Monday, April 29, 2013



                     The ongoing Panchayat election may prove as dead end for the Congress party in many zones in State of Arunachal Pradesh .As the recent rush for the Congress ticket show the increasing indiscipline in the party as if the cadres saying this time  -`ISHBAR TICKET NAHIN DENE SAIN BHI CHALEGA`.As all the cadres seems to be now aware of grim future for the party and are readying themselves if necessary for going out of the party also.The the Hon`ble Ministers and MLA`s who earlier seems to have been enjoying the life to its full is heard to be getting sleepless night this time in the Panchayat election. 
                             And as some critics dubs as they are also fearful of future political uncertainty may be making a drama to show the importance of the Congress party ticket also.And already its worst side effect the innocent villager have losts its life in Kurung krime Dist.And this is for Congress party indiscipline as issue of party ticket seems to have been not decided till filling of nomination.Thus today most of the Congress party worker  is exposed as team of history seaters and criminal minded uneducated contractor groups and now every Arunachalee despise them and one want to get ride of Congress party.And incidently the PPA have been heard to be the beneficiary of this party infighting ;as after last time for withdrawing the ticket was over in many place both the Congress candidate from same seat in may place was heard to be compelled to to be rejected by the ERO in the ensuing Panchayat election.
                                   And worst for them most of the redundant Congress leaders only seen as dynamic Contractors are now seen to only trying to buy the voters to retain there fiefdom from the exclusive looted money of Public`s .And top leaders are now heard to be suffering for there over smartness as both the Congress ZPM ,ASM and ASM Chairperson faction in some place may now end up rebelling against there political boss for disowning them during Panchayat campaigning many believe. Whereas the exceptionally God gifted opposition leaders are heard to be giving most coordinated and scintillating attack against the Congress Party from every angle this time.
                           As if there is overdraft each time with State Exchaquere/finance Dept. why there is no booking of any person on economic offence till now?Thus PPA demand immediate imposition of the president rule in State of A.P.on financial mismanagement.As earlier in Apangjis time when there was never any double digit increase in Annual plan allocation but every one used to get something.Thus the recent Rs.3700 crore annual plan allocation can it be used properly seeing the previous mismanagement by this great Gentleman`s in the helmn of affairs.Thus PPA demand release of white paper dossier of accountability on the previous 5 yrs. Govt.expenditures.Who knows some of the central High command members  may be find directly hand in glob in siphoning of the fund if there is an impartial  investigation by independent agencies?other then the CBI which is soon going to doom the Central Govt. in Coal Gate scame for contempt of Court and perjury of short.
                            And as the conglomeration of the vested interest contractor ,political leaders and officers groups  in the State of Arunachal Pradesh,they are now in the worst political transitional crisis according to many political pundits.As this time the God and the destiny itself seems to be standing against them thus the Publics have to be extra vigilant now least they lost this historical chance to not attain popularity for ever. See today due to  the ruling Congress parties repeated failures in many fronts ; some Public`s may be wondering  weather Journalist Mrs. Tongam Rina`s real accuse in her attempt to murder incident  accused are about to be caught or not?Or the alleged accuse to be disclosed within 3 month as promised by Police DIG, is that assurance not an eye wash just before election doubts to remove the pressure on Govt.doubt  some. 
                           As some doubt it may be high voltage drama to remove the Public pressure as the Times of Arunachal news Paper is carrying this life attempt on top journalist on its daily news publications in front page, to the discomfort of the ruling Congress party.Which earlier always seems to have been seen interested to dominate the cover page for all the good reason.And also for Rs. 10 lakh reward announcement by the Govt. on any information regarding the life attempt on the journalist, can any greedy person cannot do anything for this awards also? this many opines also.
                                     The Congress party are at least still  smart in one thing -divide and rule.But the fact is that the Publics are now fed up of seeing the Congress parties manipulative and divide and rule tactics in election without real deliverance and are broken by price rise, lies and increasing corruption and nepotism and increasing gap between rich and poor class and in wrong handling of  Hydropower projects,increasing mafia Raaj,and non impartial division of developmental funds as if the Itanagar belongs to one clan or one community only.Thus the Public`s now want alternative to this capsizing and rotting party;and will be not interested in this party and unfortunately in this time party like  NCP or Independent parties have become like there B team of Congress party believes many.As howsoever they try to remove this facts; but this days even the Congress man themselves are heard to be  respecting the genuine opposition party like PPA only.As in the State of Arunachal Pradesh there is now more need for a vocal opposition party to become the voice of the voiceless and poor class and yes not necessarily all the Congress man are also happy with there own party this days.
