Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Have Intolerance increased in India and world and not needed against some?

                                                         The man who instead of accepting themselves as Kafirs for not keeping the Ullahs true will  seems to be now cursed and despised by the Ullah Himself, and He seems to be himself happy when his own are now attacked with the cruise missiles in the Syria.And non is crying for them this time as when the evil like  terrorism is used in name of religion who will support them?
                                  Thus the recent protest by one Muslim Leader in India against the terrorist is really appreciable. For those who think that Islam is all about violence is wrong this is the honest Endeavor of that Gentleman .Today the original Islam practice is really heard to be changed, a Muslim man was telling that earlier only one time sacrifice of Camel instead of Cow was used in Idd Festival also.
                           And it is learnt that still the good Muslim only take one time meat of animal in whole year e,i- in Idd.But since their was no Camel in India the Cow started to be eaten and the hate upon the Hindu brothers seems to have really  make some to kill more Cows.Thus hopefully this new developments in the world where the terrorists are seen to be in the receiving end will also help the Muslim brothers to practice the real Islam or choose any religion without having to fear the Terrorists.
                                  Enough chance have been given by the world body for them to repent but the few Orthodox Muslim spiritual leaders seems to have been preparing all of them to be taken in grave yard.Thus next time a new Islam leader comes up they need to realize that non can fight against the modern technology which is gift of God to the righteous human beings like Europeans and Americans.             
                                          The long economical deprivation from the time of Caliphate seems to have aggravated the sex urge of the common Muslim persons who could not afford to even merry four wives,which chemical reaction /Locha the Mullahs seems to be using on promising a heaven filled with the Virgin ladies to new recruits /Jehadies.The Madrasa teachers -MAULVIS AND QUAZIS defending on memorising rather then questioning ability seems to be making wrong hero as many Muslim Scholar themselves are now accepting that the Sheria Law was later addition by the Calipha`s.
                    And the non sharing of gene with the other race due to non promotion of outer  marriage in Islam seems to be also harming the Muslim brothers also.In this global village sooner they change it will be best for them also.See Muslim brothers have also very strong traits in them and if they follow positive way non can perhaps stop them to excel also ,and better they do so before their  Oil reserves drys up.
                                              See the end result what happened of –Saddam Hussain ,  Bin Laden and ISIS thus non can fight the most powerful ones who must be most blessed from the Ullah or God side also.For their commitment to their self development and others progress also as in the end the truth will alone triumph.
                   See the Muslims themselves are unlike Westerns, time and again themselves Deming the name of Ullah, as by emotion nothing can be gained. The Intellectuals and elites of the Islam need to be proactive to bring a much needed revolution in their society,they should press their Govt. to take action against Ullemas and Qazis using provocative chapters and anti Indian flags.
                  See when the elites and intellectuals are rejected in a society then the God seems to be angry ,this the Young Muslim future generation also need to know.This makes the Magi in Zew ,Thakur / Gurudev`s practise in Bengali society very appreciable.Need not to say why they are so much successful community.Thus better from now Hon`ble P.M post of India is seen as JAHAPANA  and JILLELAHI as commissioned by Ullah himself.
               Who knows the Satanic Verse writer Salman Rushdie was more right when he was saying that some portion of Devils verse have been accidentally incorporated in Quran.And with the powerful Mongolian leaders  later conversion to Islam it is also possible that some of their old malevolent god chanting  MANTRAS/verses may have penetrated in their QURAN`S  KALMAS  also.After all this are historical facts and their was report of power class between the Caliphat and Mughal Emperor Akbar the great who was in the way of opening a new religion of his own -DIN-EH -ELAHI.
                       This arguments the Muslim leaders themselves have compelled to be made as they have unfortunately seen silent in their unfortunate developments. The other objectionable thing seems to be  air pollution by the Qazi and Maulvi with large war cry Azan shouth from the loudspeaker,that too in the early in the morning as if the Islam is still under threat from the crusader`s.See the uneducated , visionless, and cruel pseudo Fundamentalist  Islamists seems to be forgetting that the good Ullah will not like to impose even his own philosophy on the immature Youths.
                       And this Azan voice  early in the morning in the pre-Muslim dominated place seems to be auto programming the innocent Muslims in their sub conscience mind to become Jehadis.Before their real personality develops as God gives originally to everyone in unique way, in ancient times it seems the children s where given freedom to choose any religion.And their was no problem then ,see today honestly other religion members can be alone blamed of 1 % problem in religion related conflict.
               As even critics says that by accepting Medina's Moon and Star god`s the Islam is still practicing idolatry only thus calling others as KAFIR`s is it right?The earlier cruel and harsh climate in the Arab land and long Dictatorship seems to have also suppressed the divine tale of love like -SOHNI MAHIWAL and SUFISM which is also very great contribution of the Islamic forefathers.
