Monday, August 18, 2014



                                          The great countries tryst with the new destiny under the leadership of dynamic Honb`le Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji need to be told for future well being.
                                           I am writing this in form of my own story to depict the condition of the average India Post Modiji and present and what is our expectations from him.Specially one who is living in the far end of the line which all the Political Party promises to help.
                     And this story which may seems to be very irrelevant to some.But may be the need of the hour to be told to  know about us and also to think us as family member also, as in together alone we will prosper.
                  My hurting someone will be purely coincidental and out of necessity if one is seen as habitual offender and his self obsession with the power is now going to be future threat to nation.As only for the few excessive corrupted ones the Publics of the State of Arunachal pradesh of India cannot be allowed to develop anti Indian feeling.
                And the readers are accepted to read my journal fully before making an adverse comment against me as non has the right to create a danger for the nation.Which have been painstakingly also made by my forefather late Kargo Basar a freedom fighter and my dear father who did so much for the nation.
                   He  even helped in the donation of the present ITBP land in Basar town of the West Siang Dist. Arunachal pradesh where the 49th Battalion ITBP is now stationed.And very soon after my father is no more I am planning to put an obituary in remembrance of my father Dakto Basarji after this journal . 
                     And this concern of well being of all the States and specially the thinking of the North East Peoples as  Countries own alone will make this nation great.
                 For the average country man does not knows how hard the life is here?see the love have great power on this earth and life after death also.
            And by love alone a solution can be find.I appeal my critics and the brothers and sisters from other religion  also to read my journal with love in their heart.
                     As this is the most important thing they need it, more for their future well being also.As prejudice mind will hurt themselves first as it have been hurting them so far.
                As I belong to a neutral religious community so this thesis may be accepted for greater interest of the country;as is there is  other way out then this also?
             As in the below journal I have tried to work on the honorable solutions between the Hindu and the Islam brothers who seems to be badly in the need of the Peace maker.And I fervently appeal both to give peace a try.
            And there is a price for everything thus it is hoped the real son of the country will discuss this given below formula in all the available platform.
                                   So that finally a best nectar come up.As was not the Article 370 also not product of the constitutional amendment?And if there is love and understanding what is not possible?
                    We need to surmount ourselves with this never ending love and also take the criticism as a healthy debate which is very much needed for some community members.
                     It is time to fill the world with the warmth and happiness but before that to overcome the enemy in ourselves.And this will come by our own purity for which the great Indian Peoples must have been addressed as Sindhi.
              The meaning must have stood for the Peoples living near the Sindhu river who must have  been living  as pure like Sindhu river ;which later seems to have become Hindu.As the ancient Arya Putras seems to have followed the Sanathan Dharma philosophy in perfect manner.
                       See the every good man in the Hindu ,Islam and Christianity who stand for Justice and equality is perhaps embodiment of Lord Rama.The day this is understood the nation is going to be once again great.What the harm in the Hindu brothers idealizing Lord Rama as He have also many good qualities? 
                 As Swami Vivekanadaji have said-`Up India and defeat the world with your spiritualism.`This is what our forefathers have been doing and we have to do.The Hindu brothers track record for keeping good relations with the others is also appreciable.
             After all we are answerable to our future generations as we ourselves study our forefathers struggles to address our present problems.As we are the owners of a great legacy of this Bharat Varsa.
                Thus we can`t sleep until this country is made Holy beginning from the Holy Ganga which should be only the beginning.And why the other religious followers should also fell in this great work.
                      As Swami Vivekanandaji said-`Arise,Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached`.See the almighty Sun god first rises in the state of Arunachal Pradesh of North East India.
             And may be it is here that first His mood have to be kept in good condition, to later bring  blessings in  whole Indian nation also.As if the first place of Sun is cleaned of all the impurities imagine the blessing the nation will have.
           I am appealing you all to help me do this to clean this divine land of all the impurities even said to be mentioned in the Hindu mythological books the favorite place of the Lord Shiva,Great God Brahma the creator and Lord Sri Krishna and Rishi Parsuram etc.

II.WHO AM I ? :-
                             I am an ordinary man and have ordinary views but if lately I have been seen to do some tangible act.Then the extraordinary circumstances in my State may have lately made me to do something which it is you to decide is for good or bad also.
