Monday, April 22, 2013

The Day the ancient god also applauded :-

                                                       The Galo`s of the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India are said to be descend dent of  god as its forefather Abo Tani is said to have married the godess Donyi Mumsi daughter of Sun god.And yes there is definitely something different about the Galos whose language also is similar with the Hebrew language; like in Hebrew father is called as abba and so is in Galo.And even the British anthropologists like –Hamilton have termed Galos as most civilized society.And like the Zews the Galos are seen to be very intelligent lots.It is said the person who unite the Galo and Adi MLA will definitely become the next Hon`ble C.M of the Arunachal Pradesh ,as other 40 will be more  easy to be controlled.
                   But lately the Galo have gone through some bad phase as there was no urge for seeking the will of God; though from time immemorial the God`s dictum through Uyu ritual performance was given foremost position here .As for example like the sin confession in the Christianity the Kotir Tirnam procedure  of the Galo is like it only.Here when the old and sick man was in death bad he used to confess his sin in the front of the priest who used to count his sin by keeping small stick one by one.And used to prey to almighty God/Donyi Polo for his redemption and the sick man used to die a peaceful death.The Tani Aao that is Abo Tani descendents from where the term the Tanav the Danav term of the Sanskrit is said to have come seems to have earlier been too much involved in violence hence this deregotary name may have been given also says some scholars.And this seems to have been confounded by the recently the arrival of the modern  life in the  Galo.Today in the time where the Publics have  become very intolerable and even they had no love lost for there co-human beings and even the animals and fish.So much so that the river fish were killed with the bleaching powder and bomb and generator by mostly the elite class.As the Galo have penchant for even not leaving the animal stomach also for there libido and hunger.And even the reportedly rare white Deer earlier only spoted in Basar is also in verge of extinct now.Amidst this backdrop initiative taken by the officers of the Gori and Soi Village of the West Siang Dist. Of Aruanchal Pradesh India is real trustworthy.
              As the Society organization called  GRK (Gumin Rego Kigolaju the local dialogue meaning of which is Let us tell good life teaching to others)which is  a collaboration of positive attitude mind society members to save the Flora and Fauna is now a example for the entire Basar area of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh North east India.And it was mainly officer like Er.Tomo Basar C.E, PHED ,Sri Bokar Basarji ADC Capital ,Sri Jumgam Basarji,Deputy Director U.D, and Igam Basarji DHO who started this.And as part of this motto on 14th april 2013 around 5000 fish fingerlings where put in the Sie river.This was in presence of ADC Sri Kanki Darangji.And after this good Samaritan work heavy thunder storm was seen that evening and critics even doubted that the ancient gods was happy for this new change of heart by Galos.As the Galos believe that the God have entrusted some god and angels to look after even the fish and animal.And in all religious scriptures also animal hunting and meaningless killing is seems to be forbidden also.  
                 And as if the God was very happy for the good work of the GRK many newly Officers where also gifted recently to the villagers of the Gori and Soi very soon after its inaption.About  8 top Gazetted Officers at row in 2013 was promoted/selected on merit.This is  a great gift to the Villagers of the Gori and Soi Village constituting of about 1500 Peoples as this days it is very difficult to get jobs.And they were felicitated by GRK on the 15th april 2013 in the Gori Football field amidst much fan fare. The Officers who got immediate promotion was Er.Tomo Basar (my elder brother)as Chief Engineer PHED Govt. of A.P ,Sri Hengo Basar  as P.D Changlang Govt. of both Union and A.P.And the newly appointed officers are- Sri karmar Basar as Asst. professor,Dr. kento Basar as Doctor,Sri Jummar Basar as DSP,Er.Migo Basar  as A.E Electrical,Miss Moter Basar as A.E Power and Er.Todar Basar my immediate younger brother  as A.E Power and Sri Tojo Basar as (ADO).And praise the Lord for this and hope this will inspire the next generation.On the dais was great man of our time Adv. Eken Ribaji Ex-Cabinet Minister .
                       And On the next day the seminar on the anti drug and wine abuse programme immensely benefited the Gori Soi publics.And this programme was followed by the clandestine tree plantations where every prominent persons  planted tree of Gulmohar and Cryptomaria Japanica brought by Sri Doge Basarji Forest Ranger . Thus next time some tourists visit this Gori and Soi Village of the West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh North East India will definitely find a new change and a lesion and message to take to there own country.As need of time is saving the planet earth and this GRK society with its limited resource is trying hard to do it.The interested person can connect with the leaders of GRK in there face book namely with Er.Tomo Basar C.E /PHED Govt. of A.P,Sri Jumgam Basarji DD/U.D and Sri Igam Basar DHO.

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