Tuesday, August 28, 2012


                            The Kokrajar problem can be now best solved by praying by all the religion followers , only in time may be God will show a permanent way out.As for now the both the Kosari locals of the kakrajar area in Assam and migrants from Bangladesh are fighting like an two different honey bee camps kept in two different box near by .Now it is not important to make finger points at other as that time will come later but to save the innocent life`s as soon as possible, as many are victim of the system failures as there is no problem to be born as a Muslim or as Kosari.But definitely for there innocent and non changing nature everyone seems to be suffering also.As both the Kosaris and Mias are the worst backward places .And the large exodus of the N.E from the country is also attributed to them ,this is unfortunate as only a sadistic person can truelly today attack other if there is danger on there brotherhoodness from that race.
                           The attack on N.E Peoples seems to be real and this is because Bangladeshis have made inroad in main land also.This is time besides flag march by army in Kokrajar the secret CID and vigilance groups trace out the miscreants who are attacking the N.E Peoples.The need is to do something immediately; the immediate action can be organizing all party Sadhbavna mission even making the cine stars like ShahRukh Khanji,Amir Khanji and Salman Khanji to make a frantic appeal to there own Muslims fellows to keep peace and exhort them to make name in good fields rather then this Taliban act. As overall development of the community alone shows the true index of civilized society and other elite Mussalman should be fed up of this riots ,as if this is common phenomenon then everyone will rise fingers at them only.As many genuine victims may be still fighting for Godhra kand riots.And as every one is ambassador of his own religion so why the intellectual of Muslim will like that some of his own community is always making bad name and tarnishing the whole society.

                                          And for a long time solution we may be needing to organize a all world religion convention one like organized in America in Chicago 1770 where great Swami Vivekanandaji had mesmerized the Americans with his epoch making Chicago address which ones I had also privilege to memorize it in my school days. As the source of all the misunderstanding seems to be ignorance of once own religion and not identifying common features of all religion for harmonious relationship. And this seems to be the real Indian Problems now as both the religious zealots groups misleading the innocent one`s to draw in there own camp.Like telling the Kosari`s are the descendant`s of Hindu mythology leader Bhim`s son Gatotkakch which is yet to be historically verified.As through education only a real solution can come as Muslim`s barring in Turkey are seen to be living an isolated life,and need not to say they are suffering for it.But unfortunately we feel it a taboo now to speak this religious doctrines in India, as only solution can be interpreting its true intent and spiritual meaning as this was may be the intent of the Samudra manthan by Hindu Rishi Munis which was in fact citing atma manthan need where the end product was nector/amrit /perfection.
                                                 As the secrecy have made the religious doctrines more lethal as it left the scope for its wrong interpretations;unless we face the truth we will never be liberated.So for good or bad all the religious scriptures have to be studied from new angle.There are also heroic battle field reference in Holy Bible but this is not alone made the subject of discussion by the Christian preachers. As after all every religion are our common forefather`s legacy and through samudra manthan will alone come amrit kalash so there is desperate need of peace makers mutually acceptable to all in our country.

                                         The Bangladeshi Muslims are also the converted Muslims and that too not long time ago,and they have been brought up in poverty, ignorance and confusion which the Pakistan is taking advantage said a critic; see even the great Mughals were not Muslims they were Mongols so false sense of pride in forefathers achievement is false ,as the Muslim brothers seems to be still living in make believe medieval era world, as if there is imminent threat on Muslim brotherhood in India ,this is wrong believes some .Whom they wants to fool by giving birth to excessive children`s, they themselves are suffering for it said a liberal Muslim who honestly want introspection in his community .See once like Shah Rukh Khan`s success can be also attributed to his studying in a Catholic school and marrying a Punjabi wife and above all living in this free country.The gain from each others friendly atmosphere is immense.
                                Thus the success of cine star like Salman Khan,Shah Rukh Khan and Amir khan cannot be alone be credited to Muslim blood wonder.Had a Hindu person have merit this they have been never been given this chance in Pakishtan also; thus nothing like a liberal approach in life and from divine perspective also this seems to be emphasized in all religion.We should be proud to be Indian and think us Indian first any thing later.I appreciate cine star Salman Khanji for his role in `Ek Tha Tiger`,where he seems to be doing Pakistan bashing movie as this movie is heard to be banned in Pakisthan,as sometimes our commulative anger need to be shown by our stars also also who have gain so much from there fans cutting across religious line, as this crook Islamic State Pakistan have gone too far by torturing the Hindus and may be is aiding the hox and rumour by internate to show that there is minority Muslim injustice even in India,which of course non will believe.

                                   I think the right move will be overtaking all the redundant Madrasa by Govt.which have become short of the breeding ground of the terrorism as the of dated Islamic teaching which is now harming the Muslim themselves. As only a matured and educated can decide his future nicely and go for divinity course and tell the real meaning of Ullahs promise in Holy Quran, and this child abuse seems to be harming this whole community as small Poor childrens seems to be seen as easy prey by the Ulemas and Quazis and who later seems to groom up as a psychotic person like them.Plus the Muslims themselves need to realize that there redundant methods and believes, isolation ,non integration with the country and there typical dress code have isolated them from the common masses and have harmed there progress themselves more then others.As if Ullah is truth why they don`t face the world and understand other`s view in all matters;there loud azan shouting in Maszid in loudspeaker is constant irritation to other`s.The Ullah should see the pious heart then lousy shouting said a critic,and this is case everywhere they are given chance as there is constant noise pollution which Ullah may not like.As good man are the best ambassador of there religious belief.And as an anti Bangladeshi migrant said - as this Bangladeshis have been basically brought by the congress party;it is now there duty to send them back as they are also breeding faster then the rabbits as ex-Hon`ble C.M Nagaland Jamir had said one`s.
                               And even if congress lost the election should now stop this short of opportunist politics as during there regime alone most of the Officers and Police is doubted to have been instructed to allow the Mia`s safe passage. As for the Kosari brother`s, time to realize killing the refugees won`t solve the problem. It is only the selfish congress ideology that have to be targeted and that can be by taking help also of the genuine Muslim settled in Assam since long time.As this demographic change is also threat to them and finally may be the Assam Govt. have to give more incentive to the inter-communal marriage practice between the Kosari`s and Mias.The non Mias have also to realize that by hard work alone they can also remove the influence of Mias who are very hard working types and begin there settlement in left out char areas,and doing anything which other cannot.So there is a need for a coordinated approach.As the Bangladesh Govt. may be also angry for non solution in Farraka Barack Dam issue,where they may be feeling injustice. It seems time to suffer for our forefathers wrong steps have come.

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