Thursday, August 21, 2014


III. MY IDEALS IN LIFE:-               
                   See from the worst challenges I have come up and still struggling for the mission I believe to be true.As the great Swami Vivekananda teaching from nascent stage in Ramakrishna Mission School Aalo.
               where I was for about 12 hostel seems to be also motivating us to flow like sacred river Ganga of which it is said her duty is to -` SADA CHARAIVETI CHARAIVETI` e,i- She always flow and  flow.
                   And thus we need to respect each other irrespective of any religion.Thus those few of them who is in touch with the other religion also have to be seen from this angel that.The growth is life as Swami Vivekandaji himself have seems to have encouraged in his teachings.
                But to my view for an Individual and nation to grow it may be better to take goodness from all as non is complete by himself.As one have to be increasing in righteousness in whichever religion he is.
                             And thus in old Hindu practice also this was indirectly seen to be done.As the highest form of the spiritualism was also self realization then one become Budda.Thus in all the religion the end game seems to be this only.
              Thus even the good son of the Ashuras like Prahlad was saved by the Lord Vishnu in the avatar of the Narsimha.As god also sees the heart of a man and can take any form to save his disciples.
                 Thus it is His principles which have to be followed in all the circumstances .And which God seems to be wanting to see to happen also after all He is the real boss.Thus non is

superior and inferior in the name of race or religion.He can use one as he like.
           And I have been always saying that if the Hindu brothers follow 5% of the old doctrines then also non can stop them from spectacular growth.
                        And thus is Hon`ble P.M Narendra Damodar Das Modiji and Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji is not seen as a Yug Purush and incarnation of short from some mythological time as Mahabharata?
                     As such powerful message like him; can a normal man could have given this?And what he is saying is it not needed more in todays time.After all in the Sanatham Dharma even for the guest it have been said – `ATHITI DEVA BAWA`.
                         The guest is like God`s reflection.This is mark deviation from the address to the Mughal Emperor Jille Illahi isn`t it?Where the Emperor have been alone addressed as reflection of God.
                         As together alone we will prosper so the former seems to be more apt principle in life.But I personally feel inner transformation of a person is more needed and unless he is changed himself must not point too much finger at others also.
                                       As great man have also sacrificed a lot to be in a position to making passing comment on others and thus they can be seen as exceptional.See the spiritual realization for a person can be in any place.It is the divine subject and must be not confused with worldly matters.
                    As God ,angels and divine powers will never like us to fight in their names also.Thus the new BJP party under the dynamic leadership of Hon`ble P.M is seen talking of inclusive growth which is really appreciable.

                           And the few minor mistakes by him should be also neglected. As the stray incidents are always their;but in this country things are far better then in the Islam country one have to really accept this.
                   And unlike some earlier INC leadership the BJP is seen to be interested to go inside the root of the problem of the country.
                      And their seems to be a new jealness and pride with the Publics and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji can really be credited for triggering this passion in all.
             And see through love,friendship and persuasion alone any one can be convinced, as there is same atman in all the common man that is my personal view.And this is what the Hindu Philosophy also seems to say also.
              And thus hope in the BJP something like Operation Blue Star will not happen again.I myself have always tried my best to first convince a person in a friendly manner before launching a full salvo.
                    As non of religion will help one if he is not a good from inside out.And since all the Institutions can be motivated to be changed for good by thus we must try to engage with great man of our times.
                  As the power of positive energy is too much thus their is more vibrations when good man sit together and pray in one place.Today one  can surprisingly see magician Dynamo flying in air and walking in water.
                May be all the modern network like internate,cable and dish seems to have united the good man and thus this miracles seems to be happening.
                          As more the goodness increase in the world more God is seen to have promised His blessings in all the

scriptures. And to make this nation greater what greater reason we have for our unity also?
                And thus I am ready to talk with even my critics if they are also ready to leave their old ways and come to aid in the nation building.But for them who have been always part of problem and if their sacrifice will only help the State they should also show the magnanimity.
              After all it was time for them to accept that they have also seen good time at the cost of others; and the feeling of superiority and immortality will only perhaps harm them as the wind of change is already blowing.
                       And thus we need to also appeal the Swiss Bank authorities to give back countries  money strangled in their Bank .And asked them to show the Biblical doctrine of –Love thy neighbor in letter and spirit.So as long as one thinks for nation other should not be annoyed also.
                    As ones good  motive alone have to be seen,as some may can do what others citizens also cannot do also.But honestly my contribution was really very small but imagine if even 5%of the country man have this concern.Then perhaps we could have definitely made the world hear our demand  long time back.
             Thus man from any religious background must be united for the nation building.As this nation is basically fruit of great sacrifices like Swami Vivekanandji and many freedom fighters also.
                      And they have died to see this nation become more great and unless that sense of responsibility comes we as an Individual and society will never grow.
              And by our cumulative good karma alone the already dead great man`s spirit may be satisfied also.And see

ultimately man of this positive energy seems to be blessed by Divine power and ultimately acknowledged by the others also.

                  Why?the great spirits may be they still want to see us achieve greatness.And see the one who have been trying to appease the living ones what happened?
                      But the man like Namo even carried the ash of the dead Freedom fighter from the Geneva and bring it in the country to give a decent burial.And surely he seems to be blessed and guided by some dead powerful spirits also.
               This is the passion and sincerity to serve even the  legacy of the country for which he seems to be divinely blessed.
                           See after the last 15th august 2014 Modi show from now the Independence day will be a festival for sure.As perhaps the Independence Day itself got liberated by Hon`ble P.M Modiji.
                           And great man have never hated other only for their religion background.See the one who did so had to suffer also.See Guru Dronacharya who refused to teach Eklavya a Bill/Adivasi  Boy,was  he not  killed by those Princess Duryodhana and team whom he taught also?
                         So we have to learn from the past and the great man knows this and so they are great. Why ?because they learn from others mistake.As life is too short to learn from own mistake.
              And sometimes in some place the divine power seems to be directly involved.And perhaps they are needed to be involved also as for a better future their have to be always spiritualism which alone is the guarantee of the nations welfare.

                            See all great man had a good Guru also .I am also fortunate to have Swami Gautamanadji Maharaj as true Guru; whom I know from the day when I was studying in the Ram Krishna Mission School Aalo.
                           And  if everything goes o.k soon  he will perhaps also become the Vice- President of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission in Belurmath in Calcutta .And he deserve this post also.            
                      Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji Maharaj is another respectable person ,who seems to be the character from mythological books like epic Mahabharta.And this I have been saying from many years as I have realized his importance from long time back.
              And see howsoever corrupted and manipulative the leaders have become in this State, they may not be able to buy this great men .And may be he will be able to protect righteous being the Rashtra Guru also.
                              More so to me as I have been perhaps targeted by few INC man only for criticizing the party after Babaji was insulted in the Ram Lila ground.
                                       Thus other good man in other religion should be also seen as friend then foe also.It is like more shop the merrier as their will be no monopoly of one shop.
                      And I feel this philosophy is more important also from Hindu philosophy point of view as when all the good men unite then only the evil will be defeated.
                 As may be ones more a Samudra Manthan of short is need of hour to bring out the best for the nation and see here also the Raksas and Devta had to work together.

                      Thus father in heaven despise non based on his caste,religion or race only one have to be righteous to share that nector.
                    See I had the privilege of meeting great man like His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji also.But I liked most about Baba Ramdevji Maharaj was his anti corruption abhiyan.
           See this is a great commission in all the religion to fight for others justice also.And earlier when Babaji and we were branded as mad we were perhaps in fact preparing the ground for coming of the best man like Hon`ble P.M and his dream team.
             Thus for a true nationalist and true Hindu also he will like introspection as called as Samudra manthan, as will Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis thinking to clean pious river Ganga will it can be accomplished without it?See sometimes the divine power seems to be motivating to make an introspection also.
                  Specially If the carcass of the human body is continued to be thrown inside the sacred river.Thinking mother Ganga will carry all with it forgetting that in the old age mother have to be cared by her children.
                      So the recent flood fury around the bank of the river Ganga is it not warning for a future danger to come from the side of the angry mother?
                              Thus there is need to make a behavioural change while we are alive.And this only mother Ganga river may be asking from all also? as herein alone may lie the real solution.
            As she may be hating them most who want their dead body to be thrown in her body after death and day dreaming

of moksa.While forgetting other human duties directed to be done as written in Sastras like to work for positive karma.
              Thus it is time to see all the shastras /doctrines of all the religion like Swami Vivekananda studied  to come at truth is seen ones more which will liberate you.
                   As never believe what other says but experiment upon it yourself this is what the great man like Swami Vivekanandaji have said.
                See it must have been the unending prayer,fasting and good deeds of the Bhagirath who could bring salvation to his forefathers dead soul by bringing Holy Ganga.Brother and sisters only the Ganga snan may not do?
                As we always see the literal meaning of the forefathers saying whereas we fail to see the hidden meaning.As who knows there are two holy Ganga river one in galaxy in the heavenly realms and one in earth.And each person  have to try to bring his own Ganga.The way the great man Baghitrath did for his own family.
             You may have to also try to perhaps bring new Ganga for yourself also.But when the Hindu philosophy is also seen in the entirety it is seen that the Kingdom of the God is inside the heart of a man first.
                   And the blessing and the curse on the forefathers seems to be passing on the Childrens in the family tree and vice versa also.Thus their seems to be a family obligation also.
                       And for a good man no Ganga snan may be also needed as every part of this nation is perhaps sacred.Thus the Himalayan area have been specially called as the Devlok.
             Interestingly the Sanathan Dharma emphasise the main worship as the worship of the trinity –Lord Brahma,Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahesh which Ganesh Bhagwanji did.Thus this realization need to be made more.
                     As for Hindu brothers they can be always appreciated for accepting the logical justification.Though I am a small man in compare to many great man .The following  view can be also a game changer in saving the Holy river Ganga which is really respectable to all.
                         The Hindu brothers motto should be-to become  one-like Yudhistir, one of the Panch Pandav in Mahabharta who is heard to have been Mr. perfect in his life and got Swarga/salvation for this also.As shown  in the Hindu philosophy the endevour for good karma is life line of a person.
             See the fact is even if the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have been invited in the INC party he may have even succeded their also ,this some critics believe.
                   Thus even some critics allege that the BJP have to finally put election slogan as –ABKI BAR MODI SARKAR in the previous election.
                     Thus my good friends who are really popular need not to worry about their status in the new party like BJP.If they merit promotion ,non can stop them also.
                  I have so far found Sangh Parivars as conglomeration of very broad minded peoples.And hope in local level also this will be imbibed.
                          As best will be living everything to ones karma if one is popular even if he joined the Sangh within short time then let us accept that he may have a divine purpose.
                             As ultimately ones karma and his influence for motivating others to do good work may count more for his political career also.As after all everything according to thy

will the God of justice and equality is seen active and seen to be giving something to all.And when He is with you who can be against you?
            More to one who have really suffered one who have been rejected by human but accepted by God for their fighting spirit.This are the man like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji, and he will sure not allow this injustice to happen again to others also.
         As if any thing great is their then he is happening in right time one have to accept that.As their can be no other way then this also as in His sweet will everything comes.And this was really time for the Modi Tsunami in the last election as it was thy will alone.
               And definitely their is no harm in flocking to him as he have proven record in the moral ethical life.As Gujrat have become best under him.As when the God Himself is now seen with the Hon`ble P.M who can harm him?But non see the amount of sacrifice he made to come to this position also.
               See the true leader like Narendra Modiji if have to be followed must be followed in letter and spirit.As they are also godly send persons and will suppose never stand still unless His and his targets is achieved.
                   And someone also need to have this passion for the nation like this RSS Guys are having.Though every one cannot become Modiji.Yet the endeavour need to be made by all to spread the goodness in the world.As it is our divine duty.
               The days of laughing over RSS activity is gone.It is time to admire them and be close with them.Even the Kashmiri Muslims who want to retain Article 370 in the

constitutions have to leave their egoism.See if there is love from all the side their  is no need for rising this issues also.
            The problem in the country is earlier non used to see the real issue –Poverty unless Modiji arrived.And I am sure that man will rule for a long time and good also.After all one who deliver must stay in power also.
                 And this may be a good beginning for all also as we as nation is in dire need of a adamant leader for fulfilling our target.And see for this some initial discomfort have to be also accepted by all the citizens after all for good food to cook all have to contribute also. 
          Actually this was the time the senior leaders also have accepted their earlier mistake and join the BJP with the promise to retire gracefully; and leave the dias for the Modiji kind of leaders.The adamant leader need to know how he is disturbing the whole society for his adamant character.                
                              And see for nation as whole this save Ganga river project is a milestone for saving the Environment which is needed for all also.
              As Modiji have appealed for everyones cooperation for a good cause, so others should also wish him god luck.After all this project may end up as the role model for the Environmentalists also.
                This is the work of the real visionary leader who will bring a great impact on society. See the issues tackled by Hon`ble P.M in his Independence day celebrations. And rightfully unless we hit the core issues and also not accept our own mistake we will never progress also. 


                          And hope someday the best nector will come out from this short of atma Chintan and as Akbar the Great tried  Din –E-Illahi policy in his reign.That alone is the hope from our beloved NAMO from a small political leader like –
                                 myself,as all religion,culture and society in this Country is ours own.As we come naked so we will leave naked after we die.
                   So this truth need to be accepted by all then only this world will be a better place.And truth is purity is power and as we all are not that perfect so it become all more important to have a perfect leader.
                               And all is beautiful as everything originated from this land is worth respecting as others have also accepted us and as their is scope for all here.
                            So the Vedic/ancient Indian Philosophy of VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM need to surmount us all.In fact in all the religion this saying is relevant.
                           But honestly in case of the Arunachal Pradesh where the Central Govt. may be soon compelled to put President rule for poor economy.
                            The INC leaders here they seems to have dig their own grave for their whimsicalness and non delivery which seems to be now jeopardizing the national interest also.
                     As today Arunachal Govt. lead by the INC party is reportedly going through worse financial crisis.And is heard to be yet to give white paper report to central Govt.for using Rs.3000/- crore given as central aid.
             And for which soon the State BJP unit may also have to join the dharna  directly also. After all how long this mismanagement will go on without the accountability?

