Friday, February 13, 2015


                         Who are you to us?This question is sure to come to a BJP worker regarding AAP.As have been always anticipated the AAP may prove as the credible opposition party of the BJP in the future; and for the INC party ducking inside the Bunker may be better bet for another say 15yrs.
           Yet for BJP any challenge is a time for preparation and hopefully due to inner democracy this party will soon prepare itself for the coming challenge`s.As I am sure this BJP is no more the party only with Kamandal as earlier joked in the Ram Janma Bhoomi movement days.
                                 Yet for us the things to be learnt from Delhi election  result is- It seems to be time to respect the honest leader within the party, as by the time Kiran Bedi was brought in it seems to have been  too late.And for good or bad once the war is declared for all to unitedly fight aggressively is need of hour.
             And as I have been always saying never criticize a Christian Institutions as they have short of divine power,aura and God`s grace around them.Specially in election time.Thus the man who is acting like unguided missiles need to be locked up in the election time.
                          As in my own life I have seen Lords greatness and in last election have reason to doubt that INC show drubbing in center for neglecting prophetic warnings of some missionaries for warning to top leaders of the INC not to meddling in the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly election.
              As a matter of fact before hand I had posted this warning to top INC leaders in their facebook also,and  some say the election here was completely rigged also.Thus as from the God`s point of view all are His sons and daughters as all are eventually originated from the common forefather Adam/Manu made by God.
              Thus as we purchase the latest product according to ones own will.Thus we must have freedom to worship Him as we like; as the careful one will alone get the right signal. See their will be always evolution of the new religion to be more near to Him.
                 And thus who knows who are thinking themselves to be in majority is in reality now minority.As more gods and godess in one community more their will be disunity.Thus politically also the religious superiority feeling is bad. 
             As their is really God`s power working in some ;in my own Christian life I have been perhaps used by Him to warn catena of leaders and it happened adjactly as prophesised.So I am sure I was used by the almighty God as Kejriwalji says that this days God seems to be personally working in this country for a great cause.
            See as this is humanly impossible for so many Publics to now unite and think for goodness of the country.In fact the BJP cadres and AAP seems to have same passion within them, thus we must try to find a peaceful co-existence way.That is specially after the Pre-Valentines Day flower bouquet was presented to Arvind Kezriwalji by non other then Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.
                 And as for my claims of divine intervention in my life this have been earlier reflected in my writings with the evidence and witness also.And as so far non have filed a litigation against me also,this should prove the veracity of my claims also.
            About two Hon`ble C.M and four Cabinet Ministers of this State will always accept my claims.Thus the writer can be utmost be alleged more for his vast writing ability , then the fault he makes in writing.Yet I claim to be worst sinner constantly in need of your prayer support,love and affection also.
                 The great man like Hon`ble P.M and Kejriwalji are perhaps also auto programmed to do good by the great spirits,their souls like who have seen death and working like a walking spirit who have gone to the end of life and come back and now working like a zombie the thread being held from  above.With the single mission to serve as master desire.See great pain in life alone make one near to Him. 
              Unfortunately many a times Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji seems to be compelled by some fringe elements to be seen as partisan and communal ;which was earlier also indirectly tried to be warned to the party high command.As days of negative campaign is gone.As for Prabin Togodias campaign against Bangladeshis this can be treated as special case.
                 As BJP does not belong only to Hindu and rich leaders; so any iota of this wrong feeling in the Publics need to be removed ones and for all.That too immediately more so if there is election in N.E and South side of India where some swear by Lord Christ.And as the party is filled with sensible leaders will surely now do something about it when the water have crossed the neck now.
                      As obviously the dedicated Christian missionaries with powerful and committed followers will always react if there is smell of threat on their Christian religion and co-believers.And so will be the reaction of the Muslim as well if there is any threat directly or indirectly.
                As one will keep his/her faith above everything and this is also helping the country. Or would have Merry Kom a simple lady from NE won the Boxing world championship?Thus the party need to escape from controversial issues like conversion as this is in heavenly list.
                After all any party can never  do anything against a religion Institutions in this global world.And it will be wrong to think other as inferior as well.As on the 7p.m telecast of the Awakening with Brahmakumari on 11th feb 2015 in the Astha channel also.
                     Her Holiness Brahma Kumari a Hindu preacher herself was saying that only the planetary movement effect taught by the Old Sages which later took the place of god and godess for the fear,laziness  and ignorance of the Hindus alone should not be depended in life,But self consciousness like others have to be tried which will demand lots of sacrifice.
             And she was short of saying that we Indians are not using the inner power of the mind in the optimum level like others and unnecessarily criticizing others by living in make belief world.Thus instead of making more god like tomorrow accepting computer virus also as one out of fear; we have to now concentrate in Humanity as Swami Vivekananda emphasized.
            See any religious man have to accept one thought process then only his/her faith will develop.And for a religious person more his positive performance more the credit deserved to be given to the power who inspire him.And thus by good karma alone one is seen glorifying His own God.And if the country is benefiting through a Holy man what is the problem?
               This is may be God`s calling in Christianity or Boddistava in Budhism and many a time when their is injustice God acts silently and later on the Peoples are taken by surprise.Or this may be effect of the karma of his parents called Pragya or ones  own karma results that a single man is possible to make whole society upside down.
             Thus contrary to the views the other person may be more near to God also and other may be rather following the latest version of God`s will also this seems to be the funda in the religion.
               Thus we should not undermine any other religion isn`t it?As I have studied in Hindu school also thus I find their seems to be bit of confusion to be removed by all.To bring lasting peace and truth some have to come open now ;then only their will be starting of great nation based on true love and understanding.
