Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Please Support Kiran Bedi for Delhi C.M:-

                          There is a popular Hindi saying,` GHAR KA BEDHI LANKA DHAI`, thus incorporation of the Kiran Bedi in the BJP seems to be a master stroke for BJP.As she knows in and out of the Aam Admi politics.And see Prashant Bhusanji have also accepted her to be more honest.
                    This move to invite Kiran Bedi shows the sincerity of the BJP to give a clean Govt.see accepting ones limitations and bringing a better option is it not appreciable?See how far BJP is ready to risk for good governance,this is not easy thing.As in today`s competitive world this sincerity of party alone will save the party and nation also.
                  But initially their must have been so many ATMA CHINTAN.interestingly in place like Arunachal INC party also used to only sees the bank balance of the leader.And only talk is on this issue.But here also in recent Bye election they invited one honest leader from PPA and also won.
                   Thus BJP strategy will surely rock as if this can happen in A.P man Delhi wala will be surely more advanced.As the BJP Highcommand may have also realized that due to long misrule of the INC party their seems to be nexus of some BJP senior leaders with the corrupt leader of other party irrespective of party background; which have been earlier seen to sabotage the prospect of the BJP in U.P election also.
                        Thus danger bell seems to be coming for senior leader if he is seen to play INC culture of suppressing the more honest juniors’.As Modiji seems to be knowing that for honesty alone he have been voted.
                  Thus new leader even if he lacks a bit in political experience may be his or her more honesty will count from now;and is it not good thing that a good person is promoted by this BJP party with difference?
               Sometimes the powerful regional satraps are seen to bring disrespect to the party and non daring to say anything but in Modiji brand of politics true Ram Rajya seems to have arrived with equal position to the ruler and subject.Thus Modiji rightly calls himself PRADHAN SEVAK.This great man seems to be believing in saying and doing what he think is right,
                And as the politics is changing so fast this overhauling of leader may be needed.And honesty alone counts in today`s politics and it should be also after all Indian Publics are not fool.And the first lady IPS Kiran Bedi have definitely a proven record of honesty and integrity.She have good family gene e,i- PRAGYA, good KARMA and now above all God father with divine virtues. Three most diabolic virtues to make one great.
               See when Indra Gandhi ex-Hon`ble P.M was at her best she had the guts to pull her ambassador car by crane as S.P Traffic for wrong parking.Thus persons long record have to be seen in today`s politics.
                      Thus to make BJP as the party with the difference great leader Hon`ble P.M Modiji inviting one like himself is real appreciable thing.And this should stop any murmering and all in the Delhi BJP unit should unitedly now fight the election under leadership of Madam Kiran Bedi.All the BJP cadres should contribute what they can to Kiran Bedi in her mission and Blitzkrieg like Modiji in their own local area.
             See givng pride and honour to women is not a mean job.In the view of everyone willing to merry an educated lady a leader will he be not praise worthy if he does something different?Thus it is high time to appreciate one who does something different for woman folks.
         The fact is in this country women have been never given her due respect,may be it is time to give her one chance .As Kiran Bedi have earned her respect by hard work and deserve appreciation which is her due based on merit.If white can accept Negro President in America come on India Let us fight back.
                         Arvind Kejri wal may be a good man but getting a big platform does matter to show ones talent in wider perspective.As for kejriwalji he seems to have harmed himself by first cutting the umbical chord with Anna Hazare and sidelining great man like Baba Ramdevji. See in the moment of glory also the spiritual man have to be shown utmost respect.
               In fact it may have been better for him to join Bharat Swabhiman party before angry Babaji seems to have blessed BJP.And finally Rome was not built in the day also may be after 15 yrs.things may go AAP way.And oneday this party may surpass INC but not now.
            As a new entrant in BJP in worse place like Arunachal Pradesh the news of invitation of Medam Kiran Bediji have ones more made us repose faith in our great leader- Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji and party president Amit Shahji.
            And see both have proved that they will never compromise with the corruption and nepotism. And for Kiran Bedi also with wonderful platform she will surely be able to do her good plan`s.
               As for Kiran Bedis 5 P funda in politics I want to add some more P`s.That is P for Power of God is supreme have to be accepted,P for Parental care in old age ,P for peaceful reconciliation; for example-the Arunachal INC top leaders reportedly ever dying to join the BJP to save their skin can be allowed to do so, provided they want to retire from active politics for ever by next election.
              As even if others are bad we have to give other last chance to repent also.P for Private partnership in agriculture, P for Power Project initiatives and P for Pucca house for the Poor slum dwellers.


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