Sunday, August 24, 2014


V.THE NEW MANTRA FOR SUCCESSFUL LEADER:-                                           
                                                Some of the present senior rich and excessive corrupted leaders may have already got the trailer of the coming days to come in previous 2014 State election in Arunachal Pradesh itself.
                       As the Tsunami called Modi mania seems to have done more damage even then the America`s Bunker Buster missile also.As the last Tora Bora mountain cave the hideout for the vision less ,excessive corrupted politicians from this State stands to be its last target and the missile seems to have been already locked.
                And when the INC party citadel  have been itself demolished in the centre then what to say about a less important Fort like in this State.Thus though some contractors may be now misleading some senior leaders and telling them story of old glory.
                   But honestly time may have come for retirement for some leaders as their days in the future may be numbered.And any of their mischievous plan may not work in the coming time. As the  Judicial activism may soon catch many of them.
                             After the chronic Roxi (Cheap liquor) addicted Nepalese have been also made hypnotized to each word of the Hon`ble P.M Modiji.In his maiden visit to Nepal.Thus soon the time for the washing of the senior leaders of the Arunachal Pradesh seems to be nearing now.

                 As the Public's have lately knew all the nitty gritty of politics and seems to be respecting some leaders like Hon`ble MOS Kiren Rijiju alone from their heart.
              And those leaders who have earlier displayed their property brazenly is seen to be highly disrespected now.As the Public's have realized non will give anything to them.And they have no future plan for them and have been a bad example for the society to fall down so low.
                          Honestly the politics was never my first interest but the destiny seems to have left no other option for me also.As when  you truly love your society you cannot see your own interest;that too when  your society is in worst transition period.
                     As can a true society loving person can be an escapist also?As the mess created by the old leaders will be always their to be clean even if the new leadership wins also.
           But if they have better vision and plan then they must also come forward.If not them who else will?As soon in the coming time their may be lack of interest in politics as a way of self aggrandizement.
                  Some friends tells that-the kind of person you are you should have been settled with a beautiful girl in Europe or Australia.But may be I would have die a frustrated man that way also.May be it has something to do with my gene as like father like son.
                                             And  may be some one in my family had to suffer for societies sake after all there is sacrificial blood in my body also.As honestly things are not going the right way in this State and their seems to be now no better person to think for the society interest also and call spade a spade.

            As unfortunately looting have become common order of the day here in this State.And sometimes I wonder why that mindset to be not silent and mind my own business nature have not come in me also?May be the destiny wants the best among the worst to be with the Modijis camp in this historic occasion.
              As even the family members,relatives and friends are also suffering with you when you are into serious business called politics.But  perhaps some cannot help it,seems his destiny is to serve others by shouting loud.
             As the truth is the most potent weapon and finally many are now following their foot steps also.As after a long Kumbakarnas sleep we the Indians seems to have arrived with a big bang.
                    And after initial reservations the Public's here seems to be also accepting us.As earlier the Public's where mislead-ed to think that the senior leader`s was giving money from his own personal property.
                  And the new leadership was good for nothing.But in the new world we need an all en- composing leader like Modiji and Kiranji.And if you are not one forget about doing politics seems to be the message in the wall.
                             And the earlier the rise of the evil was definitely due to the silence of the good Peoples.The good leaders earlier seems to have been too shy and we have learnt the democracy is getting your voice heard by hook and crook.Thus for first time the mother nature seems to be giving equal chance to all.
                 And so today when you are in right side of the fence then why shyness also?Good that this good sense seems to have now come to many Public's and aspiring leaders.Aseventually the society cannot be seen partial to their own boy next door doing good work.
                       As unless new Generations who are educated,honest,filled with good vision and knows to operate the social network cites are allowed to run the Govt. also.In todays time how the State will flourish?
                  Thus in the coming time the Arunachal Public's must target their guns at the real cause of all the problems.As some clever leaders may again try to hoodwink the innocent Public's that their community is being insulted.
                   Whereas it is time to tell them honestly that their game is over they or their relatives have been catch as the real culprit by even the highest legal authority and they must resign on the moral ground.
                 And thus for the old leaders who seems to be only asking their workers to propagate the need for money in election directly or indirectly.Now need to also try to change immediately with the time.As future is really risky for them and their family.
                As so far they have never seen to do something different and make the system and environment Investment friendly.Honestly today kudos to them that non can become rich man fairly in the place like this.
                  See by omission and commission bringing big projects could have been done by any one.Here  exorbitant percentage was reportedly amassed from the contractors in the name of commission to be given in the center.

            But today the real need is inspiring leader who brings corporate investment by his charismatic power.So the time for the contractor leaders is over who are also suspected to be responsible for going back of the important central Projects for lack of interest in the Poor Publics scheme which cannot be looted.
               And for their more concern for the tender works worth crore of rupees they seems to be only working for themselves or the A grade contractors. And this powerful loby along with the beaurocrates seems to be always protecting themselves which is the unfortunate part.
                 The Public's also need to know that even if they eat small money in election they invite bad name.Then it is better to eat a lot of money from the dishonest leaders.Or support a good leader openly as after election all the promise is seen to be gone with the wind.
                     And honestly in the coming time the concept of the opposition party will perhaps finish in this State.As the BJP will have edge in the election.And the Govt. servant may also be compelled to openly support opposition party against the INC for their Roti,Kapda and Makan.
                         But to bring real democracy in this place it is better in the coming election the Hon`ble Election Commissioner atleast bring the concept of the open debate like in the America democracy to break the monopoly of the rich haves class ones and for all.
               As for the national interest some drastic act need to be done in this sensitive border area.As the common man cannot be left to be angry with the system when the China is looking to woe the Publics on the ground of good system in their country.Cultural and racial affinity.

                      Thus the report that Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have refused to accept the corrupt rich class of the INC party in the BJP through merger is a welcome move from the national interest point of view also.
             It was perhaps time like this that perhaps the RSS choose him when non was interested in him.As contrary to other group there is at least one that is looking for the national well being. And seems to be anticipating everything in advance.
                                             As the intentions of some present leaders of this interior State may be not bad also ,but in todays time their seems to be inhere tent limitations with them.As this is new era of lobby politics and the days of compelling others to hear your point of view by only money, muscle force is over.
                  It may work in local label  but not in the national label.And here alone the good statesman is needed. See the modern leader well apt in this will be finally good for all.In fact the present leaders are even unable to deliver goods to their long term supporters also.
               As the media is the new weapon and one have to pursue other with logic and convincing reason also.This is no exception here also as soon the Peoples are seen to be showing their interest in the Social network.
                 After all the Arunachalee Public's are also very smart.Only for many years it have been not given chance to evolve and thus there is seen desperation in the new situation.
               As this is natural process thus those who are now seen governing with the iron fist may soon have problems from the same Publics who have been so far supporting them silently like a holy Cow.                    
                  As at a point of time everyone becomes redundant and of dated and here in this State only some old leaders seems to be banking on his close proximate with the public's.
                                                   And they may be confused of their popularity which seems to be more for fear of his post also.Earlier unfortunately the young deserving leaders have even no sponsors to sponsor their tour programmes also.Thus so far their was never any fair war.
                 As here in this State earlier the Hon`ble C.M meant everything.And all where seen after appeasing him by any means.Honestly in coming times the local leaders importance cannot be gainsaid also.As there is few leaders worth respecting in the BJP.
                          But this days if you are real genuine person the goodwill also seems to be coming from all the corner.In fact even with all short of the good Publicity the money spend by the Modi camp in last election  must have been very less then the Gandhi camp also.
              After all Modiji himself was the greatest crowd puller and he still does.And man like him will do so always.And the good part is he seems to be liking man like himself.And others unlike him will die of fatigue even if they get chance to work with him.
                     The system build by the Gandhis seems to have finally devoured them also.As today everyone seems to have wanted a slice of cake of the INC success story which eventually cannot be given to all.
                Thus Modijis immortal dialogues was preferred in last election as he atleast talks of hope.The man is real genius that even the Americans hook to his every word.And see his any function itself becomes a festival.Man he is a real magnetic person and will surely take the nation to new height.               

             Thus in the coming time the real litmus test will be seen of the senior leaders who have so far seen better days then other .But given chance some young leaders may not do bad as well and for the constituency like ours their may be always more expectations from the Public's side also.
                Thus it was time for the senior leaders on whom the burden is their to now talk sense.As rules can be never different for the rich class.As they stands to gain more before they and their family is caught in the corruption cases.
                     And honestly some leaders may also show their large heart by calling it a day and give political leadership chance to young leaders also.And good if that happens as that way all may gain also.
                  As if the change of guard is peaceful nothing like it.Let the new generation leadership fight among themselves.As atleast they may not involve physically as the earlier leaders seems to have encouraged to their workers.
                        As this is a historic era where the Publics should not accept to see tamasha of fighting of two leaders tied like Bull  with the same rope and accepting it to fight.As we have a terrible responsibility to feed the hungry Publics.Yet if their is ready for confrontation from other side we are also ready from the BJP.
            As this State is in the unique position due to successive betrayal of the Publics.The senior leaders themselves seems to have dug their own hole.As in the coming panchayat election it is improbable that the INC part will even get the panchayat candidates also.If it happens it will be not surprising also.
                  As even if the other State may survive but the INC party ruled State in Arunachal pradesh is depended on the central funds of the BJP.This is fact one likes it or not.

                                             Thus their should have been mutually accepted middle way by those top Congress top leaders who don`t want to commit harakiri.
                                   As here in this State very few can endure like Hon`ble MOS Kiren Rijiju who had to contest number of times to make his mark also.That too without a God father.
                 Though the new situation seems to have favored him.But he had also good friend circles as his studying in the Delhi University seems to have helped him.So he will definitely go ahead in the life also many believes so.
                And today after historical political revolution in country which brought the NDA after long time.The going will surely get taugh for the UPA.As this group have always monopolized the power and not only that they seems to have abused it also.
        And so it may seems to be making comeback bid for sometimes; but eventually the deliverance of the Hon`ble P.M will stop the UPA comeback believes the critics also.As truth alone will triumph.
               The modus operendi of the Congress party in State like this is like ruling by iron fist in the North Korea.How long any one will like this?As by nature man is a free animal.Modiji talks of all encompassing system where their will be chance for the poor man to become also rich.
               A change may be soon awaiting here in this State also.As the Hindi saying goes-`KARBUJA KO DEKH KAR TARBUJA RANG BADALTA HAIN.`As the social network cite have also come in a big way to help the leaders who had earlier no platform.

               Honestly earlier the man with little money have been seen as an untouchable and OBC in the State like Arunachal Pradesh.But many guardian angels are heard to be planning PIL in the Hon`ble Supreme Court label to rescue the Poor souls.
             But that was not the case earlier, after the good old man Late Tomo Ribaji was defeated this blind following of the rich leader seems to have increased.
            And God is definitely their so all the man responsible for this mess seems to have lost election also.And many seems to be living a pathetic life and awaiting it also.
                        Thus every dog seems to have his day as he have barked and bite so many in their life; so many may be now after shooting them also.As the Chinese saying goes the bachelor lives like a king but dies like a dog.
                  This seems to be the future fate of some INC leaders who seems to have so far left a charlatan life. In last election also many where after finishing each other.            
                 See some of the present INC senior cabinet leaders of A.P may again show the day dream to public's that next time his subjects will benefit more if he is made as Hon`ble C.M.
                 But all seems to be now knowing that nothing can be said in next 2019 State election. As the country is undergoing Hon`ble Prime Minister Narendra Modijis charismatic effects.
                      Senior leaders and their supporters of the INC party devoid of any other qualities seems to be always propagating that there is now acute need of bulk of money in the Arunachal Pradesh. And this they will get by joining in the BJP and they will be soon accepted in the BJP.

                  But this misleading tactics the Arunachal Publics also seems to have understood.As the Karma Yogi Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji is accepted to welcome the performers not looters and sinners.
           As the evil doers are not only against the God but against the truth and justice in which Modiji seems to be wanting  to make the foundation of the great nation.
                    And thus for purity alone he seems to have given such an important post to Hon`ble M.O.S Kiren Rijiju.Who in deeds seems to be a real Buddist.Thus the need is spiritually rich Peoples as leaders as Hon`ble P.M seems to have a unique eye which seems to be seeing inside the skin of a man.
                            As eventually the officers also follow the view of the villagers in the election time;thus it is time the Villagers join the BJP first and take the credit for political revolution in new world.
              As the interest of the unemployed youths and the rural area have been never seen by the INC party in this State.And there is now worst future danger.
                      As how long same class can be given chance if there is no vision document for the Rural area and the Youths by them.And after election see the Publics are blamed for this mess which in fact they created.
              And this loose character of the voters in election for which the earlier leaders seems to be more responsible seems to be made as an excuse to deny development in some place.As time to ask who first offered money and cheap liquor in the election?
                   As last time it is heard many false promise was made in election as usual;and by now the Public's seems to be fed up of this lies like assurance of job to their

unemployed Children`s also.
            As even after being promoted as cabinet minister if a person is seen as liar then why the Public will trust that crook any more?
              So hopefully in the coming election this rural area and the Unemployed youths are accepted  to be more Assertive in claiming their rights.
          As this area and section have been cheated most in most of the assembly constituency. And before it happen again please put the false promise agreement  in the face book and social network cites.
                As what some leaders will alone give in the time of the illness is few money. But see the loss which have been made by the dependency created by them and non opening of lack of opportunity. Thus it is perhaps time to respect the leaders with the integrity.
                                  As the man who is lied for three or more times he is also a foolish person.Problem with this State is the 60% or more of the Publics seems to be so innocent to be manipulated in each election.They seems to be still thinking that Gandhis are in helmns of power.
              Thus the Youths of the interior village have to decide who is insulting them more?By this act of blind following on the communal lines is not proving them as uncivilized?As the leader who is seen to be uncomfortable in the State Assembly is he the pride of his tribe,clan or sub-clan?
                   How long some of Youths may be tried to be emotionally provoked by telling that other part of the constituency member  is seeing them as uncivilized.Whereas on close verification the generation seems to have suffered for some leaders omission and commission.

