Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Welcome to Hon`ble P.M on the Arunachal Pradesh Statehood Day:-

                        `SWAGATAM SUBHA SWAGATAM ,SWAGATAM ATI SWAGATAM,`this is going to be the song that is going to be played on 20th Feb. 2015 in the Indra Gandhi park in the auspicious occasion of arrival of beloved Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji in Itanagar.
            Blessed are those who have mother and chance to love them when they are alive. This seems to be the main secret of success of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji as his love for her mother is legendary.
                  The man have definitely developed greater then life image due to surely her mothers blessing. And other thing seems to be his love for the mother India.And all dead great man whose spirits must be irrespective of party line must be now blessing him for his believing in the true Hindu philosophy of DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH .
           And remembering King Dadichi`s sacrifice and charity work and supporting the freedom of worship by knowing the story of Prahlad when the Vishnu Baghwan come to help Him in the avatar of Narsimha. 
                 And present WAZIRE ALA /Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is like real life movie star and is seen as if he is on his way to succeed in his own lifes-AGNEEPATH.And he is seen accompanied by his best friend Amit Shahji like in the movie RAM BALRAM who also deserve praises for his rise.And after his recent warning on fringe elements who attack other religion he have become more adorable.
                           Non have been so far able to package the goodness and righteousness to be very appealing as Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have done.It may be something to do with his gene also.As the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji was after all also Gujrati only.
              But definitely for his rise and rise his discipline in Scout`s days and RSS, wisdom and family values also seems to be the reason.But above all love for the nation and for which he seems to have done lots of TAPASYA must be also have been his success mantra.
              See it is said the devil and god`s spirit is always working within a man`s mind,body and soul.And by atma chintan / highest introspection one alone get the nectar e,i- Devatva/enlightenment/Buddistava.
                  It is said the day ones goodness surpass his evil character he become a Devta.The charlatans alone will criticize a great man by hooking to his past.See non is washed of milk, but need is ones endeavor to do always good in the present time.And this character of great man is always helped by the past experience.
               And notswithsting the recent Delhi State election result ,the great man Modiji may soon see an opportunity a midst the failure.And may give serious thought to some common friends advise for making permanent partnership with the AAP.
                             As for AAP also it should realize that in many ways BJP is more akin to it and future politics cannot be taken for granted by them also.And for a good cause why late also?As already Hon`ble P.M have shown his magnanimity.And who knows the Arvind Kejriwalji may be just as prepared like the cine star Rajkumar to be put Holi pest by Dilip Kumarji in movie called Saudagar.
                That too after a long time it is said their was real confrontation between both the stars in real life also.Yet you can`t accept the great man to fight on trivial issue and for national interest hopefully soon their will be rapprochement.
             And our Hon`ble P.M Modiji is also unlike INC leader and not man of of small heart; in fact one who initiate this good move may be better leader and he have shown that he is the best by always positive and humble.
                               And the general Publics may be more then happy for this grand political alliance if top BJP leadership think upon this.Another pre-condition the AAP may put is regarding the Jan Lok Pal Bill and Black money.And Hon`ble P.M already seems to be sincere here also.             
               The need of time is nation building so in the recent GRK meeting on 9th Feb. 2015 in Basar area we all decided to play everything positive even in politics.See even if some INC leader`s in Arunachal Pradesh may have earlier won surreptitiously.
                  Yet the magical number game is it not with the INC in this State also?Thus the present State leaders till the closing term must be given political chance to function according to their own style isn`t it?And yet they should be advised to stop persecuting the opposition party workers and the top  BJP leaders should also be advised not to demoralized the cadres.After all according to the critics the INC party here in the State have lost all the wonderful opportunity to improve the ties with the center by resorting to the political excesses in the recent Bye-election also. 
                 But tomorrow if there is a constitutional crisis the BJP should be not blamed as well.As their should be no economic crisis and breaking of law and order ;as in that  case constitution of India have given extra ordinarily power on the His Highness Governor of A.P to put President rule in this State under Art. 371(H).And this is a sensible place the Govt. of India may be compelled to take stern action in that scene.