               Thus in religion field one have to be more sober and give praise more to other.Only because of insecurity of some pseudo Hindus why all should suffer?As the joint military exercise both the nation so will be the interaction which will be now inevitable in global era.
          As for likes of Sakshi Maharaj I will just like to say-`POTHI PARI PARI JAG MUHA PANDIT BHAYA NA KOI;DHAI AKSAR PREM KA PAREN SO PANDIT HOI`.Had other have quarreled this have been other matter but Sages are not supposed to be easily angry.As angry Rishi Parsuram and Durbasa also was seen to suffer in the end in the Hindu mythology.
                            Thus this superiority feeling in the religion by any one may be really bad.As I have been always saying victory ultimately belong to God thus praise Him only.Pray Him for the well being of our party and its leaders.See if you are near to Him all will ultimately love you as all will be benefited.And other thing to learn for the co-BJP cadres is,Pliz not only be in the front of Hon`ble P.M Modiji only, go to Publics as well.
                And worst will be making temple in his name as this is against the divine commandment;as even in the Sanatham Dharma it is heard god`s have forbade making of His own statues so even in the Old Testament in 10 commandments.As mind it the INC and some vested interest groups will like top BJP leaders and BJP party to get divine curse.Mind it the enemy may be within also.And mind it fearing the God alone will bring blessing for the party.
                Pliz tell Hon`ble P.M`s plans and visions in every nook and corner as you can`t accept him to attend each rally .Do this by whichever possible way.Party will surely recognize your God gifted talent sooner or later.As after all this BJP party have come against the excess of the INC parties family dynastic politics and is accepted to be respecting the freedom of expression also.
                    Eventually that close connection seems to be mattering more with the Public to get the desired result this days .As waiting for money  in election which only goes to few top Publics; thus this days the Pracharaks coming to house alone may  be more  appreciated.This AAP workers seems to have knew and seems to have gained from the patience.
              Their is something called auto programme of sub-conscious mind and the voters unmindful seems to have been brain washed by the AAP frequenters. Yet long list of AAP promise is also not easy thing to complete. Thus future will be interesting to see.
                               And for the top leaders also their should be mechanism to financially help the deserving potential BJP candidate before hand as the national party leader`s are also perhaps accepted to be bit rich by the Publics.And it is important  to appreciate ones God gifted talent.
                       And also the great leader like Modiji should be used for greater cause ;and perhaps he should not be taken to all the nook and corner in the election time.But things may be different in some case like in interior area the visit may matter more.
                But here again non of the senior leaders seems to be interested to come ,and workers afraid to invite them for paucity of funds.See this is hard facts unless accepted things will not improve.
                   And finally it may be time to rope in a cool and humble looking Spokesman as AAP seems to have done in last Delhi State election.See negative campaign against the INC may have earlier benefitted us, as then the Publics where fed up of INC.
             But AAP was a new party thus against it the rhetoric of the tons in the election campaign should have been more lower.Even if Hon`ble P.M lambasts according to his own standard the normal workers need to be more humble.
            Many are sure in the coming time all the political party will be compelled to throw out the leaders with the dubious past records.As the Publics seems to say enough is enough to them, even if their siblings wearing AAP cap may not help the family members also.As non will like himself to be put topi/cap by a habitual offender`s family tree member with the DNA of dishonesty passed on to his siblings also.
                    And for the AAP also it should also give a sincere  thought to some forces who are trying to mediate for peace between BJP and AAP.As Kezriwalji himself accepted in an interview on 11.02.2015 that now their seems to be divine power working in India.And as he have himself said pride have already cost BJP and INC.
                   And for the BJP cadres also time to accept that  the INC was the worst enemy and there is no much difference with the AAP.And for both the cadres also time to think that the INC sympathizers are still powerful enough to bring misunderstanding and enmity between all the like minded parties.And may have hand in bringing large Bangladeshi`s in India to bring political imbalance.
                       And as per as some critics view after 3 terms chance Hon`ble P.M is also not a bad man that he will like to hook to post for cine die.Thus by the past experience both the BJP and the AAP leaders need to learn and for nations shake also as here already too much time have been lost in fighting and hatred.
              As if there is holistic approach in life which advocates for gradual and peaceful political reconciliation and transformation is it bad?I mean grand alliance between IAC and RSS and BJP and AAP and keeping the great Holy religious Heads in advisory post.
                   After all BJP also need a formidable ally in Indian politics and now both the AAP and BJP is in the win win situation.And thus the alliance agreement can be in the equal footing without much loss for both.As both have near unanimity in all the issues unlike with INC.
                              And for the AAP also it should be practical as going national abruptly may be bit too much heavy on it.As already it has in earlier occasion faced the consequence.Thus now other Harayanvi Baba Ramdevji may be best suited for this peace talk with AAP supremo.
          And our small Basar town may be the secret place for initiation of this peace talk also.As the dating have already started with the BJP and AAP. With AAP only inviting Hon`ble P.M in swearing in ceremony and Hon`ble P.M inviting Hon`ble Prospective C.M for a cup of tea.In fact both the great leader have more or less same past and come up against INC excess only,so the alliance may be not be a surprise also.
               And as for the Arunachal BJP top leaders they also need to know that in this corruption issue even if their relatives is in their front, then they must fight like as Lord Krishna advocated in the Mahabharata.As now is there other way out then this also?As if Arjun had fainted Karna would have surely shoot him.
              As today`s Publics seems to be in no mood to spare any one howsoever he is powerful and on their mood and caprice the king will be made and dethroned by the great Publics. The true democracy as dreamt by Bapuji seems to have finally come. Leader is started to be seen from his own merit not by birth, race and religion. May God bless India.

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