           As in some interior place where there is less crop due to the less fertilizer in the soil.Who seems to be always seen as the political scape Goats.
                The Poor man`s quota of ration seems to have even been also done away by the PDS contractors making the Youths  even shorter by heights also.
           Thus should the relatives of the accuse in this matters also should not resign on the moral ground?This voice seems to be now interestingly raised within the INC camp also.
                             And thus all should in fact help us in exposing all the lies and corruptions and should come forward to fight with us the stage managed plan of some crooks to be always in power.
                See the fear will never auger well for the development of the society. The history will also question some of the youth`s for blindly following their redundant leaders in the name of the geography and community and clan etc.
                 See some supporters of INC leaders where making successful lobby for the senior leader`s political re-election only for Poor man`s earlier silence. How long Poor Publics son`s and daughters will sleep in dingy room in the Itanagar purposelessly waiting for Job?
             And the children`s of the rich man study abroad see when we where in the Delhi University this financial  limitations where also faced by us.
       And when the local School is not properly tried to be developed then their must be a hidden agenda to suppress the rise of great man from their area.The Publics have reason to doubt this.

                       Some crooks are so heartless that in election time is  heard to be carrying many already made agreement copy to be signed by them and the innocent voters.
            Thus I am appealing all the Publics of my place to deposit me the copy of that agreement if the promise is not fulfilled within reasonable time.Today whom to fear?The one who got cheated are also greater fool`s.
                    As see  some leader and their family is becoming richer day by day,and their help on Publics is much small in compare to their help on themselves and their own family members. In fact I somehow respect those supporters who have taken huge money and vehicles from the redundant leaders in the election time.
                 But those charlatans who vote freely the leaders without vision is he respectable?As a habitual lair how long he can  lie on innocent brothers and sisters?Unfortunately I suppose here in this State about 60% supporters are confused voters for which the worst leaders come back again and again.
         The innocent Publics seems to be so far taking politics as a festival and seems to be blindly following the elders.And thus unless most of the Publics does not support us in the coming election some have also right to say that-`We have not also taken the contract to serve this society.`
                        And see the repeated false promise of Dist.Hq. for the Basar area if it voted the INC in previous successive election. Honestly  had it been in other place then their may have been life threat on the INC leaders life for this false assurance.
        Thus the Public's also need to be awakened and fight for their self respect and pride of the area. After all so many

money was collected as fund for raising this issue by the INC worker`s.Where it has gone?
                As today the physical war have been taken place by the political war.And this is also more easier so why waiting now also?
              As the leader who have purchased voters in election will he give any development work ? And as the power in the center is with the BJP.So it is time to talk the truth.See why the leaders shamelessness character is not used for a good reason other then for their own interest?
                As the more then lobbing for the Institutes like AIMS it will be pathetic if some works for the projects like roads only with a vested interest in mind.See oneday which is not very far away the history will soon question everything done now.
              For some going to his native village may be risky also.That time may not be far for some who presently is using State machinery. As sooner or later the frustrated Publics will cry out loudly. As already many Congress man is joining BJP in many places.
                      How long the blame game can be played.Earlier only the GWS was worthlessly blamed for the sabotage in the Dist. Hq. issue which seems to have finally gone in the Likabali town area.
             But pertinent question at that time was-why our own top leaders did not used social network sites like Ayo Smty. Jarjum Eteji also?Thus better to join BJP and become senior also.As their seems to be no future for this society from the INC Govt. 
              As not only the party but even the senior INC leaders have cheated us.As some Panchayat leaders had earlier openly

promised to reject the Congress party if the Dist. Hq. was not given in the Basar town before Panchayat election.Then it was said before the State election and see what happened?
                 Some sold themselves with the luxury cars and heavy amount.Thus the senior INC leaders and their supporters have been all exposed as liers and deceivers.
                            And the irony is if the local Publics don`t still  rise from the sleep the opposition leaders may be compelled to seek help from this same gang of Basar town to fight with the top INC leaders also.
                           But that is equally true that in the next time if everything goes o.k with NDA in the helms of the power, only the BJP`s ticket will alone matter in this State.That may be not wrong either as first time their is a feeling in this State also that Hon`ble P.M will do something for the State.
              As he seems to be believing in the Daridra Devay Namah in true sense of the term.As so far all the top leaders have talked big big thing but eventually seems to have buckled under the pressure of the Swiss Bank authorities and the manipulative leaders of the State of the Arunachal Pradesh.
                So frustrated are some youths that like the Tibbetians shouting against the Chinese if some thing concrete is not done against the haves class in this State.They want to cry for shouting for the Chinese as many feels that our own rich and powerful class is worst pariah then the Chinese also.
                     But still there is hope as even if the price of the Country may keep on increasing the Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji can be credited for instigating the middle class of the country to fight for their own self respect and pride.

           And at least the NDA is hoped to be successful for another two more terms on that account. As man filled with dignity and human values will be never again be dependent on the Govt. also.
                  And Modiji seems to be indirectly encouraging the whistle blowers also and soon after the unearthing of the coal scam many lead is accepted to be opened in this State like in the PDS scam,Subash projects and many more scams.
                Some even is predicting that in coming election even some of the top INC leaders who have been elected unopposed so far will see the drubbing in the coming election.
           As they may have become dissociated with the ground reality believes many.And thus some see best interest for them is taking volunteer retirement when there is time.
                   As all the evil tactics of the Arunachal Pradesh senior leaders like blackmailing the potential opposition leaders relatives have been exposed.
         And in the coming time non of the trick should matter any more this many believe. And in some place some believes many leaders may get stone as the facing worst anti incumbency this days.
                                         And as few senior leaders are seen to be least interested to follow the rules and regulations of the democratic institutions. Thus they will be the one who will dig the grave for themselves and others if they dare to contest any more.
                 And those officers who sideline the opposition leaders right now may have to face the dire consequence also.And was it not the earlier Congress game plan?Pliz tell which of the officer really respect a INC political leader from their heart?

                   I hope non see when the Congress man secretly is seen adoring Narendra Modijis speech can other be an exception? Thus it is perhaps time for the INC top leaders in the Delhi to close the INC unit in this State.
               And even if some emotional fool want to hear their alter ego they have to accept that by their boldness they will ruin their family also.As have they so far seen any bad times?
                    Especially the business man and uneducated leaders of the State who are habituated to take money without following any norms.They may have lot many correction to be made and will also search some escape goats from now.This specially some smart ones will do.
                    Thus in that scenario can the young leaders can be expected to be naive and fearful in the coming election? As the good time seems to have really come.As the senior leaders will be seen enjoying the power and financial benefit. But soon they have also reason to fear the judiciary.
                    Thus believe it each time opposition leaders supporter is transferred the senior leaders are making their position more vulnerable. As the Govt. servants who are sacrificing their today for tomorrow will they also not be famous one day?
                     And will their relatives be not angry also specially in the coming election?See how long the persecution alone will be made as the via media for ruling other forcibly?And soon this will be the thing of the past.
                            But the preparedness have to be also made by the new generation leadership taking help of what we have.The social network cite is a modern gift to young leaders.

                        Plus the new generation have time and hunger in their belly for doing something different they should use it.As for myself I have to some extent triggered that passion to some extent but lot many still need to be done.
              But in place like this State Individual touch seems to be mattering more and youth leaders can perhaps also beat the senior`s in their own style also.
                                          As they have stamina and agility and need to develop the shamelessness character for the societies shake. 
                               The word of advise for some senior leaders; see the man who himself have seen suffering in his own life is he not accepted to make others not to see suffering also?As wanting others also to suffer is evil thought.
          Honestly earlier I have helped so many leaders even one INC leader who now take me as enemy,can my previous help can be repaid? Is my time  also not precious?
             But funnily the same man who have been helped seems to be after harming you in politics. Specially in this part of the world.This makes all of us to be more vibrant to fight for the morality which is not spirituality alone but truth,logic and need of time.
                                        As the simple and innocent man of the remote State being more closer to divine power should we all have not shown peace and new repentance to the world?
               Honestly earlier here in this State earlier the scene was like- all the crab trying to come out from the plates and no rules where followed and no explanations heard.
                     But lately Public's seems to be seeing the intention of the leader also; as they seems to be inspired by someone like Modiji.And see for man like him the

promotion will come naturally as when God proposes who can dispose that short of leaders.
              As initially the gossip of all short will follow a person who does something good.And his good work will eventually triumph over his bad work.As father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji said the politics without good intention is sin.
                     And this shows the great man Sri Narendra Modiji who started his political career neither as a rich son or backed with good academic degree to eventually outsmart everyone. 
                            After all in the olden times also the will of the God was asked through meditation and what makes the BJP brand of politics look very odd to the rich may be their believe in this mythological believe.
                But is Modiji is not bringing lour ell for the nation by winning- Bhutan,Nepal and Japan?And that great  man seems to have seek thy kingdom first.As his old photo show him as a spiritual man in a spiritual persuits.Today also in his responsible meetings Modiji seems to be under prayer and fasting programme.
           In fact this is his greatest source of power.the difference is some make it a habit and others like us cannot do as much as Modiji can do.Yet all cant be compared with him and what little good work a person does need to be appreciated.
              And who knows Hon`ble P.M  Modiji he may say something better in the China then in America and finally accepted as the best in the world.
                   But before cleaning the world some of our own area needed to be cleaned.And this is needed most in this State where the old leadership seems to have go-spelled successfully that without money earned even by surreptitious means also nothing doing.
              Thus Modiji seems to be the God send person for this State.As he have given a pride to the leader with lesser money even if they lack no commitment.As when many where in the verge of putting down the weapon the great man have arrived with a bang.             

                        See the greatness of a Public and nation will be perhaps seen with association for a right mission.There may be a rich leader but making other aware of a grim situation in one place may be not a bad work also.Plus taking everyone with him for a good cause what other work the leader is for then this also?
                   As here in this State after election the Public's are seen in the pathetic condition playing Pokers game and doing all short of the bad work.Thus the political revolution is the need of hour first in this dying society.
                 As the situation have come where the society seems to be in the worst era then  1947 where some of our own seems to be functioning like East India Company under the British Raaj. 
                                         See the repentance for earlier misdeeds this will come when our own rich class takes up the Investment in the big way.As the comfort zone will help none.See is their terrorism in the Sikkim?
               Thus the rich class must from now invest in the Horticulture and agriculture sector in a big way.As then only the big enterpreuners will join in.               
                                 But fortunately the next time rich leaders all clever tactics like secretly fielding weak opposition to disturb one getting ruling BJP party ticket may be exposed.
                   And if my writings also helped them to change a bit before they are forcibly changed by Public's then it will be perhaps good for them also.
                    But many doubt that it is too late for some of Congress man to change now specially one from NSUI background`s. As the prolong brain wash seems to have made them obedient servant of a system which only help the rich and INC party which seems to have become same side of the coin.
                           The Arunachal Publics after seeing good leaders like Narendra Modiji and Kiren Rijiju need to soon know that.Only the committed man who have all the good qualities can alone bring much needed Corporate investment in the state for removing the never ending unemployment problem.
                   As for a good man they will desist as much as possible for asking for their Individual development.As times are different now.Only the coming of the multinational company should help the society.
                        Thus in this regard the coming of the outsiders via train is also not aversed to some.As they feel for long the haves class have enjoyed enough for less population and they are the ones who have compelled this situation for good or bad.
                                And today the creative leader through his creativeness alone can bring all en composing sustaining development with the nature.As the senior leaders have been earlier tried amply and few alone seems to be enjoying with them.

                  Thus ACHA DIN –Good time is yet to come in this state and what Public's  have been given so far is only lies and in bags.As many senior leaders seems to be utterly uncomfortable in the national channel and news paper.
           And for many perhaps they will never get a chance to express like Kiranji.Thus this State need more of such leaders.And unlike the power mongers the BJP senior leaders seems to be encouraging such kind of dynamic leaders.
                  So long as the person concern want to serve the country.This seems to be so far difference between the congress and the BJP leaders.
                            And what the present leaders seems to be good at is doing more contract work themselves,as they seems to know that the Public only respect them for money.
           As with no education qualification ,vision and statesmanship they seems to themselves know that odds are against them in today`s time.
                        And mind it today begging the contractor work is also not an easy task also.As it is for some of senior leaders own family man.As interestingly it is heard here in this State even some top political family members have 2-3 A grade contractor`s from one single family tree.
                 And thus there is wonder that if  Hon`ble C.M Tamil Nadu Jai Lalita if she is convicted; will some action will be also taken against the Arunachal political leaders whose property have raised over night?
              This is highly improbable as even some clerks have heard to become crore pati in this State with non to take care so far.But one have to accepted in other State there is now seen to be good follow up action in the Z news and Aztak.