          As for some rumor hopefully Hon`ble P.M will never commit Himalayan blunder by inviting Publics most hated corrupted INC regime in BJP.And that way pave the way for coming of PPA and AAP in the State in the coming election.As he seems to be informed that national security is now under question for great class disparity brought by some INC leaders.
          Thus in matter of corruption issue hopefully the Law will be allowed to take its own course.Thus the rumour that Hon`ble P.M will be also managed by the Arunachal corrupted leaders like always in his visit in Itanagar will be surely pigmentation of ones imagination.As for him he still seems to mean zero toleration in corruption.
             Today Singh is no more King the Lion of Ghir have chased him away.See there is some peculiarity about the charisma of this man from Gujrat.More so in this State of Arunachal Pradesh where in Abo Tani tribe Modi means mountain.
        The strong telepathy is connected moment one sees him and he is so dominating and looks like father figure of the entire nation like Cubas Fiedel Castro.But here in formers case the respect is out of true adoration from Publics side.
                 And I have been always saying this man look like a great character from ancient TRETA YUG like-Bhisma Pitamah of Mahabharata.This charismatic look of Modiji may be something to do with what Baba Ramdevji said, a good man instantly get connected with other  good man and with good heart.
              A man who is true and have past record of terrific performance; it is natural Publics will be attracted to him.As mind it majority Indian was and always will be good.Only earlier their was no catalyst and medium to unite us and so evil had the edge.
             The day BJP was puzzled as to who should be P.M even if I though obliged to L.K Advaniji, had openly sujjested Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji`s name  in my blog and facebook also.As their was something about this man which touched my heart and in historic occasion I felt I should not be silent also.
             After all nation come first and surprisingly at that time RSS alone also seem to have trusted his potentiality. And today Modiji have broken all records and myth.And by even inviting Medam Kiran Bedi IPS, Modiji have once again shown that country come first for him.Though some say it was too late.Yet by this is his love for Public sentiment is it not reflected?
              And see had it been not this master stroke ,the BJP may have done more worst in the last Delhi election and above all may have lost credible in future. As the AAP party have also raised against the Old system and was really difficult to contain for their different style of functioning. As they seems to be really doing Guerilla warfare making surprise attack.
             As for our BJP may be now a short of secret Japanese military Institutions in 2nd world war called  -Nikona Koki (which later become  SSB-Secret Service Beaurou ) is needed for information gathering; so that sudden development like AAP in last Delhi election can be stopped.
               And for it may be time to select a very intelligent and respected man to head this Department .The man who is equally loved by western countries, the Christians and the civil society members alike.And that man have to be stationed in New Delhi and made to do so if he is not financially well off.
                               The Arunachal Publics at large are waiting eagerly for great man Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis arrival in this State capital Itanagar in the State hood day on 20th Feb.2015 where he is supposed to come.And want him to do something for ameliorating  pathetic  condition of the Poor Publics.
              And the destitute Publics here in A.P will atleast accept Hon`ble Wazire Ala / P.M  to do what best he can do to support poor and destitute through unofficial channel also. For example his dream project –
                  Federal cooperative movement for the benefit of the poor Publics can be undertaken through the genuine NGO like GRK-Gumin Rego Kigo Lazu of Gori and Soi Villagers of west Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Basar.The GRK in its recent Federal meeting have also decided to increase its ambit in phase manner.
                          This NGO can be roped in as this have performed notably well in the field of self sustenance and total cleanliness drive as Hon`ble P.M wished.And have the distinction of achieving PURNA SWAKCHATA mission as Hon`ble P.M demanded and deserve Nirmal Gramin award for Gori and Soi Village the original village where GRK started.
                And this NGO now need a good sponsor in exporting organic crops of the marginal farmers.The said GRK society can be contacted in the facebook.Unfortunately here in this State till now there is seen to be a lack of a effective NGO.Hope Modijis plan of uniting all the NGO will also help our GRK Society which is poised to be the catalyst for change.

               This is what Runin Col.Taizo Sakamoto of the Yamamoto Company also started discipline and leadership in the Japanese Company a midst the ruin of the 2nd world war.And surely under our able Prime minister ship the positive result will be started to be seen within 2 yrs. Offcourse here also nothing official about it. 

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