                      As such there is growing impression that opposition parties other then PPA have some inheretent limitation here in this State; thus many Congress man are also heard to be secretly planning to integrate there relatives with PPA especially if the Congress prospect noose dive in centre.As like the State of Nagaland and Sikkim the PPA alone can fight for the State pride and prestige now and can alleign with any power in centre also.As from now on  to some experts believe; non of the central party will be able to continue to rule above 5 Delhi.And how long the Arunachal leaders will run to greener pastures and bring State shame ?So best will be siding with the regional party advocates many.
                As some of the critics are quoting parties like NCP and Independent are acting like quasi opposition and as B Team of the Congress party, and thus the Publics are uninclined to take them seriously. As days of officer relatives making there close relative candidates to contest from this Independent and NCP party without roots  if Congress ticket is not managed; for there own survival, non likes this idea anymore; told a frustrated Independent party supporter whose leader missed the PPA Party ticket from Aalo Dist.President PPA Office.As surprisingly contrary to the Congress parties drama to show its popularity ,it was other way round in Aalo town of the West Siang Dist. A.P where the maximum PPA candidates have contested in this Panchayat election 6 ZPM and about 200 ASM and thousand`s of GPM candidate.So much so that the party ticket reportedly got finished as the PPA Party Dist. Level leaders where least prepared for it.
              And  also in 29th Basar Constituency Assembly the PPA made a humble beginning by having Smty.Dunga Nyodu w/o Sri Marpe Nyodu as first unopposed GPM from Nyodu Village.And Smty. Marme Rina W/O late Lito Rina unopposed GPM from Echi Village and Sri Gobom Chisi unopposed PPA GPM from Chisi Village and got three ASM candidates from Ego belt and 2 ZPM and numerous ASM candidates from Tirbin circle .as the place like Aalo and Basar have been earlier pioneer in bringing political revolution in whole State thus this development`s may have serious ramification in future of State.
                  As this was out of the Publics own free will that they choosed PPA without any monetary help thus danger bell for Congress party. As the Publics are seeing the other opposition party also as getting used by the manipulative Congress party and may be seeing them as jocker in the Arunachal politics.Thus PPA have finally made its own identity due to its committed cadres,as from close observation non will find most of the top party cadres immediate relative doing Govt. job also.And that makes us to say openly against any one for State interest and this is the opposition duty as well.
                    See today either one have to be in the ruling or in the principal opposition party like PPA to get respect; as when there is thousand reasons to be against the Congress party why not go the way like PPA`s Nick Kaminji and Lata Umreyji did,by repenting and changing fence for motherland interest isn`t it?And see  as this days the Publics love and affectionate is more for the principal opposition like PPA as unfortunately BJP have also some inhere tent weakness here in our place as some section of Publics seems to be always have ideologically uncomfortableness  with it.And as future danger is more for Publics from the deadly Congress Party which seems to be not believing in democracy thus there is immediate need to kick out this party.
                     And as PPA is our own indigenous party also thus only the foolish will now not support PPA which have all the time 30% free voters to vote for it at any given day thinks many political experts believe .As the emotional relationship of grass roots Publics with this party make this PPA more secured believes many and are expecting soon the Publics will be in for a shock after the Panchayat result.As the regionalism and tribalism is in our blood vessels and today Publics again want the glorious past pride of our society as tribal have been never under any one till now.And this State slavery to Central High command is completely unacceptable to many son of the soils who see this indigenous party as symbol of there identity.
             Thus most of the TMC have act smart this time  by wrapping up its party and assimilating with the PPA along with its top leader.And for the NCP also most of the cadre within the party also are also said to be advocating for following the TMC way, as most also is heard to be feeling that the regionalism ideology is only answer to the rich Congress Parties excesses.As by staying in rootless parties the supporters and Publics real aspirations is going to be disturbed by them.As it is heard to be Congress parties secret plan to divide the opposition party through B team like NCP and the earlier supporters are regretting why they did not join the PPA earlier.As they had to spend money from there own side and in PPA they are now surprised to see the Public cooperation.