                  In last election within one month of filing of property disclosure in election to magistrate one Congress leaders  property rosed from about four crore to about seventy crore rupees.As the Times of Arunachal Pradesh disclosed the facts.
                   Thus will the election Commissioner still do something about it.Not only that one relative of the Hon`ble MLA candidate working as the Govt. servant was cought withdrawing crores of money even after the election code of conduct was passed.
                  Will Election commissioner do something about it?While there is proof with us that their was even no follow up action in the minor complaints.
               And after seeing the prolong waiting of the candidate in the election case in the matter of Smty.D.Padu Vrs. Sri G.Ete.The political leaders have no guts to file another election case also.
                  Thus the Hon`ble Supreme Court is also accepted to be more vigilant in keeping the justice and equality in the interior area.Where many talented leaders who would have followed the footstep of Modiji is now have to struggle for their bare minimum need.
                    And this scene of someone flourishing by the contract work  have effected the quality of work; as when the top leader is a contractor man himself and many believe that he have earned through dubious means then who will follow their speech?
                     And thus the speech of the leader is given least interest in this part of the world.Only recently after Modiji

have brought the glamour in politics the Publics seems to be also waiting for someone like him.
                     Some Congress man aware of their parties wrong ideology seems to have been always perhaps using the violence and foul play alone as the via media for their success. So much so that in this area in some place this is accepted as the integral part of the politics.
                        Thus this society have gone hey ward and all the Peoples seems to be wanting to become a contractor for good or bad.But it is also possible that some best among the worst of the present leaders supporters also have to be taken help of as the Publics seems to be still unwilling to change in some places.                                                   
                             And thus the GSU,APSU,ANSU,BASU , TASUand other organizations need to be made aware of this situations and made to be part of this joint revolution against this injustice.As to fight for justice is the main motto of any Individual and society that have to be taught  in war footing.
                    See the anger is with everybody, only the need is for the unity and integrity to fight some parasites who have become like pariah for the society.
         And seems to be only playing politics with the MLA Lad and Special package under his disposal and using it for harming the society.
                 Thus when critically seen it is not urban place like Basar town but the rural area who need a good leader more.As the uneducated leaders seems to be comfortable with the uneducated workers like them who follow them blindly and perhaps also want to become Hon`ble MLA Oneday.
                  So how long this vicious circle will go on and take the Public backward questions many now?Thus their need for

a coordinated attack from all the stake holders who really think for the society.
                And if this viscous circles goes on then the God is the owner of this society. As will this group will have positive discussions? Thus it is up to the Public's in the rural area and Youth to break this practice ones and for all.
                     And for this to happen their must be more discussion on this topics and open defiance as revolution have a price to pay also as for one man why all should suffer.After all unless all the society don`t cooperate can we get a result?
               Thus more need of time is brave ones who can easily do many things like use Facebook for highlighting this problems.And thus need of time is one who see the bad as bad and good as good.
                 As the need is even if a leader have personal limitations he should be a catalyst for change.See only the innocent Public's are seen hoodwinked; and when their are no pity with the haves class why we should be pitiful to the black sheep of the haves class thinks many now.
                      As how long in last moment in election their will be sentimental appeal on communal lines by few.Whereas in the State assembly the leaders real credibility is judged and some leaders may be bringing disrespect for their area and clan also.By their speech freight and display of helplessness in their face in this important places.
                      As it is only in times like election when the Poor class can really exert their power.And when some have all the good vision  document for the Society why he should be also not given a political chance also?
                  The beauty of the democracy is it gives chance to all.And when I was also tried to be humiliated in the Tirbin

Circuit House in the last Panchayat election how can a more poorer boy dream of becoming a leader?And for this practice alone should I back out next time?And the BJP stop backing me?
                  As even if there is no objection for me from any quarter right now the critics say soon the haves class even from the BJP even from the High Command will try to bring in a disunity.But majority Publics really accept paradigrim shift from what INC party did earlier to sell the party ticket at an exorbitant rate.
                           Thus time for all the Youths to cooperate a good leader also that too voluntarily. In next election they should not wait even for the Bus fare. As they deserve a better life and everything is possible inside the sun.See DAR KAIN AGE JEET HAIN.
               So non should be fear the bad leaders but fear their future.As their can be never a readymade short time solution.This temptations/promise of short time solution  is by the evil spirit.See Modi have been successful to convince Publics as eventually all are not that bad.
                       Though this is perhaps the only State where the audit teams does not come and is heard to clear all the files from Delhi only.Thus first their should be action against them and good to hear that the action have been started.
                     If they have security problem coming here they can be given Z –category security but nevertheless all the crooks have to be accounted for their mismanagement, omission and comission.
                     Many desperately cry now for God shake bring some accountability in this State.Before the Robin-hood politics comes up as the only alternative as soon the

good man may be also compelled to select best of the worst group as their friend if the situation continues to deteriorate.     
                           May be today even the audit work need to be now displayed in the web site and what about the projects which have defied the Modijis order for the compulsory e-tendering?
                   Thus when one opposition leader is seeking others interest and he  promise to never do excessive contract work; and promise that he will`s to put his annual income in the website what is his weakness?
               What is the value of the discussing about one`s personal life?The problem seems to be we are keeping mum in the real issues.And for this injustice if one who is shouting loud is he not appreciable?
              The man who always tried to pinned the Hon`ble P.M in the Godhra Kand seems to have helped him in his promotion also.So for a man with great mission in hand he is least perturbed by the criticism.
                And one day his critics may be dying to meet him also.As how long a person`s growing popularity can be neglected?Thus for a common man also atleast talking something good about a good leader will help.
                See there is a cascading effect if the world say one is good no matter how so ever his local public criticize a leader initially.Ultimately the inner conscience seems to be supporting that man.This was seen in the Vanaras in the previous election.

                 So is it not the duty of the youths to tell this political developments to the innocent parents also?As how long the Public's will be lied upon ?And mind it the time have

come for the youths to hijack the show if they really want a good future for themselves also.
             As a clean system alone will ensure the rise of the new rich man.Today for a common man to evolve as a rich man seems to be impossible.As the present leadership seems to be only playing manipulative politics.
                   As all the leaders are not crook and some have a great plan for all.And this society development is a team work.And it is not a hard task to develop the society also.
            Only you have to only openly start writing what you want to write without fear or anything in the face book and the newspaper and openly appreciate the man who is doing right.A man have to be judged in totality no matter what is his personal weakness.
                  And mind it the majority are always good only in the coming time a new resolve is needed.And for God`s sake please don`t see a candidate as a rich candidate based on his family connections also.
           The need of the time is to see the ideology and principles on which the candidate is standing on.As sometime a candidate may be more richer in the term of his knowledge and leadership.
                   As some opposition leaders  have no much doing with their rich relatives and seems to have suffered last time for the wrong Publics perceptions. While some want to bring an all en composing development for all with scope for all.Can they be not given chance?As non is that rich that he can purchase all the voters. 
                                                        Thus it is time the society wakes up before everything is lost; as how long excuse can be made?As it is highly improbable that some senior leaders who have gained lots of expertise in sticking in political post will

ever show their magnanimity in giving chance to other leader who is more deserving also?
               There is a saying in the Galo society that even the evil spirit vacate the house if he is requested.Thus it is perhaps time to show flexibility from both the side as all need each other.
                        As I am sure the present leaders must be also accepting this facts in their heart that future is unpredictable.And some INC leaders may be even thinking that- the other Guy is better then him.
                But will he relinquish his post that is the million dollar question?But in this new generation even the son  of the haves class seems to be good Guys and they may try to convince their parents.
                           So may be honest discuss can be now started after all non will like his parents to be seen like Idi Amin the ex-military dictator of the Uganda who was also close to few of his top officer`s.But was seen as inhuman to others.
                              And if the will to continue in power is for fear of the educated leaders who alone have moral authority and know how to guide the future generations, who given chance may soon expose their weakness also?
                               If some senior leaders are playing all short of dirty tricks for that fear only, then in that case  it is real bad.See their can be direct talk for smooth political transition also.As for one man`s fear why all the society should suffer also?As we have already lost so many opportunity.
                         But in the day of the last election result counting time also a top INC leader confessed that-` if he had not gain the ruling party ticket he won`t have contested

               And he may keep that stand also as it is pure economy also.As in the coming time the BJP is going to be most sought after party also this is one likes it or not.Many feels after a long hard work our good time have come.
                See honestly  if their was a serious BJP candidate from the 29th Basar (ST) Assembly Constituency I may have even not joined the BJP.But the lack of the leader daring to contest election made me to take this decision.
            And even in the recent post-election meeting of the BJP in the Ashoka Hotel Itanagar the State Party President BJP of the Arunachal Pradesh.
                    Ari Tai Tagakji he showed his magnanimity by saying that had their been a BJP contesting candidate from the Basar assembly in previous election  I may have been perhaps not invited in the BJP.
                             And as many elites  are honestly apprehensive of future generation; as many knows that a bad leader have terrible effect on the future generation .But seems to be now helpless with the ruling party phobia used badly in this part of the world.
                    But nevertheless few of them are openly appreciating my joining in the BJP.And many feels with my Hindu knowledge I am tailor made for the BJP.
           But good future need terrible amount of the prayer support and good wish of the friends and well wishers also.As some of the Congress man may have done PHD in bringing ill will.
                  Thus see without anything to say against Modiji also but some Congress man have the uncanny habit of criticizing His Govt.  

                    I am appreciating even the lower rung leaders of the INC party from my constituency who have openly promised to support me next time.But will they keep their promise?That is the question.Or it is not part of a game plan?
                     But as the great Galo society also thrives on the consensus discussion and coming to the practical solution; and  some elites already seems to be trying to built that by next election.
              But maximum seems to be saying that howsoever rich or good future leader must be at least graduate and well educated.
                          This is but natural as the respect doesn`t come by threat or bribe as the educated one will always respect another educated one.As the English saying goes the educated person who don`t respect another educated one is insulting his own education qualification.
                 And honestly in this issues now that I am Public leader others views will matter more.Thus I am appealing all the Civil society members to make an impartial survey in this regards.
            And release the report to find who is using vindictive politics as the via media for their success.As great Galo voters have a legacy to give to others also as there is much expectations from us.
                  As how long the truck load of the outsider non tribal Voters will be brought during election time in few selected villages to decide the  fate of the future of that area?
           This report if true is ridiculous as Galo society is one of the most elite society and must take up this issue seriously in its internal meeting`s called as the Galo Bane Keba which is

the apex body council meeting like the Loya Zirga in the Afganisthan.
           Even the Kiranjis victory is seen by the critics as the handiwork of some angry Galos who seems to have been upset with the INC Govt. for its suspected anti Galo policy.
              As many seems to be believing that the internal turmoil of the Galo society like the rise of the paktu Aao union is handi work of some leaders of the INC or their  dirty trick dept.
                           So the local public's here in the Galo land may also like to remove some leaders in the coming election who are seen as weak on rising this issues of grave concern.
                 As there is apprehensions that they have been projected by the establishment only for their blind obedience to the peril of the local Public's developmental acceptations and is rumored to have been only promoted for jeopardizing the interest of the society.
                     And there is a apprehension that in future also they may be liked to be backed up by outsider for their own interest.After all the Galo society is a very sensitive society and from here only a political revolution seems to be starting.
                       Thus it is accepted to tell all the facts and remove the misappreations that the Train will bring demographic change in the population.As the few Congress man are the ones who are seen to be using the sizeable portion of the non tribals to save their skin.
                 Thus the Galo Bane Keba should pressurized the Govt. to release a white paper on this matters.So that the Publics fears can be removed.As the rich Congress man may be dying to also bring cheap labor for their tea garden thus should not their double standard should not e exposed.

                      As after all even the British Anthropologist Hamilton have praised Galo`s for its intelligence nature.As such the surreptitious practice in election which shows leaders faith in undemocratic way is a great insult to Galos community feels many.
                And many feels such practice must be criticized tooth and nail in the Galo Bane Keba; after all the Peoples have expectations from the Galos.As we have legacy of showing even our anger through democratic means only.Thus it is time for all the Galo`s to promise for change in the coming time.
                It is high time the A grade contractors start floating global tenders and pave the way for others,as they should progress in their own life competing others and then only they will be respected also. Atleast the Nyishi brothers are worth respecting in this matters.
                           Why some local contractor leaders of the Galo society should remain parasite of the society?And try to walk with their chest open.Thus time for all the good peoples to perhaps reply them in the word they understand also.
                         This seems to be now the majority view as many unemployed youth could have been given petty contract work.Thus the strong campaign say no to uneducated and contractor leader is seems to be the need of hour.As do we have no obligation to employ our unemployed youths this way or that way?
                      According to the survey the orphans who have childhood trauma of poverty and hunger.And specially the uneducated ones after becoming leader have seldom seen to push the society towards more greed and hopelessness making themselves more fatter.

                   As if the William Shakespeare saying seems to be appropriate here- the lean and thin and hungry looking peoples are always dangerous. But they can`t be shoot thus we all must try to convince them by logic also as in fact a better leader will be good for them also.
                             As the incompetent leaders is unable to pave the way for them also, as under Modiji and Kiranji like leaders they will also earn with respect and dignity and where the sky will be limitless for them.And with the God gifted business acumen ship they may also be respected in nation and international world.
                                 See unlike in this State other part of the INC ruled State may have been not that corrupted also.And by the way the leaders their may have been perhaps not that psycho pants also.
                   And even if there is touching of feet then few national leaders deserve this.And here most of the business man and crore patis/millionaires  only have come to become politicians.
            But it is also possible that the top High command have knowingly abused the uneducated leaders of the State and made them to loot in their name.
                    Thus in that case also if there is public apology they may be considered for pardoning also but unless there is a strong repentance the Publics right now seems to be in no mood to forgive them.
                        See Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji Maharaj have said there is two things that help a person to be great one- Pragya that is God`s will and another gene of family that makes a man great.