                            I Sri Togo Basar was born officially in 4th Jan.1974 in the Old Market /Nyobum Village of P.O/P.S-Basar of West Siang Dist.Arunachal pradesh India.  
                 I was born to my father Sri Dakto Basar and my late mother Tumbi Basar ( Doji) some 45 yrs. ago.And my foster  mother is Smty.Yai Basar (Kamdak_) and I am truly indebted to her for she have been more then my mother in times of troubles.
                I am also indebted to Smty. Yaluk Basar(Doke) my aunti for looking after us well in our childhood.As she have really cooked hard for us.We are big family of four sisters and 6 brothers .
             The eldest being sister Smty.Tokir Angu ( Teacher),then Smty.Topu Ete`s position comes who is a Business women working with Rashid Habib International Hair Specialist.
             Then comes my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer PHED Drawing and Disburement Govt. of India ,then myself ,then my younger brother Sri Tojo Basar ( A grade Contractor)then comes my younger sister Prof.Topi Basar now Teaching in Law Faculty(D.U).
                        Then my younger brother Sri Toli Basar (Business man) who really loves me and is really respectable from my side also,then serially comes the position of -Er.Tonya Basar(B.E) ,sister smty.Togam Lollen (LDC)and position of youngest brother Er.Todar Basar (A.E Power Dept. Govt. of A.P) comes .

                We are a very close family whatever others have to say also as when it comes to real problem there is seen family unity also.But  even in the Lord Ram`s family their was seen initial misunderstanding also.
                       As sometimes one who goes out of the way to bring misunderstanding in the family have to be blamed more if there is seen bit of disunity.But soon hope all difference will be removed also.As the family is also waiting for the Hon`ble P.M`s assurance of the ACHA DIN- good days.
               As for two successive times the family have suffered for the societies sake in election .Thus it is hoped in the coming time the mother luck and the Publics will have also pity on us.As the swimming against the tides in the politics is a very difficult thing.
              Specially in this State as in the coming election also many senior INC leaders may stop contesting election if they could not get BJP party ticket.But it seems the God needed my family in a time when the Arunachal Pradesh civil society needed the Opposition leader most.
                In fact this was time that in the coming election in this State  like in the Hollywood movie -`Saving Private Ryan`.Where the America Govt. send a special unit to rescue Private Ryan from the Vietnam war zone.
             As the American Govt. finally decide that one family should not make maximum sacrifice.As Private Ryans two elder brother have already died in the Vietnam War.

              Semilier sentiment is accepted to help my family as we have sacrificed enough for civil right here in this State.See the importance of the Democracy in this State which is the front line area of the nation.As if there is real democracy here and it is secured then the nation is going to be secured.
                 Honestly my earlier goodness seems to have been seen as my weakness.Honestly often I wanted to refrain to write against any leader but the leadership in this part of the world have given me no choice also.
              As still now my supporters who are the Govt. Servants are being transferred in the far and wide probably to antagonize me further.Thus this small work is perhaps nothing in compare to some ones never ending greed.
               As being an opposition leader if I keep mum I may be again seen as a weak person as ever.Honestly have the present political leaders have not doubted to have won by unfair means.And have focused in the core issue of development I also would have preferred enjoying my life.
               You call it my madness or destiny perhaps I have been never being made for being mute spectator to the great injustice where the Public's are lied upon in each successive election.As between the two things enjoyment and sacrifice perhaps I have been perhaps programmed to choose the later.
                   I am writing this book with great responsibility that after writing this eloquent masterpiece I may also have to be one who is seen as at least doer to some extent.As one day their will be also pointing finger at me if I am not doing partially also what I am saying now.

                          And honestly I am writing this not to appease any one but this is coming from my inner heart.The way Hon`ble P.M seems to be saying in his speeches.Honestly for a great man their must be some divine power helping him as this feeling also seems to be faced by me as in spite of my busy times a power seems to be motivating me to write.
                      And if there is truth and honesty some good man with same view like me may also come to add me in the coming time.As the world was never as good for the one who tried the righteous means as via media.
                     Kudos to Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji and Mahamahim Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji.And our own Sri Kiren Rijiju M.O.S ( Home) who pave the way for us.As honestly had it been not for them then the more righteous poor and young leaders  may have never dared to come in the politics.
