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 Rare photo of Lt. Dakto Basarji first with white cap on ,Comm
G.S Sajwan  Group centre SSB in  3rd  position with a loca
 apong and sweeter on in  joint Picnic in late 1978.

                                             Lt. Dakto Basar`s rare photo with SSB Group
                                              Center Officers in 1974 Com. C.B Pradhan
                                                  in his left.

                    My father late Dakto Basarji who left for heavenly abode on 15.11.2014 will be surely be happy if his near and dear ones show their face to him on the auspicious occasion of his 1st death anniversary on coming 15th Nov.on 11 a.m at Basar Old market West Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh.
                    As my father was always fond of his relatives and community interest thus hope everyone will make their presence felt on that auspicious occasion.As if this occasion end up as a day of promise to service the Basar area society nothing like that.Not that he was my father but an standing ovation he really deserve as a person who really loved this society.

                             Sri Dakto Basarji was born some eighty yrs. ago as eldest son to his father late Kardak Basar of the Gori Village.He seems to have seen education as only means to change the society for good.And thus in the educational field he not only educated all his pro-genies but He was instrumental in setting up of the Gori M.E School.
               And his genuine regret was not able to bring Ram Krishna Mission School in Basar area,among other things his contributions will be always remembered in making of -Gori football field of Gori Village Basar , the construction of the Gori-I Dere being the ASM of  the united Gori and Soi Village.Being the Bazar Secy. Of the Basar Bazar he was instrumental in making of the Old Market Bazar School also.
                             And later played pivotal land in saving it from the land encroacher`s also. And some critics even claim that he also assisted late Tojo Basarji for construction of the Govt.H.S.School Basar which brought up many great persons of the Basar area.But his greatest contribution have been making of the ICAR research firm and KVK in Basar area and also donation of land for setting up of ITBF.
                   The great man always influenced his friends and relatives around him.We remember that there was a time that our house use to be the cultural and social meeting point.And surely great singer like Moge Doji,Director Higher education Tejum Paduji and Er,Markar Bam ( S.E PWD) etc.will accept this.
              And my father  even in odds he never buckled under pressure.This we show when our house was ones burn in fire and when his party lost election in PPA days .But he seems to have been very possessive of his childrens, specially me as critics claim I greatly reflect him.
                                   In the Socio- Economic front  He being the fighter for the justice and equality he was pioneer in the objection against the evacuation of the Soi Village.And for it as the compromise formula present Staaf canteen area is said to have taken birth in Basar area.And having vision of the future he was earlier one of the only one to support the Leut.Governor K.A Raja proposal to open capital in the Basar town.

                 And today whole local Publics are regreting for loosing this chance of economic boom ones and for all.My father also played a major role in starting the Staff canteen and Old market /Basar Bazar with his few friends and never took any allotment from the Govt. land also.And great man like Sri Boken Eteji also accepts this .Thus most of the claims of my father have witness.Thus many Publics of Basar town can see him as its modern founder.
                     He also played a major role in opening of the NH -52 road from Akajan to Basar town; in the present Shiv Mandir area as a contractor as he took one chen = 30 mtr. and completed it successfully for mare Rs.500/- which was also not large amount for the  worst challenging cite he was given at that time .Later he went to Daporijo and established himself as a good contractor.In Basar his construction of two RWD Qtr. Can be still seen in the Gori Complex and one Irrigation channel in the Hiri area near Eshi Chiko Village.
                     In the political field he fought with Late Tomo Ribaji Ex-Hon`ble C.M hand in hand and was instrumental in making him politically successful. He never played politics for his personal  gain and rather used to be in the losing end for it also.Most of theprominent Public leaders in the town seems to have benefitted from his generosity, specially in terms of getting land for settlement .
                  And for his openness also he seems to have been made as the ASM of the Gori Village for 5 terms that too uncontested.I appreciate his greatness when later he sacrificed his post for more educated person like Sri Gojum Basarji.My father always believed in my leadership and ultimately hoped that due to my less greediness the Publics of Basar area will support me.
                             And last election unfortunate result in which I was a candidate seems to effected his health once and for all; as I seems to represent his pride and egoism.As perhaps he really wanted to do many things for the society through me and perhaps he himself felt his limitation for less education in his own time.And wanted to compensate himself through the educated sons and daughters.
               The present blog of mine,D.T Cable network we run in the Basar town,the famous GRK society in the Basar area is to many way I suppose ,effect of my fathers vision and wishes directly or indirectly.Even what little vote I got in last election which peoples call as a honourable beginning also was God`s and his blessings only.                   I remember even in our childhood the poor Cow Boys from Daporijo side who use to take cow from Silapathar to Daporijo used to mostly sleep in our house.This was his greatness and sometimes we got even infection from his magnanimity for sharing their dirty food.

