Friday, April 5, 2013


                                                              The knowledge cannot be buy and the heart cannot be buy though money can be also used to divide the voters said a friend.But in new circumstance unless paid a hefty amount the assurance of giving tender by  the Old leader may not convince the publics also.As all knows the tender is soon going to be very impartial.And publics are now aware of the dangerous fate of the old leaders after most scintillating attack from civil society this days . The time have come when the Congress parties age old tricks to feed the voters and give some money to the collegians just before election  is rejected ; as this is only superficial treatment while everyone knows Arunachal Pradesh Congress Party is in ICU for its multi organ failure.And specially in Arunachal Pradesh  it is finally time to say good bye to the congress Party and this is shown by joining of many recent stalwart State Leaders in PPA after Sri Nick Kaminji was made as Standing Party President PPA who sacrificed his building in Borapani Naharlagun as Party office.And thus league of extraordinary Gentleman`s of all the profession and community is now ready to save the motherland this time.And truly PPA`s bad day should be over from now.
                            This time the good part is Students also seems to be matured lots and ready to be willing to siding the revolution; as after each election what they have seen earlier is only false election promises and terrible pain of seeing the unemployment ,price rise and rise of a more richer class at the cost of others;as all the rich man seems to be short of parasites not starting a new innovative idea for self employment even if it was high time to do so for them.Thus many are thnking in terms of even advising there leaders to betray there offdated Godfathers who are also fighting there loosing battle in the sinking party as ex-APSU leaders cannot be seen to go in there line also .Today the State democracy can be defined as- `for the A grade Contractor,with the A grade Contractor and by the A Grade Contractor`.This is also due to Publics foolishness  being so far used emotionally for the interest of the senior leader; who are apt in back door entry by using them and there own leader`s specially the younger one`s.Whereas earlier also in some place Congress was taught bitter lesions and so why Publics will still get seduced from Congress ticket without thinking the risk of contesting from this party also, which have become haves and rich class party now.I dare the Officers to still work for the Congress in selecting the village ASM candidate for there vested interest this time also,as if earlier they did not sold the village man.
                The political power is with a terrible amount of responsibility and Congress Party have been tolerated enough for this rise of few haves class only in place like Basar area .Who seems to still leave in there make believe world that everything is fine if they are fine,and in coming election also the Poor Publics will hear there campaign. But my respect is also to few good Samaritans who have already sacrificed enough for society and it was time for others also to follow there path without any murmer.As for some few corrupted man this may be also last chance to repent also. And yes those who really love my family members is it not time to show there love by helping me also?As which elder brother will not love his younger brother also?But in politics Publics also have to come open also after all this is everyone`s business to make a good leader;isn`t it?And my sacrifice and contributions for the upliftment  of the Poor Publics of Basar area can it be not accepted also?Only the excuse makers may have earlier also asked Mahatma Gandhiji to take help of one of his rich elder brother also.And some even if his rich elder brother have interfered may have still made other excuses also so the brave alone makes history.But those who made history also trusted in there leader.
                             Thus this way that way there will be always criticism of a leader and a mature voter will not be swayed by initial bruhaha.And yes mind it the sincere endeavor with difficulty also makes a occasion more memorable later,and mind it this is historic occasion for all to repent.If a voter  want money what he need to do is attack the present leadership who alone may then pay some money.This is also highly improbable as this days the medical bill re-embursement appellant is also claiming of getting only few Govt. money. Thus in coming election either take money in tons from rich candidates agents or join this divine mission of virtuous and more righteous Opposition leader is the suggestions even by His Holiness spiritual Guru like Sri Sri Pt. Ravi Shankarji also. I dare the Congress party to contest the coming JPM election without giving permanent Dist.Hq. to Basar area.As this was Congress Parties last election No. one manifesto and no less then a cabinet decision to be read out by Likabali and Name Nari Hon`ble MLA Sri Jomde kenaji and Tako Dabiji in Basar assembly constituency Public meeting will now not satisfy the Basar area Publics.As the Basar area leaders do all the things to save there skin then why not non action in this matter of grave Public importance. As the great Basar area have even not given great Tomo Ribaji and Todak Basarji more then two electoral chance,so it not time to make a honorable exit for the present leadership?
                            Thus this time everyone need to sacrifice a bit to register there name in this historic decisive battle time by rising above there position as more important is societies interest then any Party interest also .As this is historical decisive period time and history may not pardon us if we fail the societies expectations on us in this decisive time as Gojenji and his team have failed in numerous occassions.It was opposition pressure that prompted him also to take drastic action in Panchayat bifurcation issue.And now prompting him to make roads in opposition bastion like Gori village through MLAD.See the number one agenda of APSU also got to show that –`Pen is mightier then sword,`as that will serve the best student interest also. As in this State very few have remain committed to APSU ideology one`s in Public life and rare person doing this also have to be respected. As one`s upon a time I was also its member and President ASUD.As real love for Public may have prompted todays opposition leader to stay in right party like PPA which is liked by all.Thus the long sufferers and one having more political experience and being member of party like PPA one having same ideology like APSU have to be respected, as he have his own distinct ideology and principal and is not seen as agent of some bodies secret plan to make back door entry this time.