                        The society which never allow to introspect its own weakness will never adjust with time.And wonder what happen after the Oil Fields are finished in the Arab Countries?Then in the Civilian war that will follow some feels the Arab human beings will perhaps eat their own co-human beings.Thus the missionary workers and Meditation /Yogic postures of the Baba Ramdevji the Arabs need  it more for their future generation.
                            As one have to control his negative energy himself you can`t kill a lamb to satisfy yourself.Thus Ex-Hon`ble president of India Maulana Kalam Azad said rightly - more then building and road nation need leaders with beautiful educated mind.See why no much terrorism is coming out in the Christian and Hindu Countries?
                   AS Baba Ramdevji once told -`KAHIN MUL MAIN HI BUL TO NAHIN? Thus may be time to make a comparative study of all Holy Book also as unless real issues which is a taboo is not discussed the problem may be not found out also.And here whatever others say I also appreciate the unique views of ones like Shah Nawaj Hussainji and Asaduddin Owaisi of IMI,Hope they will enlighten their own soon.
                As may be for this great commission with the mercy of Ullah for His rescue they may have born in this community and upon honest persuasion they may also accept their cooperation in nabbing the culprits who rise Pakistan flags.As the CIA like style of action during Vietnam War definitely now needed to be taken against the enemy of the Country, how so ever powerful they are.
               And for a patriotic Muslim now its time to show its loyalty to nation as why only Islamic terrorism is only now in 99%.Thus country imminently need France like emergency and non of the opposition party is accepted to mince a word in this regard.Later when they are in power let they also show their merit. As enough of wast less talking have happened in this country for long.
                     The Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis unrelenting fight against the ones like D.Company will hopefully soon pay dividend as the temporary setback apart in Bihar election the truth always triumph.As negative energy may only help few battle but not war which belong to God and who is always in favor of righteous.
                               The present situation is also congenial for our Country, and may be a cruise missile attack on the Pakistan Terrorist camp in POK and Clifton office of D.Company may be perfectly enough to stop the likes of Hafiz Sayyid and D.Company ones and for all.As Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji  have more or less closed all the business entrepreneurship of D.Company in many countries.
                And time seems to be right as the Pakistan cannot now afford to face the world in this issues and may hand over the fugitive to this nation also.And then only this 2 great Country devoid of parasite`s can accepted to grow.As in both place the said company have become so powerful that may have disappeared the black money over night as promised in last election.Thus the guts of the hon`ble P.M need to be appreciated by both the good Publics of both the Countries.  
                                Hopefully forgetting everything even the opposition leaders will have to support Hon`ble P.M in this issue like terrorism, as this is a great god given chance for the nation to take revenge on the true Kafirs.And time to unitedly ask by Indians to the world -why attack in France only is seen the reason for passing the Security Council resolution to attack Syria? Is the human beings in India not the human`s?
                 Hopefully the UNO will issue a more meaningful FATWA this time against the pseudo Allah`s followers in Pakistan who are seen to be the main epi centre of the wrong  Islamic movement, and who knows the Bagdadi may be also hiding their like earlier Bin Laden one never know this Islamic nations.
                        This time it should not be INSHAH ULLAH but what UNO want that have to be shown there in the terrorist Infested countries ,and this is the decisive time for the world before the Islamic nuke in Pakistan goes to terrorist hand`s ,and  as so far the Pakistan have also not joined war against Bagdadi.
                And as the likes of the D Company , ISI and Hafiz Sayid is suspected to be making this man like Bagdadi to enrich themselves by emotionally pressurizing  the OPEQ/Arab nation to sell costly petrol to non Muslim nation.Which is heard to be the true motive for disturbance in the Petrol zone/Arab peninsula .
                    This makes the world coalition against the terrorist camp in Pakistan more meaningful this time as the main switch  have to be closed permanently. The Indians should not thus now fall in the trap of the enemies who will like the plan of surgical strike against the terrorist camps to be stopped by rising this issues like – AHSAHSUSNITA/ increasing non violence , which in fact must increase against the terrorists and enemy of the nation how so powerful they are.
                   And of course the cricket and Ghazal diplomacy  should not be tolerated any more as if Indians are moron, and in the current Winter Lokh Sabha session the Oldest Congress party is also accepted to give its unconditional support to Hon`ble P.M in this issues,after all it itself have suffered more from terrorism .Cine star Amir Khans AHSAHASNUTA statement timing is definitely  really wrong, as he seems to have given an impression that Bollywood is still under the D.Company which many seems to be still believed by many in affirmative.