                     But the man whom I ideolige and respect very much is my elder brother who is really a respectable figure in the State.My bond with my elder brother Er.Tomo Basar Chief Engineer PHED Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh was platonic from day one.I remember running after his back when he rode by cycle for first time.
                I remember taking dinner for him in hostel crossing the bridge where their was rumor of evil spirit dwelling in the bridge and at that time it was the greatest challenge for me.But with heavy hearts and yet with the mission to serve my brother  I use to cross that bridge every evening.
                And this  seems to have made our bonding more closer also. I will perhaps be never be able to give back the love he have given to me.But perhaps this bonding have also made me emotional dependent on him.
              But my brother have been always skeptical of service of the society through political means.And some Society members,being admirer of our United family nature seems to be also thinking big brother should have been campaigning for my MLA candidature in the previous 2014 State election from day one.
                But I blame those critics as I wanted the Public's to vote for what I was standing.As I have tried to always uphold the principles of justice , equality and fair play and so wanted to bring a new political,social and economic revolution by trying to bring a political revolution by contesting on this points alone.
               As inclusive growth giving decision making chance to all is the need of time in this State.As the best Govt. need to be one who rule the most.The Hon`ble P.M`s speech in the 15th august 2014 compelled me to join the BJP on the 16th august.
           As the feeling come to me that yes this is the man who will really give chance to the deserving leader even in the last row.And I appeal all my friends in other party barring the INC also to join BJP and give united fight against the INC in the State of the Arunachal Pradesh India.
               And my decision already seems to have its effect as all the opposition party in the State seems to now believe what I am believing and seems to be hoping that.This Modi Govt. will definitely remove the corrupt leader of the INC party.
             And Public of this State hope they will never accept them in BJP, as the old wine in the new bottle have been main source of the decaying of this State.
            And soon the whole nation may suffer if they are allowed to continue enjoy the power any more.As the worst thing the nation will like is terrorism in this part of the country.As here now the gap between the rich and the poor is too much.
                      And this State is near the China which already have evil eye on it.And thus the extra talented elites of the State cannot be allowed to be politically persecuted any more.This at least the one thinking for the nation like the RSS seems to be taking seriously also.              
                  For long our goodness seems to have been seen as our weakness.And thus it is time to take help of a bigger platform which is more powerful.As some leaders have expertise in winning the election through surreptitious means.And this is real danger for the democracy here.
               And while I think there is need for the Peoples revolution in my society some seems to be in no hurry.See their can be a ideological difference but no personal enmity isn`t it?As I may be right or they may be right but truth may be also in between.
                                  But truth seems to be in my side as how come a political leader who have only four crore rupees five years back have now rupees 70 crore and above property within 5 yrs.?And his family is said to have become 26 times more richer within 5 yrs. Also?
                  But as earlier since the ruling party was the Guru mantra and as such the INC leaders seems to have been in the vintage position.But for the INC political leaders in this State the coming election is really going to be their litmus test.As it is open truth that in this State 80% aid comes from the center.And right now in the center the power is now with the BJP.
               And I am sure some of relatives who have been unable to help me adequately in previous 2014 election where I contested as MLA candidate from the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly election may be also filled with guilty conscious by next election.
                 But I understand their problem as in the State like this the A Grade contractors are blackmailed their bill are stopped they are blackmailed to support the INC leaders.Even in Ramayana the Raksas Ravana may have not gone to the extent of blackmailing Laxmanji to support him?But out here power through any means seems to be the aim of some leader.
                         Some INC leaders is heard to fall to such an extent that even the voters from the neighboring constituency are paid in election time to cast the vote in their constituency.More the bogus vote more money seems to be paid.Even the cable network service are heard to be denied to the opposition leaders.
               The cable network owner seems to be pressurized to do so even if the opposition leader is his own relative.Man everything for power.Yet as I am youth and have time ahead in future they may also help me in future,one never know?

                      Thus better to move ahead in life as it is a learning process only.But really feel more sorry for the Rural area and the unemployed youths, whose future is more bleak as when the great leaders like Narendra Modiji is talking of great things like FDI in the State.Will the old leadership give justice to the Post?
                         My father Sri Dakto Basar is an iconic man for our society.As He have done so many things for my Society and seems to have put this feeling of society service attitude in me.He was a very tough man in our childhood days;he seems to have been strict to us as he wanted us to be a successful educated man.