                     As the opposition leaders have gone too ahead in their life in condemning this.And at this stage they cannot be accepted to shy away from condemning this loot also.As the greatest threat to the Indian nation is from the China now.And more graver reason for this may be the unhappy of the local Publics here.
         So eventually it is hope their will be near unanimity in condemning this excessive corruption here in this State.After all when the water have crossed the neck what should one do?
                         Do the Govt.usually gives amnesty to terrorist?And some leaders are seen to be its breeders.What can be now done to them?
                    See even the Hindu Philosophy have kept this whimsical character of King within the category of Raksas which have been ordered to be finished in perhaps all the religion also.
           The state of the present leadership in the Arunachal seems to be that  of one parent who is only finally willing to give his truck to his children when it is finally seized by the Insurance Company.Thus time for pushing them out of the Chair have come says many.
                   As some political leaders have said please give me three letter word MLA only for one term.And today some of them they have become like powerful evil spirit who refuse to budge even after lots of sacrfice.
                  Today this seemingly peaceful tiny State seems to have become the place for money laundering heaven as there is no taxation here.And the black money seems to be made white here for the benefit of the perhaps INC party directly and indirectly.


             And after Swiss Bank this Arunachal Pradesh  is seen by many to be the place for hiding the reserves of money of the INC parties ill gotten money, this is what some critics view.
                       And so even if most of the Publics are poor few seems to have become fats.And seems to have always mislead the central leaders,audit teams  and Planning commission officers so far.And some even is suspect to using goons to assault and threaten them when they come here.
                               And many Publics here thinks even from now some corrupted leaders may be starting to bribing the central leadership for much needed BJP party ticket to get protection from their shady deals.Which  allegation made against the present central BJP Govt. will be perhaps wrong also.
             As BJP is yet top be given substantial time to clean this mess as soon the CBI may be activated to catch the real culprit of the nation.As Modijis Zero tolerance on corruption seems to have brought a kind of fear with some who so far where earlier fearless.
                     And I suppose BJP knows fully well that only for few corrupted leaders all the State Publics are suffering and should not develop anti Indian feeling for few.
            As the BJP is filled with sincere Peoples with national interest in mind and will surely give a good reply to the critics who think it will also like to use this tiny State for its selfish cause.
               As the good Hindu sanskar with the seniour BJP central leaders will I suppose never allow them to buckle

under the pressure.And will surely make them to purge this Holy land of all the sin.
                                   That BJP will surely want no non sense this time ,that too in this sensitive boundary place and may soon  do anything to save this nation.As for BJP it have been always said by some hardliners that -for them country comes first.
                                       And thus many believe that after lots of Public pressure after local INC parties weakness is exposed ; finally the President rule may be put here in this State for the mismanagement of economy and falling law and order problem.
                 And to stop the Chinese threat who seems to be aware of the poverty of the locals here and seems to be fishing in the troubled water.
              The central Govt. will perhaps do something when the Manipur can be punished and always put under the military rule for no reason.This is the majority view of the aam Publics here.
                Who seems to be fearing that this cash starved Govt.may soon mortage all the State property if they are continued for long.
                   So far the All Arunachal Pradesh Student Union which is at loggerhead with the Govt. for not fulfilling their charter of demand which include the reply of the central Govt.s`demand of white paper on the misuse of Rs.3000/- crore also.
                And so in the view of the Public revolution do the Rajdharma will forbade the BJP to sit ideal also?As their seems to be unanimity here in this State that this INC led Govt. was formed by surreptitious  undemocratic means.

                   Whatever the INC party make brouhaha and interestingly their own earlier Techniqe of suppressing the media will now perhaps harm themselves.Thus power is really poison as it have been made more poisonous by some INC man.
          Honestly we never wanted this job but some have to eventually come down in the mud and clean the mess also.Or the divine power may have never forgiven us and also the spirit of the dead forefathers who may be wanting liberation for our good karmas.

                   It is for the Basar area Publics in the coming time to give me chance or not.As I had come in the politics with the single point agenda of cleaning this mess as much as I can. And those who are advocating for the rich candidate why someone have to also not say against one with the ill gotten money?
            Some critics even say that their should be atleast two three years president rule in this state to make much needed behavioral change`s in the Public's.
                           And to some others view there are also some  leaders against whom there is genuine cases to be grilled by CBI also.And in the normal circumstance many believe this will never be allowed in  this State.
               And many seems to be praying that should be done within this 2-3 yrs.As the silence is more poisonous here as the present INC Govt. is going through the worst phase for their own earlier mistake.
                And are seen trying to resort to transfer and posting of the Govt. staffs to stop the COSAAF Bandh call which it is

awaiting soon as the GPF of the Govt. servants have been heard to be stopped by the cash strapped State Govt.
             The Publics are now seen helpless in dealing with extra powerful few privileged peoples who seems to have outlived its utility.Who have earlier misleaded the Publics to vote for a less deserving party;thus it is time like this a SANKAT MOCHAK TARAN HARI is need by this State.
                             As some top leaders are seen to be playing communalism for their own gain also.Thus the latest decision of the BJP to rebamp the vigilance cell to check corruption and mal practices is really appreciated by the Publics.
               But problem in this State is for the good man to win an election also it proves to be a costly affairs.As the bad ones are seen united when it comes to save their own turf.Thus Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is accepted to personally interfere here in this State.
                 As he and Hon`ble MOS Kiren Rijiju have themselves earlier felt the stubbornness  of the INC leaders of State who seems to be thinking themselves as super man above law also. Thus may now unitedly work to finish the INC party ones and for all.
                                   As even some critics doubt their handi work in bad relation with the neighbouring China as some Congress man seems to be showing,`Mungheri Lal Kain Hassen Sapney`/day dream to some innocent Tibbetians.
                       See the good behavior and credential  of a leader is really observed in place like Delhi.The Planning Commission Officers don`t expect the cabinet leader of a State to speak in funny Hindi or English accent in the official meeting or savour lots of food and wine in the dinner and lunch after meeting.

                  And also in the video conference the local representatives are accepted to be somewhere near the Mizoram and Nagaland leaders.As the deserving leaders seems to have been sidelined in all the labels.
                  This the Arunachal Publics specially its leaders also need to know now, as today the Guru mantra of the Modi Govt. is work and more work.
                                        Thus time may have come for all Arunachalees to be up in arms against some whimsical leaders who are compelling the Publics to support them by omission and commission.And using so much of the evil method to stick in power that made them condemn able by whole world.
                         And may be the central Govt. under the Modijis leadership may have been given political chance by the God only to clear the debris here.
                     As the local senior leaders here seems to have missed the bus for a peace; and should have atleast send a Hon`ble Rajya Sabha M.P from  the BJP in the previous election from the State side.
                      Thus it may be also time for the Modi Govt. to act as every great man have divine responsibility as well to reach the poorest of poor as Swami Vivekanandaji have ordered. 
                          Light up the darkness whatever be the price for in it alone you will find happiness and make name and fame.As the name gained through lies and deceit will not last long and will never be satisfying also.
          It is privilege to born in  Holy land like Arunachal Pradesh where the soul will be washed pure of all its sins.It is my humble belief.

                         There is only one thing love that is real or other is unreal.Thus we have to love our our God way He has loved us and have been furnishing all our needs from the forefathers time.
                  And also the place he have created for us as we have a divine duty to where we are born and loving all Hs creation is also indirect form of loving Him.
                     The great man like Lord Sri Krishna and Prophet Mosses could have used the weapon given to them by the almighty God.Yet they tried to show the power of the word of God.See there is power in the word of the God and this alone is the source of all the strength.
                Did Modiji did not succeeded by hearing the word of Holy man like Baba Ramdevji who is apt to be called as a Rashtra Guru in true sense of terms?As one doing a good karma seems to be needed more as what one speak he have to do it himself also.And this seems to be trait of the real great man.
                And by making others realize the importance of this basic things some great man are doing great service to the nation.As this is the God`s acceptable way and hard part; as the use of weapon is for only benefit of those who have nothing else with them and is only ready to harm the world.
                       See there is no limit to ones talent and the greatest source of it is love. And see the love is unbound by limit.See the love of Eklavya over his Guru even if he was given injustice in compare to Prince Pandavas.Didn`t He not excelled by practice in the front of the idol of his Guru?
             The real love is feeling good for other even without meeting the person concerned also.And that will make him do wonderful work.For when love is pure and selfless God seems

to be blessing more also.
                          As for myself I have only seen Hon`ble P.M inside the Hon`ble Parliament New Delhi in person and feel like I have no reason to meet him as his darshan from a long distance was enough for me.                 
                           I have always seen my cultural roots with respect and regards and exhort other also to do so.The ideal Indian man should be like the actor Manoj Kumar in the movie –`PURAB AUR PASCHIM` as one have to be fused in His countries ethos  and age old tradition also, this is what it matter for most for us.
             As saying is easy but doing is the real tough thing.Only after the insertion of the word Secularism in the constitution of India during emergency why the religious intolerance have increased?As it is pertinent to mention that this word was not there in the original constitution.
                Thus the INC party cannot also always say that it is washed  of milk after all even the preamble of the State have been also amended during their rule.
              Specially after lots of communal riots in this State of Arunachal Pradesh against the Christian brothers in 1970`s based on religion.That too when the INC party was in helms of power so can it be seen to make secularism as under threat by the BJP?
                    The religion and politics is invincibly part of each other.As religion will be blind without the religion and the religion will be perhaps lame without politics.
                   But it seems the lack of spiritual Guru who was really pious seems to have harmed both.And for this Party stand may be also wrong as they are always seen to be appreciating those who are only in their side only.

                     Yet by mutual cooperation alone we can progress and in issue of grave concern for the nation we should be always be united also.
                          And if the motive is not good eventually a man will fall down, as many senior political leader also fall down in the end in this State moment he made a huge Tea garden also for increasing his vote bank.Thus the justice and equality need to be feared by all.
                 Gandhi family members may be good man.But as for myself I have warned Rahul Gandhiji in the face book not to insult /witch hunt Baba Ramdevji.May be many a times a message is not conveyed to them by his close associates.
                          A spiritual man will also do everything possible to warn about  future danger.And see the silent looking ex-Hon`ble C.M Jai Lalita may have suffered also for non daring to warn her.
                      Thus it is perhaps time to evolve and to sing together the Song of movie-Naya Daur-`CHORO KALKI BATEIN, KALKI BAAT PURANI…………… HUM HINDUSTANI,HUM HINDUSTANI`.
               As we also need change but whatever change we want to make have to be made after discussing it.And it should be as much as society friendly and for the goodness of it and the Country also.
                             See if the Queens family in the England can be honorably retired and given pension can it be also not talked about the Gandhi family also?
                  After all Rahulji have he not all the right to live as he wants also?And for few INC man interest why this great family be subject to humiliation again and again.See one also need to talk about peaceful reconcialation.As in the moment of hatred other cannot be also seen from other religion also or any ones past contribution can be forgotten.
                    And whatever controversy and problem should be also seen as an opportunity to evolve for us.See our new Donyi Poloism religion in the Arunachal Pradesh also need to be appreciated.As the world is so big that all can survive here.Thus smaller and the evolution of the new one must be respected more.
                 And the new religion also should have no fear of other bigger religion also.And all must appreciate other religion like Hinduism,Christianity and Islam also.
                 Unless getting  a divine call one should not change from any religion also thus said the greats.As if we don`t love the Public's who are visible then can He also accept our prayer even if we join other platform?
                    And this is also true that unless their is a religious introspection and revolution also the conversion will be always their also.And even the Christian`s are becoming the Hindu and Muslims and vice versa this need to be knew.
                        The introspection in any religion will also make the comparison with the other religion immaterial also.And it will make all progressive ,see for great man of any religion the target seems to be this to be more near to God.
                      But having said that their will be always exceptional and they have to also prove to the world as many Peoples seldom also don`t accept a different one.
                         I personally apologies for any wrong comment on the part of my own co-believer also.Honestly the INC supporters labelled worst false allegations against me in the last State 2014 election.
               In my life I never treat other religion separetly or I would have aggressively campaign in the Tirbin circle on the religious lines also.Anyway even the great man Barrack

Obama and Atal Bihari Bajpaiji also seems to have lost election.
               In the last election the Basar area was divided into two camp like never who want to eat money and one who want a good leadership.And those who rejected me perhaps needed an excuse.
                  But those close to me knows that I have always helped other religion also and love my supporters irrespective of their background.
              As I am also bundle of thoughts being a human being and who else human is?if it is good then God will also bless more.
                      Thus the almighty God seems to have pity on us and have given us new opportunity with the political power in the centre with the BJP even if we lost the election in the first time.
             Thus my believe is who have non God is with him.Today the present INC Govt. in the State is heard to be in the worst mess.May be for audacity to make headlong collision with the divine will.
                       It is the duty of the human being and party also to always do good.And glorify God by making Him interested in your life`s good deed.As He is always seeing from above.And in the end bad will happen to the bad ones.
                    There is need to bring change in oneself in his own attitude.And others point of view have to be not criticized also.As others who are more close only tells one side of the coin.

                 See even the Vir Abhimanyus mother seems to have committed the same mistake in Mahabharta.Thus need for the time for the nation is one like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji who knows how to go inside the Chakravyu and come out also.
                       This feel good about others is the main thing and for this we must also respect others sentiment also.As when we criticize the terrorist in the Iraq we have to see weather we are also not doing this short of things.
                                In old Testament also there seems to have been this short of practice called-Yidum/ alter sacrifices to divine power like we see in the Hindus –Yagya and Donyi Polo`s-Uyu sacrifice.
              Thus the  practice of animal sacrifice by other religion cannot be altogether seen as witchcraft.But the greatest sacrifice which the God seems to be appreciating seems to be sacrifice of ones weakness like-greed, covetousness and  hatred etc.
                          Thus this peripheral difference should not make any one to use this emotive slogan like-`Loss of culture is loss of identity`,indirectly aimed at criticizing others viewpoint.
                     And I am sure even the new RSS and top VHP leaders will be never amused if this slogans are used by the rogues in their own camp.
                          As this slogans seems to have been always used by the powerful groups to divide the poor Publics and to make them remain sentimental and not united.
                           And if this succeed  then it will only help the rich aristocrat party like Congress who have also mastered the

art of deception. Thus no scope should be left for the other to take advantage of our weaknesses.
                    As this poison will later finish everything near them also.See this days all the good elites have supported BJP only after being convinced that the Hindu brothers have been so far defamed unnecessarily.
                    What is important in life is making behavioural change seeing everyone as our own.As love is the greatest commandment and power on earth.And see if I am criticizing other it should be more to correct him also.
                        And if the person concern truly repent later then we should not take second to make him again a friend also.As to hate the sin not the sinner is the real dharma.And I am ready to go to any extent to show this also.      
                        But in political case their can be criticism on ideology and principles.As a leaders stand effects many Peoples and one come in politics with a promise to deliver goodness and righteousness also.
                   And People have a lots of expectations from a leader also and thus being an opposition leader you have to unmindful sometimes criticize also.
                 After all my voters cannot be also tortured unnecessarily for me also.And yes their can be personal difference but no personal enemity as Shotgun and Bhiru dada of BJP roars.
            Thus it is seen all the power in earth is there to help one achieve higher spiritual realization in life;which seems to be the final aim of a person in life's journey.
                 Provided he takes everyone as his own and mind it for higher goal one have to first make much needed correction in himself also.

