Tuesday, December 23, 2014


             The latest row over should conversion of religion in India have to be stopped or not? This topic make me think why there is no initiative to convert the Denizens to make him Bharat mata Ka Sacha Sapoot/real patriotic son of the country.
                   Like the life long pledge can be made to be undertaken by the person interested to give his 5% of salary for the army fighting for the motherlands.Or like in Israel the youth volunteer are made to fight for the nation for 5 yrs.As honestly this may be more meaningful.

                           And even if some bad man may be here yet the condition is India is much better and make the heart sing Raj Kapoorjis song In Sri 420- `MERA JUTA HAIN JAPANI........... PHIR BHI DIL HAIN HINDUSTANI.`
                 See the victory in the war belong to the God; and spiritual man like Baba Ramdevji Maharaj,Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji,Sri Satpal Singh maharaj and persons like Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahimji have perhaps equal credit for bringing a political revolution in previous election.
            And above all BJP party,Amit shahji BJP party president,Gautam Adaniji the man rich in heart also,Sri Anil Ambaniji also Industrialist and Subash Chandraji of Z News fame and many unsung heroes besides RSS and VHP.
                         As the spiritual revolution is a natural process and have happened and happening in Hinduism also and perhaps helping them as well.Thus it may be better today to concentrate in more pressing issues like to bring patriotism,join in protection of the environment and cleanliness drive then to fall in this controvercy like conversion issue.
            Yet many a times Publics don`t appreciate the good work done by the RSS and VHP also.Their demand for the Ram Janma Bhoomi Mandir seems to be genuine.And the rise of the Nathu Ram Godse also seems to have happened in the exceptional historical circumstance for which non could have done much.
                   And presently all the religion body seems to be unanimous that their should be legal guideline for conversion from one religion to another also.Thus their have to be liberal approach in life and the mutual friendship alone will help in bringing a solution.
                       As the dark Sheep seems to be in all the religion and each one have to control this sections in their own camp`s.As each group,community and Institutions have been blessed by God in their own way and needed for the countries well being also. 

                    And see unknowingly one should not be seen taking panga with the God himself.See as much as other need us we also need the Western Countries like Swiss Govt. to help us divulge Black money secrets and need NATO to bust the anti Indian Companies operating in pakistan.
                Thus here in the country Christian bashing cannot be also made the national past time also.We all have to accept that we all need each other.
                     And thus who knows some mischievous groups angry with the BJP for their own reason may be also using emotional Hindus for their survival also, Thus we have to be really careful in this matter`s of grave national importance.
              As what we say here is being watched outside also.And new generation RSS for specially is today really seen to be very sensitive  in this issues of national importance.
                      And remember all hatred is bad as it seems to make one blind and make him to commit mistake.And this will rather help the enemy of the State to flourish.

