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                                        The God is alone the most Holy and non is picture perfect in this world and as such judgment belong to God alone. So if there is any mistake from my side also I beg my personal apology to any one I have hurt knowingly and unknowingly. But all the Holy Books like Holy Bible and Gita has also advocated for fighting for the right cause one believe in. And knowledge and brain is said to be with right person who have desisted pride and have shown patience ,whom alone the holy spirit has promised to help to fight for the right even if his brother`s or relative`s have stand against him also.This is mostly accepted by all the religion followers .As in this fast changing life also God`s power have not diminished, and more so as corruption have increased many fold in place like ours.Thus though initially some will laugh at this line of thinkers but never mind let thy will be done in earth and heaven.
                                   As what money of any use if there is danger of dying any moment, but for mature Christian honestly even today the vision and dreams are shown in advance to face the coming danger this is honest truth. If only critics have given some time to God they would have also felt it themselves ,brother`s it easy to criticize other but the best is do like what all the great man have done earlier to check His power by first being obedient to Him.And we fail here shamelessly and start criticizing the one who is atleast seeking kingdom of God.See like a common man, many have no control of there senses and get carried away by worldly developments ,see the Lord who rise even dead man, for him giving success and richness is a small thing. Only if we do his small job also nicely ,say- voting a right leader which should have been an easiest way for all.As why each time we allow this God`s most important thing to be made like a Mopin festival by some.

                          After a spiritual person wears armor of God,non of the worldly enemy could harm him.As if God is with you who can harm you and see criticizers are unknowingly helping him making more popular only,as more a person is talked about more he is going to be popular this days,and it is difficult to be also talked about always in this days of many qualified man`s also. It is easy to criticize a Christian believer, but in other`s life also why hesitation in accepting son of God`s sacrifice for them also, wonders a missionery;after all many have already accepted many god`s and goddesses also that have confused there own religion. See the best thing Swami Dayananda Saraswati did for Hindu according to Sharad Yadavi of JDU was asking the Hindus to look towards to Veda`s where there is worship of trinity only.As sometimes conservative believe seems to help the society as there is seen more discipline in spiritual places like the successful State like- Sikkim where there is Buddhist majority and Mizoram where there is Christian majority believers.

                         But there is a great responsibility in being a spiritual person also, as there is test from God, devil and human beings also, as non can accept other to be better then him and always check on the person who seems to say he is better than other’s. This was same with Prophet Mosses who must have been secretly criticized as a murderer and also other gods like Lord Rama also who is said to have murdered a 4 meditating Brahmans in upside down position, and later distrusted his own wife mata Sita.But God seems to have selected them precisely to show that nothing was impossible for Him.And interestingly they all have emphasized the importance of the Holy Spirit in there own time,thus majority view of all religion is more or less same only.See even the genealogy of the Hindu forefather`s seems to be documented in Holy Bible as Ashur and Rama`s name is seen in forefather`s lists.Thus long dissociation seems to have made us believe that all religion are different as migration happened long time back.And even the all religion stories are slightly similar also which proves that human being after all started from a common forefather.

                Thus for a good man who want to remove a Bea hive biting any man near him it is sure he will be bitten by the insect first, but importance is that endeavor to remove the problem on behalf of others also. Thus the poor Christians also is seen initially to fall to temptations,and instead of appreciating them they are laughed at;and mind it many who claim that tomorrow they will be better Christian then them will seldom pursue God and may backslide more.This is a human nature to commit mistake again and again, thus I prefer to say myself as maturing in Christ and trying to be a good Christian as the leap service can alone serve in politics, but not in spiritualism. As worst temptations come for a Christian`s leaders life and if I say myself as a good Christian I should be also always truthful always,but fact is that I always need your all prayer support also.But this is same with members of other religion also, they have to also introspect themselves as same rule govern them.As spiritual down to earthiness and modesty is more needed in the line of divinity. We should see ourselves first before criticizing other,and unless there is a real reason we should not criticize other as easily also.Or we ourselves will be judged oneday, as today things have changed so much from old Biblical eras time ,as we ourselves are now worshiping idol of the Lord and as such have we right to criticize other`s idol worship also?It is also possible a bad Christian is worst then a good Samaritan,Parisi and Sadusi, as we are seldom not saying against issues like corruption and nepotism;so spiritual down to earthiness is better,as after all we are followers of son of living God as such must hear thousand accusations against us modestly also.
                                           And that our modest reply should be we are number one sinner so needing Lord as our shield. But this modesty have to be also appreciated as there is no scope for pride in any religion even in the religion of non Christians . And as all the blessings for one`s goodness cannot be shown some times, but having a happy and healthy life so far is it not the best reason to be loyal to God also.But the doubt on our God also may be arising sometimes more due our own bad conduct also,as if there is argument others will they also keep mum to justify there richness as to have been earned genuinely also.Thus gossip is meaningless and may God forgive me also for open opinion as atleast there are less open speakers also this days, so I may be less condemnable also.As in democracy also only by open discussion without telling the name of person concern we can solve all problems.

