessings.They have shown that not everything should be also  kept only on the God and the political leaders.
                Honestly due to institutes like GRK there is too many scope for this State in future; as there is lately report that in place like Haryana due to poisoning of the Fodders the Cows are not giving birth to new Calf's also.
                 And soon after successfully marketing of the local agricultural products of the nearby village ;the GRK is one day accepted to concentrate in Diary farm business also.

              The lots of toiling have gone into making this dream NGO with difference possible.Today whole world is surprised to see its spectacular achievement in achieving total cleanliness target within its village periphery and also organizing the Gori football Tournament.
                         Though their was time when few villagers were up in arms against the GRK Society for banning the loitering Pig and Goat.
           And see the banning of open edifice and rearing of Pig was initially not taken sportingly; as the villagers were perhaps starting to accept their pathetic condition as their faith.And perhaps where filled with thinking of we can`t change/do mindset .
                  Yet it was to change with few local officers who unlike others where least interested in only minting money for themselves ,like this happen in other society. Thus like Japanese film Director -Akhira Kurushevas movie- `5 Samurai`, few officers who can be truly called as the prodigal son of the soil for started this gigantic fight against poverty this time.
            Though some critics also praise me for this idea first envisaged by me,but I appreciate this officers who have the resource and courage to come forward in this worst transitional period when others are looking for their own interest.
              Today the good effect of the GRK is total clean environment in the Gori and Soi village area,And today here  the villagers can even use their front  loan for party celebration and walk naked above land for good health.And the villagers can today make the back side of their house easily as Kitchen garden as there is no more loitering Pig and Goats.
                     And today Villagers can even plant Tomato and RAJA JOLOKIA Chilli in the boundary of their Katcha House.And today no death of the Hens is lately seen due to the cleanliness which have come by  stopping of the loitering Pig.And there is also seen less illness and disease of the human beings of this twin village.
            The Gori and Soi Village area is now very congenial for growing of large organic crop of Soybean,Haldi and  Rahar Dal also which matures within short time, have good market rate and risk for the farmers.
                        And also see there is still few months for it`s cultivation , the interested Business houses are soon accepted to ponder upon this investment opportunity. As this area is source of largest Organic crop reserves as the farmers have so far maintained the virginity of the land by saying no to the use of -fertilizers, Pesticides and Chemicals etc..

               And today in all occasion even in the Festival time barring sudden death of the relatives the foreign Liquor is completely banned here by the GRK and even playing of card accept in the time of death of relatives.That too without money.
          I still remember when the final bill of declaring Gori Soi Village area as Dry land was going to be passed by all members present.I remember on the time of passing of this historical resolution their was virtual tears in the eyes of most of the habitual drunkards.
            And as my own elder brother Er. Tomo Basar`s house was itself not ready for final toast of local Apong/Liquor ,other then foreign Liqour.
      Thus the quorum/majority accepted to serve the foreign Liquor  for one last time in that party where the magna Charta of the GRK –Gumin Rego Kigo Lazu.E,i- Let us tell good ideas to all, was signed by all the villagers.
            Yet majority have always say in the Democracy and till now the Villagers of the Gori and Soi have maintained all the promises they made.As the good villagers have always side with the majority.
         Due to the initiative of the GRK today the Sie river in Basar area is now filled with the fish put by the GRK volunteers and this is a feast for the eye of the Onlookers crossing the Sie Bridge.
              And the forest is also filled with wild animals as Hunting and fishing have been banned around this two village area.And the Informer have been promised to be paid Rs.5000/- award from the Rs.10,000/-fine taken from the hunter and fisher man.
        And it is pertinent to mention that Picnic and polluting the area have been also banned in the GRK area.And today in the Basar area other villagers are also willing to joining this GRK promise to save the environment.
                Moved by the report of the GRK success story two General Manager  NABARD is accepted to be coming to hear the Power point programme of the GRK on 7th Feb. 2015 at the Gori Village Field at the morning hour.
                 Hopefully other interested corporate house willing to help from their CSRF -Corporate Social Responsibility fund or willing to have partnership with the local farmers will hopefully also make their presence felt.They can also do on the 9th Feb. 2015 in the Todak Basar Memorial Stadium in Basar.Where their will be consultative Federal meeting with the representatives of nearby Village who will like to join the GRK.
              See partnership with the Galo clan of Basar area  of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh may definitely benefit the outside Investors ,the Galos who were earlier even accepted by the British anthropology Hamilton as the most intillegent tribe.If you have them then you have all the area this some seems to have been accepted by Britishers.Is RAO and CIA also hearing?
                And thus it may be not far away when the Basar GRK meeting may end up as like Kyoto Declaration ,Vienna Convention centre etc. And oneday hope it take shape of an annual festival event for all the Intellectuals of the world a Diaspora to talk of reducing carbon emission, protecting the Environment and to work for world peace etc.
           As the place is already considered very important by the Defense analyst of the world over.And if the Chinese also show their good intention it may be better.
                 And surely here in this field the PMO office and the American Embassy may soon do something  also.After all this place is an important strategic place for partnership and friendship for whole world to notice.
               And the countries beloved Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have given additional energy to GRK; this NGO while following his footstep have also achieved total sanitation as he demanded in Gori and Soi Village area.
            In fact even before his official declaration the sweeping programme and plantation programme was started by the GRK.And so deserve to be awarded NIRMAL GRAMIN  award for accomplishing Hon`ble P.M`s PURNA SWACKSA BHARAT ABHIYAN target.
                   And for the Society members of Arunachal Pradesh also it is time to immediately change before worst challenge comes up.As God helps those who helps themselves.For long some corrupted leaders seems to be have befooled the Publics and have developed wrong slavish mentality making them lazy and uninnovative.
              The interested persons willing to do something meaningful in this agriculture area may also contact me  before February last of 2015.As all the country man deserve to have organic crop and live long; and for it immediately cooperating with the GRK for large scale crop plantation alone may help all.
                    See the age old Galo community unity tradition and culture can be great asset for one willing to start a great corporate house here.Thus it is hoped the American companies will like to sponsor the Military cum Civil Air base in the Himi pobdi area seeing Basar areas strategic importance.
                And see what the neighboring countries like China wants from our country is also crops like –Soyabean,Maize and Dal etc.And so it may be time to neutralize the balance of trade of our country e,i-BOP  by exporting this crops through Nathula Pass Sikkim to China ,till the border trade rout also open in our State of Arunachal Pradesh also.
                         And thus this is humble appeal to all including the Indo- American Friendship forum to do what to safeguard the interest of the Public of this volatile border area.As Mao Wadi way should not be seen to happen here also.
            The GRK may be a good way to make a good beginning of friendship, peace and prosperity for all.Is the think thanks of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji,American and China Embassy also hearing?
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