                 In the field of the agriculture he sacrificed his Teru WRC field to make hybrid crop/ rice research possible. This show the introduction of the IR-8 rice variety in the rice field of Basar area  which suited the local environment. 
               He was also instrumental in the opening of the ICAR farm in Basar town of the west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh in cooperation with the Ex-Hon`ble C.M late Tomo Ribaji which is the 2nd best in the North east.And in opening of the KVK farm in the Bam village also he played a lead role.As this was time when the leader was blindly followed and today the benefit is really seen for the Publics.
                             He showed his patriotism by playing a vital role in donation of large chunk of land to the 22rd Battallian of ITBP.Which later converted into 23rd SSB way back in 1968.This was time when the Commandant was I.V Negi.And presently this land is again occupied by 49th ITBP Battalion  Force of India. 
                         The document relating to the land transaction should be in the SSB RK Puram Head Office in New Delhi.And even the land owners like Karto Basar of Soi Village is still alive and also important man like P.I- Sri karken Basar of Gori –II village.There was time that the new SSB recruits used to come to seek my fathers  blessings.And earlier a SSB quota for job recruitment was kept for my father to decide.
                                                                         And in the business field he was the first to bring the horse and good variety cow in the Basar town.And not only that he brought cobbler and barber  for the first time in the Basar town.And the Bihari business man  more specially seems to have spread in Basar town by his initiative.
             And in late 1970`s in connivance with the J.K Satto company he brought Power Tiller and distributed Rice Mill of the Bharat Shakti company in whole Siang and Sibunsiri Dist. With the partnership with the Withering Company own by R.P Chabriaji of Guwahaty.
                      Today also his rice mill is functioning in some nearby and far off village this even ADC Sri Hento kargaji working under Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh accepts.I accompanied my father on many of his business mission and many a times he use to sacrifice his part of profit on poor Peoples request.
              He was also also heard to be instrumental in  setting up the cinema hall in the Basar town with partnership with relative Late Todak Basarji.He also started the Koor Aao Saw Mill for operation of timber which benefitted many Publics.This was in partnership with the Ram Avatar Sharmaji of the Tinsukia Assam.
                In the education field he made sure his all the progenies get nice quality education.The kids where provided all the facility like-tution by the best teachers, badminton ,gramophone facility in the childhood where provided to us.
             He even provided us the milk from the cow this show his passion for making us so special in a time when others where unaware of health and other basic need for child growth.Thus when the progenies are seen as different by critics credit alone lies on my father who seems to have always learnt from others as he went as far as Kanpur on his own in late 1970`s,which was unthinkable for a Arunachalee at his time.
                         And he surely seems to have learn many things from other and knew the value of the proper diet from the day one. And father also advised many students to achieve greatness the main beneficiary of my fathers magnanimity of good host in dinner ad advise  seems to have been my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar`s batch whose friends  always used to visit my house.And is still dated as the most successful batch.
                             My father was suffering from asthama and had to struggle all his life.He was orphan at early age and brought up by the forefather Late Kargo Basar who was also one of the only freedom fighter of the Arunachal Pradesh.My father was blessed with a nobel wife Late Tumbi Basar who was also great lady of her time having represented State in Republic Day parade in new Delhi in late seventies.
              And was first to fight against the force marriage in the Aalo Bango Dere of the West Siang Dist. This was when the R.N Haldipur who later become the leut.Governor of the State of Arunachal Pradesh who was then the  Hon`ble Deputy Commissioner. My mother died on  4th Jan. 1974.And after my mother died of cancer he re-married the present mother Smty.Yai Basar.
                         He is now servived by-Smty.Tokir Angu ( J.T),Smty.Topu Ete ( Bussiness woman),Er.Tomo Basar( C.E),myself,Sri Tojo Basar( proprietor of D.T Construction House),Prof.Topi Basar,Sri Toli Basar ( Bussiness man),Er.Tonya Basar,Er.Todar Basar ( A.E Power Dept.),Smty.Tongam Lollen ( LDC).There are also some great man who have helped my father in his times of troubles.We the D.T family will be always indebted to Hon`ble M.P Rajya Sabha Tarun Vijayji  in helping tracing my beloved father few years back when he was lost in the street of New Delhi.
                         This was time when my father was really ill and was on medication .The family will be also indebted to the family and friends who visited my fathers last rite.Notably of them was Sri Tabom Bam ( IAS) Retd.Chief Secy.Govt.Of A.P),Sri karyom Riram ( Rtd.Secy.Govt. of A.P),Rtd.Director health Dr.Tajum Basar, Rtd. Director Agriculture Sri Tago Basar,Sri Eken Ribaji ( Ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister) ,Sri Hengo Basar( P.D ),Sri Doi Riba ( business man)Sri Naksang Tsring Gen.Secy PPA etc.

