Tuesday, April 9, 2013


                                                          The coming Panchayat and municipality election  is going to be historic and interestingly some of  the opposition party have reportedly shown there new interest to contest from PPA at least in this election which is good for State.As this should pave the way for there integration with the PPA party ,which is only alternative to the redundant leaders of the capsizing Congress Party and have an ideological edge over Congress.Though the ruling Congress Party will now again enact new drama to defuse this crisis.But when things gets taugh then taugh get going as says the elders. And this seems to be the condition of the Arunachal Pradesh Congress now;whose redundant leaders earlier used to play worst manipulative politics.But the recent Karnataka political problem where the Hon`ble Supreme Court have even termed political defection as illegal where 2/3rd majority was all  that was required to go to greener pastures may finally finish the political ambition of some offdated Congress senior leaders.Whose earlier tactics was only aligning with the central ruling party to compel Peoples subbordiance.
                         As this days in the era of vibrant media even the parliament should not dare to overtake the Hon`ble S.C recent order.As here in the Arunachal Pradesh the Congress party have miserably failed the State with innumerable signing of MOU of Hydropower going to jeopardize the future of place like Aalo and Pasighat.And with the Afront/advance money meant for the State is doubted to have gone to few hands also this party cannot be trusted any more.And with the lack of clear cut transparent policy on the implementations of this projects the PPA being an indigenous party alone have political will power and moral right to take a right step on behalf of the local population.
                             And for motherland interest also everyone must be united now as the central Party is only seeing us as there easy prey for there personal and party aggrandisement.And thus time have come to remove the anti State Parties which have given innumerable hurt burn to all;thus the prodigal son of soils are supposed to show there true repentance even from the Congress party. The PPA will be taking personal note of some whimsical leaders who will be still trying to use muscle tactics to come in power; as should one living in glass house can he throw stone at others? And mind it those who resist injustice now will be immortal tomorrow as the Congress is now in worst anti establishment crisis this unfortunately few are now realising.As  in many issues like- never ending price rise, increasing violence, employment issue, land allotment issue,boundery problem,power problem,drug abuse problem etc. Congress Party have failed us miserably.
                  And with the rich haves class becoming more richer showing rise of a new class consisting of conglomeration of vested interest officers, politicians and business man; the Arunachal Pradesh future was never as dark as it is now.As the seniors in helms of power now seems to be more busy playing Pockers and Cards and only appeasing the Delhi High Command. And seen becoming the perfect puppet ready to sign any blind paper for its owner. Surprisingly the terrorist infested area like in Tirap and Changlang is heard to have better record of successful implementation of Poor man`s schemes, even  then in place like West Siang.The credit either goes to good leaders there or a deterrent force.Thus this situation may come here also,as today Youth are increasingly frustrated; thus today time to openly side with liberal views now before more radical person and party take advantage of it.As the whimsical leaders seems to have gone rampage with there power obsession of highest order and trying to become master then being a Public servant even in face of this civil right movements going around the world.
                   The fear of the watery grave scenario of State by implementation of 144 MOU signed is dangerous legacy of the present congress party.And the demographic change is all set to take indigenous Arunachal Pradesh population from 13 lakhs to be lost amidst large population of outside dam workers which is  estimated to be rising to 5 crore population within years of starting of Hydropower constructions itself.Thus all Arunachalee instead of fighting with each other need to now bother about the future ,before everyone start speaking in Bihari tune and have to be accustomed with there open edifice odour.And thus may be only last hope to save this State is rejecting the monstrous congress Party in coming Panchayat and Municipal election by hock or crook as the water have already cross over the neck.Now it is question of our survival; see the haves class have always tried to mislead the Publics for there own vested interest reasons.And tomorrow may make the Indian Govt. to remove the ILP and PRC also all for our silence now.