               As he seems to have understood the importance of education in his initial days as he moved around in his young days which was a uncommon practice in his time.Thus can be credited for educating all the siblings.As he even went to Kanpur during a time when seldom few crossed the Guwahati.
                       When it come to social and charitable cause he was always ahead.And in many ways Peoples call me my fathers reflections also.As he is very honest,impartial ,truthful and daring man for which many seems to respect him also.My father brought for the first time -the barber,shoe maker and the carpenter first time in the Basar town.                    
                       See in this place of mine their seems to be right now worst transition period with all seems to be after Roti,Kapda aur Makan.E,i- Bread ,Cloth and House.The problem with an educated and enlightened here is he is confused weather to see the society or his personal problem.And here my father was the greatest encouraging to encourage me to think for others.
               As their seems to be a great need of a good leader now who have long record of sacrifice and knows the in and out of the society.Thus I am writing this journal for other`s also who may be in the greater mess.And as some of the senior leaders are seen as shameless the new may be also needed to have this trait to expose them.
                       As why shamelessness in exposing the excessive scams and the never ending greed of some persons?May be time have also come to help the citizens opening facebook who want to expose the lie and deceit of the excessive corrupt leaders.As why not take the help of the blessing of the God to the helpless poor leaders in the form of the social network cites?
               As still now though body language seems to be deceiving some of the redundant uneducated and whimsical leaders in this new world of e-governance.But some still seems to be busy in making their own empire through surreptitious means.
             Honestly insulting them and defaming some were never our intention.But how can be one person be allowed to jeopardize the interest of the whole Society?As the present Youth seems to be now so frustrated and soon something must be done for them.As some man seems to be real fast good for themselves but is it fruitful for society?
                 As can a deserving person in a hot post can he not deliver better also?In fact it may have been time for some senior leaders to perhaps retire with grace.As the future is really unpredictable as the world have changed so much within few years.
                And the Public's are now severely watching the performance in the State assembly also.As the uneducated leaders helplessness in the State assembly is already is talk of time.
                      As from some critics perspective the old leaders intentions may be good but they are seen unable to deliver in this new world.This ground reality seems to have brought me in the political field after all some have to say spade an spade.
                    As how long a young leader only because he is unable to give good present/gift to the central leaders can be sidelined?Or have no much money to move around to meet the Public's can be rejected?
                After all is it now not the general Public's who are suffering terribly?Specially one in the interior place for whom it may be now time to take up weapon as some frustrated youths seems to be planning.In fact for the welfare of the haves class also the peacemaker and social activist like me is also needed.
               As it was time to give political leadership chance to a more deserving leader.So that he bring more development through his creative means.One who do less contract work and is busy with this single mission of deliverance.And this can be really done by one who is inspired by one like Hon`ble P.M.
          And for the one who really believe in the BJP ideology and love the beloved leader like Modiji and Kirenji he should help them choose new leadership  as this alone will help this State and the  nation.

                    As the more vibrant this State is more secure will be the nation.As unless the accountability is brought in this State and creative way used to develop this place the nation can never be saved.
                    As my State of Arunachal Pradesh is heard to be the 2nd most corrupted place in Asia.As we need power to change our Peoples condition from worst  to better.As a selfless leader can do many things.
               And for it perhaps some had to show it himself first and thus those who refused to take crore of money offer in last 2014 election from INC party.Are they also not respectable?
                  As in this State the Publics seems to be made to be hopeless with the leadership; and this seems to be making them see all with the disrespect.Thus for this some was needed to tie the bell in the neck of the Cat.
                       As some of the present leaders may have good intentions also.But definitely they seems to be inadequate in this new world of e-governance.As though there is no ground to boast about our qualification but man in the big post in today's kind of situation seems to be needing this know how.
                    As within this few days the world have changed apart and understanding this Hon`ble P.M seems to have emphasized the compulsory use of e-governance/e-tendering in contract work above Rupees one crore.
                      But this seems to be defied here in this State.The problem with the State seems to be the redundant leaders seems to be compelled to bank in the money and muscle power even after election for their inability to change in the new world.
                          And interestingly some senior INC local leaders may be finding themselves more in the uncomfortable position for their lack of knowledge.And some of their relatives may be ashamed of their performance in the Hon`ble State assembly which is now also filled with the educated young and dynamic leaders.