                      The generosity of my father was even seen when his last will was read out by my elder sister which was written by my father.And which secret was knowingly eluded from others at his direction when he was alive.The will bestowed a portion of land occupied by his brother Nyajum Basar permanently to him.The greatness of my father was also seen when he was no more, so much of crowd was seen in his last rite which truly spoke of his greatness.And so many prayed for his bereaved soul.
                  My father lived life King size saying and doing what his heart said and thought, he was a fearless man and never compromised on his principles.His last right was performed by the grandson Mr.Moli Basar, Mr.Moji Basar,Mr.Joto Basar and Mr. Limi Basar.He always wanted the best for the Society.
              Hope his wishes are tried to be imbibed  by the present generation of the Basar area in particular ,the present D.T Shop in Basar is a tribute to a great man and the progenies want to do something more for man of his stature in the future.And as for now is opening a OPD in the CHC Basar for the medical patients on the same day of his remembrance on his first anniversary  in 15 Nov.2015.
               And  want all friends and relatives to visit in the Old Market Basar town house to get his divine blessings and to bless us.For few great man alone make a legacy in this life others make mare living and we are surely proud to be his sibling and for inheriting his gene pool.And will surely continue to serve this society till the last drop of blood if you wish so.

Some of the comment of the Peoples on my fathers death:-
1.   A truthful man who never compromised on his principles have died-Adv.Mikar Basar( As verbally communicated)
2.   The great man as he was he left for heavenly abode on the auspicious occasion of the Galo calendar- Z after Diri/less agricultural production time and before Dichi I,e-winter.( This is the message Sri Karyom Riram Rtd.Secy. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh  read on the funeral ceremony)
3.   The Govt.must recognize the contribution of Late Dakto Basar on setting up of ICAR , KVK and ITBP in Basar area on coming 15th  Nov.
             Joint declaration above political line ,community and caste etc. on behalf of people of Basar area,the memorandum submitted by :- 
                      1.Sri Migo Basar ( Block president Congress  
                      Sri Nyamar Riram ( Mandal president BJP ) Basar 
                     Adv. Goken Bam Chairman Human Right

Our prayer :- Oh father let thy soul live in peace without any illness in eternity with the blessing of almighty God and may live with the soul of our dear mother Late Tumbi Basar we are fine here.