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                                         Above the hoarding of the mega health clinic in memory
                                             of Lt. Dakto Basar ( 14.11.2015)

The dedicated  Doctors listening to the  Health camp strateg
  on 13.11.2015 on the loan of Er.Tomo Basar the man behind 
the show
                                         The Doctors making survey of the venue on 13th
                                          evening itself
                                             My mother presenting key of the OPD to Dr. S.Tatu
                                             M.O CHC Hospital West Siang Dist. Arunachal
                                             Pradesh Basar on 14th Nov.before the Health camp.
An OPD made by the family in the CHC Hospital Basar in
remembrance of a great family patriarch

The doctors waiting for their facilitation by Lt. Dakto Basar
  memorial trust members.

         Dr.B. Rana GMD Heema Clinic receiving the presentation from the

President  GRK Society
Even the pharmacists and medicine specialist
  had tough time distributing free medicine
on the D Day. 

                                  The Dakto Basar family is indebted to following great man and Institutions who took pain to join the medical camp organized on 14.11.2015 in memory of our father Lt. Dakto Basar and made record of short by treating about 2500 patience within one day.This is heard to be also a record in this State of Arunachal Pradesh N.E part of  India where the population is less yet the suffering is more, and also in terms of highest number of joining of top Doctors of this State in a single place this Health camp was said to be different.
                       This medical camp on 14.11.2014 was organized to mark the 1st death anniversary of our father on 15.11.2015.And the original plan of opening two OPD  room in CHC Hospital Basar to be opened in the name of the father by the family members was changed .
                       As this medical camp suggestions luckily came up, as if from the divine power in formal discussion between elder brother Er.Tomo Basar ( C.E -PHED , Drawing and Disbursement and few close Doctors , and fortunately for us most of the super specialist are our either relatives or family friend thus it have been possible to organise such gala event on that account also,within a very short time which is a real surprise elements .
                As it is a great challenge and need tremendous commitment to do so within a short time.Honestly this mega Health camp  organized by the Lt. Dakto Basar memorial Trust cannot have been also possible without also the help of :-

1.     . DHS Itanagar /DMO AALO  i/c CHC Basar
2.      Heema Hospital Itanagar
3.      RKM Hospital Itanagar
4.      GUMIN REGO KILAJU ( GRK ) society which deserve most of the credits
     Also special thanks to RCCN Cable Network Aalo and 49th Bn.ITBP.