                 As each Individual can gain realization of enlightenment  in any place but he should have that hunger for it.And today we have privilege to have all the dharma shastras to be studied to know the hidden code/meaning left by the forefathers.
                And mind it this are the main source of good governance also.As can man was seen flying and walking over water a years back?
                  And so when the RSS brothers are prompted  by a divine power to promote some political leader.There is definitely a reason as some have to think in other way.
                      See still the Gandhi family may have more property then Hon`ble P.M  Narendra Modiji also.But where is the value of character when it is overlooked?
              See it was  only in the era of Raksas like Ravana when ones physical body only was seen.But did Kumba Karna also survived long?
                   As almighty God had also given him small brain and he seems to have been concerned with his own weakness also.Thus was forcibly evacuated by his elder brother Ravana.
                     And when there is fight of the dharma over adharma the former have always win.As then the Lord Sri Krishna may have always interfered unseen.As though He is seen playing neutral role but always seem`s to be blessing the better person.
                      See the Mahabharata may have been written for the Christians and Holy Bible for the Hindus.As cross verification is also needed.
                   As some secrets seems to have been left in both the great Holy Books.The great man thinks that way.Why

counting the mango seed just eat the mango.Thus Swami Vivekanandaji read all the Holy scriptures and praised all.
            This is a free country and one fine morning you also want to join a new religion who can stop you?But unless a passion develops in your heart you will be fooling yourself if you do this without any religion.
                The most of the N.E Publics can be also seen as a white paper and for them taking up a new religion may be also acceptable.
                  But one should never lost the humanity in the misconception of taking up a new religion.And thus the Publics have a great challenge to disapprove that N.E is no place for peace.
                   But in the Dharma Yudh one should also not fail.This must have been the secret meaning of the battle at the Kurukshetra during the Mahabharta`s time.
                  Next time when you are moved by an appeal even for war then think that this is divine calling and life time opportunity to get salvation also.
                    As ones enemy is oneself, his own weaknesses and all the negative thoughts finally does it not culminate into his illness? is the worst diseases also not result of manifestation of imperfection in himself ?
                     Thus always live positively and so why not Baba Ramdevji will be not blessed for his single point agenda.As a good decision is one taken with full consciousness.
                   This is called the stage of consciousness in Hindu which is needed for moksha.And thus for a good man he should be ready to be auto piloted for a good cause.Thus for Baba Ramdevji this is his habit.

                    As the God great man believe is a practical God he will dislike the pseudo religionists who only pray with lousy sounds.The world is the Holy Church and temple for man like Baba Ramdevji and see their is greatest power in appeasing Him only.
                   See even in the Healing crusade is their no healing of the sick and the destitute in open ground ?Thus the group of the positive energy can also do wonder.
                    And as it have united more in the modern era so their will be more power with the great man in todays time.And thus soon the negative energy taking advantage of the disunity of the good Peoples should be thing of past.
                           I think the blessing upon the great man in the times of troubles must be greater.Thus Baba Ramdevji did not buckled under pressure.And today many may flock to him but one never know Babaji may search his old Pal who stood by his thick and thin time`s.
                             See most of my friends love me because long before they were rich and powerful we stood with each other in the thick and thin times.
                  Thus the great man like Sri Kiran Rijiju Hon`ble MOS ( Home) inspite of his busy schedule took out time to see me just after the last election result where I lost and he won.
                         And God seems to have appreciated his good move and he managed coveted post even after losing some valuable time with me.
                        Another big brother Sri Tarun Vijayji Hon`ble M.P and Editor Panchajanya even helped searching my father when he was temporarily lost in the street of Delhi.
                             I have always categorically said that Tarunji is wrongly tried to be defamed by the CBI under the INC

Govt. in wrong case and nice that before BJP come to power itself he have been given clean chit from severe allegation in a murder case.
              The State Publics need to know that there is something above money which bind us and should do so.As what a leader who is rich for himself can give?While See Kiranji have not become like own family members to many Peoples.Is it not more appreciable? 
                  As in todays time the senior leaders of the congress leave aside helping others may doom themselves in a big Pit.And even if some big BJP leaders are tried to be made as business patner by the INC leaders.
                But some BJP friends need to know that this will only harm the BJP party in long run.As if a small licence is given to a BJP friend they will like to exploit the large coal mines in the Karsang coal field in the Tirap and Changlang Dist.  
                         As out of the desperation the Congress party will try to do more tricks of the fox.Thus the BJP friends need to be aware of the Pakistan kind of the justification and classification between two terrorist camp.Good vrs bad.
              Thus may be in mutatis mutandi all the Congress man may have to be treated as bad.And may be even the BJP frinds have to wait for another 4 yrs.
                  To make the Congress foes in this State die a natural death.As most of the INC supporters they seems to be now habituated with the easy money and soon may be finished for this only.             
                        Non is superior or inferior in the religious field.It is an Individual choice that will make him/her successful.See the Hindu brothers they are seen to be more

hungry for the divinity also,others  have also many things to learn from them also.
                  The real need is in fact to take best from all and honestly the leaders like Kiranji have never shown that he belong from which religion also.Definately great man they have really something great about them.
                 Thus non can be seen with inferior eyes and one who does so will be never be giving justice to his own religion also.Thus by respecting and adoring others alone we can together perhaps flourish.Even if it is not for the god and godess but for himself as the neighbor alone will help in the time of crisis also.
                   Honestly though I also sound to be Mr. Perfect it is not always.My work also seems to be that of a type writer who is blessed to write down the historical events.As this writing is also perhaps blessing of God so one who hate me for this should forgive me also.
               Interestingly when nicely researched the god one pray may itself prove to belong to other race also.As in the famous Nobel –Trilogy of Shiva written by one Amish Tripathy it is heard that  Lord Shivas roots have been shown from the Mongolian race.
                        Thus the God seems to be above our parochial view of race and religion.And their seems to be only one thing dharma or adharma. Interestingly this seems to be facts also as the Lord Shiva is heard to have married three wifes.
              One Aryan wife  – Queen Parvati is said to be married by Him, and who knows the Bhandaris living in the Sikkim and the  Kumaon area are its descendents.As interestingly Lord Shiva is also addressed as Bhola Bhandari.
               And today also the Kailash Parvat seems to be under the Mongolian rule.And our Galo tribe which means climb

down ones seems to have some relation with this Holy Kailash mountain.The forefarthers have been always also saying that they have come from the Tibbetian side.
                Only in the modern times we seems to have identified our own religion as the harbinger of the righteousness and justice.But in the olden times this confusion was never their and Lord Shiva seems to have always have a direct action plan to give direct justice by his Trishul.
                   From time immemorial All one needed was to priorities God above everything.Thus when Abraham  the first forefather of the Zew and the Arabs was asked to sacrifice his son by Him he was instantly ready to do so also.
                    This feature great man like Baba Ramdevji have shown as interestingly in all the Dharma Sashtras the God have kept justice and equality above all the religion also.
                   This sincerity and sacrifice attitude and loyality to God alone seems to be all what is needed more.Thus today also when there is a dharma Yudh the good Peoples will automatically come to join in.
                        Even if they have no personal interest also or even if some have not called them or not also.Thus the devotion is skin deep and spontaneous act of a good person manifested in his resolve to take risk for master.In all the circumstance in any place.
                               See their was even time for the Panch Pandavas who reportedly beg the golden teeth of the Karna in his death bed as then reportedly their was so much economic crisis.

                 Thus great things are also done in pain.But at that time who may have thought that  Lord Krishna was a Avatar and was with them also.Thus their seems to be less Peoples who recognise a great man in time.And Modiji and Baba Ramdevji seems to have known each other in the first meeting itself.
                  And for those who object this glorification I have no other words.So for the sake of the others we should be accommodating in religious celebrations also,as this is not the main principles of the religious doctrines.
                   The main duty in fact is to fight for the Poor and destitute. And if you do this no need to go to Thirth Staan /Pilgrim and temples also.And this seems to be difference this two great man have in compare to others.
                          As the kingdom of God is in your heart and for it you have to be good inside out.If you are good soul then you are the part of the God.
                                  So today also some one is wondering weather to eat the fruit of knowledge of good and bad like Adam and Eve did in the Eden garden.As the easy way and  more tempting way is also like the forbidden fruit.
                            And thus resisting the temptations seems to be the blissful.And mind it the worst temptations was overcome by great man themselves.As Lord Krishna is said to have been separated with Radha her consortium for a long time.
                             See there is also curse for becoming a great man also.And so easily we condemn some and sacrifice and defame one in his absentia.Atleast I think I have some open view.              

                         Never go back to the girl friend unless you think now you are in a position to resist her and give her something really good.This seems to have been Lord Gautama Buddhas philosophy also.
                 See the great man have funny and different outlook from others.So initially there is many pointing fingers at them as others are after all mare mortals.
                 See what is happening in Iraq and Pakistan?So God is their to give justice in the end,so let us be Indian here and enjoy the smell of beautiful flowers around us in the form of all religion and political party.
                         That way we should perhaps have hoped that their should have been more religion and political party also.And honestly the problem with the INC in this State seems to be wanting everyone to be converted into congress man.
                      As this politics is also the best reality show and without it friend life will be real boring also.As soon one will get fed up of the Star movies in the Cable network also.See eventually one have to come back to the roots.Thus many NRI who really want to do something for the nation can contact me.
                                Honestly I see Pravachan of all the religious leaders and find many similarities in them.Its like hearing various songs and get happiness from more unique and latest one like Sufi song`s.
                     See if we see others problem then why not their can be an understanding and meeting point also?As herein alone will lie the solutions to all our never ending problems.

                     But preparedness is also needed specially against the enemies.Thus their may be now needed to fit anti bullet tracking technology to track down any Pakistan bullet aimed at our own Peoples in the boundary.
                  So that the bullet ways can be tracked by the computer to hit the main Gun.After all what for our ISRO is?And their need to be more research on the Drone plane to  track the enemy movements.
               If requested by any power I will definitely like to be peace maker and increase my ambit of the current post of the adviser of the Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI for other place also.As being a neutral man from all angle I may help in brokering peace for all.
                As the real aim of the person is to get the Nirvana and for it may be in the Day of the Judgement all has to say for that man that-He was truly a good man.
                       See eventually all will find that the  religious leader like His Holiness Dalai lama is able to bring more unity ,Peace and progress in his place.He should also now think of helping us.
                By seeing our interest by talking peace initiative with the neighboring China to facilitate the border trade.It seems more then him the INC seems to be more blamable for the Indo China misunderstanding.
                         See their is definitely God`s blessing when one is Holy and is in right mission.As in our Panchayat election in 2012 in Arunachal Pradesh.I had to face the odds as the Panchayat election for the Tirbin Circle get postponed,many believe the election was surreptitiously made to be postponed by the vested interest group.
                My block President Sri Pelin Lombiji was even beaten up black and blue in the campus of the office of the

JMFC Tirbin town .And on one evening even my ZPM candidate Miss. Doken Dokes house in the Ragi Doke Village in the Tirbin circle was reportedly also tried to be attacked.
               And on my next day visit worst happened one lady died in my ZPM candidate Miss Doken Dokes  own house that too in my presence.I was really disgusted as I was not in position to even help my workers physically and financially and this unfortunate thing happened in my personal  visit.
                    And at that time I prayed the God with all my might and from my inner heart to show His miracle if He really wanted me to be in the politics.And lo after sometimes the lady got up.
                           Thus in my life also Lord have intervened to help me even if I am a worst sinner myself.But one have to really live a sacrificing life if he want a divine intervention.
                 And in fact to show that He really exist is the perhaps real duty of a true enlightened soul of all the religion as non can be Mr. Perfect also.
                And yes unless one have something to offer non will come to him also.This seems to be same with Him also whom the disciples pray night and day.And for the Poor believer also the God seems to be testing him in his life.
                     believe it many of you have greater capability then me also as some of you have so much longing to help us and perhaps it will be also done so if He wish.
                                        See the credit for building  the Switzerland which is called the heaven in the earth also falls on many evangelists. The Holy Bible even warn the king to refrain from addiction to wine also.
                       So as the present modern and vibrant India is tried to be made by the Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji Maharaj

and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji .And for this great purpose alone this two great soul seems to have been blessed also.See for me their was earlier no iota of doubt that this two great man will succeed in their en devour as morning shows the day.
                   And definitely living in a place where there is peace and tranquility it seems to be giving me this chance to use Freedom of my expression for a positive reasons .
                 And who knows their may be more talented Hindu or Muslim brothers also unfortunately they have no such atmosphere also.
                                  Thus true democracy is need of hour which will encourage the creative Peoples to bring out the best nectar for the nation building.
                 And for one thing I am sure the BJP will never fall to such an extent to even ban the press as earlier done in the emergency.
                 The good part of the Modi Govt. seems to be giving due recognition to the great genius who created masterpiece; but unfortunately in the earlier regime only the person who praises the Gandhi family seems to have been coronated.
                                  Their is instance in some State that after best Engineer award was given the bridge made by that engineer reportedly  collapsed also.
                                  Thus our firebrand leader Sri Tumke Bagraji Hon`ble BJP, MLA reportedly recently in the State assembly asked Hon`ble C.M why the tainted officers are only promoted in the State .And the Hon`ble C.M had no answer to it.
                Bagra sahib was claiming that in this State only the corrupted are pampered and this seems to be the only State

where the official position seems to be the corrupted ones are more welcomed.And their seems to be always a justification for their failure also.
                  It is hoped  by the next assembly session the question hour in the State assembly will be released /telecast in the media in toto.As the Public have the right to see the work of the leaders in the State Assembly.As the leaders cannot be seen sleeping for the main work for which they are send in this temple of Democracy.
                                        See the great man does not do different thing.They just do the thing differently.And this advise is for myself first then others also as I have also have many weaknesses.Though in the time of worst need for my Poor Public's I have been not absent also.
                      See for 5 yrs. Party works with a aim to have a leader in the election which comes after 5 yrs.It is really wrong to be purchased by a leader in the right moment and the local party to be devoid of a leader.
                        I have no iota of doubt that earlier BJP leaders in my constituency specially have been really compelled by the INC leaders to buckle under pressure.
                  Thus it will be completely wrong to blame the local BJP unit for not projecting a BJP MLA candidate for which they had to support me as PPA candidate which was also the NDA ally.But whatever happened may be it have been God`s plan we have to think it that way also.
                        See the religious maturity and positive outlook to be improved takes time for a believer and sooner it is made better.And for this Holy Bible have priorities human conduct as- 1st love  God with everlasting love and then love the