                  And see what the enlightened ones also says about our GITA - `SIKH HANDI KAIN YUGO SAIN, KAREIN NAYE YUGE KA SWAGHAT, KATHA HAIN PURUSHARTH KI SWARTH KI PARAMARTH KI………..` Param Arth means issues of great meaning.
                   Thus their is responsibility for all the elites to perfectly understand the religion doctrines.They cannot start the 3rd world war on their whims and caprise.And in the previous Sloka the new generation have been asked to welcome the new time in entirety also.
                    Thus the common meeting point of universal brotherhoodness and nationlism can be identified as a very important point for all the religion and see later love will take care of everything.
             Yet TYAG/ renunciation seems to be the real philosophy of the Hindu Philosophy.Thus critics also need to ponder upon this subjects ,as their is Narayan in every soul isn`t it?
                  And the true Hindu brothers filled with this story like loyal son to his parents -shravan Kumar and king Dadichi told from nascent stage ,think of helping others the way actor Sunil Shetty did in movie called -Border, even helping a Muslim man to get back his Quran from fire.And yet some calls them Kafirs is also beyond my understanding.
            See brother Adaniji who is rumoured to be behind the Hon`ble P.M`s rise can be also appreciated for this historical victory of BJP .It was man like him the  Raja of Ramnad who sponsored Swami Vivekandajis Chicago trip about him the great Swamiji  never stopped to praise.
                 As we living in hell like this State also feel the necessary for guardian angel man like him who will help us in the bad time.And thus instead of helping and following DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH principles .It will wrong out of prejudice mind the Hindu principles are neglected and one after death end up in the hell.
                 See all have right to think himself as smart but no right to think others as fools.Yet the Pakistan is definitely now the devils land ;see non of man with common sense will kill the innocent small School Children`s also.
              Now whole the world need to make direct intervention to defeat the terrorist working their.As they are the source of all the problem`s in the world even the Muslims brotherhood seems to be now accepting this.
                               The time seems to have come for the UNO to intervene and send the International countries elite force in Pakistan to rescue few righteous existing their. Hinduism alias Gindus is the way of life of perfection and introspection.
                           The peaceful Peoples living in the Hindu Kush mountain area seems to have been misquoted as short of only idol worshippers.Instead of addressing them as Hindus perhaps also meaning one as pure as river Sindhu.
                Or  one believing the good philosophy in life I,e-Vedantists and following the Ganga,Jamuna and Saraswati tradition of love and effection.As one following the Hindu have been considered to be one following this philosophy of GANGA,JAMUNA ,SARASWATI TAHAJIV;thus Hon`ble Supreme Court has termed Hinduism as way of life.
                And so their should be no problem if any Indian is addressed as Hindu also.In fact the nice introspection may help all the religion as Brahma the creator His divine Gift Brahmashtra seems to be most potent.And no where in other religion the creator have been as clearly explained as it is in Hinduism.
              The lack of the knowledge over other religion seems to be not helping any religion.As Lord Christ claimed Himself to be send by the father in heaven.Thus if there is critical observation their seems to be no ground of dispute. 

                 As great Rishis have opined the true meaning of 18TH PURANAS written by Maharishi Veda Vyasa as -`ASTADESU PURANESHU VYASA`S VACHANA DUYAM,PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDANAY PAPAY.
           The meaning of which is summary of the 18th Puran as per Maharishi Veda Vyasa is to do good thing is holy and to do evil is unholy/unreligious act.
             Thus any follower of the religion can be alone judged from this angel that what is his motive.See today also there are few truthful man with divine power yet non take pain to search for true Guru like Swami Vivekananda did to find Ramkrishna paramahansa.
         Thus besides the blessings of the PRAGYA the family gene you imbibe by birth and the Karma.Their is definitely the grace and it is upto Him and Him alone to give or may be rich class would have purchased this also.

            Though all accept that all the Human being`s in the world have naturally common ancestor; yet the time and space have divided all the civilization to such an extent that their seems to be so gap this days.But see the similarities of the story of the Holy Bible and Gindu mythological stories.
            The story of Nua being saved in boat is it not bit similar to the story of Manu saved in fish during the MAHA PRALAY?And Rishi SUKRACHARYAS bid to make parallel heaven is it not bit similar to the story of the trying to make tower of Jerrubabel in the Old Testament by King Nimrod,this was when all the forefathers is said to have common language?
                     And even the GANGA  SNAN/ Bathing in river Ganga  of Hindu brothers is it not same as Holy Baptisma.Even the Holy river Ganga the mother of the promise keeper Bhisma Pitamah of the Mahabharata fame was she not satisfied more with his great promise to never merry to satisfy his father.
                   Thus even the Hindu Bhakth seems to be needed to keep the promise made in the river Ganga bath.Thus the promise to keep chastity and purity by the Christian brothers in the Holy Baptisma is it not praise worthy also?
               Thus one can find problem is with the followers not the religion isn`t it?Thus non have right to unnecessarily criticize other religion as it is like part of the flowers of the garden of God.
                  The master alone have right to pluck any flower in His sweet will.In His sweet time and thus meaningless spiritual discourse without true deliverance may be really dangerous.

                   And thus it is time for the world to be tolerant and adapt with the new situations. And may be time for the Pak Govt. to discard its egoism and prejudice mind at this time of crisis. which seems to have made Pak Govt. to declare operation Valkyre of short to save its country.
            See before oneday the Nuke itself is seen stolen by the Talibans and accidently blast in the Peshawar or Rawalpindi ,it is time all the terrorists operating there in Pakistan is finished by the Pak Army Rangers Panzer Division.