                And see how can a innocent Villager live without Zhoom land as within radius of 7 k.m of dam site as reported even tree won`t be allowed to be cut?And even no boat will be heard to be allowed in man made lake`s.Thus time have come to revere the Opposition leaders and Social activists, who have been till now selflessly fighting for all. As the  Environmentalists like Hon`ble Union Minister Jay Ram Rameshji may be seen impartially working in other State but seems to be using uneducated leaders to do the needful for Congress Party in this far flanged State`s.Is the Congress Party have no better Parliamentary Secy. for Power?As the dynamic contractor leaders how far they can give justice to this sensitive post?Where a tight rope walking have to be made as there is difference between personal manipulation and statesmenship.Brothers this are serious questions as the Congress High command seems to be favoring uneducated and illiterate leaders to loot this State.And mind it ultimately one day this will be also suicidal for present leaders also when a strong anti corruption law comes up,thus it was best time for them retire honourably.
                    And as such we the PPA demand the release of white paper dossier on the Hydropower projects as many Congress Union Ministers is supposed to be secret beneficiary of this Hydropower projects also.Leave aside the Dam break the huge 22 dam above place like Aalo and pasighat ;there silt cleaning process itself may endanger the lower riparian Publics of this town`s which is cradles of great civilization of Adi.And see most of the major town below this Dam is at treat as per the map shown by a prominent person.The worst report now is Govt. is compelling the land owners to accept the Dam terms without mentally preparing them also,and after so much financial mismanagement in Gergamukh projects how come this Govt. be trusted?So far now the protestors are heard to be bribed with Scorpios and Pajero Cars.And the Publics are cited future interest whereas God alone knows it will serve whose interest? As only place barring Tirap and Changlang other`s may be always under water threat from now on.And to the frustration of even the BJP lower cadre workers who wanted some party funds from Corporate house having stakes in the Arunachal Pradesh Power projects, the reply of the manager of the Hydropower Companies is heard to have irked them no less -Lions share was already given to the party High command of Delhi itself.Thus as newly joined Hon`ble MLA-Lata Umreji said- now PPA is only hope for the State.
                   Thus now  God will He help us if we don`t help ourselves? Thus this time many BJP cadres also want to unofficially declare alliance with the PPA in there own Dist. Level ;as they fear the BJP Central Party High command is also filled with corrupted Peoples.And some critics are  even saying the worst among central Party is BJP ideology as they are seeing Arunachal as part of Hanumans (Monkey descendents), as in Varna system Shudra is better then us claims some.Thus many elites is now exhorting the PPA to fight for Arunachal Pradesh pride maintaining equi-distance with both the Congress and BJP.
                 As all the central party seems to have forgotten our State and seeing it as its colony, for it the poor media and also for this earlier unsympathetic Publics poor attitude to opposition party was also major reason for it. As this shifting party politics nonsense the Arunachal publics should hate now and should now support the PPA to finish this State shame always bring by the corrupted leaders from Congress Party who will again like to migrate to a greener pastures tomorrow; If they are given any more chance. And are least bother about there loss of credibility and along with them State also.As the State interest should have been  seen foremostly but some crooks have become speed breaker to all.
                                          The Student bodies instead of supporting genuine party like PPA why it is seeing its own interest? may be for some of there own who are now dynamic contractors there License and firms may be requiring more outside population for cheap labor to increase there profit for them. Thus now the issue of giving ILP and PRC to non tribal’s also seems to be not object able by them.And also why the Law and order problem have deteriorated beyond repair in capital area this days?Thus this is final chance to clean the heart of Arunachal Pradesh by helping the indigenous virgin party like PPA to come in power and make sweeping change in Municipal and panchayat election.Thus please generously give vote to PPA to make a Mayor and ZPM and ASM Chairperson whom you can be proudly call as oneself`s.As PPA is only party loved by all for its equi-distance policy and being friendly to all the views be it -right wing or leftist ideology ,liberal and radical religious views ,rich and poor class apart.And PPA can alone serve the State interest all the time by aligning with whoever comes to power in centre.
                Thus it is time to save this dying State from some traitors who may run to foreign country after making watery grave of other.As only the prodigal son of the soil will now reject the Congress party even if it tries hard.As the Poor and haves not class stage is now like the scene in movie Titanic where the Poor Peoples where stuck in the lower basement of the Titanic Boat; and the privilege class like always locked there escape roots also.This is right now the scene in State of Arunachal Pradesh which is soon going to be a man made Island for sure.Thus it is time the State Publics fear the grave danger ahead and help the smooth transition of the State by supporting right Party like PPA which alone can now bring peaceful reconcialation for all.

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