                             Only the person who have not studied all the world religion get confused and fail to accept that Jesus came for all though this was said in advance in Bhagwad Gita also.In the never ending discussion of which Holy Book come first Holy Bible, Quran or Bhagwad Gita.Atleast the dead sea scroll containing extract of Holy Bible verse find recently and kept in Cairo Museum should clear all the doubts. The carbon dating test of the papyrus paper scroll which proves that it is scientifically proved as oldest manuscript written within 100-200 yrs. of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ`s death. But still more then justifications important is feeling spirituality in any religion, one feeling holy spirit presence in his own religion will be truly happy and feel blessed and eventually the People will come to truth only,as the unhappy person will ultimately come in right place to quench his trust.As he alone will be seen prospering in the end who follows living God and not only that he will substantially contribute to nation development.And interestingly all the religious leaders and religious books have in fact emphasized the power of the Holy Ghost directly or indirectly. See only the popular once also hogs the limelight, and if one was really not that good God will never have blessed him also with cheap popularity especially if he is a Public leader. As may be for some free publicity to counter more richer adversary may be more needed and so criticism may be good for us also a friend sportingly said. As God judge someone from different pedestal and blesses in a different way which only later others may know. As God may sometimes makes help come from unsuspected quarter`s also even if others laugh his limitations in monetary front.As non is picture perfect and will want graceness of Lord only who alone can do wonder,and only who seek him diligently will prosper howsoever one hates him.As the success cannot be seen from materialistic angle.

                              And as faith develops by hearing word of God,so is the believe in there leader will develop by reading there leaders views and opinion time and again. The jealous once will say why writing same thing again and again, but more important is leaders commitment for bringing a real change and definitely great revolution have happened by ideological preaching alone; like Das Capital which brought communism in world. As the present senior leaders forget that once upon a time they themselves virtually also begged the Publics for votes and even after promising of retiring to some,are still seen shamelessly power obsessed. The responsible for the peaceful reconciliation lies as much on them as this great message of peaceful reconciliation will alone make our Public`s and society successful and peaceful, and mind it none can be seen having a personal interest above society. Recently a great man was heard saying that earlier we needed freedom fighters than officers and today we seems to be needing social workers as political leader more.
                             Like the Sikkim’s Publics good behavior towards the tourists can be attributed to Budhism as the divinity is taken seriously there by leaders first; as Holy Gita says that the unknowledgeable and uneducated leader will ultimately doom and take other`s with him as he is filled with pride .As knowledge is regarded more then valor by Lord Krishna. As this report is absurd that some leaders are still including the just born babies name in there constituencies electoral rolls to make there position more secure in coming election. Mind it one day the history will evaluate this and some will become buts of jock`s for this power obsession tactics. And as for the Poor students there parents need to know that by cooperating there leaders they may have future problem in future getting Job or retirement benefits for there childrens,or will have problem in criminal cases where the underage are pardoned for some crimes.