                     And honestly in Pakistan the clock is now clicking backward; towards perhaps the self inflicted genoside.And this is for the silence of the good peoples living their.
                    See will BJP have benefitted if Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji have remain mum to injustice he faced in the Ramlila ground?
           Thus the Pakistanis have to come up as one entity and stop blaming India alone.More so the religious leaders and elites present their who seems to be disloyal to their country and their religion.As to appease the evils itself is unreligious act.

                    The Pakistan State is now a banana Republic and can fizzle out any time some believe. Whereas see the victory of democracy in the JNK State election in the Indian side.This have displayed the result of patience and endurance of this country.
                The critics of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji should be now really satisfied by his performance and achievements. And see unless the God and the Public
is satisfied he will never gain new height for the BJP party and nation.

                           In fact the Indians are also really sympathetic to the Pakistan Countries well being; and wish it to come out of this mess quickly. The Pakistan leadership have to now rule the Country with iron fist and remove the terrorists and ISI ones and for all.
                   And at this sensitive time the world should also pray for the Pakistan leaders to have the will power to do so and excel like Hon`ble P.M Modiji.May be after Taliban all other terrorist groups their have to be banned one by one.
                     It will be in their interest,as how they have finished themselves for a hatred to a neighboring country?It was for them to introspect after all they are facing more problems than us.
                       See one can`t rear snake in his house background and expect it to bite the neighbor only.Henceforth the Pakistan have to now do away with all the things evil.
                             As everything is co-related more so the evils.The good Vrs. Bad terrorist argument won`t do,this is an excuse by fearful political leaders of the Pakistan and spiritual leaders also.
                      See what the great thing earlier spiritual leaders like Acharya Binoba Bhave did,he by BHUDAN movement  even made the dreaded terrorists like Madho Singh of Chambal Ghati surrendered and join the mainstream.And this is the role a spiritual leader of all the religion which they have to do.
           As the terrorist`s who are fighting for the Kashmiri cause have nexus with the Talibans; this the Pakistan Govt.need to have guts to accept this.As both the evil`s germinate from same dirty poisonous pond.As evil spirit can influence its neighbours.
                 It is high time to take even the logistic support from the India side also to bombard the bases of all the bad companies operating their in Pakistan.
                  As money earned through evil mean will be never enough.The price of sheltering some most wanted Terrorists in Pakistan is in fact costing themselves too much.Thus the Islam now seems to be taken hostage by some evil man`s.

                     After the new positive energy is seen working in the Jammu and Kashmir; it seems all the demonic forces from the Indian side have recently run away to the Pakistan side.
             The critics have right to see earlier Sri Nagar flood as Holy Baptisma of short of all the unseen dead spirit working their.See was Baghirat episode of bringing Holy Ganga was also not repeated their in Sri Nagar?

                    And thus may be the Lotus /KAMAL FLOWER got the perfect chance to bloom this time in JNK.The critics who are always after Hindus on conversion issues also need to ponder weather they are not scarred of the Talibans; and are not remaining mute spectators even if they do such inhuman act?As conversion is an small issue in compare of mess they are creating.

               The saying is easy but the real sacrifice is needed to build the nation.The real need is developing the human values and life standard, we cannot sabotage what great man like Swami Vivekanandaji have done.And he accept us to do also.
                    And remember as he said growth is life and perhaps in other occasion he also said fear of future is insult to your own religion.Thus so long a person is beneficial to the country what the harm even he is from other religion also?
                                   My question to some INC party cadres who seems to be taking Secularism as its parties trademark - Have INC top leadership in Arunachal Pradesh even so far thought of giving MLA party ticket to a Christian brother in the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly Constituency of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India? where the Christian`s have been never ever given political leadership chance so far.

                   And even non of the believer even in the INC party have been seen to be made as A Grade contractors also.So why this apartheid is practiced by INC?This is inspite of the facts that man with divine power also prophesized the divine will to see political change in Basar area in last election itself.
                 And thus all the Heavenly powers in anger seems to have decimated the INC citadel in Delhi itself for their audacity to talking something and doing something else.
                   As all the religious heads of the Basar area where near unanimity in prophesying this before the previous 2014 election.But BJP seems to have also something good about them as they are atleast clear about their demand and are not situational in using others in politics.
                And very soon it is heard that 5 yrs. imprisonment is going to be imposed by BJP on racial insult of the North east Publics based on the Bej Borauah committee report.