                  This following mentioned  great man  spend their valuable three days for this programme incurring lots of financial and health loss and thus they deserve standing ovation not just from our family members but by the Publics of whole Basar area.On the arrival on the 13.11.2015 itself they started their task sharing  their experience with the GRK society volunteers and immediately after it made spot verification for the mega health camp that is the CHC Hospital Basar.
                    This shows their sincerity , professionalism above all sincerity and commitment for their own .I am writing this appreciation letter on behalf of all the Basar area Publics also who have really benefit from their presence and their service is now talk of Basar town in particular and whole Arunachal Pradesh in general.Hope this mission will be a new beginning in the relation of my family and all this great man who are truly divine angels.Our great appreciation goes to one and only :-
           1.Dr, Byabang Rana the CMD of the Heema Clinic Itanagar for even bringing his Elisa
 /Diabetic  ( Automate) Screening machine at personal risk.Thanks my school days partner and to be Kimboji for this great Endeavor, it really made the Medical camp more worthwhile. As I came to know this from Dr. G.Basar that without it the camp have been meaningless, and non will part with this costly machine in a medical camp organized in such a far place.Dr. Rana TUJSI GREAT HO.
          2.Dr.Reto Doye the senior Eye specialist for checking record patience from 8 a.m to 8 p.m
we salute your never say die attitude risking your own eye for others.And of course her better half for accompanying her and helping the camp.The well wishers  were  really bothering for Dr. Doyejis own health  as the longest line was heard to be in your chamber.And till dinner time also you was busy in your ring.
      3.Dr.Mari Basar ( Sr. Surgeon ) and prodigal son of soil for your surgical precision, you     have truly given the time to poor and destitute who are your own who could not have afford to come to Itanagar.As right now the society is going through worst financial crisis.
      4.Dr. Komri Ribaji ENT Specialist for your experience and for keeping the others in good     humour your fluency in Manipuri Language have surely attracted 2 I.C Comm.49th Bn.ITBP Sanjit Singh Sahab.
    5.Dr. Tojum Pakam ( medicine specialist ) for your great professionalism and for even entertaining the team on the evening of 15.11.2015 with your melodious voice. 
    6.Dr. Tuli Basar for your humbleness and your better half e,i- ane for being so kind and concern for us.
      7.Dr. Teli ( Physiotherapist) for your record check up of the patience on that historic day
    8.Dr. Dakto  Gara  ( Surgeon )  for your over all supervision , jealness and activeness we are truly blessed to be your Rigos
     9.Dr. Bai Bam  (  Eye Specialist  ) for your perfection and fastness in  dealing with the       cases.
    10.Dr. Goto Karlo Radiologist for your taking risk with radiations along with some dedicated  Staffs who got record exposure that day .
     11.Dr. Gemi Angu ( Child Specialist )for your good caring of our Basar areas future                generation.
    12.Dr.L.Karga Dental Surgeon for making sure that good many teeths where fixed that       day.
     13.Dr. Rinya Taso ( Ortho Specialist ) thanks you have shown that you are still the best.
    14. Dr. Todak Taba ( Gyne Specialist ) for your down to earthiness and commitment to           profession.
   15.Dr. Tajum Basar ( Sr, Gynecologist) for sparing his entire T.L Health care clinic and Ultra sound machine
    16.Dr. M.Basar (DMO Aalo )
    17.The GRK society which is always the best and its  President Sri  Karyom Riramji  and     Volunteer members specially – Nyanya  Mr. Jumi Basar ,Adv.Goken Bam,Ato Toi Basar ,         abir Tomar Basar, abir Karto Basar,abir Ibom Riram , Makte Marjum Bam  and Karjum Basar President BASU and others  who really put their heart and soul on the project.
    16.And also thanks goes to – Gojum Basarji ,Mokar Basarji ,  ITBP force ,Dulal  the event   manager and  others whose name I have perhaps forgotten also.
       Notice :- The Patience can contact Lt. Dakto Basar memorial Trust  in Ph. 03783-222644 to apprise us about the health development after attending this Health camp.And to apprise us so that we can make necessary introspection.

B.One who is appreciable for kind presence on 15.11.2015 is :-

1.Sri Jomde Kenaji Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
2. Sri Toli Basar Hon`ble Chief Engineer ( Highway ) Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
3. Sri Eken Riba ( Commissioner RTI ) Govt. of A.P
4.Sri Emin Rumi ( Joint Director Health ) Govt. of A.P
5.Smty.Moni Tsring ( D.C Kurung Krumey ) GOA
6. Er. Jummar Kamdak ( C.E Power ) GOA
7.Er. Markar Bam ( S.E PWD ) GOA
8. Er. Jummo Geyi ( S.E PWD )GOA
9.Er. Rimmar Taso ( S.E PWD )GOA
10.Sri R.Bagwathi ( J.D ICAR )GOA
11. Sri Sanjit Singh ( 2 I.C Commandant 49th BN ITBP ) He made sure the Govt. of India does not forget its land donators and loyal country man.
12. Brother achi Tomo`s PHED parivars about  1 S.E rank and  5 E.Eng rank officers  lead by :-  Er. L.Kri ( C.E PHED ) namely - Er.T.Talo ( S.E ) ,Er.Likha Teki , Er. Badal , Er. Welly ,Er.Lingi , Er. Marter Riba ,Er.Hage Mobing , Er.Lingi , Er. Joi Angu and Er.Tuba Angu all Executives. 
13. Brother achi Tomos class mates all officers about 8
14.Sri Bida Gadiji Ex – Secy .G.A ( Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh ) for cancelling his Foreign trip) to be with us.
15.Sri Tabom Bam ( IAS) Ex-Chief Secy.Govt. of A.P.
16.Sri Ibom Tao (ADC ) , Sri Dakkar Riba ( ADC ) and others.