                 As  today time is really money and thus for how long through the manipulation one man can continue to rule the society?As for one man`s power obsession how the society interest can be jeopardize?As unless given chance to other brand of politics how ones merit can be evaluated?
                 As today the dream of the short time solution by the senior leaders have been exposed.As after election nothing is done.Thus next time the voters will either vote for a change or ask for more heftier amount in election.And the one who have created this mess can he change it also?
                See if their have been no hijacking of democracy and one have won by fair means basing on his good work this would have been other matter.But out here in this State of Arunachal Pradesh honestly the young generations are seen to be better leaders from all the angles.
                    And their removal by the foul means will be condemn able from all the side.Thus some leaders seems to be themselves ashamed of their deeds.After all will conscience leave a person also?As some is said to have also divulge his role in the boastful way.Whereas the true confession was need of time.
                         Funnily the practice of the foul play in the election is heard to be boast by some senior leaders as their smartness.But will the civil society should be amused?That too in this new world of enlightenment?
               But their where also good voters who also stood with us in our worst crisis and they are greater man from my perspective .As they could have also taken money in last election.
             But stood with the truth and justice I salute them and history will remember them as their will be never more greater challenge like we faced in the last election.And interestingly many still seems to be not regretting for choosing me also even though we lost honorably.
                  See power is not a privilege it’s a responsibility you have to think about this voters who have been friends in bad time.And eventually this grass roots blessing`s matter most.And the BJP party surely seems to be caring about their sentiment as the common Publics are innocent and have divine blessing with their decision.
                          As this BJP party with the difference takes all the cadres in the same footing. Thus.Thus my joining BJP in a small gathering in Basar town in the presence of Sri Nyamar Riramji the Block President Basar Unit.And Sri Yomto Jiniji  the Dist.President West Siang Dist. And Sri Tumke Bagraji the Hon`ble MLA BJP 30 Aalo west Assembly constituency is more then enough.
                            As this three great man have already served the party in their various capacities.And the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modijis speech in the 15th aug. 2014 was simply irristable as if this man is not given a good number of chance to work for his vision then it may be great disservice to nation .
                 And thus my  joining timing on 16th aug. 2014 was simply perfect from my well wishers perspective also. Who also think that the Hon`ble P.M Modiji may like to help the leader of a minority religious community also to show his parties pan Indian view.Though some INC man are calling BJP with full of Hindutva agenda .
                 Thus for the BJP also time to show that it only mean for the national interest.And the Hindutva real meaning is the upliftment of the poorest of the poor person and community which have been the real will of the Lord Rama also.
             As ironically even if the minority Christian religion population have become 40% in my constituency.But it have been so far never given political leadership chance by the INC Govt.which talks about Secularism.And interestingly there are minority Christians in the INC party also.
                         And even if some local senior leaders here seems to have mastered the art of winning an election, but seems to have fallen in all the front from true sense of terms.And I appreciate my father for giving this valuable education and knowledge to all his siblings from day one.
                                As the value of love,vision,inspiration,forgiveness  and sacrifice etc. an educated man alone seems to be understanding more.It is said even if the educated leader does not do anything his elevation itself is greatest motivating factors to the new generation students.
                        He is the enlightened one called Buddha in Buddhism and have been advised to the Pandavs to have this virtues by the good king by Bhism Pitamah in his death bed.And that man alone may serve the State and the nation better.
                     Today the poor condition of the State  seems to show the in sensitiveness of the INC Govt.But in fact blame also need to be shared by Publics also.As the saying goes –`Rise of Evil is due to the silence of the good peoples.
                          The Public use to forget that the promise made in election is never fulfilled by some.And everyone's vehicles given in election is ultimately getting damaged; and  everyone is suffering due to poor road conditions ,but many still refuse to change their outlook and seems to be after Individual development.
                    So is the case when there is poor Hospital and school in our State.The BRO in Arunachal Pradesh itself is now seen to be the epitome of corruption and now the Basar town road within 30 km.of radius  is in horrible condition.Hope soon the trans Arunachal Pradesh Highway project will improve this.
                 To some Public's view the real solution for improving this State lies in coming up of vibrant opposition party.As even if some present leaders promise to  change now they have lost credibility as they are the ones who have started the mess,now many are seen saying this openly.