                       But the truth is more important the leader made without support of money power and rich family members support, alone will be more better disposed to serve the society also.And thus this all society members has to think,in this days when the knowledge is power and media is very powerful there is also a good chance for journalist types also to make this things possible, as eventually all the Publics are not bad and earlier where victim of system failures. Also at least with some leaders seen to be having backed by a last line of defense with officer relatives he may have a tactical advantage also,this critics opine and may be not wrong as some most potent weapon need to be kept for last use also. See those man who could also have become leader easily by following broad road, being supported by rich relatives and haves camp with soul motive of looting the society. They have to be also appreciated for taking narrow road and trying to ideologically motivate the new generation, through which alone real solution can come. As unless Publics participate society will never develop, and a good leader will try to make this possible and above all make the Public to join him for a change they believe in by himself being its exponent first. And even if they have initial problem but later they will have made impact in society, as truth alone triumphs eventually as Poor and destitute are very unhappy now. And presently in State like ours where the Poor and destitute are silent some leader have to slog extra mile for there right also. And as there leader have no money and P.A/secretary etc. also to lessen there burden,so they have to do all there things themselves and may be seems to be different being over burdened , as definitely there will be some initial side effects of heavy burden on them.
                          But this are temporary defects and with time it will go away also,but the main issue for the Publics is deliverance and other issues are diversion tactics by the present establishment to criticize there opponents. And when the undeserving congress leaders seems to have made the Congress position so bad everywhere why not take a chance by good one`s; as in bad times most of the pseudo good congress man may ditch the congress party itself .So the congress high command need not worry about the removal of the cancerous tissues also by accepting Lok Ayukta Bill also as the critics believes the cry against this bill is mostly from leaders of this corrupted State.After all this congress party have been made as only rich man`s party here in our State kudos to senior congress leaders here.

                        As some person`s and class lust for money and power if not stopped will one day doom all the society with them. And someone have to speak the truth nevertheless, and soon other`s should follow him,as not he but truth is more powerful. As many get confused by involvement of religion and politics ,but mind it Great Holy Books like Holy Bible and Holy Bhagwad Gita are political warfare doctrine only.And if we don`t continue this today also we are undermining the Lord`s presence even today,as corrupted one`s are criticizing us as they are scarred of this arrangement which alone can gives justice to haves not class for whom now there is no way out other then this divine intervention .As God was same yesterday, today and tomorrow and command us to fight against injustice and corruption, so this is our divine duty as water have crossed the neck in my State. And see eventually things will happen as Lord wished only. I remember a story how Quit India movement come in Alipur? It come upon a small silly issue ,there was a rumour that collectors dog`s biscuits was fed to the congress man who come to meet him and it triggered the revolution in Alipur also.And so if God wish he will bless us, as for one who contributed so much to society silently, and he could have also lived a happy life by siding with there rich relatives, can they be sidelined for long also?And mind it most of the Public`s in there heart of heart are thankful to them also for there contribution, and appreciate them critics are sure.And haves class can also see them as there own fit to broker a honourable deal for all.So what Opposition leaders have some financial weaknesses but fighting for Poor and downtrodden is it not there greatest trait? As lately too much manipulation have been seen in the State which is in verge of creating an inferiority complexion with poorer section of soceity, and this is the worst part. As loss of human dignity and self respect is greatest threat to mankind as it begets- terrorism and naxalism out of frustrations.
                         And God also seems to be against this practice; so suddenly there was also a revolution in Goa in earlier election against the conglomeration of the vested interest nexus of bad officers and corrupted politicians, that too within few months before election. Some of Haves class who have become as fatty as a vulture and will fail to fly in the end bad for themselves .As with richness also comes diseases and tons of curses and see what happened in Goa in the end, where Congress parties most secure Fort sank soon after declaration of election .As power based on lies, deceit and muscle flexing will it last?As now the situation is worst in Arunachal Pradesh as the media was suppressed for long here,so magma is more boiling inside the Arunachal Publics and in spite of skeptics if revolution succeed here then God has to be credited only.As more important is making system for all to prosper and earn by own merit,but out here unfortunately the richness have been made only by dinting on Public funds.Where as there are exceptionally good entrepreneurs’ like – Teling Doleyji,Tsring Jurmeji,Komkar Ribaji ,Kone Jirjoji etc.