                          And yes regionalism is only way left to save this dying State and specially when the divine prophetic persons are also predicting leadership change in Basar area it will be for everyone`s privilege to change and work with thy will this time.As the prophetic persons are also now puzzled at this divine revelation to make a political change in Basar area this time,which should be unstoppable also if it is so.As in the new world where Lord seems to have made magician Dynamo even walk over even water,this days nothing seems to be impossible for Him also.And He also seems to be fed up of excessive corruption and nepotism in this places where more better aspiring leader`s heart and commitment God alone seems to know only.As the leaders duty is not only wait for few medical patience belonging to family of political importance,but make a opportunity for self development in all field that there is no sickness itself.I dare the present leaders to be doing philanthropic work with there personal incomes after they are defeated also or take political retirement.
                               Thus this future danger of rising gap between rich and poor must be fight by all tooth and nail and if this can be removed in Sikkim why not here also?See non have today right to disturb this historic revolution occasion for the betterment of the Poor and destitute whatever may be the argument.As it is possible the haves and rich class will even try to divide the relatives to show that  the genuine Opposition leader`s position is not good.As the days of kushi kushi culture by haves class is soon going to be over  they have to be taught a good lesion now, tells many youths also.As for it  today many are now ready to  rise above there parochial view and friendship and village community and  clan sense also.And it should be that way also;as non should try to stand between the blessing of God and poor Publics also.Or one doing so may be tomorrow seen as traitor like earlier traitors siding with the Britishers.
                   As the main issue is increasing gap between the rich and poor and this was earlier due to the Poor man`s foolishness to be always get ready to be tools of the same enemy we all despise. And in this scenario time to say -`you to Brutus, as if some of the Poor son`s also get used by same haves class then who will save this society?As shame on them who have never ever earlier sacrificed for the society,see for this tomorrow there burial ground may be even decimated by new generation.Who may write here lays the most cunning person who for his own interest never ever left the ruling congress party in his life time.Mind it the danger bell is now ringing for many redundant Congress leaders also.The same leaders who are now talking of clanism why when I had earlier offered Panchayat ZPM ticket of PPA to specially minority community member of Basar area like Bam they did not reciprocate.As throwing stone at Congress party for great betrayal in Dist.Hq. issue would have been show of true valor of there clan, then supporting a leader who God know`s is financed by one of haves class only.
                           And as such if this poor man`s true party like PPA is rejected by the local leaders do they have right to claim to be Poor Publics true messiah also?As loss of indigenous party should be also loss of everything.Brother it is wrong to openly play communal politics as the local villagers themselves will be ultimate sufferers.As it is now time to make the villagers share in open discussion to find the best option,as making the innocent villagers to hook to a singly theory will make them blind and unprogressive person.As it is time to accept the meritious leaders without being hoodwinked by some smart senior leaders and crooks in election. The best leader have to be choosen now who have grassroots connection as well as who can deliver, as few man have no right to play with the poor villagers future for there vested interest.Being financed by there Godfathers they may seem to have an edge but the Publics need to now see there true colors.
                    And as for the old leaders there supporters need to know that what good they have done is done long time back; but today they have also failed to satisfy the increasing demand of the Publics and as such it will be foolish to bank on there support in panchayat election. And in any case senior leaders is seen busy fighting loosing battle in his own place this days .And as Lord Jesus Christ was cheated by one of the  closest disciples Judas Iscariot for 32 shackles but died in the end of guilty feeling; today the Poor leaders betrayer may also feel the same as this is historic decisive period. And it is our privilege to be siding with great revolution which is favoring the haves not class and there true leader and friend’s in there heart who have left there own haves class and rich relatives comfort and community also. And thus time to reject the charlatan leaders who without sacrificing in there life suddenly in election  are seen to be talking big things for the Poor and destitute.
                        As only by God`s blessings one can really sacrifice for the Poor brothers and sisters and He will eventually bless a beautiful mind to show His miracle as victory belongs to him .See  my personal experience shows that Galos are not that bad as in last Lokh Sabha election also I was perhaps only one openly campaigning with Kiranji Ex-BJP, M.P candidate and he at least made a  lead in my place.As the fact is that in my place Congress Party discipline is a misnomer,and it should be that way also after all society is now enjoyed by the conglomeration of rich powerful politician,officer and business man.And thus today really good time to remove this injustice have come.
                                              And for the candidate who don`t get congress ZPM and ASM ticket it is better to support the principal opposition instead of contesting from other party.As non will take them seriously this days  if they still contest from other party ;as this is competitive age and Publics are very matured now.And if they still support Congress Party ; they may be seen as one who have sell off his right for lakhs of rupees also even if he did not take anything.That is other matter if they render there help to opposition party who may be poor in money but not in spirit and good intention. And at least with the increasing candidate willing to contest I can be at least given credit of  igniting this fire when one`s every  one earlier preferred silence in my kind of place. But may be time have come for me to speak less from now ,as I have already won that way also.                                                       

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