                    So the proposed National Highway from Likabali to Basar town must be made soon and preferably it should be made from concrete cement also.In fact this NH- 52 Highway should have been funded earlier itself.And the INC cannot take credit for its funding as whichever Govt. comes this defense roads should be kept above politics.
             This many thinks as this new Highway can cater the defense need of the 30% Chinese boundary area.This time the BRTF must be vigilant in executing this work through the sub-contractor`s as the Public's are increasingly frustrated now.                         
              My father Sri Dakto Basar was instrumental in number of philanthropic work.As he was instrumental in donation of ICAR Govt. land made in  Gori Village of Basar town where largest agriculture and horticulture research center have been set up after the zonal head in Shillong.And the KVK center in the Bam Village area.
                         He is an example of a Desh Bhakt who did so many things for the nation on his own way.And today also is feeling proud to do something for the nation.As it is pertinent to mention that in his time the kind of sentiment he had for the nation was not seen in other folks.Besides his being the unopposed ASM /Panchayat leader of the Gori Village seems to have helped him for this developmental acts.
                          See it was time when the leaders where really respected and father made good use of it.I remember my Taru WRC field was given as lease to the Govt. research dept.This really helped in the enhancement of the crop production in the Basar area by introduction of the IR-8 rice breed.Father ones told me that he taught the angling technic to the Apatanis of the Ziro plateau.
                                    The construction of the Gori-I Dere/meeting hall, Gori Village School and the Gori football field too many extent is credited to him.Even some credit him for starting the cinema hall in the Basar town. And even put many unemployed youths in the Govt. job.He was instrumental in bringing the non tribals bussiness man in the Basar town.
          And ITBP Army land of Basar town was donated to central Armed forces on my father`s behest only, and it was donated without any compensation by the Publics of the Basar area.On this account he expects 21 Gun salute when he dies also.
               We have so much Childhood memories with the ITBF and  SSB senior officers.And surely for me this developments have helped me develop the respect for the JAWANS also as we played with so many officer children s in our Childhood.                  
              My father tried all he could do for my society-In the bussiness field he was instrumental in bringing the Saw Mill for Timber operation ,bring the Rice Mill and Power Tiller dealership made by J.K Satto Co. for the first time in the State,this was in partnership with one R.P Chabria from Kanpur whose son Alok Chabria is still running the business in the Gauhaty.
                Perhaps he wanted to bring new technology for the Publics to have better life.He brought the Horse for the the first time in Basar town.He was short of true Cow Boy of the country also who firstly brought Horse in the Basar town and ride it along with his friends.That too with a white cane hat which was his trade mark.
                                And like him  I have also this urge for adventure and yet I am  remain rooted in this soil.Think global live local is also my Guru mantra.I have to accept what I am is because of my father.
                   And it will be also wrong for a Child to disrespect his parents isn`t it?And thus thinking of fulfilling my fathers desires which is my duty also.As he seems to trust me for a good future leadership in my area.As he always says my Togo is selfless,one day everyone will flock to him.With the blessings of parents future may be not bad also.
                        As interestingly in our State also when some senior leaders had made large Shops and Tea garden; and started thinking that he need not have local voters anymore.Then he fell down also.God knows why?May be the voters got bored.Or the aged leader become lazy also.Thus in this State also everything is not fine for some whimsical leader in the end.
                  My father He was also instrumental in donation of the Staff canteen land to the Govt.for making market in Basar town.This is acknowledge by Sri Boken Eteji a very respectable senior member of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh Aalo also.
                 Old Bokenji was another great man in his own right as he have been Zamadar from British times and knows many things.And till date a very respectable figure in the State also.
                        He was also  one`s certifying to me that my mother late –Tumbi Basar was the first lady to file litigation against force marriage in the Aalo Bango Keba.Which is the apex Court/Arbitration center of the Galo community of the West Siang Dist.till date.
                 This he was telling me happened when he was the Zamadar of the West Siang Dist. Aalo when the Arunachal Pradesh was called as NEFA.And R.N Haldipurji was the Deputy Commissioner of the Dist.who later become His Excellency Governor of Arunachal Pradesh also.