                           See unless some family is really respectable today most of the haves class is really very condemnable in our society now. As barring some of them many have been never seen to have sacrificed in life and even still seems to be living in the fools paradise in there self made make believe world, of only having to appease the next Hon`ble MLA like earlier occassion.But coming election will be a different game and last chance for some to do really some good work when situation goes out of there hand. So may be good for haves class also if political revolution happens as exhort by us instead of sudden more violent form like- naxalism and terrorism coming up against there never ending greed.As they discourage the liberal ones more redical ones will come tomorrow. As they could have also done good work like in Tawang even if they were also rich and self centric. But out here only white wash is seen only done during election which non likes now,as some leader have honestly become off dated now. As earlier what they have to do was patao the Hon`ble C.M or top officer; and at that point of time, education qualification did not matter also.The modus operand was feed the innocent Villagers with lump of Mithun (Bos Fontalis) meat and Vodka kind of liquor called apong which is funnily like Opium war over China used by Britishers to keep Chinese Peoples moron for ever.And this infuriated some Delhi return educated son of the soil to wage a pitch battle against them and it seems there good day is also coming now.As Publics are now appreciating there genuine feeling for there own Peoples ,though there may have been some initial communication gap also.Though some of the Old leaders have audacity to think others also like them,but honestly the new generation leadership need to be given chance also to see there difference.

                              And for the Poor and destitute Publics why not the Opposition leaders should not to become vocal now, as when the leaders run Publics walk with him, when leader walk Public`s will crawl`s and when he crawl`s the Public will sleeps and when leader`s sleep Public will die.And as in my place right now the Publics seems to be sleeping now; so God seems to have bless some with extra power to make world record to go ahead of time to work for the lesser blessed one`s.But this only show`s God graceness and commitment to give justice in this part of the world also. But believe it, young leaders they have no ill will or egoism against any one and with thy blessing never get tired also; but it is also fact that there is power after hearing word of God which will inspire and motivate any one to do great things if he really seek Him diligently. As Joseph Prince says Lord want you to rule. He wants you to give a legacy of faith witness like earlier Prophets. And our enemy is basically in Christianity only, who are against God`s miracle, as sometimes spiritual ignorance, future apprehension, egoism and pride is worst that too from same family members and congregation as belief system in God of all are different. As everyone unfortunately covet for cheap publicity and leadership and unfortunately this seems to have been the main reason for increase of denominations also within Christianity. Without seeing the real pain in life by some of own leaders, who have undertaken long fasting and even sacrificing Rs.3 crore bribe offer by some which is honestly not easy in todays time, we so easily make cheap comment on others . Which sacrifice but God alone will know and bless one for his secret good did done earlier, in His own sweet time I believe.

                      Lord appreciated lady Martha for doing one thing at a time and he promised he will take care of other things. See from God`s perspective one have to be perfect at least with one thing. We have to just trust in Lord. See Holy Bible- 2 king where it is written Lord inspire opponent to do wrong thing also to make him loss the war. Remember everything in this world is for temporary ,focus in Lord and His will; He will do wonder for you. More so in place like ours where situation is hopeless and where the contribution of good person is not acknowledge and only materialistic person`s who can`t even borrow peaceful sleep for him self’s seems to be preferred now.But they make the mater worst for others and make the Public more apprehensive of future.Thus it seems the God as send all his great son like Baba Ramdevji and Anna Hazareji more so for desperate place like ours.But will false and ungodly last, world has to always come back to basic fundamental of life sooner or later. God’s power is over everything even the Hon`ble C.M have to comply His fasting programme order if some Evangelist reveals thy will upon him as in Christianity there is no bigger or smaller and for whom programme from above comes he have to rush to fasting centres. Last time in my State foolishly one Hon`ble MLA is heard to have refrained her wife to sit in thy fasting programme revealed through a missionary, by saying he have ample money to win election, need not to say he lost to a Christian leader bitterly. In my kind of place Holy spirit is really seen to be still active still, as ungodly work is also active against His kingdom and glory. As importance is not how long you rule; but what impact you made in society within short time, and only a religious person can make a change that is unfortunately true, wall in Jerusalem still standing tall made by Biblical character shows the power of God as other political achievement are for short time only.And besides religion is alone most powerful platform that can be used positively for society. Remember the fox dies a thousand death; lions dies one`s only ,as he have to fear none he lives every moment of his life. And mind it coming election is going to be short of day of judgment as the person`s in both the camp be it Congress or BJP,Gangi or Church there character and antecedents will be talked for decades.
                     And with the symptoms of the God in favor of the righteous one`s this time, it is time to side with God`s team to become immortal for ever, as criticism is temporary this golden chance is not going to come again also,so time to grave it for all; forgetting there past mistakes.As unlike earlier time we need not have to fight with our swords. Even the Lord and Savior Christ’s family members must have regretted later as prophets are also disowned in there house; but the chance to work with Prophet also seldom comes and they were so near but yet so far from the goal must have realized later. As none will like permanent hell for short time worldly achievement, as here in our society not fighting and making compromise with the corrupted one`s seems to be ungodly way now. As this will be now seen as an escapists tendency which divinity will not like and thus Mahabharata was waged as question was not only insulting Draupadi by making her naked;but there were more poorer ladies and there condition was more critical if this happens to a queen.The one who sees his own interest is like an animal.

