Saturday, April 20, 2013

The God`s will is the best:-

                                                                                    The God gives the best option to His disciples in worst of crisis; this recently I have seen in the panchayat election in my place where I had preferred to contest.As after high voltage drama  in my 29th Assembly Constituency Assembly which show lots of  ups and down within short time the game ultimately went in short of my favour only.Before the Panchayat election Initially the Basar town ZPM seat was supposed to be divided into 2 seats and it was after lots of suspended animation that it finally happened. 
                         And this averted my head long collision with my rich cousin Jonya Basarji who was supposed to get ZPM Congress ticket of the undivided ZPM Panchayat seat of Basar town.And  also blessed was my immediate cousin brother sitting ZPM Sri kenmar Basarji who also refused to contest against me.Though initially he was much reluctant to hear my appeal but ultimately he also accepted divine will in my life , and the women reservation in our side also  later proved that I was right and he was saved from much embrassement.And may be also good for me as the bitterness of contesting with other leader in panchayat election is said to develop lasting enemity in grassroots Publics.
                                As for now the Congress Party have decided to give ZPM congress ticket to my younger brothers wife which is a great surprising element in this part of world.As she was least prepared for it.May be mostly this plan was undertaken to clip my wing.But the political googly thrown by Congress Party may be blessing to me in long run.As in this part of the world there is no party discipline and as such and when a leaders good time everything goes in a his favour.And in coming time the critics are citing good time is in any case coming for the opposition leaders.And since this is win win situation for me also in my side of Panchayat ZPM seat this time; and also being human I never want to harm other and want to bring changes as quietly as possible.And as there is still some  time for the State assembly  elections I also need to give time to the PPA party in my weaker areas in this panchayat election.So the women reservation in my side may be also a respite for me and my party as the Congress leader`s here in my place is very much financially  secured.
                     As I can cut my coat according to my size only as my 29th Basar Assembly is too vast an area for a political leader and for future political prospect it is better to concentrate in advance in place like Tirbin and Ego area where leaders are all set to contesting from my PPA or its alliance.And as the family members were also requesting me to give them support this time; so I can only say that whatever God plans may be best also,as later my time will also surely come to ask there help.And as per prophesy of some missionaries and Hindu Sadhus there will be sure political change in assembly election in my Basar area.And surprisingly even  in the Panchayat election God`s will seems to be now short of fulfilled also.As on a complaint of other ZPM candidate a lottery was drawn for 2nd time and here also women reservations come in our side making the position of my family secured.It is hoped even if I had insisted to put my wife as ZPM candidate then also she would have eventually won.
                                  And later as per the vision of missionary like Evan.Tojo Ribaji also the Lord want me in higher political level like in the Assembly/parliamentary election and some friends had also earlier asked me;weather the ZPM seat was not commensurate to my standard also?Thus God`s will may be best even if there is temporary problem for my supporters and fans this time.And now my friends cannot also blame me for my political absistence this time as can I fight act of God.Though mine is much better as I had not started the campaign like other male ZPM candidates.Also they seems to  have spend more time,money and energy then me also.
                               Even if the political battle cannot be concluded this time I thank all the friends who have wished good thing for me so far and some who have also helped me and assured there full cooperation even if I had peanuts with me.I will eternally remain grateful to specially one like-Late  JK Riba family members for there kind word.And specially Komkar Ribaji who like Garibaldi after unifying Italy went to his hometown only taking some potato seeds.As he was instrumental in my joining PPA yet when its good time come choose to give more time to his own business,may be paving the way for me; thank you Pal.           

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