                                      See this seems to be right with few man like Sri Jarbom Gamlinji Ex-Hon`ble C.M and ex-Ramakrishna Mission School Aalo and Sainik School Goalpara Assam student of our Galo community.But their should be never ending trust to excel in life
                       And the new world seems to be favoring the educated ones who can handle the media also.Thus the Publics need to be very cautious as by the time a leader is accepted it is also possible that he lost interest in the politics.
                      I wonder why the INC prefer to use some leaders whose speech was worst then watching Krishi Darshan programme in the DD Television Network also.
                In fact it is perhaps time for the INC to even rope in the top models in the party as against Modiji right now nothing seems to be working for them. And yes Rakhi Sawant have badly failed in previous election.As it seems non like the comparison.                     
                       It seems unknowingly even the Public's of the Galo area of the West Siang dist. Arunachal pradesh who had no privilege to study in RKM, seems to be really respecting Swami Vivekanadajis philosophy from their heart.
                                 And this is o.k also as Swamiji can be also seen like Prophet Mosses for the nation paving the way for future gospel.Thus when everyone is seen critically they are seen to be deserving to be respected from other religion side also.
                   Thus all the great man seems to be working for the higher realization and as we are so small point in the time and space ;and thus seems to be fighting for something of which we have no control.

                             Thus on the religious doctrines we should not perhaps debate much as VASUDEV KUTUMBAKAM also implies that everything in the world is our own.
                     And so one should seek more knowledge for helping the community and humanity,think local act global should be our life style. It is said in their young days in his Delhi visit tour programme Boken Eteji and his team was asked; what they wanted?
                And it is heard while others asked for food and clothing it is said the visionary Boken Eteji have asked for knowledge and so it was given in form of Rama Krishna Mission School Aalo.He is still serviving and is maternal uncle of ex-Hon`ble C.M Jarbom Gamlinji.

              And not only that, he made sure his all family relatives where first put in this school and all seems to have benefited from this decision. As their was a time in Arunachal Pradesh the innocent Publics did not like to send their Children`s in School also.
                  And the Govt. was compelled to search and send few educated ones in Govt. job.And this was not long time ago also and those who toiled at that time become successful persons.
                                 Though this is not the case now and the educated youths are seen increasingly more frustrated  here.As right now there is no factories and Industries in spite of fact that there is more scope for this here.
              This is definitely only for the capture of power by leaders with no inspiration from perhaps the great philosophers  like Swami Vivekananda.

                    I am saying this so that one have to know that only few and basically most of the educated leaders have this vision to create opportunity for all.
                 As they feel this as short of a divine duty.Thus one day the psycho pants may be seen with great disrespect by the present powerful leaders for ill advising them also.
                        As one get real happiness in helping other`s and for man with good family background that have been character from a long time.See a good family name have also not been gained  as easily also.
                             As forefathers must have also done good work.Besides in whose punic the Swami vivekandajis philosophy  have been put in his mind and soul from nascent stage.
                          What to say as the life was really challenging in our Mission School days.And yet little I get in my life was also due to my Swami Vivekanada connection also.
                            It is only an evil man who covet power and try to be in top post even if he himself knows that he is not meriting this seems to do anything for power.And the Delhi high command who help this vision less leaders are perhaps committing graver sins.
                 As the good man and from good family background in the helms of power will give more justice to the State and the nation also.But one like Modiji is also an exceptions.Thus power is a responsibility for all thus political post can`t be sold as Machli Bazar.
                       Thus Hon`ble P.M was very much candid in his election speech in his previous Itanagar visit when he said this is only State where the Hon`ble MLA are saleable

commodity. And he will do all thing to remove such practice ones and for all.
               And thus all the BJP cadres are accepted to follow this in the coming election.As when the horse trading start in making of the leader itself then why not all the record of the corruption and nepotism will be not made?             
           As unfortunately earlier their was a vacuum in the State politics when any charlatan could have become leader after touching the feet of Hon`ble C.M.It is other matter that some ex-C.M later also suffered in their hands also.
                                    Thus why to fed the snake in the first instant?This Public's and leaders need to think now.As the condition of the poor Publics is really deplorable in this State and non seems to be bothering this.
                 See making a leader without thinking is a very bad thing as his every activity effects the whole society.And a leader have to know his own limitations also.As knowing fully well that non like him trully yet trying to stick in power is bad.
                                  For myself also if tomorrow there is a better leader and his  total supporters signature is more then  I got in previous election.
             If that sign is garnered by an educated leader I may also have to think twice in my political plans.After all the rules can`t be different for me also.After all it is the society benefit we have to see.
            In fact the American form of two party system was better and this Modiji with his popularity seems to have brought in the nation.And he may tomorrow also show his magnanimity to retire after two more term.

                     As he is one he is above greed and the condition of the Arunachal leaders are real pathetic.As tomorrow definitely their will come a time for them they will be really insulted by the Publics.Thus for the smart ones exiting in the good time may be the best option.
                      Honestly this have been never earlier the Galo clan`s characteristic feature`s to loot much in the name of political leadership.As the society was where perhaps the soul also used to  get washed and purified.
                     As still now their are great priest who can do great wonder and they also warn of not coveting much money and power through dubious means.
           Earlier the Arunachal was jewel in the crown of the country.Modiji is really appreciable for trying to removing this sycophancy practice for good, as how can B.A pass lads can fall in the feet of the uneducated leaders?As this alone seems to be the only via media in this State.
               As for one to prosper here in this State this practice seems to be needed.And as a political philosopher have said that Govt. is best that rule the least.
                             It is now time for making devaluation of power a true dream and for this the BJP leaders are icons.As does one driving BMW becomes a greater person?

                         And thus may be time to helping the corporate house who will like to invest in the State.As the heavy Industrialization can alone now help this State and benefit the nation also.

                  Mind it if there is no delivery very soon their will be question from the Public's side also;as all deserve to have a better life.As like in the Titanic movie the poor Publics can`t expect them to be stranded in the lower basement without life jacket.
                       As future danger is surmounting and if one can rise the others passion for their right then his knowledge have it been not used for a good reason.As so many Merry Kom may have been wasted.
                   See there seems to be an inhere tent realization in the educated persons heart to do something good for his society.As he sees long time interest not only the short time interest;and for him whom the great teachings of someone like –Swami Vivekandaji have been infused in his mind from day one.Then will he not also do wonder?
               As I remember memorizing all the Swami Vivekanadjis Chicago address speech in my School days in the RKM School Aalo.And honestly this little knowledge I have is also gift of Swamiji and my ex-almameter RKM School.And hopefully I can use it to serve my society better.
           Even if some critics will now say that we have no instant solutions to Public's never ending problem.In fact the Publics have to say- non have instant solutions only God and non can boast like Him.
               And see ultimately the present leaders also have to convince the bureaucrats in the Delhi also.Who may be better friends to us only for free gift of Swami Vivekananda`s great vision to make education a boon for all.
                   And by encouraging one like him Modiji is doing like clever franchising of the Mack Donald`s product in all the
corner .As he is obsessed with making the nation great and so even pardon some and used them for national interest.
             And honoring Kirenji with the MOS(Home) shows Modijis obsession for cleaning this hypersensitive State.And thus the future seems to be bright as even if the local level leaders initially don`t disapprove his action but Modiji will have final say.As this State is in a very crucial zone and desperately need development to bring more patriotism.
                       And as such sometimes Modiji is seen like the Japanese game changer business man Taizo Sakamoto who started Yamamoto Company in Japan which is said to have brought the real discipline in all the Japanese company.
                Thus soon the BJP may aim for the disciplined and god gifted  leader like him and do away with the lobby by the rich man in election time.
                     With the dubious earned money which seems to have sinked the Congress party like the Duryodhana in the Mahabharata favoured Lord  Krishna`s large army over Him.
                      That kind of Person who wants to save the nation; they must be heard also after all the new boss Modiji wants this practise.As we cannot afford to have another 1962 Chinese aggression scenario and worst an angry Public.
                  But having said that we the educated ones have also to do away with some of our weakness also.And must be also told of our weaknesses in our face.
           The great place like Arunachal Bhawan in Delhi cannot be any more be turned in to be Den of the Thieves.It can`t any more be place for Playing Poker`s game /Card ,amusement and merry making center.As for long few seems to have benefited from the Public's ignorance.
                     And good that our clean leader Hon`ble MOS Kiran Rijiju is setting an example for a honest politics within its vicinity itself.Many a time my good friends also warn me not to blast out least the haves class unite to attack me ones more.
                  But I think this time the enemy of the society need to worry more then us also.As very soon any thing can happen against some ,as non can hide all the ill gotten money.As this is the only State where there is seen brazen display of ill gotten property.
                             And thus more of kind of leader like Kiranji is needed to make this State a number one State; as earlier he have also begged number one parliamentarian post in India making us all proud.
                    And have real ambitious plans to make the State as number one State.And today he need to fear non also thus I think he can really do what he want and perhaps will be never under pressure.
                            I am indebted to all Institutions like-Belur math for their outstanding contribution to bring enlightenment in our society.As I am also a Ramakrishna Mission School and Hindu College Delhi University product.And is committed to what Swami Vivekandaji  have taught to us to some extent.
                 That way I and Jarbom Gamlinji Ex-Hon`ble Arunachal Pradesh C.M may be seen as Guru brother of Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji also as he also seems to take Swami Vivekanandjis teachings seriously .
                      And may great Swamijis soul may have some unfinished job here in the West Siang Dist.Aalo in particular and Arunachal Pradesh State in general. And for this may be all the Swami Vivekanada fan`s and admirers have to unite to make this dream come true.

               Thus we may be needed to work together that too very soon as some political leaders from the INC seems to have taken their home voters in granted and seems to be ruining their life.
                    As the Modiji and his team have arrived like Akhira Kurusevas movie star`s to save us.Those who have seen Kurusevas -5 Samurai will see this passion with the Modiji.
                   And he seems to be only seeing the patriotism of a person.And may God give lots of gold medal to the country in Olympic Games under his leadership.
                       And why not follow the great BJP leaders ;as the great souls who have ambitious plan for the Galo tribe will never like this abusing of the power by few also.
                As the Galo villagers life cannot be made so pathetic by few who is as seen to be winning by surreptitious means and seems to have created so much ill will in the society.
                    As when one wins by surreptious means so what he is in the highest post why respect him this feeling will be automatic isn`t it?
                And for one thing the sycophancy and torturing others  have been never been habit of Swamijis disciples.We the RKM products have earlier also shown our bravery in past also and mind it is really challenging.
                  Interestingly Swami Vivekananda was also called as Narendra Nath in his Childhood days.And for some Narendra Modiji Hon`ble P.M may be seen as his 2nd birth/incarnation also.As same passion to even mesmerize any audience is with him.
                    And thus it may be also duty bound for the great leader who is heard to have short of also promised to teach a good lesson to present INC leaders in this State for not allowing his Chopper to land in previous election.
                             Every body seems to be waiting foe him to take follow up action against the INC party in Arunachal Pradesh by him which is the need of hour also.As even if he pardons for his insult but for the sake of 15 lakh population suffering here he must do something says the critics.
                       As still now top business man from outside is kidnapped and murdered by the anti social element here .Thus this INC led Govt. which have failed in all the front must be removed immediately on the ground of the fall of the Law and Order.
                   As the Article 371(H) can be perhaps used by His Excellency the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh to stop this corrupt Govt. led by the INC by recommending President rule.Or on the financial mis management ground.
                  Interestingly perhaps the INC leaders unable to make the BJP Highcommand to be sympathetic to their plan to open the doors of the party for them may also like this option after all in State the shamelessness’ for the power seems to have been lost by some.
             And this seems to be making any Hon`ble C.M fed up with the anti party activity. And today many inside the BJP in the state itself is heard to be feeling enough is enough of looting by the INC Govt.
                     Thus for it also it is time to see the party interest along with the national interest also.As non can be mute spectator to this development any more and thus it is highly improbable that any BJP leader will neglect this developments any more.

                As their is seen too much injustice here in the NE which seems to have prompted great singer late Bupen Hazarikaji to write the song -`.........GANGA BEHTI HO KYUN.`
                      As some one have to save the whole Public's from this misgovern once and for all.Thus the Public's today need an all en-composing leader like Narendra Modiji here in the State also.
                      Who talks with much elan and have capability to accomplish it also.See contrary to illgotten property of a rich leader, the credibility is the greatest weapon .Their seems to be now need to have a real detergent to wash the dirt in the mind of the top leaders as Publics who seems to have lost love for them.
                    In the earlier occasion the Arunachal leader was accepted to be silent but now that many questions have come up before the Publics.So today all want to hear the opinion of their leaders.
                  And honestly Hon`ble P.M and Hon`ble M.O.S have started a new trend and is alone seen satisfying any question.As old leadership in the Congress is also seen unable to help all thus in fact they are more in the worst transition period as they are facing anti incumbency more for a cobweb of lies created by them.
                       The present trend have shown that money alone does not matter what matter is leader has to think for all.Then everyone's property automatically becomes his.
                So this time the best sponsors for their brand of leadership was the Public's itself.Like the Pied Piper of Hamlin some leaders they took everybody with them.