                        The true Christian motto is- Preferring ourselves to be easily acceptable in Day of Judgment’s by good deeds in this world not to become an escapists talking big things inside Sunday Holy Church pulpit only. As for a true believer the election is also is a mission work for him as good leader is God`s motto. In my own place where most of the anti Christ activity was witnessed in late seventies still short of curse is seen. As all the major development projects like proposed capital, proposed Agriculture/horticulture college and proposed Dist. Hq. have all flopped in my place.And may be repentance alone will remove that curse. See if Lord blesses He may make the senior leaders unable to throw money against you unlike earlier election; and make the Publics to despise them for earlier lies and may make money meaningless also and may make your leader to be loved and respected more one never know future also.And who knows make some to sponsor your leader in this Lord`s programme,as some theologians are accepting now that the political revolution is where now God wants the real sponsorship to come. As He now want real good leader and good political party for betterment of Poor and destitute, as this alone will have more impact of God`s good plan for all.And this have happened earlier also and also mind it -as the younger leaders in any case can go to any body without hesitation as he have biological advantage also so the senior leaders better check up there real popularity now.As there are less truth tellers and as such one have to evaluate himself; See Jacheus the tax collector was at least smart enough to be good and welcome Lord when He Passed by.Are you going to be sleeping in coming time when God may be personally planning many political power up and down with His own hand, personally supervising in election ;where so far there have been too much injustice against genuine person and party,if the prophets and visionary are to be believed for there vision and prophesy. As for human support I never believe myself any help will come from my reader also unless Lord touch there heart, mind it from religious scripture point of view God have been seen more jealous to make a good leader and give his helping hand also. And surprisingly doubting Thomas kind of person`s where also there during days of Lord and Savior Jesus time also.

                       But time to realize that the present lousy Opposition leaders are better then the more radical one`s who are waiting to come. See what happened in Tirap and Changlang eventually, only some courageous leaders who stayed back was also killed by miscreants. So may be God is using me to warn of the coming danger and the critics are most welcome to openly discuss with me not talk in my back,as non has right to finish the society for his greed. And mind it back biting will make one more powerful as deserving one will be definitely termed as badmash. As today what Publics want to hear is clear cut plan and policy of there leaders from roof top, as the earlier uneducated and contractor leaders neither saying yes or no on many controversial issues; some leaders seen habituated with poker games have seen to made the poor Public`s to make unnecessary round of Itanagar at there personal expenses. And for all this kinds of leaders from any party definitely time to give a 2nd thought now, when still there is time for honorable exit for them.As coming election is going to be a different one as the comparative study from all angle is expected to increase as non of the leaders may be made uncontested like earlier occasion`s. And for the earlier uncontested one`s may be more danger for being remaining cut off from the Publics. As the pride may kill them this time for sure, as new batch of leaders supporters may have also no love lost for them to send them to gallows for ever as tomorrow the law may be completely altered also in favor of the haves not class. As Day of Judgment seems to have truly come now for the rich and powerful to be accountable for there earlier misdeeds. And must now leave there all nonsense act which only will tarnished there image more in future, as honorable exit time is also a blessing of God alone and must be explored by all senior flocks after all they have gain too much from this society, and may have greater tension later if they despise my suggestions right now.Thus like the Biblical character Jacheus good for them if they climb up the tree to welcome the change,as the Holy spirit is only going with the Publics now; though he is unseen to many.

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