                              Thus as long as there is no sin confession for some, the Lord of Host may always strike.And shame on them when He have to also intervene and finish their powerful wordly master for their adamancy.
                         And the Hindu brothers should not be under wrong impression that only in their case He will interfere.Thus JILLE ILLAHI/ the Hon`ble P.M  Modiji seems to have arrived for us also.
                And interestingly this information of divine warning of great prophets before last election in Basar area was passed on to most of the top INC leaders also.And surely most may have laughed at this sujjestions.
               Honestly who could have thought that Gandhi family will see drubbing in election.Yet one can check the facebook of Rahul Gandhiji when I had sujjested him to become a missionery to the shock of most of his f.b friends.May be mostly from the NSUI and Cong Seva Dal groups.
             Yet some fools seems to have more belief in the State machinery power.But did Vir Abhimanyu was entangled in the CHAKRAVIYU only for lack of money?This Gandhi family may have to know now.The Raj Dharma may command one to hear the poorest of the poor Publics genuine demand also.

              See our Poor Publics woes of Basar area in detail can be seen in my earlier journal-`Threat to the Indian Nation` in the same blog.And even if I myself consider myself as a sinner.Lord and Savior have ones risen me from death bed and made me also to prophesies the fate of two Hon`ble C.M and three Cabinet Ministers also.
                  The witness name have been also given in the previous articles. Thus for those who will like Amir Khans movie in P.K has to still accept that there is still few great man like Baba Ramdevji with incredible energy ,and magician Dynamo who can fly and walk over water.Thus the Lord is still in command of the world and seems to be working through some.

                             And see most of the Christians are also not converts and fake ones so is all the Gindus and Sanatham Dharm followers not the Asharam Bapuji`s also, we have to accept this.Yet in the moment of glory of God all want to make a ACHA SAUUDA and will like to become a Rock Star like Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim of DERA SACHA SAUDA.
               Thus blessed are those who earlier stood against INC misrule as one in historical occasion who stand for justice is also a great man.As to fight for the others right seems to be the sine quinine of all the religion.As God seems to be also in need of good leaders so that He can focuss in better works.
                   Thus RSS are doing great job and it is wrong to always criticise them as they seems to be filled with Holy man with divine urge.But few zealots may be always their in all the Institutions.
             And they need to ponder what have been their fate had they been born in Pakistan.Thus we can`t be like Talibans isn`t it?As evil will be ultimately win by goodness isn`t it?Thus by closeness alone one can be made to understand.Thus the critics should first try Gandhigiri also.
                    Thus by the previous political revolution this is seen whenever there is injustice God seems to be active more so in case of Christianity also ,this is seen when there is more persecution against it ,there is seen more spread of this religion also.

               See in 1970`s under the INC Govt. the Christianity was tried to be finished by all means in the State of Arunachal Pradesh.The Church where burnt down and the missionaries imprisoned. And the Indigenous Faith Bill was tried to be passed.Yet what happened,one which comes from above can it be fight with any State machinery also?
                          The problem which some emotional RSS and VHP friends seems to be .They don`t realize that some cadres of the INC are too smart in the divide and rule tactics.And the INC misfortune may also fall on BJP if it forgets Raj Dharma.
                     See the country man have joined BJP inspired by the values for which Hon`ble P.M have stood.And it is better to keep the divine subject in the divine list also.The Dig Vijay Singhjis allegations that only the RSS favorites are promoted in BJP is ridiculous.
                  The RSS only backs the nationalists for sure and when one is in the Parivar then only he have right to correct the co-family member also.See by hatred and jealousy nothing can be achieved so it is time to stop any comment by the INC sympathizers who seems to have failed to see the divine will and may be now in wrong side of History.
                          And yet see the things in India is much better.As in the Islamic country the unemployed youths seems to have been auto programmed to become terrorists with all the bad doctrines of the Quran inserted in their punic from the day one.
                     It is said the Sariah, the rule of Islam is more easier in practising then the Tariqat which is really appeasing the God by good conduct like the Sufist.Thus today the true Quran doctrines seems to have been sabotaged by few charlatans who seems to be not allowing the right preaching and religious discourse in the Islam.
                        But the good news is the eminent Islam scholar now seems to be very sensitive in this matters.And this is time the spiritual revivalism is happening everywhere like Sufism in Islam.Even the Penti costal/Revivalism is happening in Christianity.
                May be this is the wish of the almighty God also to fuse everyone into one Indian`s so that they can sing together this beautiful song-`CHORO KALKI BATEIN KALKI BAAT PURANEY..........` .
                            We need to learn good thing from each other .As even in the Holy Bible and Gita there is seen forbidden of worthless killing; and definitely the sensible elders try to avoid telling volatile verses in this Sashtras to the youngstars.
               See more important in religion seems to be how you conduct with the others, to begin with how you conduct in family.I am confident soon India will make good name in games and Sports also a so many good things is now happening.And interaction must have helped us thus BJP party can be seen as good platform for this ATMA CHINTAN.