human neighbor.Thus the real test is following the teachings of divine power in letter and spirit.
                                      See in olden days the Kings where seen to go to jungle to meditate.Interestingly trip was not in  the temple .It seems after excessive Mughal attack the temple was used as a shield for the devotees.
                                        As God seems to love all and seems to want others in the world also to do so.Thus one have the right to think himself in right position but no right to think others in wrong also.The Introspection is the fuel for the spiritualism this seems to have been addressed as atma chintan in the old Hindu philosophy also.
                                         The INC cadres forgetting their past mistakes will be now seen badmouthing others.And when they will say the religion and the politics is different;they will forget that they are the one who seems to be have compelled the spiritual man also to join the politics to clean the mess.
                As the great man like Baba Ramdevji Maharaj and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji can they be silent to the insult of the democracy which is like the Draupadis great insult by the Duryodhana and his party?
             As when there is no justice in the place like New Delhi also then imagine the injustice in this far plunged area also.
                     Thus as all the Dakus in the Chambal area have been eventually cleaned up; may be now time to send one like Babaji here to give last honorable exit chance to some.
                      As their may be also some crooks playing with democracy unmindful of what future threat is coming to them.See Lord Christ tells the story of the good Samaritan

business man who saved a man in death point,perhaps to indirectly point His own where they have failed.
                          As He was suppossingly trying to say only with Him will alone not matter if one is devoid of love for the destitute`s.Thus those in fools paradise who may be thinking that they are more richer and are also believer may be wrong unless they help others.
            Another story Holy Bible tells is that a king forgive his servant for the money taken by him.But when he sees he is also ill treating the smaller servant under him he punished him.
                See even the great King are only because of the Raj Dharma he follows also.See everything is a duty in this world even the State Govt. under the cetral Govt.
                    And thus another one learn from the above story is that all the religion are great.This subject seems to be needed to be told as when the truth is tried to be understood and known then alone their will be real development and salvation.
                       As sometimes the truth may be somewhere between the two views also;thus need is to evolve from this superiority feeling.
                   As even if the God have earmarked a certain institute as standard to be followed .But seems to be also allowing the evolution of an Individual from other school of thoughts also.
                   There is also good lesion to learn from our forefathers see the Lord Rama his good virtues alone have to be taken.And if a great man have done some silly mistake under different circumstance then it should be not followed also.


                              Thus the other should not criticize Hindutva as easily also,after all Lord Rama being their ideal have really helped the growth of the nation also as eventually the aim of a Hindu is to become complete like him.
             Honestly I have even no objection if the Hindutva is accepted as a religion as others is also way of life.This issues to define Hinduism are meaningless topics hacked up by someone to bring distrust and for the political gain.
                 See the good intention and motive is the need of the time we should talk of the inclusive growth.And greatness of Modiji is he also appreciate  and give credit to the INC for their earlier contributions.
                 And I am sure kind of person like him must have good admirers in the enemy camp also.After all non is that bad, all are the victim of the circumstance only.
             No denying that Lord Christ`s sacrifice was different but the pertinent question is also that are you sacrificing also?That answer have to be perhaps given by us only.
               Thus those who knows their limitations and doesn`t take the spiritualism seriously may be also praiseworthy.As here in this field one`s you say you have to do it also.As the word of the God is double edged sword before cutting others it will pierce yourself first.  
              Thus there is need for spiritual flexibility also as a man with one road approach may be not giving justice to the spiritualism he or she is following;as most of religion is based on love,tolerance and forgiveness only.
                       And only the communication gap made by us all seems to be disturbing us all.And not only that seems to be limiting the growth of the human being.See the kind of

development human being made within this 2-5 yrs.Is it not for breaking all the barriers?
                 In fact there is need of partnership to overcome all the evil which is ready to devour us all.And mind it the joint fight has just begin also.And time to finish the evil ones and for all and for it the inner and the outer enemy have to be defeated.
                 And not for anything else but for breaking this wall of hatred my friend and ideal-Rashtraguru Baba Ramdevji can be appreciated for bringing all in the Yog Shivir also.As good opposition is one who also accept the goodness of others.
                   The INC man need to realize that for so many years we have to also wait for our chance.And that the Rome was not built in a day even for the BJP.
                     As more a good persons unite their seems to be spread of positive vibrations also.And as some is seen using social network cites for bad reason Babaji seems to be using it for good reasons also.See he never says join Hinduism.
                 Is it not appreciable thing about his Shivir?Though he could have done like others also.See beneath that hard looking face I really found a very soft person when JAB WE MET.
                                See though outwardly some  seems to be very uncivilized.But in my own times of troubles I honestly found Donyi Polo religion brothers of my community more sympathetic also.
               And they have also secret answers to many mysteries in the world even if they are seen as uneducated and uncivilized by some.Thus everyone is perhaps needed in this Soceity as it is like beautiful flowers in the garden.

                And this is the richness of this country unity in the diversity.See what will happen when all the birds in the jungle are eaten up?Then man will start eating man.
                    Thus this initiative in my Basar town called GRK-Gumin Rego Kigo Laju Society which motto says-Let us educate our Publics about the well being of the motherland.
                          This initiative is something which should also catch the eye of the RSS.As within short time the Sea river in the Basar town is now filled with the fish put by them.
                           This have been age old practice of the Hinduism and which the world is now realizing to need to protect the Environement also.May the God bless all the members of the GRK for this wonderful initiative.
                                As the diverse culture in my society seems to be helping us to bring the best in us.See this is beauty of the Donyi-Poloism religion which is like the Vedic philosophy practiced in its original form here in my Society.
                So we need to think -let all religion flourish and lead us all to heaven.`SARVE SUKHINAH BHAWANTU,SARVE BHADRANI PASYANTU……..`
                  E,i-Let all be happy should be our motto.As Swami Vivekanadajis -`service to humanity is service to divinity slogan seems to be most apt in today`s time.`
                      As love is universal language and I really tried to love all with an everlasting love; and soon I am accepting my Hindu brothers also to give their helping hand to me also.
                         As we in fact have a common mission to make our nation and world a better place.And by the positive vibration alone this can be accomplished.
                      And here alone we will get the real happiness and with it salvation also.See would it have been not better if all of us have reached heaven.

                           After all can I afford to not have my Hindu  Rakhi sisters like- Nimisha Rawat, Pritha Dutta now working in Delhi,Kiren Singh now in Toronto,Jilina Sangma and Mithali Das etc.also in the best place .
                  And today when you closely watch the RSS and Sangh Parivar also you will also find many adorable qualities in them.Only you have to remove the spectacle of prejudice against them.Then you will find that Bhare Bhai Sahab`s  are doing terrific jobs.
              As whenever there is natural disaster they are seen joining in.I have been always advocating to make a Hindi movie on them by presenting Sunny Deolji as a RSS member and super hero like Krish.
               May be the story may have to be commissioned to be written by me to give justice to the character.Or who knows oneday my own life story will be made as a movie also?as may be my one time Hindu college days room mate Bollywood cine star Sri Arjun Rampal may be interested in this project  also.
                                  What is harm in loving the nation,is it not really praise worthy act?And soon RSS and VHP may have to open up plan to rope nationalistic Muslim and Christian cadres also.As for nations sake that seems to be needed also to break all the bearers.
              As their have to be new developments and plans to take any Institutes in higher pedestrian this RSS may be already thinking.
                      And for this there are many secret admirer of RSS also.And already their move to rope in small kids seems

to be making this Institutions a social network favourite pictures.
                  As the nation seems to be now gripped with the love for the everything our own with the native game  Kabbadi also getting its due admirer,As the nation building responsibility also falls on all thus it is time to appreciate our own.
                        And we all must be united atleast in this agenda as it is a team work.And remember if the nation is weak all will suffer also; thus we need to be really united to market made in india products also.
                Thus very soon the RSS is accepted to open up its house for others also who have same ideology like them.Though unlike committed/ khattar  RSS the others may be not made to wear nicker half pants also.
                And may be a separate regiment need to be started in the name of other nomenclature for others.As so long as there is enemy of the nation this thing seems to be needed also.As we need to be now vigilant as for long our State have bled for our weakness and disunity.
                   See if one critically see the political scenario of the nation it is seen ;the other party,other  then BJP seems to be more communal for hacking up the communal issues for their own gain.
                 As they seems to have lost all the charm and seems to be winning by surreptitious means alone.This seems to have become their last option also.Thus when others have been also given chance why not the BJP?
                       See even if one is denied the party appreciation for the national glorification he should continue this.As unfortunately in India so far their have been too many inter fight in the political party also.

                  As non seems to be interested to see other as more advanced and popular.But can`t we see others popularity as the gift of God and benefit to the nation and be satisfied?
                     See through love,kindness  and understanding alone any one can be changed also.If we sympathize to RSS main demand how they cannot show their magnanimity to others also?
                        It is pointless to always fight over small issue,and being a majority society they will also certainly have certain expectations from us also.
                                       This I am saying not out of fear as oneday their may come a  time  also when the anti incumbency feeling against the BJP will be again in its zenith.Like it was against the INC in 2014 election.
                     Thus God alone and His directions alone need to be feared and for this their is need of  giving peace a chance; and the reason for the violence may have to be also searched.
                   After all if the constitution can be also amended by the INC party then why not other party can also do something of this nature to unify this country?
                        Thus the BJP may be also atleast given five years chance to prove itself.As the undecided Publics who are 60% they are the one who decide the politics.And they cannot be antagonized as they feel unanimously that already 60 years have been given to the INC party.
                                     But for the BJP leaders atleast they are not accepted to do this excessive evil work also.The INC camp must be regretting that they should have heard my warning made before 2014 election also.And only the man with the hunger for the power will never hear the Peoples genuine problem.

                          See the pathetic condition in this State the poor school childrens have to now act as the opposition party members.Thus it is time everyone does his role nicely.
                    See for the most of the senior political leaders they seems to be blessed to be a very good contractors.Thus they may have to rethink weather they are fit in politics or not.
                As winning is different thing and giving justice to his position is other thing.See the telepathic touch Modiji have on the Publics.It seems to be like seeing the real life Sunny Deol and Nana Fatekar dialogue baazi movie  at his best.
           After all one who will progress is one who will fill himself with all the critics around him not  the psychopants.And the inner democracy in the BJP seems to be really strong also to dissuading future Himalayan blunder by the party.
                   And one thing also need to be accepted that in the times of crisis for the nation also man like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji and his follower`s have stood by the truth.
             Thus in spite of any religious background the brave heart can never be seen as turncoats also.As the sacrifice like Bhagwan Shivji taking poison is also not an easy task also.Whoever does this may have Shivjis ansh/part  in him.
             See there is no dirt of great man in BJP and RSS like Mohan Bhagwatji and my f.b friend RSS Spokesman Prof. Rakesh Sinhaji.
                     But honestly the promotion given by the divine power is the greatest that is qualities he gives to be able to make a place in the heart of the Publics.As many powerful leaders may have no genuine respect from the Publics side also.And the real happiness is passion in what you do.

              Is not the nationalistic person, the true adorable hero also?thus Babaji is really praiseworthy. I was always of the opinion that Baba Ramdevjis Bharat Swabhiman party was enough for the nation building.But after my current face with the grim reality in election myself.               
                                            I have the feeling that all the good man need to be united to help in place like Arunachal Pradesh.As the Ram Rajya should first come  perhaps to the poorest of the poor area.And may be some have also to make sacrifice.
                     See Baba Ramdevji by not launching his Bharat Swabhiman party seems to have helped the BJP more.If the AAP leaders have merged in the Bharat Swabhiman party then things may have been different for the nation also.
                             And I am sure even if the critics are  seen skeptics now this BJP will soon have viable agenda for this State.I fervently believe this BJP lead by RSS will never buckle under the weight of the corrupted INC leaders of the A.P.Some of whom are  seen   to make all short of excuse to be in political power.   
             And even if the RSS is equated by some with the Gandhi family short of political power behind the BJP.But I am hopeful they are filled with good peoples.And  this is the reason of my joining in the BJP after all they have shown their sacrifice also.
                     And I am sure in coming State election in the Arunachal Pradesh ones quality will be appreciated for the first time.And it will be made to do so by the RSS for sure.
                  See why others good quality should not be also appreciated if they are doing good work?Hope in coming time many officers with nationalistic ideology will help us openly.

                         See the condition in the Arunachal Pradesh for the BJP cadres are so grim that in some place critics say their may be no candidate left to contest also if this INC led Govt. is not made to fell down soon.
               As some of the INC senior leaders have mastered the art of Machiavellian tactics of staying in power by hook or crook.And for B.A and M.A graduate also their is no decent job left and even the Peon post is not gained.
                And inspite of this some have been able to demonstrate that without money no leader can contest an election here.Thus the ground reality is also that it will be difficult to rise up a new candidate`s from the BJP on seniority ground also.As things are different in this State.
         As the voters seems to be emotionally associated with the opposition leader who earlier contested also.Thus different games needed to be played in this State.As the family connection and education qualification and every aspect need to be seen.
                  But this is also fact that in the new changed world the senior leaders also seems to be suffering, as in last 2014 election many leaders house have been also reportedly mortgaged.
                           As some seems to have earlier abuse the political power like anything and also seems to be getting kick from the new resurrected Public's side also.And as such some are always seen running away from the workers.
                   And for me fortunately by not receiving the crores of money offered to me to sit down by Gadi camp in the last 2014 election, the Basar area Public seems to be also appreciating my commitment.