                    That too during a  time when only Democratically elected leaders are better allowed to speak out,thus it is better ones like Faruq Abdullah now keep mum.As for the latest Hon`ble Pakistan P.M Nawaz Sharifji`s extending of olive branch/with ready to talk unconditional  for peace offer, if within 1 month a concrete proof of not closure of all the terrorist camps , seizing of the D.Company properties and conversion of all the Jehadis / Hafiz Sayid`s and other terrorists numerous Madrasa is converted to Convent English School.
                    Then in phase two anti missile weapons purchased from Israil should be deployed in the Indo-Pakistan territory to shoot down possible nuclear attack.And the Pakistan dissidents be immidietly given every possible help.As this crucked nation only knows this lession.
                           The India Country must unitedly teach a befitting lesion to the Countries real enemy and if any party stand against it should be taught a bitter lesson is election.As price rise is small issue in compare to our sacrifice by the Jawan`s.As for the world powers unless the Human right in the POK , Baluchistan and the fate of Christian and Hindu minorities are not improved in Pakistan, all should also declare atleast economic block on this fake nation. 
                       And hopefully for this historic action the prayer warrior`s and Holy Spirit possessed spiritual leaders  conglomeration constituting holiest of the holy man about hundred from all religion advise may be also taken by the Hon`ble P.M.Like the Pentagon /USA banks on thousand`s of Holy Spirit Prayer warrior`s in important issues.
                    Before if necessary the nuclear button is pressed, for better man and country which should rather go to heaven than the thugs crooks, scoundrels and morons who if really promised heaven then why not us by almighty God?As why a 190 crore population nation should always live in fear of few thugs who have no guts to come open?
                      And in India that chapter /version of the Quran if if it really present promising that nonsense heaven with Virgin girls to the mad Jehadis may be really removed as Salman Rushdie demand`s.After all in India as Hon`ble P.M said recently said -the Constitution of India is only Holiest of the Holy Book which cannot be changed and challenged as everyone have right to live with dignity, hope this time something tangible will be done regarding this pressing issues.And the punishment in the Sedition Act will be enhanced.
                       As the great Hindi Poet Laureate Ram Dhari Singh Dikar says-`  CHAMA SOBHTI USI BUJANG KO , JISKAIN PASS GARAL HAIN USKO KYAN, JO DANT HIN VISH RAHIT VINAY VIRAL HAIN.`Which means the Peoples regard the snake with poison thus may be the worst victims of the terrorists relatives in arms forces may be needed to be picked up to make a special strike unit force to commit KAMIKAZA attack in the Karachi like the Japanese did in the Pearl Harbor in 2nd world war.
                      Even if it triggers 3rd world war and hampers the global warming summits promise no problem as how long one can live in fear.Thus for NATO also after RUSSIA`S great humanitarian service in Syria does it cannot do so in Pakistan.After all Russia is at least more honest in removing this Germs thoroughly and non have right to disturb the great work of Hon`ble President Vladimir Putin who have really become the hero of Indians also.
                             Yet kind of Country we live in a last chance of one month may be still given to the Muslim Fundamentalists to know that they have been brainwashed .And that the Caliphs have made Sharia to defend their monopoly and have even diluted the original Holy Quran which is strongly argued by many moderate Muslims themselves.And many believe that their many heroes like -Mir Quasim ,Mohd.Bin Tughlaq and Aurangzeb are in fact anti Humanity and have darkened their future and have act as negative energy reservoir for their generation.
                                 A CC T.V camera may be used to monitor the every movement of the Maszid this is what many will sujjests now .And above all this emergency will be supported by the good Musalman who want to give quality time to Ullah.Thus the backless against the terrorists must start in this nation and pakistan if it really want to progress.
                As any company cannot develop it, India alone is best brother and future bussiness partner.This have to be better understand by it,as why few ISI Officer interest alone be seen and soon its cobweb will be also cleaned up.As the RAW have woken up now and given necessary power by Hon`ble P.M.

                             As for long taking us as a non violent nation many seems to be dancing in our own heads.And some even after drinking the best and most mother India milk is seen ready to put knife in her back.Atleast in this matter is RSS brother`s  not better? Thus the present Lokh Sabha winter Parliamentary session may need another dinner party invited by Hon`ble P.M to all the leaders of the political party do something regarding this
                            As after the world pressure against the terrorism subsides the Pakistan may again make a U turn regarding its latest unconditional talk on terrorism. Thus time to take a lasting action against the real KAFIRS of the world.As how long this country and world made to suffer and made to live in fear for the bribery to few UNO, top CIA and Inter Pol officers by ISI,its time to let the enemy face fear as they seems to be only knowing this policy .May God save and bless our Country and world we live in.