                             See even here in the Hinduism and Christianity the mention of epic war is seen for justice and reason.This is when their have been grave injustice, like when - Duryodhana refusing to give even 5 village to Pancha Pandavs which prompt Mahabharata.
                 But here in Quran wrong teachings seems to be the genesis of all the problems as some seems to feel that the Prophet Mohammad seems to have attacked Madina for religious conversion.
                           Yet though he was against Idol worship yet accepted the Moon symbol of the Medina Publics.And thus there is need to make a paradigrim shift in the view, as our fight have to be with the principalities of dark forces.The human being can never be the target of harm as he is His creation and reflection.
                     The Holy Bible is categorical about it those who fight with the sword will die with the sword.And even have forbade to gospel the one who have no interest to religious preaching`s also.The problem seems to be non seems to be following the true Holy Book in right perspective.
                      The freedom of religion and right to expressions does it mean to tolerate the bad doctrine to the peril of others also?Thus religion must be used in the right perspective.Thus the talk of conversion law may also rise other graver issues.
               And as the country is presently run by Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji as advised by Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji in right earnest ,the Publics seems to be confident in their leadership in all issues.Thus saying something before them may be wrong.
              Thus the majority Hindus need to be more protective to the minorities also.After all great Hindus  are they not the  descendents of King Dadichi who sacrificed even his flesh when Indra Devta begged for it ?
                          New interpretations may have to be made of Quran controversial verses to immediately stop the youngsters from getting misleading. Like the permission for killing of the Phagans/ idol worshippers which is heard to have been encouraged in Quran .
              See the theological meaning must have been –One should first himself purge first himself of all the worldly desire and inadequacies, which can disturb his relation with the God.
             As any character which is disturbing the loyalty to Ullah must be the idol worshipping not only praying physical structures. Thus the Quran doctrines may have not alone ban the Kafirs and the Idol worshippers per se.
               And thus the Quran have to be understood in totality and few have definitely no right to defame it.As non of the religion if it is true religion will talk of harming an innocent.
                And other thing the Muslim brothers need to know is that things are now different; as non is now insecure like ancient occasion`s. Thus one should be not always in the mood to fight.In earlier occasion also due to the whimsical Kings only violence seems to have been spread.
                 Thus this concept of hating the pagans and idol worshippers may be wrong.Why not rich and powerful fight each other instead of targeting the innocent?
                See the Muslim brothers may have to accept that the Arabs may have genetic inclination for violence; and their may have been adverse climate in this Arab peninsula to make the Peoples more violent from this regions.
                 And the Beef meat is said to increase human temperature in the hot place.And the Yoga forbidden here if adopted will help them ease the tensions.
                     And who knows many of our Mongol culture seems to have been incorporated in Quran also.Like Ullah word itself seems to be gift of the Mughal dynasty.As this is still used in my Galo tribe as an exclamation .
              As earlier almighty God seems to be called as Illa/Illohi etc.by the ancient ArabsSee –the famous Muslim quote -`YA ILLA ILLILLA MOHAMMAD RASSULLA.`
                    In fact most of the Aryan race have accepted Islam thus in the modern world where the inter marriage have increased, let us not hate each other on the line of the religion alone.
                       Among human beings in fact only man with little knowledge and more knowledge should be the ground of compare.Neither black or white,this religion Vrs.that religion ,rich or poor etc.should matter or it will be like apartheid practice.
                    See religion teaching is something which should be feed when one is mature.See today the problem of Islamic terrorism is , even if he is born in European country he seems to carry that belief system like illeterate Mullahs.
                       As only one point of the view seems to have been put in their mind forcibly and that seems to have harmed them.See when a child Abhimanyu was in the womb of her mother she is heard to have learnt the war tactics.Thus mother have a great responsibility.
           The Muslim scholar like Salman Rushdie is heard to have claimed that some verses of the lesser god and angels have unfortunately come in Holy Quran.How far that is correct is subject of discussion?
                       As for Hindu Philosophy its ancientness seems to have bring a liberal approach in it, as it takes times to appreciate each other.Whereas in the initial stage also their seems to have been the clash between the Shaivism and Vaisnism also.See Lord Rama had to also ultimately pray Lord Shiva before the Lanka expedition isn`t it?