               And being a good leader one like Modiji they seems to be knowing fully well that the good leader is one who make more nice leaders like them.See unlike other time in A.P where the worster was searched the BJP current leaders may promote better one`s.As they seems to be only wanting the benefit of the Society leaving their personal interest.
             And as for the INC which alone show the seniority and the loyalty of the leader so the fall was natural.The BJP may en quire the grass root support before issuing a party ticket.
                    And may ask what that leader can do for the society and nation on his own?See many now also accept that only bringing projects by omission and commission is work of the middle man/dalal.
                       The modern Public's of country have rejected some leaders for thinking they where parroting what their high command where saying.As non seems to be today liking a remote controlled leader and seems to be wanting one who make them think.
                 As the day of the Gandhi Raaj is over the Public Raaj seems to have come.And honestly the Modiji show is super duper hit.As he seems to be talking from his heart that too carrying lots of senses.
                     And the present Publics  fed up with the prolong lies and deceits seems to be very careful about hearing the leaders real vision.                      
                            But the smart INC leaders with tons of money in earlier time seems to have  purchased the top opposition leaders also.
                 And that seems to be making some skeptics of future also,but the cruel and evil technique may be soon thing of past also as Narendra Modiji and his team  is heard to be a man who talks and does.
            And seems to have special plan for this State.And soon their may be most scintillating  attack against the corrupted leaders who may be now citing Public interest as ground for their defense to lobby for their entry inside BJP. 
                       But this have been heard to be rightfully veto powered by Narendra Modiji most popular Hon`ble P.M till now.Contrary to the skeptics created by the Congress party this man seems to be sincere to retain the 6th Schedule in this State which refrain the purchasing of the land by the outsider and stop election of the non tribals as the MLA`s or M.P.
                  Barring in one Assembly constituency. As when the nation talks about the Mc.Mohan boundary as the faith establish between the Indian and China then all may have to accept this 6th Schedule made by the British Raaj also which also allow use of inner line permit for the non tribals who wills to visit this State.
                 As for the passengers willing to come from train some innovative ideas may be tried as experiment basis for 5 years.As the local development also need coming of cheap labours from the outside.
                 As their will be always two side of the coin.The Congress party which have doomed the prospect of the Arunachal Publics like in the Hydropower issue does it have moral  authority to give any gospel?
                Though in modern political scenario where use of money and muscle power to come in power have been seen challenged in other place.
               In this State we still need a SANKAT MOCHAK TARAN HARI.And the great man Narendra Modiji he seems to be a man send as Guardian angel person for this area only.

                      And his wave alone will help us in the coming election.As non will like to stand against that Tsunami called Modi. Specially in this State where the leaders have always wanted to play safe.
                    And in fact they are more scared then others also and non will like to take poison knowingly also.And if they want to let them also as one was saying they deserve this for poisoning the whole society also.
                 See in my initial years of writing also I received lots of life threat.But some have to sacrifice his today for better tomorrow also.But now top Peoples seems to have accepted me also.
           As critically if seen the writer is also helping others in the worst transition period for smooth transition which will be good for all.As if today Mr. Chako a business man from outside is murdered tomorrow it can be a local top person also.
                 See if there is sudden social and political turmoil in this State also then their may be great consequences and security threat to nation.
                    As this state is strategically located and seems to have been earlier misused by the INC to the point of no return.Thus virtual autopsy is now needed here as the magma is boiling inside the hearts of the poor Publics.
               And it seems  all the Public's here in State seems to be feeling cheated for making them to vote INC in power in last election.And as it was not perhaps a democratic election from many Public's views also so many don`t want this last any moment.

                 Thus it should not last  many seems to wish and predict also as soon even the salary can`t be given think some.
               Thus in the coming election the BJP ticket may matter more as their seems to be urgency to phase out the redundant leaders.As for the first time in election their will be feeling that  new Govt. under BJP will do something.
                     And when for the frustrated Public's the democracy is the only way to ventilate ones grievances and when earlier it itself was snatched away then what to say?
                    Thus the Messiah Modiji is accepted to do what he is best at to put justice and equality so that the righteous will prosper.
                Some Publics have so much hope from him and  feeling by next election he will bring American form of election practice like open debate in this country at the State expense.
                    Thus in coming election the Publics fed up with the INC may like something new as it was high time the Arunachal Publics if it was not moron support the BJP out of the political fatigueness.
                As earlier in 2014 election the State election was suddenly declared simultaneously with the Lokh Sabha election while coming election will be not like earlier occasion; as all short of the evil tactics will boomerang on the Congress party.
                   This sudden election was earlier declared only for the benefit of the INC not the State; thus many are angry with the fund crisis and blaming it on the INC top leaders.
               And in previous election all short of the evils seems to have been used to stop true democracy here.As some top INC leader is reportedly heard to have surreptitiously withdraw Rs. 200 crore from Bank and suddenly declared election.
                        Here in this State some brains seems to have become more polluted then the river Ganga also.And when the top leaders are such naughty bunch of Peoples what lesions it will give to the masses?
                   So much so that it is heard that in last election their was no money left in the Bank for others to withdraq in the time line.As it was perhaps a world record that within weeks of dissolving the floor of the house their was election .
                             Thus some BJP cadres in the State have reason to be angry with the present His Excellency Governor of the Arunachal Pradesh also.And thus the opposition leaders had to face so much hardship due to the paucity of funds.
                I don`t claim all the rumor to be true.But when there is smoke then their must have been fire.As where in the world dozen MLA`s have been elected unopposed?As the setting of worst order seems to have been made to fix the match.
                                                         See for truth to be reins-ted some great Peoples seems to have been send in country.As for some dirty mind at work in the INC camp`s dirty trick department.This tiny State seems to be a very important place for plotting all short of mischievous plans ;as it is far from the madding crowd.
                And precisely here in this State the BJP think thank will have to  land  its missile to finish the dirty trick Dept. of INC party ones and for all.This seems to be now the majority view and aspiration and hope also.
                                        Interestingly sometimes the most despised undergrounds Outfits are seen as the real sympathizer against the misdeeds of the INC excesses

                      And have they have been born in the  ancient Treta Yug period and hunted the Demons may have been also worshiped like Lord Rama`s asociate.But the democracy is best for all this also need to be known.
                        See one who offer help in historic occasion when the fight between the haves and haves not is at its zenith his heart must be also pure.And that man  may have been only the victim of circumstance also we have to think that way.
                 See one have to be loving and caring in historical occasion when the God seems to be testing and working in one place.Thus any man feeling this may be not devoid of salvation/mokcha also.See what happened of the thief crucified with the Lord Christ in his right side?
                  Thus it is time for engagement with everyone who are our own.As the love of God and land of the country is fortunately big enough to accommodate all.
                   The man who don`t acknowledge a human relation is a greater evil man.As through mutual respect and understanding alone a way will come out for all.
                Thus hopefully in the future the seniors politicians in A.P need to be made to realize that they can be not only one to take advantage of situations.The young one can do the worst also.
                      See some outfit group can be called –Nice Social Controller  of North East.And honestly sitting together of all the stake holders to bring a good future for all may be not averse  to many.The process may have begin in some case.
                                      And many a times some outfits are seen operating more like the disciplined RSS body also,see for any frustrated youth in other place put in similar condition,they may have been worst pariah for their society also.
                Thus all must support a political revolution in some place as this is will of God and nature to remove the redundant and off dated leaders.Who may have mastered the politics of staying in power but will ruin this society.
                               See even the Hindu nation of Nepal have the Mao wadi.Thus we must today unite together against the system which is making the society hopeless.As the future can be brighter for all.The need is trusting God whose will be the best and in the ability of leaders like Modiji who is making the nation pride.
             See in many ways the lack of the inspirational leaders fail the society.After all the intelligentia class of the North East can they have been influenced by the earlier political leaders of the Congress party?
                                                 Thus may be time to make the dream of the God come true may be have come for all.As few years back in the Aalo Healing crusade He conveyed through the Holy Spirit possessed Christian leader Evan.Christopher that He want to make Arunachal pradesh as His own State.
               As whatever be the interpretation is Hon`ble P.M Modijis wish to give back something to Gandhiji is not line in that direction.Who also wanted a Rama Rajya/ the kingdom of God.Which will be definitely where their will be justice and equality for all.
                                Is any real son of the God is ready to take the responsible to bear the Holy cross in this State where the evil spirit seems to be compelling the God also to intervene in some place that too in election?But going by my experience this seems to be true.

                                And so let us all start in the nation building in true earnest ;see is not loving your own is not following the Holy Biblical commandment of love thy neighbor doctrine also?And thus this need to be followed by all the class.
                         See had love and understanding have been their from the day one, the Assam specially the Guwahati may have been Singapore by now.See when we care upon focusing for commulative development; then the future opportunity seems to be automatically also opened for us.
                                                     But in exceptional cases the God also seems to call a leader to lead.And some rules may be different for them also.Yet they have also suffered in their life and deserve respect.As for their each word to be convincing one don`t know how much they have sacrificed in their life.
                      Thus it is time the man who think for all is supported ;and one who talks different things in different place can he be respected?
                  As a good man alone will have plan for all;and will like to bail out everyone.And so more of their kind the merrier this feeling have to be their; and interesting part will be all will like to meet them.
              Thus I am appealing the outfits also to come overground as with the sincere Govt. in center their will be definitely a positive outcome of talk which will benefit all.As when there is honest intention to do good business together who should complain?
                    Thus this coming election victory of BJP in this State  is so much important for all the N.E.As I have real ambitious plan for bringing peace in underground infested area also.

                     As by weapon nothing can be achieved this is the effect of the divide and rule game of the previous INC Govt.And can the present Govt. can be blamed for this development?
              But only by love and understanding we can perhaps start a dialogue process.As the earlier central leaders who have no vision documents have so far hoodwinked every section of society.And for them only the situation have deteriorated.
                    And when the groups most despised of all have so much feeling for a good leader and expectations from much needed political change.Then how come RSS and BJP can now neglect the Arunachal affairs any more?
                As so much wonderful time to make a nation together can it be lost?Only for few off dated and redundant leaders who will camp in the Delhi to sabotage the peace process? As in many case they are critically evaluated as the main culprit.
                                 As unfortunately A.P Public's  have no access to the media like-Aztak and Z News and State is filled with manipulative leaders who can do anything to remove their misdeeds from the local newspaper which seems to be under their influence also.
              And with the abundant land and water resource this land alone may cater the future need of the country also.And yet the redundant leaders seems to be unwilling to open up for their own benefit.                
                                      Thus instead of delivery what this INC led Govt.should not do is  touching  the feet of the national BJP leaders inside the office room.As the INC leaders from here to some critics view can go to any extent to be in power.

                 And worst they will be seen will be to take the excuse of Public interest to make U-turn leaving INC ideology in the dustbin in one fine morning.
                As some of the local MLA`s have also did this to the BJP party and its ideology in earlier occasion by dropping the party like a hot cake.
                      Thus many critics see this characterless leaders of this State Naradmunism/sycophancy act as source of bringing lack of pride of the Publics in this State.
                      Thus many feels when the God have right now given this striking capability to the BJP in the center it must use its venom to make the enemy beg for forgiveness.As few are in fact responsible for all the chaos here in this State.
               As the snake with the poison alone is respected this is the opinion of poet Dinkar.And right now the INC is like poison less water snake.And the snake have been asked to be trampled with the feet in the sastras also.
                Honestly had it not for few sacrificing leaders then the State may have gone back to stone age.It is heard even Jarbom Gamlinji Ex-Hon`ble C.M have been defeated by some vested interest powerful retired officers of Aruncahal Pradesh when he wanted to take action against them.
                    And some critics says after Swiss bank ,this tiny peaceful looking state have been earlier used as money laundering /Havala transaction grey zone area kind of thing for INC party.
             First for the rampant corruption and nepotism in which PMO office seems to have share,2nd for no accountability for reasons like-suppression's of opposition party,not allowing media.

                      And the concept of the 3rd party party monitoring ,geographical isolation,use of private banks to pull out Govt. money against the Comptroller and auditor general guidelines  and lack of taxation etc.are other problems faced by it.
                Thus for the national interest also someone like Amit Shah may be needed to be send here to remove this corrupt Govt.As critics doubt it will help the BJP more as each time INC Party fall down in center.
           Some claims silently the money transactions from State of Arunachal Pradesh was surreptitiously used to save the INC party.As in place which is far from the madding crowd many things can happen.
                             See the recent futile effort of the earlier Cabinet Secy`s lobby to re-instant them in the Modi govt.And smart Modiji having done away with this plan ,all to save his party and nation this have brought new hope to the elites of this State also.Specially who still feels for the State and  nation interest but where earlier helpless.
                                       As there is thousand reasons like –Economic crisis for putting President Rules here in this State which have genuinely failed in all the front.
                    And for national interest also this seems to be the best option left now.As with the China seen as black Sheep ,it is now better to give the political reign to a popular Govt.who is filled with the patriotic Peoples not one who will do anything for money and power.
                 As the gaps between the haves and haves not have reached dangerous proportion here in this State which is the main source of the insurgency in other part of the State.