                       Besides today the Social network cite seems to be giving an added advantage to an educated young leader also.As all cannot be purchased also.
                      Yet for the BJP party in the coming time the candidates have to be support financially by the party High commands time.
                                As the present INC leaders seems to have become more money minded anticipating their bad time in the future.And is seen cleverly stopping any scope for the rise of the BJP leaders.
                                  And soon the Govt. Service man who have been earlier used as the real source of power by the Govt. may be compelled to hit at the Govt. for the fund crisis where there is danger of eating away of their GPF by the ruling INC Party also.
                                                    But this is also fact that if there is election then basic need cannot be also denied by a candidate.And see many candidates may be also tried to be pushed up by the INC leaders to disturb the BJP candidate also.
                      And multiple candidate will be perhaps made to ask for party ticket within BJP also.And even in this backdrop the true leader will never ask from his friends and well wishers.It is upto them to help or not.
                   Honestly in this worst transition period in State very few have made a personal image of themselves; and for them honestly party also theoretically seems to be not mattering also.After all for the BJP party also was this slogan not used earlier -`ABKI BAR MODI SARKAR`?
                  Thus the good leaders must be invited in the party who have tested the mud this majority feels.As today only

leader who have entered in the political mud alone will be sincere candidate, as there is genuine sympathy for that leader from the supporters also who earlier stood with him in the times of the thick and thin
                  And it will be also sin to remove their faith on their leader also who didn`t buckled under the pressure till end.As one never know kind of emotional involvement in the politics.
                      But as Swami Baba Ramdevji Maharaj says a  good person from any religion spontaneously comes up for a good cause.
                           And thus for a new society building all the good Peoples are accepted to give us their helping hand.As for long some evil persons seems to have enjoyed power in this part of the world.
                  As man who helps us in great distress may get divine blessings also.See if I am seen as exceptionally considerable writer then this is only due to the divine inspiration that I am able to do so.As things must be really bad here or why He will bless also?
                And we must also pray for the BJP central leaders to have power to resist the evil leaders lucrative offers from this State.As some of the senior Arunachal leaders are equated with the movie star Kadar Khan in the movie who seems to have lots of dirty idea –
                See `Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri` to believe it where the goons in the pretext of taking Publics  to Dubai they again bring them back to Juhu beach by making the innocent Publics sleep after taking sleeping pill with the tea.
                  See if the Arunachal is treated same like the INC leaders by the Central BJP leaders in election time,then what

difference BJP would be also?As soon the present regime mostly filled with corrupted INC leaders in this State with worst shamelessness character may like to join the BJP after looting the State for 3-4 yrs.
                        As for power some are seen united till death them do them part.See in other State atleast the political leadership are not seen much to be doing contract work himself.
                                         Thus some BJP cadres feels that soon their should be a clear cut message to the INC leaders of the State of Arunachal Pradesh by the Central BJP Highcommand.
                                    That a condition also need to be conveyed that unless 30 % work is at least also not shared to the opposition workers in the State, the funds should be not sanctioned in the State from the center also.
                          After all it will be sin if like earlier occasion the opposition brothers are seen to be kept in the lurches by the most corrupted regime.This many seems to be asking for ; as so far the Congress leaders have abused the power like anything.
                 And some also want the State Govt. to immediately stop the rampant transfer and posting of the service man who supported the BJP in the M.P election.And the NDA candidate in the State assembly election.
             And as some seems to say that the real figure of the money wasted in the election by INC party in State will be more then the Rs. 3000/- crore  also.And so some is asking why blaming on the 6th Pay commission for less money sanctioned from the central Govt.?
                                      To some critics view the much needed political revolution alone can make this State filled with pro- India feeling.
                   After all here most of the Publics have not gone to school like us that too in the well reputed Ram Krishna Mission School and Delhi University.
                  And if tomorrow war  happens with a foreign country some critics thinks many  Publics will sell themselves as usual being brainwashed by the haves class to always do this.
                       Thus this makes the every patriotic India to need to hate this corrupt INC regime in this State.And need to make my critics also to ponder upon this subject.If the BJP is given too many chance like the Congress.
                   And tomorrow it also becomes the source of the survival of the anti India Publics.Then oneday someone may have to again write a story like mine.
                  And so we feel the burden to fight with some few excessive corrupted ones who seems to compelled the innocent voters to support them with all short of lies and deceit in election.As they seems to be equal threat to nation.
                 And against some who seems to have  justified their rule with the excuse of highest order.And many of our friends have died frustrated in this process by being alcoholic.As initially the Society was least interested to take the loafty ideas of the Delhi returned Students.
                        The relatives of some old leaders need to know that the adamant leaders could  one day also jeopardize their family interest.
                    As in the end there is always grave for a bad man and his supporters ;and for some bad omen may have already started.Thus best may be making peace without planning anything more bad.

                   Thus for those innocent Public's whose groaning have perhaps reached the heaven, this rich and powerful groups who have earlier even ditched the BJP party time and again.They immediately need to be removed from the political scene ones and for all.
                     And some who even reportedly earlier burnt the party flag and spoke ill against Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji also need to be shown the exit door this time.As if the evil are never punished and are always seen enjoying in life how their will be an example for the Society also?
                  This will be completely against the Hindu philosophy also.See the Lord Rama though Hindu more then praying and meditating took out weapon to fight against injustice and in democracy also some deserve to be politically finished.
                    Many now believe this drastic action will alone stop the insurgency here as many youth specially fed up of this grim picture seems to be now joining the ultras also.
                This is truth in the place like the Tirap and Changlang Dist.As the Youths must be fed up of separate yardstick for the rich and powerful also;as all the jobs get sold and the days of hard work is proving meaningless.
                 Thus the ruling INC Govt. in the State seems to be now the breeder of all short of bad elements.As their seems to be state sponsored and planned policy from the State Govt. to  protect the corrupted and stop the audit team and CBI coming here also.
                      Thus what this Govt. seems to be needing is one time spiritual course to be undertaken.Who knows for many years commulative fasting programme may be coming against

the INC leaders of the Arunachal Pradesh from the prophesy of the Holy Spirit possessed persons of the Fasting centres also.
                         The Public of the Arunachal Pradesh is already happy at the news that the BJP will not take the defected INC leaders in its party fold.Specially those who have earlier cheated the party also.
            And what some of the Publics here is praying is for putting atleast 2 yrs. President rule here in this State to clean the economic mess and solve the  law and order problem ones and for all.
                      Here also if the problem persist soon their may be some action also as if the new Governor comes he may be very particular about this.
                  As Yog Guru Baba Ramdevji have told the process of unity of good Peoples have already begined in the national level ,soon the cleaning process is accepted to come to lower level also.
                    And as their seems to be too much dirt thus an autopsy seems to be needed in this State.As for long the dirt seems to have been hidden inside the carpet and thus their seems to be need of total overhauling of the house itself.
                    For me fortunately by the time this Book is released my favorite Swamiji in the Ramakrishna Mission School Aalo- Swami Gautma Nandji maharaj will perhaps also become official Vice President of the Rama Krishna Math and Mission in its Hq.Belurmath.
            Thus there is total feel good and sense of security with all the great man associated with you in your life in right position.And may be when good times is about to come then everything perhaps happens favorably also.                     

                            See after the Black money depositors name are exposed and top corrupted ones are booked .And then time for the genetically depraved Peoples conglomeration exploiting this State consisting of the beurocrates,politicians and business man united to loot the State here for cine die .
                      Their time to go to jail may also come here as many seems to wish even if I have always tried to be peacemakers.But today the majority seems to be saying they must be send to the gallows.
                   And thus honestly the coming election will be perhaps their chance to make friends with the new team which will matter also.As in the God given time one have to be submissive to other also.
                    After all in other State when there is lots of disclosure of the ill gotten money of the officers and politicians.Till now no exposure have been made here in this State.
                     And with the rich class always so far seen with the Congress party here.The more honest ones in the BJP have they have any reason to be sympathetic to haves class also?
                 But soon the Narendra Modijis official order to display all the property in the web site by the Beurocrates may compel the powerful groups to also come open with their ill-gotten money.Thus may be time to repent and make new friends.
                As so far all the haves class in the State barring few like-Hon`ble MOS (Home) Kiren Rijiju`s father In-law Sri Joram Begiji was with INC only.And not only that few man like him only where seen doing good work.

                               I have been always saying that the man who opposed the INC party in the last 2014 election will be always seen as good man in the history.As the beurocrates close to the BJP have been also tortured like anything by the INC Govt.            
                  As their may never come again this kind of opportunity to work for the benefit of the self and society.As the greed for money seems to be the greatest source of evil and this few seems to have resisted in the last election.
                  And perhaps such kind of test may never come back again also in life.Thus the breave heart who resisted this evil are also very respectable persons.
                   At least in this far plunged interior State this never ending greed seems to be the soul agenda of haves class. And this need to be stopped; and so the good ones have to be also appreciated.I am sure that the Arunachal peoples will also unite now to remove this injustice ones and for all.
              As God helps those who help themselves as this corrupted haves class will never have good feeling for the honest leader and haves not class and party like BJP in this State ; then why they have to be respected also?
                This seems to be the question of the Aam Admi in this State.See the few opposition leader alone have not taken the  petty contract to work for everyone else`s well being also.
                         So we have to work it out ourselves as a united body.Thus Modijis sweeping project can be also be appreciated as this also symbolise the need to sweep out the dirt in the mind and soul of the person.
                 As the repentance of the haves class in this State seems to be very improbable.As they seems to have

intermingled with the INC party which ideologically seems to suit them also.
                           And till now they seems to be the INC sympathizers also.So the haves class have probably the last chance for repentance in the coming elction.As in the new resurrected time for the Publics ,their all the clever tactics may also not work.
                  See nothing is impossible in this life.And time have come for unity and I am sure the mafia and syndicates should be given open challenge in the coming election.
                           And thus the sincere party like BJP must make it an election manifesto to take strict action against the erring Peoples found wanting in the disproportionate wealth case.And for this only the clean one need to be given party ticket also.
                         The Publics in this State seems to have been made so helpless and desperate that they may also connive with the Chinese to do anti India work.Thus their need to be a special contingency plan for the Arunachal Pradesh by the RSS and all the lover of the nation.
                                                         As many feels only a clear cut anti corruption face by BJP alone can make the fight against the INC serious.As eventually the haves not class was only seen to be the serious voter of the BJP in the last election also.And this perhaps Kirenji will also agree.
                     Though it is possible if the BJP decides anything of this strict action plan against the haves class ; then there will be lots of bru haha from the INC side.
                  But the haves class have to ponder that are they not responsible for it also?As the many beurocrates have so far reportedly played as the B team of the INC party.

                      And the senior BJP members also need to realize that by that strong posture alone ; the honest among themselves will also get chance to excel in the life.
             Or the INC will always try to create misunderstanding and fish in the trouble water.After all they have mastered in this dirty tricks as when you have lots of ill-gotten money then you can really execute many plans also.
                 And even if some of the INC leaders joins in the BJP the critics says they will be never be loyal to the BJP party ideology also.And some say will always look for a chance to help the top INC party members in the center also.
              As for man like hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji it may be too late to change for him now,in regards to his loyalty to INC party.And also the Nyishi community pride and self respect may also stop him to commit a blunder at his age also.But one never also not know in the politics as the saying goes-monkey never cease to jump upside down in his life.
                    In Arunachal the water have crossed the neck,and for this excess alone I have distance from this haves class even if I had also chance to become one of them.As my father was one of the oldest richest man in our town.
                  And it is pertinent to mention that at that time the Itanagar the capital area was a jungle place.Thus I had also opportunity to make richness like other siblings.
                     And for me I have been always categorical about Baba Ramdevjis success even when Ramlila ground unfortunate incident did not happened also.As that commitment and passion for others one seldom see in a person.And the good man rejoice when other righteous prosper in other place also.
               See many RSS brothers are living in so much poverty yet serving the nation ;and when they are the owner

of the Party why their sentiments should not be heard also.Thus few rich man have also managed to garner their support when they managed to impress them.
              Interestingly many of my Christian friends think they can never be be-friended.This is absolutely wrong the INC leaders are seen to be less reliable.As this is party which have lairs and deceiters  in the highest body.
               I remember the lunch party in the Basar urban Hotel in the year 2000.This was an hour before the false declaration of the Dist.Hq. to Basar Publics was made before the Basar area Publics in the  State election.
                    In this lunch party before the false promise in the Basar General field it was only the Ex-C.M Jarbom Gamlinji who was seen against making head Quarter as an issue in election by the INC party .Need not to say the Dist.Hq. is yet to be given to Basar area even after 6 yrs.
                       Many a times my friends says don`t say much regarding the development issue as the INC leaders will blame you.See after ample 6 years chance have been given to the INC party can they make any excuse?
              See this Dist. Hq. issue have given so much ill feeling to the Publics of the Basar area and the Likabali area for no reason and still hanging in limbo.
                   This is even if the common Publics have absolutely no emotional attachment with it and unknowingly seems to have been used by the Congress man as it wished.As if the party was aware of the short time memory of the Publics.
                     Some even doubts that this issue have been again used for political promotion by some smart crooks.And some man seems to be too fast for all the bad reason.

                               But their are also some who are now seen openly lambasting this entire plan which took the Publics of the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly Constituency for a joy ride.
            Yet their is way of repentance for all.Thus many hope atleast in the Publics demand for the AIMS in the Basar town the Hon`ble minister Sahab and the INC party will do something for the area.
                                                  See this article may be also not read by many but few who read it may also help to spread the news .As there is negative energy, there is also great souls with positive energy also who will like the development to be knowned  by all,so that in future non dare to do this further.                                              
                            This is also the reason the friends wants me in BJP to give a good lesions to the liers and deceiters.As they think theoretically I am an Hindu only specially in mind and soul.And have connected with the Hindu leaders from long time.
                        And this seems to be right also,as Hindu brothers seems to be more comfortable with me and my friend Kiran Rijiju Hon`ble M.O.S ( Home) also we are like brothers.So many feels that they will sympathise with our cause for me also.
                            See Baba Ramdevji have been tirelessly doing great service to nation and from my side he deserve Bharat Ratna.As a healthy person can alone work better for the nation and he have really worked for spreading the good health in the nation.
                    It have been long time ever since I have met Babaji hope he remember his poor disciple also.It is heard the

strong network of the RSS helps in keeping tab on all the development in the nation.
                     And who knows just before State election his team may be persuaded to come with his Yog shivir in my Basar town of the West siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh sponsored by the RSS also.
              As Babaji need to go more where the media is more inactive or made to be inactive.As the RSS Guys also seems to be filled with the nationalism of the highest order and may also go any extent for it also.As their may be few who may like my writing and want to do something for us also.
           As things are real horrible here and the Peoples are seen to be compelled to fear the state machinery specially in the election time.And non can stop the proxy vote in some place.
                                 Thus there is need to make coordinated attack from all the side.As the best of brain is in Galo community of the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.
                        And if the democratic revolution is not supported they may resort to other means which may be detrimental for the nation also.As each time the manipulative leader is seen blaming the Publics while jeopardising the future interest of all.
            And also forgetting that they are the part of the main problem.As the place desperately need a leader who ideolise Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji ,Baba Ramdevji and Swami Vivekanandji in letter and spirit.
                      See the audacity of some senior leaders supporters in their leaders official visit after winning programme .In a recent victory celebration one  INC victorious leaders top workers are heard to have openly

warned the minority voters about  20% voters in his circle to surrenders who have not voted their leader.So where is democracy?
                And thus what not curse will be gained by a central party if it accepts the merger of this crooks from the INC  in the BJP party?As some leaders seems to have made world record in jumping from one party to another.And seems to have always persecuted the Poor and destitute`s for  their own end.
                          His supporters will be always seen to say that their leaders heart is not bad and will forget to say that he is really greedy man.See there are few great man who even if bribed will not help this kinds of persons.
                                        And like the old wine in new bottle some leaders in the State of Arunachal Pradesh they are seen to change their colour.I appreciate Hon`ble MOS (Home) Kiren Rijiju for hating this practice till now.
                 As he himself have been earlier the victim of the system so will perhaps end up as guardian angel as he is now in powerful position.But he also needs our prayer support to fight this Peoples also.And fortunately he is now very powerful and can do anything according to his will also.
                              As for me Babajis blessing me by touching me in the head in his Itanagar visit before Ram Lila ground incident which also transformed me.This was a real inspirational experience ; this was in the presence of my elder brother Naksang Tsringji State General Secy.PPA.
                     He was taken by surprised when Babaji told by hugging me and touching in my head-`Togo you are in my hit list.`Still now he is surprised how Babaji knows me by name.