                 Thus in this testing time as this let us be tolerant. As whatever is happening may be God`s own plan. And thus it is time to have liberal view and respect the man with real God`s blessings.As politicalisation of religion is bad.
                 But sometimes God`s angel may be prompt to aid fighting in some place also that is in exceptional cases.As political revolution may be also His will.In fact prophesy or no prophesy in all the religion there is seen clarion call to fight for justice and equality.
                          The burden of proof to show that they are good is now basically in the INC cadres as they have been given already 66yrs.to rule.As for RSS they are I suppose not that bad and that they will always keep the national interest below Ram Rajya philosophy.
                        In fact the Ram Rajya itself means doing everything good even incorporating the poor and destitute minorities views of other religion also.See Ramjis love for Hanumanji,Kewat and Sabri also.

               Thus many a times fight is seen to be meaningless.As for the Christians they are always praying for this nation to be great and believes service to humanity is service to divinity.And feel the responsibility of being a minority community also,and if ones faith is strong whom to worry also?
                     And unfortunately the real life line of the religion, introspection is not allowed by the gun totting Talibans in Islams.The Muslim brothers seems to be still in the wrong side of the history.As rationality and logical conclusion is needed more so with the today`s generation.
                        As by compulsion non can be controlled for long.;thus the Terrorists must surrender in the Pakistan and if the Ulemmahs and Maulvijis are really god fearing persons they must venture in their Dens fearlessly and tell this facts that they will burn in hell instead of hoping for virgin girls in heaven by committing hara-kiri in the name of JEHAD.

                                     As the God can forgive a person howsoever he is a sinner.See to do good thing is very painful initially but nevertheless one should try it.See the story of a man in Holy Bible who wanted healing and for 30 yrs. waited for his turn in the corner of the Pool called Bethsaida.
                     Thus stick to a good cause and why not one get blessing in the end?As He seems to come to give justice whenever there is injustice to any body and in any place.
                  Thus follow my way or go to Highway concept in any religion is more worse.As all the religion is mutually complementary the issue like conversion is small thing.This is in fact offshoot of our lack of love and not doing what religion have in fact asked to do.
               Please let us search for person who is a enlightened ,Budda or blessed person.As Kautlya had said-`……..RAJASYA MULYAM DHARMAM, DHARMASYA MULYAM VRIDHAM/enlightened one is even more precious then religion also.

          So let us use good religion philosophies as a peacemaker as commissioned in Beatitude in Holy Bible,those person have been assured heaven.This verse is the favorite verse of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji also.And see practicing Christianity is not cup of Tea this even Gandhiji felt.

                        Thus we should respect one who is trying spiritual perfection in all the religion. As this gifted persons may alone one day help you in death bed also.And one cannot fathom how much sacrifice some fathers and Nun`s have made in their life also.

                       And thus interacting with them alone will help as Shah Rukh Khan seems to have benefitted studying in catholic School and as I benefitted studying in the Ram Krishna Mission School Aalo.Thus always learn in life from anywhere as more you know about others more others will take you as their own.
                           And I had even the privilege to meet Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and to get Dikcha from Swami Gautma Nandji Maharaj designated Vice president RKM Instituion Belur math.This is when he was my Principal Secy. In the RKM Viveknagar School Aalo.

                          And not only that when Baba Ramdevji was insulted in the Ramlila ground perhaps I was perhaps only one to blast against INC policy in non other then Rahul Gandhi`s facebook also.And one never know in Babajis good time many may try to remove their effection for me also.Yet the true man should never do a good work for a reason also.