                            And for now only  few elites in the NCP party is now seen active that too in news paper.Thus the NCP brothers if they have also real interest of the State in mind they will definitely give a second thought a friend opined.Without becoming either a full tiger or a jackal can any one progress e,i-without having a distinct identity,as we also read story of Crow trying to become Peacock by wearing its feather in our school days.But it ended up he being in no camp.I appreciate the unilateral declaration of the alliance with the PPA by NCP Spokes person before the panchayat election .But it would have been good to make joint headlong coalition with the Congress party for the Public interest by merging with the PPA; as today also barring few leaders most of the NCP leaders should have been incorporated in the PPA.
                   But having said that I have full respect for achi Kafa Bengiaji President NCP who have in fact also insisted to us to immediately to go for inner re-structuring of the PPA ,2 yrs. back.Thus in State interest he is accepted to give a 2nd thought now when we the PPA party have to also accept our earlier mistakes of hearing this Public demand only recently.Any way it is also not too late as the hate for the enemy of the State should ultimately unite us also.As for the outstanding problem`s in the future  the transparent and real People friendly PPA will surely like to follow the will of God and the Public's popular opinion.
                       As in PPA all have joined with great repentance and only should mean State interest in future also.And all will hopefully finish there seemingly differences,egoism,pride and prejudices and use it for right reasons only which will be to fight the redundant Congress party and its leaders to liberate the Arunachal Publics.Thus time to now stop the impression that each time any opposition leader make`s a criticism of Govt. and Hydropower Company he returns with a brand new Scorpio or car. The coordinated attack from the PPA cadres from all section will definitely finish this  culture for ever it is hoped now by all publics in general.And that is our strength and boost for our dedication for this great mission.
                          It is only sacrifice in life that makes one great isn`t it?As it is duty of opposition leader to make headlong collision with the ruling party.And by not doing so by anyone ,they are cheating themselves though it has to be accepted that NCP brothers are seen not bad atleast in media front.But here also are they not falling in the orchested drama of the Congress party by standing from a platform which ultimately may  benefit the Congress vote?As this Congress party who have only reason to fear PPA only will like to project a divided opposition to Publics.After all the central High command  will do all tricks to be continue in power to stop there misdeeds being exposed; once they are out of power in State. As the PPA party popularity is increasing rapidly soon in the grass root and rural areas;thus soon the NCP brothers and sisters are also accepted to realize there limitations after realization by one like Laeta Umreji Ex.Hon`ble MLA TMC also.
                            As great man also accepts his mistakes.See the change for good all believe in can alone be brought by principal opposition like PPA alone which have its strong roots here and carries Publics emotional relationship with it,or can rich Congress Party can it be undermined also?Thus it is wrong to let the innocent opposition party worker`s suffer by staying in a party which have all the glitters but have no gold with them.Atleast for PPA Publics knows it is there own and like a good students the PPA cadres need not burn midnight lamp in election time only.e,i-in election time only.And thus for benefit of the Publics also,all need to change now as rightly pointed by an important NCP local  leader who is said to have said also -One like it or not to fight the rich Congress party at least the ideological rich party like PPA can alone succeed here in this State.As the regionalism and tribalism is in our blood veins and for this PPA party have no need to have large brigade of the party cadres like the Congress to show its presence felt; as 30% free vote any time will alone fall in support of PPA party any day if election is conducted.
                Thus it is time the Panchayat candidates even if they have earlier contested from NCP and Independent party in some place under pressure from there officer relatives make a most scintillating attack on the offdated,corrupt and redundant Congress Party and its leaders. And promise to join the PPA sooner as this is what the Arunachal Publics will also like to hear.See today the Assamese laborers even refuse to come to the State as they have better deliverance there in Assam now.Only feel good factor for few top brass Peoples and haves rich class will not auger well for State interest.So let us unite now to bail out the State Public's from the Congress party misrule as enough persecution and problems they have already faced from the Congress Party misrule ,which have become the conglomeration of the powerful politician, officer and business man.And is now an insult on all of us and may be future generation will never forgive us if they are tolerated any more now.

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