                               This seems to be the greatness of Babaji and I wish I had this memory power and hard working nature of Babaji also.As making tours of above one lakh Yog Shivir, this is really impossible for us.But we have also odds against us as we have to do everything ourselves also as their is definately restrictions in the family life.
                      But Baba is a great motivator for us as he have  shown the world that the Sant who does not take wine,and play card can really bring a political revolution.Babaji did the right thing by not allowing his Bharat Swabhiman party to contest also.Or their may have been cross voting effecting the BJP`s political future also.
                      And so I have been always possessive about Babaji ever since then.As I really needed a change here and for it Babaji needed to engage the INC party in the Delhi.
                    And only for him I think I can also make an humble beginning in politics.As he accepted my request for doing anything to keep the Gandhi family engaged in Delhi and other place in election time.
                    And for my open lambaste of the INC after Babaji was insulted in the Ram Lila ground INC think thanks seems to have been ever since been after me.As I have protested about it  in the face book of non other then Rahul Gandhiji himself.
                             See when your intentions are good you will never bother about the consequence.Today world is dying to have appointment with the Babaji and the same critics who despised my photo session with Babaji and writing positive about him are now regretting not meeting him in the Itanagar visit.This is the value of meeting a great man thus never laugh at other.One never know when he will be exalted by God?

                         Honestly when I made link with Babajis facebook long time ago their seems to have been no one writing in English also in his friends list.And this perhaps proved as my luck also.And this is perhaps called the vision and needed more then the brazen display of wealth of some Arunachal Pradesh leaders also.
                             Today my photo with Babaji is a sovenier for me and many seems to be respecting me for this alone.As it may have now become my certificate of goodness also.
                        Thus it seems never meet a friend when he is in good condition ; but when he is not in good condition.As even if Baba Ramdevji  have forgotten me also, then I have lived a life worth living.
                    As happiness is the greatest gift from the God.He alone knows in my own time of trouble Babaji and his Bharat Swabhiman party members may also use their  discretionary power to arrive for me as SANKAT MOCHAK TARAN HARI?And even if they don`t the God may send other helper for me also.
                      As in the coming State election some of my jelous supporters are planning to apply BJP MLA ticket for me from the 29th Basar (ST) assembly election.Let us see what happens?
                      And many are hoping the Guru will keep the prestige of his Sisya also.But honestly for me also selfless service is more important and satisfying; in any case I will accept my future gracefully.As this way that way plan of the God will be best for me and may be also for the Sangh Parivar.
                    And some also hope that in appreciation of my good work Babaji will open up state of art - Patanjali Yog

peeth Institution in my Basar area.Either to harnesh  local Ayurvedic medicine plant or to start a Cow Ranch or an  agricultural or atleast a Horticultural Industry in my Constituency.So that there is economic upliftment of my Poor Publics also. Let us see what Babaji plans amd do?  
                   In fact man like Baba Ramdevji deserve highest nations award like Bharat Ratna after Atal Bihari Vajpayji is also given ;this is even if the BJP is criticized by the Publics  tomorrow by the orchested plan of the vested interest pro-INC Peoples.
                  As much needed political revolution may have been needed to wake up the sleeping citizens of the country and for this Babaji can be credited.As it is the national gain that have to be seen.And even the INC man under the narco analysis test influence will agree that he is really different.     
                  It is also possible that Gandhi family may have been always not responsible for all the mess also.But the revolution was really needed for the country and hope the good Gandhi family will also like this if they really love the Poor and down trodden.As the everything too much is bad isn`t it?
                        And thus if they are really good man must be secretly adoring this developments also.After all for 60 yrs.Gandhi family have been also given blind cooperation by the country man.And they have reason to accept that they have also seen good time.          
                            It is time that the Gandhi family also selflessly overtly or covertly help the good enemy to flourish ; like the Lord Shiva helped Lord Rama to kill Ravana.

                                 As this is the system in the spiritual world when one want divine blessings.See even the god and goddess had to also do this.As does one get absolve of his sin and divine curse by befriending a powerful person?Thus the knowledge of the god ship is the beginning of the blessing.
                See the good man in the BJP may be tomorrow also not averse to share political power with the Gandhi family also if the enemy of the State are finished by themselves.One never knows the future politics if the AAP rises that may also happen.As politics is also field of surprises.
                                        See the great man Baba Ramdevji have already made a lasting imprint in the Indian history.And due to him only henceforth only the serious man to serve the motherland will perhaps alone   join the politics also.
                 And for him the country man have learn to differentiate between the god and the leader.As their was time the Gandhi progeny seems to have been seen as the Greek god`s by some and some seems to have been glorifying them like this.And this was the main reason we despised the INC also.
                  And this slavery imposed by the INC seems to have specially harmed the State like Arunachal Pradesh.Thus many critics feels that some leaders of the INC should never be taken in BJP fold.As they have capability to doom this party also.
                          As unless their narco analysis/lie detection  test is made they should be never be believed also.As they have gone too far in praising the Gandhi family and may be unable to make a U turn also opines many.
                   And even if they are ready to do all short of agni parikscha they will surreptitiously help the 10 Janpath and

wait for the good times of the Gandhi family many seems to believes so.
              And some critics are also seen saying that-their end game seems to have also come now.They have to either sink or swim in the coming election and after them their will be better State believes many.Thus it seems the Gandhi family have realized very lately about its earlier folly.
                   As when all the crooks with the ill gotten money is removed then only their will be justice and equality this many now seems to be saying.And they should have been removed by the Congress Highcommand long time back.
              And thus many Publics are sujjesting in the coming election the BJP should play like Marxist in this State of Arunachal Pradesh.As for national interest they feel according to need of the place their should be political plan and strategy also.
                      And many sujjest even if the present INC Hon`ble MLA`s burge inside the BJP party office.If the present leadership promise to make a honorable exit by next election.Then only the merger should be allowed or never.
           As some leaders from this State may have made world record of defection and have really brought disrespect and disgrace to the State.And this leaders will never work for the Swabhiman of the Country which is the dream of the –
                            Swami Vivekananda,Baba Ramdevji and Narendra Modiji and even the RSS which really seems to be bothering for this remote Strategic State.As when the Publics are unhappy then will the neighboring country will not be emboldened also?
                             This even a Child knows ,so the enemy within have to be fight now.So the time have come to finish

an old Raj which is a blot in the democracy.As for long to the detriment of others few seems to have ruled in this State.                          
                               The real problem in the place like Arunachal Pradesh is the increasing gap between the rich and poor.And this have to be removed as -DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH e,i-the poor man are God`s face on earth thus poor need to be prayed ,loved and respected and have to be understood in true sense of term.
                   As this Vedic Philosophy is warning to make the justice,equality commodity for all as when that is not done then God may personally intervene.And the God fearing BJP will never like it to happen also.
                                     As unlike the INC cadres they will be eyeing for long time interest the place in heaven.As many have already crossed the time for enjoying the life also.Thus before the invisible Brahmashtra weapon is released by the Arya Putras; the man with the demonic force in them must surrender in State like this.
               See the famous sloka in the Mahabharta-`YADA YADA HI DHARMASYA GLANIR BHAWATI BHARATAM……………….SWAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE`.
                          See in my place where one leaders family is heard to have become 26 times richer within 5 yrs.will this sloka will not be applicable also?Whereas others seems to have been reduced to poverty 26 times more.
                   If there is astronomical figure rise in ones property then how will their will be no anti Indian feeling with the educated unemployed youth`s in that place?And why the divine power will be not angry also?

                        As for years only few class have looted this State.And today the INC have exposed itself as the rich man`s party and only the lies and false promise to be given to the poor.
           As can the donkey be made to give milk?And can the uneducated leader be made to speak in the State assembly; and in the meeting of the planning commission?
                  Thus ironically some leaders are heard to be not giving pass even to their supporters in budget session this is truly ridiculous if it is truth.But this may have happened earlier here in this State.As so far how you win seems to have been made important in this State.
              If this is continued that too in the enlightened place like Arunachal Pradesh.God save this  country.Man there is time for everything once time is gone how so ever you try to play guitar will it be fruitful?
                     So it was time the senior leaders should have shown their magnanimity.As they have achieved everything in their life.And man what egoism in accepting the facts?And how much more money you want to earn?
                  Will not society invite the best eventually?Only the person closer to one senior leaders is he necessarily a better person?He may be nice but may be uneducated like his boss also.
                   Thus their should be an end to political drama where a loyal leader is shown to be invited by the Publics. .This are all stage managed ,concocted and fabricated thing which have been so far done in this State.
        As the rich leaders with their ample money can do anything.But it was only the great man like Abraham Lincoln who invited his enemy Stanton also as war minister.

                        As for him the national interest was supreme.See the worst part in this State is there is a propaganda of short that through evil way alone one will prosper in life.
                    But the one time richest man in the Forbes list-Warren Buffet ones claimed that he earned his richness by good deeds alone.See at least their should be statuary warning against corruption as warning is written in cigarette cover also.
                    But out here in the Arunachal Pradesh some  crooks seems to be telling this cunningness ,as his god gifted expertness and exhorting others to do so also.And when the corruption and nepotism is propagated officially and is marketed as ones expertness,then God alone is the owner of this State.
                        See ultimately everyone will love that who is good and doing good work.See his richness and handsomeness may not last also.After all the beauty is skin deep.And for the one who have enjoyed everything in his life in the end he or she may be interested in a good person alone.
                       The story of the Hindu mythology that the supernatural powers comes to aid a man fighting for good cause seems to be true.And some friends also says why not also?
           As when a opposition leader  have sacrificed about rupees 10 crore money bribe offer in cash and kind to stay back in election for the sake of poor and downtrodden.
                   I don`t say that I am the best man but it seems the greed for money seems to be the source of all the evil.And in the place like this their may have been need to take a stand also.

                           If I could do a bit of sacrifice it must be due to God`s blessing and your all prayer support also as things are real bad here.And it was also not easy for me either to say no to the ill-gotten money.
              But since in my death bed long time I had promised to God to be truthful to the cause of the Poor Publics to some extent.Thus I may have been able to do something in this regards.
                                        And as I seems to have been healed from the death bed only for keeping this commitment; thus how I can be disloyal to Him?And even my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar a godly figure here use to always warn me of not to indulge too much in making money through surreptious means.
              Thus I have a mission to make the lotus grow in this  mud of corruption and nepotism.That is to bring goodness in this Society ;as the God help those who help themselves.
                          And always remember this is for the Arunachal Pradesh brothers and sisters.And the truth is always more powerful as the body language of the truth teller can be appreciated immedietly.
                   But lately I realize that I am also getting old and my eyes are also deceiving me.Thus for the sake of my poor Public's I may deserve some break also.
             And if God wishes the best life will nevertheless also now come to me.As this servant have also worked to some extent for Him and humanity if I am not wrong also.
                    And I have even  never requested my rich relatives to support me in 2014 election for this resolve to make a new beginning also.As their was need to start a ideological politics in this State.

                              Thus some of my rich relatives not standing by me in the previous election should be excused.As my aim was to make a change in our attitude and for it th monopoly of the big family had to be broken.
                               See the fight for truth this will be initially definitely not an easy task also.And yet a good man like Narendra Modiji Honble P.M alone can deliver this he have proved also.And the country really needed a catalyst for change also.
                            It is pertinent to mention that so far I have helped the Gangi leaders procur the Donyi Polo Gangi temple land near ITBP also.
                 And I helped the Hindu brothers make a Shiva Linga near the Gori village field as a Bhagwan Ganeshjis look like stone was discovered by a Buddhist Lama/monk  in a vision.
             And for all this good work I hope their may be also help  in future if there is real Hindu belief in their mythology.
                      As like in the end the Lord Rama was joined by all the Devtas to fight on his behalf also.But I am not fit to be in the feet of the many great man like you.
                                                           In spite of the fact that the State of Arunachal Pradesh is right now the heaven for the crooks and rich politicians.Yet they are now seen to be apprehensive from Hon`ble Court judgement.And so far some crooks is believed to have influence even the highest Institutions for their survivle.And that seems to be improbable under the Modi Govt.
                    And hopefully the good Hindu faith in Humble P.M Narendra Modiji and good Buddhism faith in Humble MOS Sri Kiren Rijiju will ultimately ensure that there is a

immediate change in the Publics view by bringing drastic change in A.P.
                   Today when the  root of the INC party ,the Gandhi family itself is seen to be dug out.Sooner or later the branch and leafs will also dry out this many also believes.
                            Thus it is time the Gandhis like the Deccan policy of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb does not finish itself by witch hunting small and poor leader like me.As their will be again birth of Chatra Pati Shivaji kind of leaders whenever this happens.
                               As JISKA KOI NAHIN HAIN USKA KHUDA HE YARO.e,i-the one who have non with him God is with him.This have been shown in the 2014 election also.As my losing is an small matter in compared to the drubbing of the INC party in the centre.
                       As God knows from where all huge money seems to have come in last election to make carpet bombing against me in my constituency.Yet what happened in the end the Congress citadel in the centre have it not crumbled?
                               See no doubt there is divine intervention but the evil also works against it; but eventually there is terrible punishment for standing against the divine will also.
                             And today this same Arunachal leaders who used to be ready to jump inside the acid on command of the Gandhi family have committed Himalayan blunder jeopardizing the interest of their master also.
                          And the divine warning of not interfering in the Basar  area affairs was already conveyed to the senior INC leaders.But the INC which seems to be functioning like the Islamic Taliban seems to be always interested to converting all.