17.And the prominent Local Public leaders of Basar area:-
a.Sri Jonya Basar ( ZPM ) Basar
b.Sri Migo Basar ( Block President Congress –I )
c.Sri Ninya Gadi ( A.Chairman ,Govt. of A.P )
d.Sri Bini Zirdo ( ZPM Ego )
c.Sri T.Migo Basar ( Chairman Tomi Polytechnic College ).
d.Adv.Kargo Bam and others.

Lt. Dakto Basar the man who lived the life full size and have become immortal by his deeds.

Comments :-

              1. Sri Migo Basar ( Block president Congress Party )- He was really different and can be called as the builder of  the modern  Basar area.He was even ready to go to jail for social issue.The present Soi Village is due to him.
              2.Smty .Moni Tsring ( D.C, Kurungkrumey Dist)- She was epitome of bravery and his father lt. Tomo Ribaji was in great many way encouraged by him in  earlier times of troubles.
               3.Sri Bagwati ( J.D ICAR):- According to official record he had really found Lt. Daktoji had really hand in donation of ICAR and KVK Land of Basar area .
              4.Sri Gojum Basar:- He tried all his means to develop this society and he claim he was  witness to Lt. Dakto                      Basar       playing crucial role in donation of the present ITBP Land, first to plough WRC field with Ox, first in  distribution of the  rice mill  as  dealer which brought economic revolution  ,and other notable work- first to bring horse ,cobler and barber and used power tiller  etc.And encouraged local entrepreneurs in the vegetable market.
              5.Sri Karken Basar ( P.I )- He played a crucial role in opening of Gori and Basar Bazar School besides setting up  of  Basar Bazar.
             6. Sri Hemmi Basar ( G.B );- he never feared any one or favored any one in keba / legal case, his loss is really  immense to this society.
             7. Sri Jomde kena ( Hon`ble Cabinet Minister GOA.P ) - Lt. Daktoji alias Lalaji`s Koor Aao Saw Mill naming shows his  all encompassing character while others were using their own immediate family name that too at that time .
               8.Dr. T.Basar ( Sr.Gynocologist):- Lt. Dakto Basar had a unique quality he seldom lied and favored any one unduly.
                     It is pertinent to note that when even the Itanagar was in jungle he show all the new thing to this society.And to some critics had his view was accepted then today capital of the A.P  have been in Basar town.
Sri Jomde Kena ( Hon`ble Cabinet Minister A.P) a family
 friend  paying special homage 

                                              Sri Eken Riba ( Hon`ble Commissioner RTI)
                                           The man in spite of some weakness who deserve 
                                              no better appreciation then this sentence
                                               inscribed in this rock of immortality
 The man this land shall never see again .A paragon of wisdom
courage , vigor and benevolence.Inspiring many , your name shall 
forever remain .You seemingly conquered every difficulty with 
resilience. Here rests the man whom we wish to be born again.
-on 15th of Nov. 2014 he left us for the ABODE OF BLISS. 

                                          2 I.C  Com. Sanjit Sigh 49 B.N ( ITBP) Basar 
                                           laying flower in official rite.
Sri Ganesh Koyuji former Commissioner Govt. of A.P paying homage
with her wife

Pin drop silence in remembrance of Lt. Dakto Basar

Smty .Moni Tsring (DC Kurung Kume Dist.seen in red switer )with
Dr. Bagwati Joint Director ICAR)
                                          Sri Toli Basar ( C.E Highway ), Sri Hengo Basar P.D ,
                                          Sri Emi Rumi Joint.Director Health and Ego Ribaji
                                          and others.

                                                AN APPEAL :-
                                                                   The Lt. Dakto Basar family patriarch Er.Tomo Basar is willing to offer residential plot to any Doctor specialized  in any subject willing to settle in Basar area permanently after retirement.

                                       THE MOTTO WE SHOULD LEARN:-  In the end what other thinks about you matter more, for the future generation should not curse you when you are no more  in power , position and world.