                       See non will like the tough life in jungle thus the cadres need our sympathy and all should lobby for good package for their re habitation also.The historical occasion of elevation of right person in right post have opened scope for a solution in all the vex matters of the Country.
           See the goodness of Atal Bihari Vajpayji was his knowledge of the Holy Bible also.Many Christian`s may have no problem if they are convinced from the Holy Bible point of view.Thus this makes the scope for rise of good leaders.
                           As for the common Public's sake if Hon`ble P.M sit for a fasting programme in the Chate Medziphema Nagaland who can undermine his sincere move to bring lasting peace in Nagaland?
                    Thus all short of the good moves must be explored to bring peace and tranquility and those who does not take the doctrine of the importance of Peace maker as told in Beatitude.Is he a good reliable teacher also?And already local outfits have started in Arunachal Pradesh also.
                       Some opine is it not for hiding the poverty in this side of the border that earlier the INC Govt. did  not open the border trade with the China?
                          And as such Modiji who don`t feel shy in accepting his own days of selling the tea is accepted to work tirelessly for it.As in this global era the mutual engagement is natural as sooner or later it have to be as the business interest will soon take the foremost reason for doing so.
                         As the China only need the Maize and Soyabean in large scale and this perhaps the N.E alone can provide.As the cheap labour there may soon make our country also as the dumping ground for the Chinese goods.

                   As the China can`t also undermine our nations defence preparedness and should not always try to brow beat in the border dispute case.And for the Tibbetians also it should try to live like a good guest.
                   And for all this positive developments the political change of guard is must.As oneday the Chinese border trade may have to be encouraged.This may be in the national interest also as the Nathula Pass in the Sikkim seems to have eased the tension with the China.
                    Thus the pass in the Mechuka may draw innumerable tourist from China also.After all the tourism can be also a great source of earning for the nation as the Indian side seems to be more beautiful then the Chinese counterpart.
                           And by cultural exchange alone the confidence is made.Thus the N.E Public's biological features may in fact prove as boon for whole country.As after Indo-Japan friendship the dragon should also see the interest of the Peoples of the border area atleast thinking them as their co-race members.
                  As there is too many hydro power potentiality in the Siang river basin to be tapped.And this may need Chinese support also.As see what happen the flood gates in the Nepals river are suddenly opened in some rivers.
                         Thus all the country in the world need each other and the super world country will be soon who is seen to love other.See the Germany move of helping the Kurds in the Iraq.
                 And see here in the India and China border their is lots of suffering.As many patience of the kidney and liver failure is waiting for great thing to happen from the God.Thus hope soon a joint medical facility will be build in the border.

                           Thus what will be the solution of this sick State?the solution will be allowing the real democracy to take roots here and allowing the Publics to see one time political success.
              And implementation of Modijis vision of the 100% permission to the Foreign Direct Investment- FDI in the Infrastructure sector can be also a great boon to land locked State like this.
                                             The present State Govt. may also have to amend the 6th schedule if it can to accommodate a clause where the lease period can be extended to 90 yrs.As Hon`ble Supreme court judgement can be seen as precedent for all.
                And I am sure for this the RSS at least hopefully their help will be really forthcoming.And one close to them and one with same wave length like them stands to gain more in the coming election.
              After all way the negative energy have united and looted the State.The positive energy must unite now to save it as one have to become Baghirath to bring Holy river Ganga isn`t it?
                                          See the facts have to be told by any means after all it is question of States future and your own.And those who will try to bring in politics of communal ism here in this important issues ,will make lots of disservice to State.As it have been said in the scriptures-give to God what it is His and to Caesar what belong to him.
                   As it is time to change ones and for all and it may be perhaps the last chance for State to change also.And for this lots of truth tellers are needed now.
               As for long we seems to be living in the fools paradise hearing gospel for the sake of hearing;and practicing worst things during challenging times like in election time.
                      Thus in the coming election the catena of political issues should help the opposition leader.As for sake of the majority interest and the country why few have to be still impediment and still rule with the iron feast?
                    In fact they are enemy of all as unlike human beings they have no view also.As at least the good Samaritan from other religion may also help you one day.Thus it may be fruitless to beat the bush by following them.
                     And with the Chinese eyeing for troubles here in State the majority cannot be made to be revolting for few. As sooner or later that may happen here as see the traffic jams in the Naharlagun to Itanagar road to see the pathetic condition of Pulics here.
                        Thus it is time for the nation to identify the future problem for the nation so that the future danger is thwarted.And if there is a good intention and honest appeal why others will not cooperate also?
                 Thus I appeal even the local community of the Itanagar area also to wake up.As the political jolt to change everyone is the need of the hour.As to gain something we must sacrifice also,and for this behavioral change 2-3 yrs President rule alone may do some good.
          But honestly if the capital was set in other place also their may have been local dadagiri and gundagardi.Thus time is to make a serious thought.
                         As in all the good work only few excessive corrupted one can be seen making bru haha.Give a damn in the democracy the majority should benefit.

                    The big man should also not enjoy ruling others with the help of the muscle and gun barrel power as they will never get peace also.As today even the Christianity seems to have been donned as fashion by few rich class.
                See if we change soon their will be real development and committed young generation whose talent are now wasted.See only few who are corrupted and need to fear the judiciary will be seen using issues like communal ism to stop this political need of time for defeat of the INC in the State in coming election.Thus we all must be cautious from now.
                  And if the present Govt. is not excessively corrupted let it also face the open debate on this issues in the Indira Gandhi park in the presence of all the journalist working in the national newspaper. But they have to answer all the Public's questions in the open ground.
                             Now majority Publics even seems to be sujjesting  get 28 more honest INC Hon`ble MLA to be merged in the BJP to form BJP Govt. in the State of Aruunachal Pradesh.This is barring the cabinet rank ministers who have too much suspected corruption case doubts against them.
                                                If one like Rajnath Singhji or Amit Shahji take initiative to liberate this Public's nothing is it impossible  ask  many.
                  As the Publics  are fed up of violence in the capital area,day to day corruption and nepotism of highest order and price rise and who have fear for the future generations well being also.And immediately want His excellency to do something by the power under Article 371(H).

                           As today what we need is dynamic and visionary leader as one man may be a good person and have good intentions also but may be inefficient in today's time.As their is difference in eating and merry making in village and delivering.As today pen is definitely mightear then the sword in the world of the e-governance.
                But can state interest can be jeopardize also that too for few? As the political change bring much needed zealness in the Public's and this old guards who refuse to leave the chair are they giving justice to the society?
                    Are they thinking about this also?May be their proogenies who knows of France revolution better tell them.As this short of revolution have happened in place not so far away during our own time also.One like it or not this is hard truth.                 
                               Unfortunately earlier all the law seems to have been flaunted in this State. And some small officers like Juniour engineers of particular community is heard to have started owning big corporate houses also.
                       And even it come to my knowledge that few officers where suspected to have lobby for the award from His excellency also.If it is so it is real shameful acy?
               As few are seen to be slogging and whole the burden of the Dept. seems to be falling on him why?Hon`ble C.M Saab is their any promotion plan for good one?Or will they be always in the planning Dept.?
                            And some local cabinet ministers is said to have not maintained the accepted ratio of the 50 % promotion and 50% appointment in the job sector .
                  And so much so that reportedly some of the Unemployed youths had to go to Hon`ble High Court for their right.As the money seems to have taken for promotion of the few officers rather then opening new post for them.
            Now their is talk of the giving check signing power to Superintendent Engineer by taking power from the dozens of Executive Engineer.
            But many is still doubtful weather it will work also as for so long their is jungle Raaj in some Districts of this State?And any formula is doubtful unless a new batch of leaders come up.
              And their seems to be selective promotion and putting of officers in prime post of particular community also;even if he is reportedly missing in office duty and have bad track record.
                            Regarding this Tumke Bagraji Hon`ble MLA BJP even questioned in the State Assembly itself to Hon`ble C.M.But this seems to be still practiced here.
                 And many Arunachalee feel even the top leadership have no religious affinity left.As they seems to have least regards for the God`s will and programme coming through modern prophets also, and political power seems to be their only real concern.
                      Thus time have come to unitedly fight them as they are few and they are the demons as perhaps indicated  in the Holy Bible.As non can be above Him and they seems to be hell bent on uniting against His will.         
              But no way the religious warning can be taken lightly also.Thus today when there is unpredictable future for the State it is leaders own making and they have definitely missed an opportunity to retire gracefully.
                  And are still seen to be stubborn after giving so much pain to the Public's forgetting by this they are challenging the God alone.
                                        Who may be thinking that He alone have to punish some powerful leaders.As DARIDRA DEVAY NAMAH –the God lives with the Poor is a true statement made in the Vedic era. Thus take it very soon their may be strong action against the corrupters.
             And some will fall under the weight of their own corruption and nepotism. Thus non of the Public should be any more manipulated by a top leader in the name of religion, community and clan.
              Only if they are rich and powerful why rules should be different for them also?This argument time seems to have come now.
                 As in this State positive energy is seems to be neglected specially in the election time.And their seems to be a campaign to mock at the spiritual angels.And as the RSS had ones upon a time pitied on the Narendra Damodar Modiji this also seems to be needed to be done here.
                As this alone may bring the real focus on the development.As in each election this propaganda for the need of the rich candidate is seen to be used as via media for the coming back of the non delivering leaders.
                         Honestly I belong to non of camp and belong to this State Public's only and will never buckle under pressure.This I have shown in last election also.

                        See when dignity and pride is big issue in other place why not here also; thus time to fight for the Arunachalees prestige have come.As today it is world of merit and Kiranjis elevation need to be cash on.

                Good that the the common Public's seems to be now up in arms against the corrupted peoples who belong to no community,religion and class.
              Thus this is time for the establishment to wake up also or soon their may be separate autonomous dist. Demand from all the places.As can manipulating a top leader will alone do?No never all the Publics need to be convinced of the Govt. plan.
                  Today all unanimously believe that Narendra Modiji brand of politics must be used for the national benefit by hoock or crook.And can you blame those peoples with this kind of pan Indian outlook also?As together alone we will progress you like it or not.
                                                       As for making great United State of America also; many had to also support one like President Abraham Lincoln and Jorje Washington. Now may be  time to like our own have come and Modiji now represent the cumulative pride and aspirations of the Indians.
                           In today's time see our children`s blood have mingled thus all is our own and what guarantee you can give of your children`s not marrying from other part of India.
                 And can our youngsters carry burden like the Bihari workers also?Thus all is needed this is a need based society.Thus we should respect the dignity of work as all have to travel abroad also.

                        And thus may be it is also divine duty for Modiji to elevate one of his kind in place like this also.As the franchise given to a good man alone may help him to keep tab in whole the development of the nation.As he can`t be always seen everywhere.
                                        As here in this State the leader`s are seen ready to do everything accept one that most demand and  is seen to be not doing that is removing the excessive corruption and nepotism and open up the society for investment.
                    But the Publics also have to promise to change in future after a new Govt. comes in power as this is also common duty.As non have the midas touch.
                       As they have also hand in the making of a excessive corrupted leader.See they will also get a kind of leader they want also and  they also need to make a solemn promise now to change.So that the clever leaders don`t blame them in the future to become more corrupt.  
                     And see instead of confrontation the haves class may have to also sit in the  negotiation table with the new leadership to pave the way for the excessive corrupted ones to replenish the loss.
                      As their may have to be find a middle solution in this State also as it will be good for all.And if some complains what better plan he have then to follow the jail one by one.
               As the long Kushi Kushi culture have spoiled the Arunachal Publics and many top brass stand chance to expose their torso if the judiciary catch them up.
                                          See many rich Peoples have so many illness and family problem also;so they should not be targeted unreasonably also.
              Specially by the charlatans who have been silent in earlier occasion and will like to take help of the new Public mood after tomorrow the Govt. changes in the State.
              Thus who want to say something better say now when all out war cry have not yet begin against the haves class in this State.
                     And thus I am appealing the believer of the democracy to join in the BJP the party with the difference.See regionalism was also a good ideology but it will take time in this State.
                And with arrival of  Modiji the life have become hopeful for the Intelligentsia in this part of the world.As earlier in this worst transition period all where advised to be concern in corrupt practice.
            While this have ruined all as few seems to be benefiting themselves; so some had to tie the bell in the neck of the Cat and so please don`t let their sacrifice go waste.As non like the hard way and so few who have brought order in the house let it be again not disturbed.
                     See today the leader have to be a terrific orator and should not only seen to be serving the medical patience.But should show his good performance in the State Assembly and should have no air freight to flew down to Delhi for power presentations programmes also.            
                   And should have vision and political will to deliver in all front.See to make permanent State of art Private medical clinics and educational centers in his constituencies is need of hour.And to give permanent fish Pond to unemployed  then giving fish everyday should be the en-devour of a good leader.
                   As according to particular need of place their have to be a development model.And for one time atleast their have to be help to the unemployed youths from the Rs 5 crore Special package turn by turn.
            But this sums seems to have been earlier greatly misused also.And it seems the Govt. is yet to show the place of utilization of the project also.
               one of my close relative have an ambitious vision to rehabilite all the top medical specialist in Basar town after they are retired.
                      He feels Basar town is centrally located and have moderate climate and this is good for  the medical  patience.He accept all to cooperate in giving land and if not is ready to sacrifice himself also.
                 And no doubt a good medical clinic will make it a hot bed for the outsiders to come here for medical treatment also.And all the great doctors like Emin Rumiji and Dr. Moji Jiniji seems to accept his plan also.
                              And I am also requesting the INC party ruled Govt. to at least give AIMS Institution in the Basar town as this is best from all the angel.
                                              And I believe the leaders should not feel scarred of voicing his Public's opinion . As so many important issues need to be discussed.And in the Public issue demanding our common endevour I am really ready to cooperate with the INC senior local leaders also.
                     As it is time to think big for the area development also as there is lot more to do now.And for this a man with passion and obsession alone can deliver and it will be sin to not hear his point of view.
                                         And by the way one who speaks not for himself but for others is the need now.As richness is personal development;had the money been earned by creative means it would have been different also.
                      And it will be true lie if one claim all his richness have been earned by hard work in this State.As the Poor  man`s portion seems to have been eaten up by few.
                        And the uneducated leaders fed up of the paper work seems to be responsible for going back of some central schemes meant for the Poor`s also.
                            See was it not time for our leaders from Basar area to ask for a  big Institutes like AIMS as Basar area have been already lied upon by the INC in the Dist. Hq.issue?         
                             So that all can earn and live with dignity by themselves as development is birth right of all.As planning to putt all the major Institutions in the one area how far this is good? 
                           It is the duty of the leader to deliver and more so he gives from his side also it is better.As one who does much business is in fact taking taking and only taking from the Public's like Leech and a parasite.
                         And need not to say the Public also does not see them with much respect also.And so some critics they are even opining that in future many senior candidates may not contest election also.As they themselves may be ashamed of their earlier scams which may be soon discovered.
                                As in the 2014 election some of them have already seen the mood of the new resurrected Public's.Who seems to be ready to say in future more enough is enough.
               Thus real repentance need to be shown by the present leaders as the sword of the demagogues may be hanging in their neck in the coming days.
                          It is not that the present INC leaders here have not done anything also,but the lots of other public leaders,officers and NGO`s also have helped in the development process.But the best leadership seems to be yet to come after Modijis rise from a poor background also.