                       See the conglomeration of the vested interest groups in this State belong to non and soon they may be seen giving Tata Bye Bye to Gandhi family also after bringing divine curse upon it.And may be they deserve this also for rearing snakes in their house this one friend was opining.
                 As for me I have earlier warned this will happen but non bothered to care.As so far I have been also seems to have been blessed with some amount of the political prophetic power also.As the witness to God`s miracle through me are their who will not lie also.As testimony it is also needed to disclose to show how great He is.
                               As the lady who had died and was healed by my prayer in the Ragi Doke village this incident was also witnessed by Sri Pelin lombi and the Sri Dobin Dokeji now promoted above the Ranger under the Forest Dept. Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh as .And it is pertinent to mention that I had never met that women also.
                   The chalega type attitude of the country man seems to be harming us.So good to hear that Humble P.M Narendra Modiji have taken solemn bow to remove  the poverty.And he need to do it more effectively by removing the reasons for this also.
                 This  step is towards real worship of God and is praise worthy and thus in future there is hope from him as he seems to be after finishing the Bad mash Companies with a missionary jeal.                
                       As Gujrat model success record is in his side.But unfortunately so far the State of Arunachal Pradesh seems to have been used as place for money making by conglomeration of the politician,business man and beurocrates to the detrimental of the poor.

                     Some critics call it 2nd Swiss Bank also as here their seems to be lots of unaccounted  money transaction.As here to the critics view the Havala transaction is at its zenith which may soon jeopardize the countries sovereignty also.
                       Thus Baba Ramdevji the man who earned money by honest way and is seen really irritating about this black money need to intervene here.As the number one source Swiss bank is now very much aware of Indias concern for it.
                        As this black money always seems to have been used by the ISI also.As their can be non of this injustice and evil things under his very nose.
                 As place where the righteous are suffering the good man from other place must join in.So I did in case of Babajis own time of problem also.
                See to side with the dharma is seen as Hindus real duty also.As this State is now seen to be clearly divided between two camps like in the Mahabharta days.
                        And great man will like to work with the divine power at work that too in his life time as such must join us.As whatever be the explanation of the haves class, can they explain their large number of the flats in the Goorgaon and Noida also?
                 The real solution of the financial and economical development of this tiny State will come by sending CBI to bring quick justice in the scam like PDS; where the crores of money seems to have been shiffoned of.
                       And the accused are seen to be operating like mafias with non daring to say anything  against them.So much so that some Publics in the rural areas seems to have been made more shorter for eating of their ration quota by some.

                                Yet the old contractor seems to be not removed or their firm black listed.Instead of the Hon`ble High Court case against them also.
                                      To some critics view the alleged scam doers seems to have nice plan to even capture all the political post also.This is for their own security.And so some believe one who is going to fight this anti poor practices is going to be the true reflection of Him in earth.
                  And thus the controversy about the extra  recognition to the Sai Baba in compare to Sanatan Dharma gods should end here.With the  great man like Narendra Modiji alive and doing more then the saints also which is need of time also.
                As some Mukhotas have to be opened as they are the ones who are bringing this notion that money is needed in election by hoock and crook and they seems to be the real Public enemy also.And it is here where there is less media coverage Modiji and RSS have to be more vigilant if they are really in Lord Ramas side.
                       Thus man like Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji,Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji,Hon`ble BJP party president Amit Shahji and above all Humble MOS Kiren Rijijuji have divine duty to clean this Arunachal Pradesh society where situation is hopeless.
                As soon it is done the better or some of the crooks may instigate fire within the BJP camp also.And thus the search for the new BJP Hon`ble C.M face in the Arunachal Pradesh may be needed now to remove this anti poor Political INC party ones and for all.
                                        This in fact all seems to be demanding now as the present conglomeration of the

corrupted haves class can be perhaps fight by a coordinated attack from all side.That too from right now itself under an able leadership.And many Publics seems to be preferring one like Kiranji himself for this coveted post of Hon`ble C.M.
                           And the right time today seems to have come for change with even the communialism policy seems to have boomeranged upon the local INC party leaders also.As now there is seen infighting within powerful communities also,so today how long the evil will succeed?Thus for a good work their should not be further delay also.
                       Thus instead of giving a money to this corrupt regime which is heard to be yet to submit the utilization certificate of Rs. 3000 crore overdraft.Many feels the BJP High command must put President rule in this INC led State.
                       As many feels enough of using the Public name as excuse by the looters and cheaters.As few seems to have made the Publics so pathetic that they have to only wait for the election to make some money.
                   And this time the general Publics also seems to have come of age.After all we could have also excelled in life have it not been this emotional feeling for their betterment.And many Publics now seems to be respecting us also.
                  And like in English movie one has to perhaps learn to shoot at enemy instantly instead of dialogue which may give chance to enemy to elope.This advise perhaps seems too true in this part of the world where some is seen to be wining only for their seeing their own interest.
                 See the political culture also demands that do something when one is in a position to do something.And

many believe the day the President rule is clamped here even the heaven may rejoice.
                 As this Arunachal Govt.ruled by INC for ages is seen to have not been formed out of genuine Public mandet also, as non in fact liked the earlier simultaneous election also.And many are now feeling that the present Govt. should have been not voted also.And accepting that the ill gotten money was alone used by this INC Govt.
                 And by force or deceit many opposition leaders seems to have been silenced in last election making some 11 Hon`ble MLA`s elect unopposed.This seems to be the common view and fact also.
                 See even the election result is accepted to be sabotaged in some place.As the  rich leaders seems to be acting like mafias to retain their fielfdom. This is what many critics view, thus it is now not time for the BJP to deliver?
                       And this is golden opportunity for the party also as here the INC cannot be undermined in the future also.As they are also conglomeration of the master trickers.
                                  The repeated murders and assault of the outsiders specially -non trtibals and members of particular tribes in the Itanagar area is a issue of grave concern.
               And for this the Narendra Modiji may be needed to send a good Governor to take stock of situation and  impose atleast 2 years President rule before mid term poll to change the things for good.So that the local Public here get the test of the ACHA DIN also.
                   As if the Special Armed Force Act can be put in the Manipur for cine die why not the Arunachal Pradesh can be changed by president rule?This even seems to be view of some good INC man who sees this alsone now as the true

solution for solving this impass between the centre and State relation.As their seems to be no other way also.
                  And for the Congress man who have always seen talking of the Public interest.This sacrifice may alone perhaps also remove some of their earlier curse.
                           The lack of respect on the big ones is such that.That even the offices is suspected by some to be put to fire to destroy the important files which could have lead to the corruption and scam.
                Thus it is perhaps time even for some ex-excessive corrupted officers to accept to be the Govt. witness of the earlier corruption and nepotism and repent.
                         Mind it he may be also the most popular man in the times to come.As it is open secret that in this State the richest man have become rich by doing corruption and nepotism only.
                                      As for the INC Govt. in Arunachal Pradesh which have failed in all the front .The president rule on the financial irregularity ground may be best option.As till now only few crore rupees is heard to be left with the State exchequer, this is if the report is to be believed.
                    And the State top leaders and beurocrates seems to have developed a habit of committing grave error.As without the planning commission and State exchequers permission also some money is heard to have been deposited and money withdrawn from some private banks.That too infamous and small bank like Vijaya Bank.
                                    This shows earlier their was never any political will to make the state richer and self dependent by the uneducated and redundant leader`s who had no vision.And

        the Hon`ble C.M himself may be now feeling the need for the good leaders also.
                            As earlier here the Hon`ble C.M seems to have been only interested to have a yes man.And now the best seems to be needed for wooing the outside Investors.
                                      And earlier even some leaders of opposition party seems to have been made to win due to the blessings of Hon`ble C.M .But friends if an opposition leader becomes the B team of INC party ,non will respect him in the future also.
                                      Thus in the future the things must change for good as it is question of the political survival of the opposition  leader also.As rising the Publics genuine issues is more important then bringing bad name for himself also.
                                        Today all State money seems to be with few.And so many are saying that the real solutions will be paving the way for a political revolution so that the Publics conscience can be jolted.In the context of the present Govt.their is right now many theories.
                                   Some view that even if the Hon`ble MLA`s from INC they are allowed to merge in the BJP also,one in  presently the Hon`ble Cabinet Ministers rank should be not allowed to do so.
                               As they seems to have become too much powerful and have mislead the Publics enough for their own interest.And besides will never hear the view point of good leaders like Kiranji after sometimes.
                        This is the common mindset now as many alleges the fatty cats have eaten too many rats and seems to be now been habituated with this and made it character/basic instinct in their life.

                                      As one playing cards,seeing crickets and are  always seen spending  the time appeasing the High commands how they can give justice to their respectable  post?
                           This doubt is not without any basis also.As in other neighboring State things seems to be very good.After all the place like Sikkim have greater challenges as there is always bandh call in Sikkim from side of the GNLF yet it is seen doing good why?
                          This questions also seems not to be wrong;and as the world have suddenly changed apart within this 2-3 years and so will the majority uneducated leaders adapt in this new world of e-governance?This is the common question now.As how long the secretaries and the advisers can be trusted by an uneducated leaders?
                                And many Hon`ble MLA`s and Ministers honestly themselves seems to be uncomfortable with this new changes also.As how long one can run away from the State Assembly on the important occasion like passing of the State annual Bill on the pretext of meeting a sick man in hospital.
                   The MLA`s who have been not given ministerial portfolios the Publics may be not against them much.If the two third of those member`s are allowed to be merged in the BJP to form the BJP Govt. in this State.
                        As the present MLA`s not promoted in the INC party may be best among worst, so their joining in BJP can be considered for State interest also.
                As there is always never ending rumor in this State where there is report of imminent shift of some INC man to greener pastures.So closing this chapeter ones and for all may be not wrong.As middle way may not be bad.

                    The average Indians does not know how messy the things are here in this State.There is reason for locking up most of the top leaders in the bar for all the omission and commission;and so far they seems to be taking the help of the State machinery to save themselves.
              And if there is an anger from any corner then I appeal ,their be impartial inquiry on my allegations making me also as a member.But INC party seems to be only knowing the technique of hitting below the belt and the poor relatives may be targeted more after this bomb blast.
                                      You will call it as a personal attack but may be to- morrow everyone will say so.Thus one should not always bank on his power.This is temporary as one day the truth will come out sooner or later.And see if the Kunti Putra Pandavas have not taken up the weapon in Mahabharta who else would have?
                 See here in this State even the local media seems to be directed to not allow criticizing the Govt.and  some indirect pressure tactics seems to be used.
                 And some even claims there is even nexus between all the political leaders irrespective of their background to save their own skin as many are seen entangled in PDS and other scams.
               The journalists have been shoot at,thus this is unacceptable to us as non is above law.How long the meritorious can be suppressed by the use of unfair means.But there are also few good leaders in the INC also but they must be feeling suffocation also.
                     And many Publics are now seen to be praying  that for the national interest even the Hon`ble S.C must  be persuaded  to give the stay order also.If their comes

complications on the issue of anti defection law when this evil INC regime is tried to be brought down here.
             As many believes for self interest also earlier the INC party may have gone to any extent.Then why not for national interest this is done?
                    As some seniors politicians in A.P seems to have become impediment for the national interest also for doing wrong after wrong and fearing non.
                          As some are heard to be making so much irresponsible comment like we will join China if central Govt. does not give funds, forgetting the mess created by themselves. 
             See non will stand for them now, it is only their illgoten money which they use in election that seems to be saving them so far.
               And seeing the quantum of election reforms by next election they may be also phased out.And if they are the real man should continue to stand from the INC party this many seems to be openly challenging also.                
                               As this State have strategic importance for the nation and must be saved from looters who can jeopardize the national interest also.And some may have already connection with the enemy of the State this may be truth also, as so much money in election where it have come from?
                        Ironically in earlier occasion there was also  rumour of the powerful leaders trying to save their corrupted friends in the Hon`ble S.C level also.If it is truth then real bad news.                          
           As other part of the Dist. is also filled with knowledgeable and equally advanced peoples also and cannot sit silently for long.As they have knew the value of

knowledge from long time back even if living in a land locked place.
                So unless there is direct investment by the corporate house in the interior dist. also.The present leadership may be not seen with much respect in future. As some rumor is their that the Private Investors are not encouraged to invest in the other Dist.
              But with the new changed Political situation the INC Govt. though out of necessity will be also compelled to help any enterpreuner in their place of choice.Though many a times unless real problem is faced it is also wrong to make an advanced comment also.
                   It seems Hon`ble C.M is now open to new and better ideas also;it would have been better if he had developed this character earlier.It is time to officially release a white paper vision document  inviting the Investors and do away with the brokers in the Arunachal Bhawan and circle around Hon`ble C.M.     
                As the local Publics deprived of other developments have they also no right to share profit for their own good behavior also?This seems to be common sentiment in this Siang Dist.and in other District also this time.And need to be removed soon as the outside Investment seems to be only scope left now.
              Though Hon`ble C.M may be a good person and if talked nicely he may be also attentive to this problems also; so all my critics are not accepted to take the bad things to him alone.And dare him to do this good suggestions also.
             As for education sector I appreciate the Hon`ble C.M for passing the Private Education Bill which will allow the Private Universities to be established here.Many a times the

outside Investors may be also unaware of the existing facilities here .
               Thus they must be honestly given information based on facts as honesty is the best policy;they cannot be taken for ride.
                          From the Govt. side henceforth a grade/certificate  for peace and security may have to be given to all the Dist.This should be based on the existing law and order situation by counting the number of criminal cases in one year.
                And the committee which will certify this should be filled with the NGO and Opposition leader also.This should furnish annual report of the condition of particular place.
               And may be a His Excellency Governor`s award need to be given to the best place also.See if there is competition and good place or community is alone rewarded ;than all will excel and non can complain on the name of religion and region.
            And see the Investors are very careful about what happens.So in the initial days we cannot afford to loose out for egoism of one person or one community.
                      See lack of introspection seems to have harmed  the Hydro power issue.The compensation of the land owners  should have been given nicely specialy in the Gergamukh project where NHPC have made a Dam.
                           Still now may be 5-6 large Hydro power corporation need to be encouraged by all rising above petty politics.Govt. should not interfere in the money compensation distribution scheme also.The 12 percent State share from the power production is more then enough for whole State.

