Tuesday, August 28, 2012


                 One of the good Samaritan person who seems to have done so much good things within a short time seems to be cine star Amir Khan in his episode -`Satyameva Jayate.`were he have highlight many social problems.The person seems to have ensured a place in heaven as he being in such a good position, have to be respected if he is doing a real good Samaritan job which touched so many Peoples and influenced so many Peoples within a short time. And this only a man with a good family roots can alone do, as when the root/foundation itself is good he will be definitely prove as blessings for others also as he is said to be related to freedom fighter Maulana Azad.As Amir have brought history making opportunity in common man`s doorstep to be with him.And this is the real national building effort and no religion or community can say to have monopoly upon it also.

                        As see all his movies have also a special message for society be it 3 Idiot or Rang De Basanti; Amir have already done so much in his personal life and seems to have also ensured a place in heaven also,after his death may make the angels also ready to give him standing ovation on his triumphant entry to heaven believes some of his fans. On my part I also am little bit trying to do this short of activity, and honestly it is not for proving anything to any one.See what is important in life is not what not others thinks about you;but what you think about yourselves. As everyone can do something good for the society through his endevour,even prayer support for a good cause is a wonderful idea,this can also matter a lot for one who cannot do anything else.So non is in so much desperate position and have to blame himself for not being a face in the crowd as any one can be great person.

                        The amount of self satisfaction is only greatest reward for doing the good work. As there is goodness in all work and everyone have part of greatness in him to be able to sacrifice also,only they are waiting for right moment and this is triggered by great man like Amir Khanji which kind of persons alone can make the country great.As time have come for openness and transparency for execution of any Govt. work where the educated and honest leaders are now seems to be more beneficial. It is time that Amir Khanji advocates for other more important issues like-communal harmony in Asam,passing of Jan Lok Pal Bill,Lok Ayukta and electoral reformation etc.Also fight for passing of new Peoples Representative Act where only graduate leaders are allowed to contest at least in Hon`ble MLA and MP election. This is nothing personal as national interest comes first and is it also not congress party manifesto? which seems to be never practiced in place like Arunachal Pradesh also.

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