                   And Bokenji he was really appreciating the bravery of my mother as he was saying that at that time all the Galo society was up in arms against her for her dare to challenge the male dominated society.And was also appreciating  lady Smty.Haldipur an educated lady for helping my mother and opening eye of whole society.
                     As earlier the women where heard to be subject to untold misery in my society.And on that account I hope some day the Women Welfare Society of Arunachal Pradesh will recognize my mothers contributions in Women right emulsification in the State being the pioneer of their right.
           Nyigom Bokenji as popularly called ,was also seems to be acknowledging that my father was also contractor in the opening of the NH 52 Army road from from Basar town to Ego town in Everest which was made under Bokenjis survey ship during time of the D.C – Haldipurji.
         As my father always claimed to make 1 chan contract work which is equal to 30 this road near Shiv mandir which still seems to be the hardest part of the road.And thus his claims is now verified .
             And interestingly for 30 mtr. It seems the contractors where only given Rs.500/-( Rupees five hundred only) which was a not much a profitable venture in my fathers own time also.Neverthless Boken Eteji and Haldipur can be credited for infusing that jealness for making this things possible by the nearby villagers.As there is definitely something about the God gifted leadership.  
                    My mother Late Tumbi (Basar_) Karso of Doji Village was a very noble  and advanced lady of her time.She is still remembered with great respect till now.She was also part of the  Republic Day parade Ponu Cultural troup in Delhi during her time.This must have been in seventies.And was also first to open a shop in Basar Bazar town and this seems to have encouraged other women folks also.
                                   As she seems to have seen the good condition of the working women in Delhi and may have wanted the other womens to know dignity of earning through a better mode.As honestly the condition of women is still not good here in this State;and honestly I want to really do something for mothers to see the smile of my mother`s face in some of there faces.                        
                    Thus I am still associated with the Women Welfare Society of Basar town.I feel the representative should not only think of doing contact work; but think of passing good bills in the State assembly also.Then only the condition of the women will improve.
             After all oneday our own daughters will be also a women so we need to really change our view for them.We have fortunately a Hon`ble P.M who also is adorable for this qualities.
              This in fact seems to be the real duty of a leader also.As this is really insult to the great Public when some leader is earlier heard to have not allowed their workers to be even issued passes in the State assembly also.But this seems to be happening only in this State.As for some if they are joining politics only for their business aggrandizement then it is wrong.                                                        
                                       See honestly  my mother is always heard to have been very upset of my future along with my younger sister Prof.Topi Basar now teaching in  Law Faculty Delhi university who was very small in her death bed.My mother may have been aware of my tough days ahead in life.
                  And my mother she unfortunately died with great pain and hardship from cruel Cancer disease.And my beloved mother even though absence now,seems to be always their guiding us.We will always miss her May God bless her eternal soul.
                And for me it  is my greatest loss to have no mother also.But I have my mother land-India and how can I let it be lost again?And lately this feeling seems to be bringing me closer to RSS Peoples who seems to have also many adorable qualities also.Atleast in their jealness to sacrifice for the nation which is needed most.
                  As my mother died of a illness but many of us are going to perish due to our own foolishness.So can the RSS brothers can be blamed for not sitting silent?Is their pro-active roll of putting Narendra Modiji directly as Hon`ble C.M then Hon`ble P.M  is not benefiting the nation?
                  And if they have been not their then who have been the spiritual harbinger of this Society?Thus they also need to be appreciated.See the success of great man like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji can be also credited to her mother,and philosophy of great man like Swami Vivekananada who is his ideal.
                As the reason to live and work for the nation is so self satisfying.And so brothers and sisters I have to accept this publicly that loss of mother is an  irreparable event but let us not loss the motherland also.
                  As still  there are so many mothers living here and atleast they need to be saved; and above all the land that have even sustained us by giving the much needed crops and fruits.Is it not repectable more?
                              In my child I  was suppossingly heard to be called as Matti Raja by few that means- King of Soil as I was find sleeping in ground,eating soil and playing in the soil whenever I was find absent.
                                    And thus this grass root connection with the soil ;and love for my motherland seems to have been developed in me from day one.And this way unknowingly I seems to have become Dharti Putra I,e- son of the soil as my friends call me.And thus this RSS feeling kind of things seems to have developed in me from the day one.
                       And one feel comfortable working with the man with the same idea.
                                   To be continued- Part -II