              As most of the Officers in the Arunachal Pradesh is from the Galo clans.And sometimes their contribution also is also not ironically referred also.
                      See there is many inhere tent advantage with the educated leaders this is as critics view.As they inspire the young generations in the education field.There respect by electing them in election as political leaders will also motivate  student  to be also studious this critics always seems  to accept.
                  And the love for society and finding solution for the societies betterment is seen more with the educated ones.And above all they have inhere tent advantage of changing with the new world.As the new world demand that their have to be technology friendly leader or he may be soon be forgotten.
                               And the co-elites seems to respect today's elite from their heart and many voters seems to adore them secretly also.In-spite of odds I am also satisfied  of previous 2014 elections results ;as Public's here also seems to be ready for a change in next election also.
                     But in the end all the educated ones also need to communicate with the villagers and make them aware of new developments.And I also exhort my well wishers to increase  friendship with the Public's who have earlier not voted us also.
                    As the message must have been not perfectly taken to them earlier.Or  eventually everyone need is a good leader only with a viable future vision. And thus the BJP lower cadres are accepted to help us  a lot.
                            I have seen in this world more then money Peoples in any place need love and effection.As we have time , down to earthiness and speed and agility so must try to re-connect with all.So that any anger with us can be re-converted into blessing`s also.
             Interestingly this time the total number of the votes in the Tirbin circles in the Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Gojen Gadidjis own home town  have also declined a  bit.
             This is even though we had no much time to campaign also in 2014 election.And the decline is seen in successive election also.Thus the future is not bad also.
                I feel after three terms the Public's automatically seems to be bored with the leader.As for three terms even if one works or not the Public's seems to be not minding here in this society.
           Thus it seems everything happens in time and when ones destiny will come non can do much about it also.Even his large Tea Garden and Super malls have been seen to be inefficient in saving a senior leader in his fake end of carrier.Thus the Publics of the Arunachal Pradesh is not that bad also.
                                              So one have to know that it is only time and situation which makes one great or make him fall down also.Who knows after a leader is elevated as Hon`ble Cabinet Minister many expectations will also increase from him.And if it is not delivered then the anti incumbency may increase as well.
                         And for some earlier senior politicians  may be it was time like this when few workers have earlier seen dream of making them as Hon`ble C.M then the crack also appeared for them.Thus in politics it is real difficult to say something in advance.
                                   Thus it is usually seen for three term the leadership chance is given by the great Galo clans.And so in next election some leaders  may have tough time this is what some Peoples are saying.Lets see what happens as their is equal argument against it also?
                           But one thing is surely their when one is old then his efficiency will naturally decrease also.So the energy and speed need to be used by the young leaders which is their strong point also.Interestingly in the old age large property also seems to be not helping a leader also.
                      Though here in this State only the money seems to have been earlier  seen as the via media for the respect of the leader.And  the aim of the leader itself is seen joining politics to make huge bucks.
                    This is real sorry thing as every one seems to be accepting this.Hope the BJP will truly arrive as party with the difference and if it is not sincere then must tell the genuine leaders with less resource before hand.As non will like to gospel in hell also that too without hoping for the reward.
                          But the senior leaders are the one who started the mess,this seems to be believed by many.As some of them seems to be not talking about their development work in election ,and seems to be silently supporting the violence,communalism and ill gotten money to win surreptiously in the election.
               Thus when they fall down non seems to be cry for them also.This may be because they may be spending less time with the Publics.
                            Thus the Arunachal Pradesh BJP cadres must be the torch bearer and pioneer for all the State Publics,nation and the world also this many feels now.
               And for the unity and peace bid all should be always ready though not for a bad reason. As who knows even some within the INC may be now repented persons. 
                     As for the present Govt. lead by the INC party majority opinion is that; atleast the AIMS or some Institutions could have been asked to be put in the other District also.As their was lots of plausible explanations:-
1.This Institutions  like AIMS,IIT and IIM was gifted  freely by the Hon`ble P.M`s scheme and thus cannot be taken credit by one Individual and one community.
2.Already there is top Medical facility in the Itanagar area and many questions why two medical colleges will be opened in nearby area.
                   As it is heard the Naharlagun medical is going to be also upgraded as the Medical college.Thus the other Dist. Publics are seen to be in the lurches.As their was a proposed 200 beded medical center  since long time in the Pappu Village area of the Itanagar area and where it is?
                  As the proposed AIMS in the Holongi or the Balizan area is not the central point of the whole Arunachal Pradesh unlike the Basar area.This many seems to be questioning now.

3.The Basar town is centrally located with good climate,good land  and with top retired Doctors and soon if need be Publics can also show the available land where the AIMS can be made.
         And this area have less titanic plate movement so even 10 story buildings can be made here.As this comes under non earth quake Zone prone area also.Thus many seems to be supporting the appeal of the Hon`ble C.M to reconsider in this matter.
4.And the Hon`ble C.M may have one last chance to prove that he is at least personally not partisan by giving justice to other place also.And as the Basar town have been already deprived of the assured Dist.Hq. from the INC Govt.side also.And thus it would have been a part of compromise formula thinks many.
5.The proposed  setting up of the AIMS in the Holongi or Balijan will only help the Assam  Publics believes many.Whereas the land locked place like ours need to be given chance to develop also.So their should be no vested interest in this sensitive issues.
       As the adjoining area with the Assam will automatically be more populous one day argues many.Today even in the Itanagar area the Public's seems to be fed with the overpopulation and the traffic jams.
           And see many seems to be asking -what is higher medical facility then the AIMS also?From here non will go for further treatment.
                        Thus some ones explanation that airport and the train is need to be near this locations seems to be not appealing to many.Utmost a Helipad is needed in the AIMS site this many is seen arguing.
              And this arguments seems to be not wrong ;as do other place in Arunachal Pradesh also have airport?And as Assam have already their own AIMS and the Publics of the Itanagar area already is near to Assam.
            So sometimes a feeling develops weather the Assam lobby is not indirectly working through some to make the AIMS near to their area.
6.The central Govt. on the national interest seems to have ambitious plan for making strategic development in the NH 52 road.As in Likabali the Army GOC have been already commissioned.
       The railway connection from Likabali to Aalo and the civilian cum military Airport if made in the Himi Pobdi ,Basar will cater to the need of the 30 % border area of the China.
                   As the supply of logistic weapons can be made to three strategic countries out post-Mechuka,Tuting and Taksin from Basar area as it have equi distance from this border areas.
                    And tomorrow if the Hydro power have to be developed in the Siang basin then the large Turbines and Hydropower equipment's have to be carried by train and air rout.
                            Thus from national defense point of view it was time for the central Govt. to re-view the recommendation of the earlier Hon`ble C.M.also.As everything cannot be seen from the parochial view also.
                      As one day the Siang basin may have to be developed for Hydropower projects for betterment of the State and nation to stop the never ending power need.
                 As it is also heard that the UNO forbade the making of new airport or extension of the old one within the aerial distance of within the 60 k.m from the border of the neighboring country. 
          Thus army cum civilian airbase like in the Bagdogra-Siliguri  should have been  imminently commission in the Himi Pobdi area in Basar, least this is also questioned in the future by the neighbouring country.
              Thus at least the sensible Institutions like RSS need to intervene here.As from right now itself there is need to be a future vision for greater interest of the country.
            See one of the main reason for the shying away of the Hydro power Company was reportedly this only.As they seems to have been unhappy with the Govt. enthuthiatiom to support them.
            As the Germany firm which earlier wanted to invest in the proposed Himi pobdi Air field runway in Basar area on the Private Public partnership (P.P.P mode) was said to be earlier rejected by the earlier Govt. 
                 See the problem with the Siang river Hydro power dam construction project also seems to have come due to this lateness  in taking up this important decisions.
                As the corporate house are very visionary and must have wanted an airport where there is no disturbance of landing of big aero plane and future flood if the dam breaks also.
             As now the China which made Dam faster then us in Hwang Ho/Siang river and being the possessor of the above riparian river area they seem to have more right from the UNO side also. 
                 Thus for the national interest the RSS must intervene and see the things from the national angel.As sometimes there is needed to make coordinated approach to minimize the expenditure which unfortunately seems to have been never done in this State.
                  See there is still many tributaries fit for the mini Hydro power development in the Siang Dist.And till there is permanent peace agreement with the China in all the border area ;this can be meanwhile developed by the Hydro power developers. Thus the Siang Districts can never be ignored in any way.
                    So the silence is seen as poison in this matters and then the audacity to transfer even the B grade Govt. service man also how long the Public will be silent to mischivious act by some 2nd rank INC leaders?
         And if it is not stopped then for the uneducated and unpopular leader this technique will be alone seen as their lifeline.As mind it this days the Publics are very smart.
             Those who have no vision and guts to rise the voice for the Public's will alone be now seen to do this .Having said that their can be also talk on all the contagious issues.
                  After all we are from the same State and hope soon Hon`ble C.M who may want certain liberty from the center stop harassing their cadres here in this State.
                 If only all the leaders have united for the society and given their best for it then this Society would have really progressed.And mind it oneday the Publics of other Dist. may question the present leadership also.
                  For the brothers and sisters of the Papum Pare Dist.also my humble appeal.When the capital itself have been given to them what more they want?And besides see the overcrowd in this area.And is it not the area already near to Assam and have greater scope naturally.
               And this Govt. led by INC party of which top leaders was recently seen talking big on stopping the exodus from the rural area to the Urban area in State Assembly thus should it not be done so or not?
         And for the safeguard of ethnic Peoples is not the ratio of population need not to be not maintained or not ?As can the place afford to have another front like Balijan where there is seen clash with the Assamese for the Indigenous Peoples less local population?
                              Thus introspection may be good for themselves also.Thus the great Nyishis are accepted to show the magnanimity and for few vested interest groups who may have large stakes in the proposed airport area.
              Should not condemn us unnecessarily for our demand for equal right. As in democracy till final decision all have right to opine.It can`t be my way or highway also.

              The Galo Bane keba should try to mediate peace as the present leadership is seen helpless.As see the loss of human potentialities if it is not used.
                        As after all after Zew and Bengali some appreciate the brain of the Galo community which need to be used for optimum level for overall interest.As God have given something to everyone.
              And what the harm in talking with the other communities in the equal footing.After all when all the sons of the Abotani unite for good.See the benefit that this State will also have.
                    And thus it is fittest case for establishing AIMS also in other Dist.As Govt. should also go to the poorest of the poor area.As there is already many facility here in the Itanagar side.And can the majority interest can be overlooked?As see if terrorism will start it will from the rural place only.
                             Thus this system failure can be stopped by the senior leaders.See the leader who also call it a day when in helm's of power, he may can bring a new thought process also and will be perhaps also respected in future.
               And many believe this a good leader of Arunachal Pradesh can alone do also.Thus we must also encourage them to make a sacrifice.
             And who knows a reconciliation may pave the way for another political new dimension also.See when the Germany wall can be broken why not Hon`ble C.M Saab come on you can do it also.                
       After all there is an age old Galo tradition of arbitrator place called as Keba.This is like Loya Zirga in the Afganisthan and here all the case can be solved amicably.And in one form or another this is practiced in all the tribe of this State.
               Besides the family connections is so deep rooted that beyond a point a leader have to think thousand times of doing some more tricks.As after retirement he have to after all live in the same society also.
                               Thus may be time to accept that all the bloods in the State have now mingled up.We are same only specially this is accepted to be shown from top leadership.      
                          And having said that there are also very noble family in the other tribe also.And who knows on proper request they may hear our request  also.
       And see the geographical location of the place like Holongi and Balijan will ensure its rapid prosperity.But see all short of  the crime will also increase rapidly if the AIMS is also given to it ; thus all the argument should be seen and not make it as a prestige issue.
                                        And one day their may be pointing fingers at leaders also even if they are powerful now,and many thinks this will happen very soon also.Even if many are mum now as the State of Arunachal Pradesh is changing like anything.
                  And what I am saying is not wrong as there is evidence to my claims and even the senior leaders is heard to be accepting some of their mistakes also.
                                            The opposition leader should not always point finger at other always for opposition sake,but in this State there is no way out as all the local media and cable network are seen to be captured by the ruling INC party directly and  many a times indirectly.
                  And by covertly or overtly this acts are done and so as an opposition leader we are also compelled to highlight the Public grievance in every available opportunity when there is chance.
                     The problem in some part of the Arunachal Pradesh is that the opposition seems to be not seen as the part of the democracy also.Though this political power is something which belongs to Public's domain, and  is not private WRC field of any one.
                    As it is something like-`DULHAN WAHI JO PIYA MAN BHAYE.`And as non will ask you to sit in the front so some appeal have to be definitely made also after all I am not a missionary now.
           As honestly I was earlier a very shy person and this cost me really hard also.And I have now learnt the lesions well and this time I want to be really a fighter,for my area as well.
                 I am sure for the greater Public interest and national interest Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji of the INC  he will be also ready to discuss some important issues specially pertaining to other matter`s also.
                Like-the removal of the innocent minor children`s  name and outsiders name  from the voter list.As knowingly allowing worst things to happen then he will himself get the curse he need to know this.As always only seeing the INC party interest will it auger well for a  co-believer?