                              And the Publics should also not think of claiming exhorbitant compensation money.Even in the trans Arunachal Highway road projects the report of the excessive compensation claim is really bad.
                                    I am writing this book not to appease RSS but to make this State and nation great by telling the truth.As the country is soon going to see the electric/power crisis.This can be to many extent removed by tapping of the large resource in this State as there are unending river basin in this State.
               And I am sure many INC leaders will try to badmouth against me to the Christian co-believers for this trying to connect with RSS also.But they need to know that this INC in the A.P is the Govt. which gives a damn about the religious leaders views also from their own also.
                                               And many Christian `s may be unaware that it was only during the INC regime in late 1970`s when their was official persecution programme against the Christians also.
                    This was when the Lieut. Governor K.A.Raja was in the helm's of the power; and in this period the maximum burning of the Church took place in this West Siang Dist.And for this also to some ones view ,the place seems to be under divine curse also.
                           And so the present BJP party filled with divine ordained leaders always need to realize that the God`s favorite food is human pride.He eats it and seems to be savor it with much relish and thus non of the person and community is washed of milk and need to repent.
            The Arunachal political history must be made as one hale of an example for all the nation where all the good man

from the world should be made united to liberate the Publics from the present  corrupt regime.As this State can give many things to the world.
                       As like the Holy river Ganga this have been a Holy land where the Brahma Putra river flows in .The Parsuram made repentance in lohit river and the Lord Sri Krishna is heard to have lived here.See it is the duty of the great man to connect in right mission which is to purge this holy land of all the sin.
                       One of my close relative ones told me a story that one day a mouse was surprised to see a bagful of rice in his masters room.And was very happy that his family will get something from it also.
                          And lo next day he show a trap instead of that rice bag.And tried his best to persuad the hen and dog living in that house to request the master to remove it.Non cared and told that they were afraid of the master.
             And advised the mouse to pray to his own god.Whole night that mouse cried as he was bothering for his hungry family.Next day the wife of the house owner come to check the trap and was bitten by a cobra trapped there.Then the master immediately called a priest to orgaise a sacrifice.
               And in that sacrifice the hen and dog was sacrificed one by one.Thus motto of the story is don`t nullify others problem if you know it and laugh ,the more grevious problem may come back to you in other form.
                 Thus it is time to sympathise with us.It is the time the Bank of Asia and the World Bank fund the project in the Arunachal Pradesh.

                            And for the God`s sake the China should not use its veto power to harm the countries interest also.And who knows by cross cultural exchange undertaken by the Govt. of India their will be soon positive atmosphere.
                As there are also Loba tribe in the China who are seen to be very close to my Galo clan of the Arunachal pradesh.As may be the carrot and stick policy may be also needed to remove this long misunderstanding.The China need to know that the friendly relation will be in the interest of both the countries.
                                          See when you work selflessly and continually work deligently He seems to be with you.And in the end the divine power may Himself ask you as the urdu saying goes-`KHUD KO KAR BULAND ITNA ,HAR INSA SE AGEY KI KHUDA BHI KHUD PUNCHE.BETA BATA TERI REJA KYAN HAIN`
                       The meaning goes like it- make yourself so strong that tomorrow even non other then the God will be compelled to ask –son what is your wish ?The duty of the son of the father and son of the soil cannot be removed as easily.
                             As the one filled with the unending love for it alone will know it.And the poet Dinkar says even the flower prefers being trumpled by this kind of passionate man who want to die for the nation as freedom fighter-

                               Though some INC members are good at playing tricks but for sure that man NAMO will play politics for development of the country rather then winning the election.And he have won the election by this style.And the recent comment of the NAMO that the corruption is more then cancer is really praise worthy.
                                          In fact it was high time the INC party had gracefully accepted that they have been also given good time by God and it is time to retire gracefully.Specially in this part of the world as here most of the INC  leaders have been virtually contractors without any academic record also.Yet they seems to be after finding more Mackenas Gold.
             And some are also trapped in a tragic situation like King Midas and  some might also want to do away with the politics.And only for some of their supporters never ending greed they may be not daring to tell the inner feeling.
                     As it really take lots of stamina,will and commitment to become leader in this State.And even some INC leaders can be credited for this energy.As for making lies and deceit to be successful for so long, also need lot many sacrifice.
                See even if many critics will be also be after me but more there is corruption and nepotism of highest order the more divine power also seems to be using someone  to expose it.As unless there is divine intervention non will also like to write continuously also.
                    See my place is very poor and if I love them I need to do what I can do for them.And when a rich man speak even if it is rubbish how long he can be appreciated?I also accept that it is also not easy to sacrifice in life also.

                   And surprisingly today due to volleys of comment in the fce book and the newspaper many senior leaders may be not aversed to a middle honorable exit rout also,after all they are human being also and must use the rational  mind also.
                     See if a leader crawl the Publics will stand.If he run the Publics will walk and if he fly the Publics will run.There is acute need to prefer my peoples for greater danger in future so we are feeling divine jealness to work for their enlightenment.
              And if 5% of our  plan is also achieved then I will think my sacrifice have been meaningful to some extent also.As when some great man have even lost the loved ones also then what greater thing to be achieved also.From now on just do the work as God will.
                        Thus the allegations against the educated leaders that they are very fast may be unfounded also.As whatever may be the allegations their love for the Publics is it not appreciable ?Though  for their financial limitations they also have many side effects also.
                        See sacrifice in life non like to do we are also no exception also.So the Publics also need to respect the one who does so as it is meaningless to respect the deserving one after he is no more near you.
                   As if critically seen even the haves class is enjoying for one man`s sacrifice also as they act as shock absorver for the society.
                   And as one of my younger brother says the chronic poor and deprived Peoples seems to be using an opposition leader in this State to increase their own coffers.As

the cunning Publics seems to be blackmailing the rich leaders for hiking their price.But never mind atleast the rich have to share some of their loots for us.
               In fact I have no objection if the old leadership also want to show us the magnanimity in that case we can talk with each other.After all we all the politicians in this State also seems to be the victim of a system.
                       System in a way made by all of us.But honestly I never took money in election that is also my credential.And in future also non can perhaps allege me of doing this.Yet win or loss it is the benefit of the Public that have to be seen.
                  Even if my belief have been shaken by INC but in  future also I am ready to sit with any INC local leadership in discussing the common developmental agenda and in issues like-controlling the crimes.
                      But the leader who himself wins by enlisting the childrens in the voter list he should promise to change first.As who wins is not important but the system should be congenial for coming of a better leader.
                      I feel for the INC to come back in power it have to leave all the dirty tactics in election as the manipulative tactics used by them have been given below one by one.And some leaders may have to publicly accept his earlier guilt also after all is God is not their?And will be not wight the commulative wrong doing of all the party workers?
                 May be only giving party ticket`s to the missionery will alone finish some of the earlier sins of the INC party.Or their seems to be absolutely no scope for the party here in this State.
                      And some who are alleged to be bringing truck load of outside voters and is heard to have always 300

numbers of dead non tribal voters not deleted from the voter list in his village.
                And is personally heard to be supervising the bogus vote in election ,what can be accepted of him?Thus now their seen to be need for intervention of the Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh of the present Indian Politics-
                                       Narendra Modiji,Amit Shahji and Mohan Bhagwatji in cleaning this State.As one who don`t respect the democracy should all not land up in his village in the coming State election to show the commitment of the Indians.
                     See the problem faced by the Narendra Modiji in the previous vanaras campaign.And imagine what will not happen in the interior place like Arunachal Pradesh?
                   And  so for a single whimsical senior leader or future bad party observer of the BJP also the whole party and State  should not suffer.And the young leaders we should also promise to never do this illegal work ourselves also.
                  After all the Gandhi family may have suffered more for this injustice meted out to the poorest of the poor by some lower rung INC leaders activity.After all the curse of the Poor Publics may be really devastating also.
              See why I am writing this?and how I am being able to writing this?May be only for the longing of the Basar area Publics who must have some genuine hope from me.
                  As the BJP seems to have been beneficiary of God`s curse on the INC for the excess in the Arunachal Pradesh.And the BJP image is really good and the Publics have much expectations from it.
                                   It should also not take Arunachal Pradesh irresponsibly thinking it as a jungle area.As it may be

more divine commissioned mission then the cleaning the Holy river Ganga also.As after all the Ganga mata was said to be received by our predecessor Bhagwan Shiva who is said to be a Mongolian by race. 
                                    Some senior leaders definitely seems to have advantage of closeness with the innocent villager`s with their political monopoly.As the villagers are compelled to come to them and thus for us this is like Gospel in hell.As many deserving leaders have no basic election expense also and we need help.
             As unless told how our problem will be also knew.See this is only State where even 5% of the contract work is not given to an  opposition supporter.Is it not condition like the state of the Pandavas in the Mahabharta time where they where refused even five village by Duryodhana?
                            But this is also fact that the coming election is going to be the litmus test for the senior leaders also.As the educated youth also seems to be increasingly frustrated and are now seen fearlessly working against some leaders who are seen as mother of all the problems.
                    After all as some believes in some place the Publics seems to have become shorter due to mal nutrition also; as the Public Distribution system is so corrupted that in some place there is report that  richer man have ration card issued in their name while the BPL person in same area have no ration card also.Isn`t it funny?But it seems to have happened  here in my State.
                     Depriving the poor ones of much of the nutritious foods.Thus it is also time youth from the village specially the poor area expose all the misdeeds of the rich

class in their area.And start to respect the genuine leader who have also sacrificed in their life.And their sacrifice should have been seen as their greatest property.
                As a leader with good intention will be good for all.One who uses the communal and regional card is a monster even if he is from near by own place.And his all other good deeds go in vain specially if he have used the bad character for winning election.
                       And thus Youths should stop becoming the pawn for the rich haves class.See this class war must be avoided and so before things goes out of proportion it is time to hit the real source of all the maladies, that is hitting the fattest cat who have made the  Publics suffered most in name of regionalism and communal ism by act and deed.
                          As what we say is small thing what they do is real horrible.So Modiji was right when he told in Itanagar in the 2014 election campaign .See soon who will protect this Arunachal Pradesh Delhi?As he also said that he have heard SABJI MANDI/the vegetable market but not selling of the MLA in the market.
                  And unfortunately this is only practiced rampantly in this part of the world.And when the leaders themselves are essential commodities then who will check the price rise?It is time all the young generation work together to remove this ill practises ones and for all.
                          And as Baba Ramdevji have been always saying the cleaning have to be first begine from the head.Thus this divine land Arunachal Pradesh the land of Sun god have to be cleaned first.
                                 As still now the saraswati seems to be active blessing local priest with automatic Vedic era mantra chanting power in this region.As not long time ago some

priest here are seen to make rain fall and makes sun come out in their sacrifice.And if this area itself is polluted then what will not happen to the nation?
                          Interestingly if critically seen the poverty is seen as the main enemy of all the religion including the Hinduism.The gospel of the other religion in any case cannot be blamed as some seems to do.
                  As when there is social,political inequality the man cannot maintain his religion and starts choosing the easy religion also,this also seems to be truth in some case.Thus this haves class must be removed ones and for all who have manipulated everything.
               See today's haves not cannot even purchase the sacrificial lambs for their puja/sacrifice also.Thus it is time the ordinary Publics is not mislead on emotive issues.As some leaders belong to non for themselves only they are made when some have used their own will they love others?
                       Thus many RSS friends also need to accept that the political transformation in Holy place like Arunachal Pradesh is very important.To save the old mystic powers which knowledge seems to have been lost in other place.
                                              There is need to study the vedic chanting of the Galos in the West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh . As this may be subject of interest to some Hindus.As non is complete by himself and we may have lost many of forefathers vast knowledge.
                       This is the result of the fusion of the local ritual,custom and tradition with the environment in this part of the world.And this English translation of the local mantra can be seen from the writings of Sri Tumpak Eteji of west Siang Dist.Aalo who is a very old knowledgable man.

               And whatever be the reason the excessive greed have been said as the worst thing in all the religion.See if the old Arunachal Pradesh previous important documents pertaining to finance is checked even the ex-PMO beurocrates name may also come up in shady deals.
                         As the bad quality of work done by contractor political leaders themselves in their life seems to be inspiring many bad contractors like them and this they cannot now control also.
                        And cunningly they have been always seen blaming others like the center for lack of funds also.Though the Lions share have always gone to them.They are so powerful now that the poor Publics have they any option  left then to hear them also?
                                          So the change of the guards in the centre have given new hope to the poor and downtrodden in this State.Honestly had their been no political change in the center we may have to also leave the politics also.
        Thus it will be evil to break so many hearts by the BJP which have the power in the centre.Thus even if the present Tuki led Govt. tries to come unless the majority State BJP view is taken their should be no opening of door.
                               As the senior leaders in the Delhi now seems to be real sensitive to this issue.After all earlier the BJP party was the number one sufferer of this practice of jumping to other party also.The Public of State should be assured that one like Modiji seems to be hating the looter more then us also.
                      But since the INC senior leaders they  can afford to go to Delhi they seems to be always in lookout for cooking

something also.And this time if INC leaders are taken in toto in the BJP.
                 Honestly there is so much hatred that Publics may suddenly revert to the INC party also.As all knows that if there is impartial investigation most of the senior leaders will end up in jail.And some INC man are already are seen saying not the party but few are definitely the black sheep.
                                       But the previous election result have definitely given lot of confidence to the new leaders and Publics.A feeling have genuinely come that- it is possible to damp the senior redundant leaders.
                                  As within a very short period and even if their was secret plan of INC to take everyone by surprise many new leaders managed good show.
             As the Hon`ble P.M have even not allowed his union cabinet ministers to retain earlier corrupted cabinet Secretaries.Thus the critics are also sure that he will certainly do something for the State of Arunachal Pradesh also.
                             And for all this disclosure of truth I may be also under life threat very soon but never mind.As what little talent and time God has given me I am using it for my Peoples and soon Modiji may come in our aid also.
             Believe that there are much better human being then me also, even in my own place.But a time comes sometimes when there is need to take an open stand. And perhaps that makes him a greater man.
                        And who knows for my stand and brutal honesty some RSS friends will feel the need for providing me security also.But your all goodwill and prayer support alone is enough, as I am also man of many weakness but hopefully your all love,effection and faith will help me.

                  And above all my beloved State which need good friends and sympathizers also thus hopefully by this article we will become friends.
           As those readers who send me innumerable comment in the blog must be also good man as one liking me without meeting me also is he not adorable?As he may be liking  a good work given by Lord only is it not so?
                         And friends I really need now to truly make my State as the jewel in the crown of our beautiful country.
                 The interested person who want to support me can contact me in my e call me in -91-9436229344 and 03795-.226614.
                        Please this is only for those who really mean business.
                                                                               ..............   To be continue Part-III