                 God is the owner of this world and will give justice in his sweet will one have to believe this.The Pakistanis should have learnt of divine anger from earlier Earthquake in the POK side few yrs. back and after the survival of Malala a small girl shot by the Talibans and who was later awarded Nobel Prize.As the warning was already on the wall-don`t do so much sin that mother nature also get angry.
                   See unlike other religion the Muslim brothers seems to be having too much parochial view.But for this to be removed ,their environment need to be cleaned.And yes God help those who help themselves.But unless there is introspection of highest order their will be no nectar coming up in any religion also.
                               Yet with good leadership the Islamic country like Turkey and Dubai seems to be now an exceptionally advanced country.Thus may be it is time to invite the missionary of God one like mother Teresa; as this days the rich Islamic country is seen inviting everything good what about this?               
                           As love is now the most important need of the country like Pakistan, as love alone can bind a nation, heal a nation.Then what the harm in incorporation of a good spiritual views which is gift of God.
               See most of the North east have joined Christianity of their own because they find it genuinely fine.And mind it the senior believer give ample chance to a new believer to give a 2nd thought ,before taking Baptisma also.And can one imagine how one like our champion Merry Kom could have come up without Him?
                     And sometimes it is felt that to deprive the Christians Institutions of Govt. aid all short of false allegations are made.The man and Institutions filled with Holy Spirit will serve the nation better and thus this discrimination is really bad.In fact the foreign aid concept is also worthless as in my case I never received any thing.
                      Yet with great sacrifice some Christian Institutions have come up.And today see many are dying to admit their children`s in the Christian School and Colleges; and to get admit in the Christian Medical College`s when one is suffering from worse illness.
                    Thus the criticizing of other seeing one side of coin is bad.And their is also power in purity and positive love which is with other religious followers also ,we have to also accept this.
                  The need is to work for the development of human values and stand for it and their should be competition in it.See the quality matters the quantity may doom the congregation; thus this quest for increasing the congregation is wrong and will not serve the purpose even of the Christian fraternity.

                    See here in the Country even the Bangladeshi Islams seems to have been recently used to defamed the vedic and Sanatan Dharma followers to show that BJP is after conversion. Whereas RSS and VHP are seen far better then the Pakistani Muslims and so far have been unfortunately always brought in the poor light.
                             Thus we need to be ready to see more of this drama;as for the RSS and VHP they may soon surprise the critics by starting funding genuine Christian Institutions also to reply the critics.
            After all is it not better bet then to help some rapist and murderer spiritual leaders of their own religion also.
            Thus only the Institutions credibility have to be seen from scope for his national service.Yet in minor age the Baptisma should never be made to be taken also.This we have also always said in Holy Church.
                  And the best of the best repenters through monitoring of the Baptism will perhaps help the congregation and nation.The Christians may have no objection if in the new law the conversion /Baptisma is made to be monitored by a neutral body.As person fully convinced in God will fear Him and Him alone.

                           The problem of this country is we never talk of 95% similarity in the religion yet talk of minor difference.And see to some Scholars view also the term Bharat Varsa seems to have come from the Sanskrit word brathas e,i-the word by which earlier Aryan brothers and their allies living in the area around river Sindu/Saryu/Satlaj river where perhaps addressed with.

                    Thus Bharatvarsa belong to all and later the Hindu Kush mountain or Sindhu river seems to have been reason for calling the Publics of this country as Hindus not one practicing Gindu Laws,Vedic and Sanatam Dharma as Hindus.

                    Even Lord Sri Krishna have addressed this land as Bharat Varsa.But since there is now too much politicalisation in the country, thus for sake of objection all political parties and supporters seems to be objecting some facts.Yet the development agenda will ultimately always work as this is now the most important agenda.

                   And howsoever the INC make brouhaha the country man seems to be right now in the mood to give sufficient time to Hon`ble P.M Modiji so long as he also gives sufficient representations to influential minority leaders also.As was Akbar the great had no 12 Scholars with him also?
                     And top BJP leaders also seems to know that - there is need for love and affectionate to bring national reconciliation. As we can never be like Pakistanis as that is not our legacy.
                 And good for the nation if religion is seen competing in this positive issues like charity ,and one is seen more vocal in that clarion call like humanity,as ultimately this alone will help the nation.

