Tuesday, January 20, 2015


                           The two great man and two great nation is going to meet in coming 26th January.The Barak Obama the Hon`ble President USA  had to finally land in this great country.
              This is ones more a cap in the head of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.See getting praise even from the enemy is the most challenging part.This is like eventually Princess Jodha had to join Emperor Akbar the Great after hearing his great human service.
                   Had it been not for Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji the country may have taken ages to reach American standard.And by the time we have reached them they may have made colony in outer planet also.
                See both the country India and USA have faced the similar situations. After facing lots of terrorism attacks our democracy have become also more strong.
                  So much so that a Afro American Negro in America and here a Guajarati have been given highest post.And this is because of the religious tolerance; this is one aspect which the America is also respecting this country.
                  The timing is now perfect for making a serious deal between this two great countries with similar views.May be in press conference time to ask controversial issues like-  is there is fringe element in the CIA?
                  Is any one from here disturbing the issues of recovery of the black money stashed in swiss Bank; and is some American selling weapons to the terrorists?Hope the power point will be started to be prepared by some famous journalist for 26 th jan live relay.
            As there are lots of questions to be asked -.Why there is no  assassination of International terrorism kingpin in the Pakistan even after banning their outfits by the world body?As the NATO have so much advanced technology that it can finish any terrorist  any time in the Chack Noris style.
            This is more or less accepted by all in India and want Tom Cruise kind of Mission Impossible daring act by SWAT in Pakistan if Indian confidence is to be fully taken.And will want the Indian Ships in the overseas under the Marine protection or will want joint partnership with Indian Navy as Indian business seems to have been targeted.
                 And also soon atleast accept all the sci-fy technology like Drone Plane to be gifted here if America really want the India to move forward in its friendship seriously. As for India also unless there is full assurance of logistic support by word and deed it have to be also careful with geographical proximity to volatile neighbors.
                     The future cooperation with the USA should be conditional many believe.The corporate house coming with the President obama can be exhort to invest in the Organic crop sector in the N.E.More particularly the State like Arunachal Pradesh which is facing the poor leadership and threat of China and have virgin land agile for this projects.
                 As stopping  Chinese interference may be another area of interest for the Americans.Thus may be a smart way to help the helpless Publics from the poor governance and Chinese fear can be perhaps find out by both the country.Like the American Embassy/consultantance  in New Delhi can sponsor the projects undertaken by the genuine society like GRK-Gumin Rego Kigo Laju/English meaning being- Let us work for the society.
                This NGO is working  in the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Basar by the Gori and Soi Villagers for Rural area Development and Sanitation and have achieved total sanitation/SWAKSCHATA within one year.And now need sponsors in its projects like organic crop cultivation to make the villagers self sufficient in agriculture and horticulture field.The Society can be contacted in the facebook.
                         And the America company may be encouraged to also make Public Private Patnership in the construction of the Civilian cum military air base in Himipobdi area of Basar town of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh of North East India.Which will serve all strategically in catering to the American in controlling Chinese temper and harneshing largest source of Organic crop and will serve Indian defense purpose also.
              As the predominately Christian area here in NE have been sidelined under the earlier INC party rule and have lots of civil right and human right violation due to its ill effect.But MOU for airfield may be waited till new non INC Govt. comes up in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.As BJP party is soon going to have acid test here in future election.
                 As the large military cooperation with America alone may benefit our country also in tapping the large Hydro power potentiality in this State from the perennial rivers and streams present here.And may help in getting loan from world Bank for such projects also.
            Yet the final chance may be also given to mighty neighbor China to think weather it really want to help the Arunachalees if  they really think at their relatives or not.As by honest mutual interaction in the business and entrepreneurship alone all will benefit.As what China is heard to need is Soyabean and Maize which Arunachalee alone can fulfill to neutralize the balance of trade.
               As today the present Arunachalees are more patriotic then many Indians to our country and will never tolerate any one having evil eye on motherland. As we have born in this system and for good or bad is obliged to it in all the ways.
                But definitely this may be time for making a future blue print both for the India and America.May be their will be lots of options to be pondered by the think tank of the Pentagon and South Block this time to making a paradigrim shift in the new global world where India`s interest cannot be sidelined. After all the history of this country dates back to Satya Yuga and this is reason of pride for everyone and is legacy of everybody.
                     So as Americans proudly say May God bless  America I say May God also bless India.


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