                  And the magnanimity lies in respecting each other, as a Hindu preacher was ones rightly seen saying in national T.V.Why not Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was not son of God?As son of God alone could have forgiven His tormentors even in the cross.
               This incorporating quality is what in fact seems to be real meaning of Hinduism.And is what today have made this nation great also as we have inherited legacy of tolerance which is perhaps our basic feature of all the religion.As God the creator alone have the right to send whom at what time as His Avatar.
              And mind it by accepting others point of view alone you can tell your point of view to other also.The Gindus have been so far very good to the outer guests as ATHITHI DEVA BAWA have been their vedic philosophy.Thus the N.E Publics more specifically whose forefathers have come from China side have no reason to be disloyal to them.

                    As the vedic philosophy of VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM have been not said just like that by earlier Rishi Munis/ancient sages.And in Hindu mythology sometimes did even the Devta`s have not made short of joint military exercise with the Asuras also?
              See mythological story of the Samudramanthan is their to confirm this.Thus non can claim that his religion is more superior as unless you know other you may not know yourselves also.

                     As the Old sages who coined this Samudra Manthan theory may have knew in advance that all are nomads in this world and on physical ,intellectual and spiritual level oneday bound to interact with each other.
             Thus great sages seems to have encouraged the intermingling of the race where there is biological advantage also by psychologically preparing us for this days of globalization by such great stories encouraging intermingling.

                  Thus true meaning of the mythological stories should not be missed out, and in this global world this have helped us more.And it is better to talk more of this issues. As silence may prove dangerous in the future.

                     And see even some critics are saying the Aryans have come from central Asia side ,and Mongols are of same gene pool of Lord Shiva and Hanumanji.See the Nobel –trilogy of Shiva etc.Thus non is superior or inferior.As Swami Vivekanadaji said-`up India conquer the world with your spirituality.`

                    So let us now all talk of world religion which talks of incorporation of the best views of all.Non have right to talk on the divine subject without making substantial survey and sacrifice in it.
               Mind it one who declare this with much elan more temptations will first come to him first.Thus in previous election I had to also refuse crores of money offer from the INC leadership to stay back and not contest.As I had to do what I speak also so may be I had to be different.

                       Thus those who are trying to divide the society on communal lines are forgetting that we are very small dot within the time and space. And mind it little knowledge is always dangerous. Thus all the religious doctrines are our common legacy and need our equal respect.

                   It is time the Muslim brothers stop this mindset of killing all other birds they hate, as every bird is needed; this a Chinese Emperor eventually realised.And they should ponder and get inspiration from the JNK Publics.See their is unlimited power in man with positive intention.

                       The future of the Muslim in the India now seems to be very bright after seeing JNK voters enthuastic participation in the recent State election.And so all Muslim brothers need to forget the bitter past and learn from the new Kashmiris who where earlier in the line of fire.

                                As democracy is alone the temple of perhaps all the modern religion and non can undermine this; as through this alone some pseudo religionists can be fought and defeated. So why not make it as the best festival which Hon`ble P.M Modiji is trying to make.
               Please let us talk of bringing State sponsored election campaign like the USA so that man with quality with no ill-gotten money also wins.As we as nation have miles to go before we sleep,miles to go before we sleep.

                     See though Raksas/Demon RAJA/King Ravana tried his best to win Lord Shiva`s heart, he was disliked isn`t it?As the heart knows the soul of other person; hear the little voice of the god and progress in life.Thus congregation of the good Peoples always inspires the good man as the anointing is the food of the soul.

                  And as man suffer from various kind of vitamin deficiency so is this kind of hunger is their in spiritual arena.Thus one need different kind of treatment here also and one who alone test the different kind of sweet knows its sweetness.So it is in religion the good God seems to be giving freedom of choice.
          Their will be initial pain for true spiritual perfection as perfect practice alone make a man perfect, and always remember after pain will come Amrita as it came in the SAMUDRA MANTHAN e,i- the joint exercise of the Devtas and Raksas.It is pertinent to note that the man with evil/negative characters in Hindu mythology have been called as Raksas.
                 Pliz introspect yourself you are in which side?As the fight between the Devta and Raksas will never cease to exit.And one choosing right side in right time is one who will become YUG PURUSH and get salvation/Moksa /Nirvana.
               As I have seen pain and helplessness in the operation death bed myself once upon a time and saved by Lord ;and want to warn you to remember we are birds of same feathers which you will perhaps not like to hear right now in this temporary make belief world.May God bless India.

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