                         And pertaining to the matter where the outside voters can be avoided to be brought as the voters against the dead ones name.Here also he need to be actively involved. To see that the injustice is removed.After all when His own will cry will thy will be not effected?
                    This is if Tukiji is really sincere about  justice and equality,  and have been not using this as his Guru mantra for his own benefit.
               As honestly the INC party have poor track record in the Assam in this matter of bringing the Mias/Muslim voters from outside and many fears this competition will harm the State as there is now equal opposition in the BJP.
                  And ironically soon the INC may be facing same problem in the coming election also as BJP if it want to have better advantage in this matters.Thus it is his compulsion also to deliver on this fields ,many believes he should after all he is the General and have to take the blame in future also.
                    As the way earlier the opposition leader was deprived of even polling agent in some place this is accepted of some INC leaders in future also.And for all the earlier excess the Public's may be also accepted to demand  for answers in future elections.
             See by next election I swear all the conversation with the Returning officer and the election officer may be needed to be uploaded in the intern-ate.As the rise of incompetent leaders seems to be genesis of all the problems. And thus all the loose knots have to be tightened.
        As in the State of Nagaland also the State is not so dependent on center as it is now with us.And for all the present  mess the INC party now need to regret more as whom it will blame and for why?
            And secret camera may be needed to be  put from our side to find the loopholes as their seems to be no other way for us then this also.
               As whole the world need to know how some power obsessed maniacs operates here.Hon`ble C.M Saab is heard to be a Gentleman. Lets see what he does in the coming election time?

               There can be joint all party meeting in this regards to find the facts and find a solution as the credibility of  the Tuki Govt. will be  at stake for may be some leaders power obsession also.Thus I am daring INC to conduct impartial election in the coming Panchayat elections.
            Thus hope Tukiji will take the initiative in this regards. Unless off course the INC cadres still think Arunachal as their personal property and wills to continue to do so.
                   As Late Baking Pertinji has called Arunachal Pradesh as land of kushi kushi hope this is still not practiced here.
                      But in the coming election with the B-team party of the INC party accepted to be rejected by Publics like- TMC,NCP and others.
        The change seems to be imminent as many leaders are preparing themselves to make direct headlong collision with the ruling INC party.
                 And joining BJP for the united fight and this seems to be the need of time also.And many critics are heard to be saying for this alone I was invited in the BJP.
                                            See the whimsical leader alone will see the opposite party leader as an enemy.Man their can be a ideological difference but no personal enmity isn`t it?
                    As who can guarantee the future?As we may become relative also,can you guarantee modern sons and daughters not marrying each other?
                The politics is also like it.After the corruption case is initiated against the present leaders will they not need us?As for now some are still showing as if everything is good and it will be.
                 But in coming elections there is accepted to be direct fight between the INC and the BJP for good.And hopefully ones and for all the administrative officers posted in one place for 10yrs. and above will be perhaps done away with.Who are seen to be hand in glove with the INC party.
              As if they don`t go out voluntarily also; the BJP if comes to power may be compelled to see them personally also.
                       This the blue eyed boys of the INC party have to also decide for themselves.And also officers who are seen to be hand in glove into corruption and presently seen avoiding us.
                                   One have right to think himself as smart but no right to think others as fools.Thus this I am writing this for the future reference as all this foul practice seems to be always practiced in some place in this State in the successive State election, before and after it also.
                            As in previous election also the opposition supporters have been always beaten up black and blue in some place.What is this?Is this the Gandhian way the INC talks about?
                    My supporters who are major and mature will seldom do this.But for how long I can stop them also?Will their be no retaliation also?
                          And this is only because we all are keeping mum in spite of modern amenities for exposing the bad works of few dirty minds at work.See the power of truth is also very much.And the reader of this article may have to also help me also.
                    As there is a belief in our society that one who is gifted divinely he have to be also helped by the beneficiary of his gifts.Thus you are also expected to see my place liberated by helping us in your own way.As the ounce of rain makes a mighty ocean.Even your prayer support will do.
                If I am open on this subject am I wrong?as how long transactions will be done below the table?Accepted which Govt. works without sponsorship?
       But in our case helping us should be out of free will without wanting anything also and we have Modijis brand of politics and ideology to win the Peoples cooperation as anything else is meaningless and beating in the bush.As Glasnost and perestroika policy of Modiji to woe the Investors alone can benefit all even more also.
               And is one like Modiji kind of person not appreciable also?See to rise that passion of nationalism in you is also not an easy task.As he started a brand of politics that is needed most in the poor State like this where need is more motivating leader.Some say here in this State even the Union territory status should have been maintained as usual.
                       And thus  this may be now the time to sit together and talk for the greater interest of the society so that same mistake is not created.As even if this writing may be found insulting; see the problem that may come to this State soon.
                           And to change the system for good the new Govt. in centre seems to be sincere.As unlike earlier time the Modi Govt. is now seen strictly monitoring the expenditures.
                            And days of not paying the 10-15% of the State share in the central pool to get the central funds seems to be over.As the central Govt. may not tolerate this practice anymore.And the diversion of the funds to mismanage it also seems to be now strictly monitored by the central Govt.
                            Thus the old leaders with the image of DAN VIR KARNA may  harm themselves also.As from long time back the scheme like the MG NREGA was funded by the center based on performance of the State.
                        And unfortunately in this State due to non furnishing of the project DPR in time from some P.D of particular Dist.All the other Dist. Is heard to have suffered in previous occasion not to say about the mismanagement of the fund by the BDO and P.D.
      Thus the uneducated and redundant leaders instead of making a honorable exit will be seen foolish to fight us any more as they are seen as impediment to coming of schemes.
                     So far the State Govt. is report to be just pulling on managing salary for the Govt. from any source. Thus interestingly the Tuki Govt. may like my article also one never knows.
         As they may themselves like to give in as how long the father of the house will like to beg for others also?One never know how much problem he is also bearing now for all the commulative mistake of other political leaders also.
                      Some full time leader of INC may still  also contest in the next election for old time shake.But other Hon`ble ministers they may not do so.
               As if their motive have been always to make money in election will they like to face the surmounting problem again?As the policy of the Narendra Modiji seems to have ensured unless a man is of a missionary type should not join politics.
          As the Public's may be bit lenient to the BJP candidates as it have been never ever given political chance so far.Will public's not punish the INC party more bitterly in the coming election also? as the situation have moved from bad to worst under their leadership alone.
                    As for some young leaders they have joined politics only to rectify this defects, they knew it before hand so not regretting for not looting also.
              As the young generations have also much goodness about them.Please see the Hindi movie called Nayak to know and understand this also.
            And the Peoples in the coming election will alone vote BJP with an expectation that it will deliver.From whom many may want to at-least catch the culprits who are responsible for the mess.
                        Thus seeing the Public mood the Arunachal pradesh BJP is now seeing giving proper portfolios to genuine candidates.And unless in a position to give time the senior leaders is even least interested to take portfolios. So the BJP friends truly understand the responsibility of being a different party.
                 As one like Baba Ramdevji and Hon`ble P.M have lived a righteous life to save others from the unrighteous ones.This feeling is now seen in many of their fan`s and followers in the BJP.
                   And Publics also seems to be now thinking that -it is bad to make personal criticism on the personal characters of the leader.But to appreciate their good qualities may be prudent.As what happened when Godhra issue was racked up again and again to defame Modiji?
                  But was the King David was not compelled also to react to the King Saul's repeated assault?The way some are using the God gifted power of becoming rich and making other poor ,some one else may also use their other talent, to save others, right?
        As when the divine gift is not used their may be side effects also.See when one is seen doing all short of good thing will holy angels remain silent also?And mind it many Peoples who have objected me tooth and nail in previous election is still seen suffering.
                 As their was a near unanimity with the spiritual leaders cutting across religious lines that this was divine will this time in the previous election in my assembly constituency.

                        And some is still sticking to their claims also and some fears major problem for the INC leaders in the future and presently also the problem seems to have come.
                       Some critics says if the previous money of the State was used judiciously this State would have been made as 2nd Switzerland.
                 And interestingly some predicts the INC party may also not even get the Panchayat candidate in the coming election for making State worst then Assam also.
               Thus for the general Public also it is now time to be vigilant as for their long sleep somebody have enjoyed. In the garb of the lack of engineer department for constructing the building of the non engineering
                Vatnery,LARSO ,Horticulture and agriculture Dept. etc.The other engineer Dept. have looted this Dept.And for it there is seen half constructed building with no windows.But the building completed report shown only in the paper.
                    And all this in the name of the 3rd party monitoring told a land management officer.And the ruin of the State road is pathetic in the view of the lack of non proper implementation of  projects for water pipe,irrigation  channel and drainage facility etc.
          For which some villagers still seems to be depending on the natural resources.And why some sensitive office buildings have burn in the previous occasion also?
                      Is it not like burning of the Reich tag Building in the Germany in the 2nd world war to destroy the important file which may have lead to the corruption doer`s name?
              But also with the change of guard in the future the good time for the few good officers who is now slogging for whole night and never lobby for their promotion and State award their good time may come soon.
                      And the true repentance may also open up paving way for the Industrialization and outside Investment by dynamic leaders with the help of the honest officers for the State`s benefit.
                   And it is now heard that the good officers are seen with much respect from their colleagues side also.And their relatives may be also seen like their own in coming time specially if they try to become a Public leader.
                      And thus the coming State election will be perhaps litmus test for those uneducated leaders who seems to have come via surreptitious means and holds big post not commensurate with their qualifications.
                    And the Publics needs to rush in the Budget session of the State Assembly to watch their performance.Perhaps that situation may not arise also;as most of them may be phased out in the coming election also.
                  And the powerful leaders may have to be asked some important questions on their personal mistakes in the big projects in the State assembly.
                  And the process seems to have have already begin also and many where earlier seen to be helpless to reply the intelligent opposition leaders questions.
               As interestingly most of the leaders in the State are contractors and their firms seems to have poor record of doing good work also.And does this practice also not violate the  the office of profit clause as still some seems to be willing to grab the work?
                  That point need to be checked also.In fact the CBI must be send in the State as according to the Article 371(H) here the law and order problem seems to be under the  His excellency Governor of Arunachal pradesh.

                      Thus hope this provision is used by His Excellency for a good cause as the main source of the law and order problem is corruption and nepotism.
                See it is time to rise above our own community and clan and think as Arunachalee.As the water have now rise above our neck.And if we not repent today it will be perhaps tomorrow too late also.
                     The journalists present in the State Assembly is also accepted to focus in the bench of non performing leader to see their performance. As the media have also tremendous responsibility.
        This is the democratic way of taking revenge sujjests a friend who is very irritant with the non respect of civil society by some leaders in election time.And planning soon to open a face book to expose all their misdeeds.
              But to fight those who seems to be only believing in winning through the money and muscle power.The best will be perhaps joining the BJP the party with the difference.And may be all the civil society of the world  even the repented INC party workers should now join us.
                It sound funny but that seems to be the best option now as even some leaders where heard dozing in the State assembly also.And for the civil society members what option is left also?As when the State is burning can some afford to sleep also?
                    As lately some Public's also seems to have knew the value of the Budget session debates also.Interestingly according to some the real population of some Dist. And the community is real less; but the true census have been never allowed to be taken.
                     If so this is real bad the true account need to be taken and put in the web cite.And the defaulter who put in their name in both the place a suitable fine compulsorily must be imposed against them.As this alone will help the Govt. to reach the Publics.
          As the Govt. who does not allow this things is a rogue Govt.As State which is truthful alone will get God`s blessing.
                     See does it matters if one community have more or lesser population?Thus this illogical and dogmatic views have to be removed.
                The all Arunachalees have right to know the truth as non can pave the way for the future decentrigation of the State by their pride,prejudice and whimsical character.
                        See the development must be given on the merit not on the communaliam and clan brotherhood feeling.Thus all must join in as the bad practice and precedent is against the Holy religious doctrines,law ,morality and ethics also.
                And their will be always resentment in the society so long as this is seen to be practiced as it smells like their is hidden agenda.This prejudice,chauvinism and self glorification will be like the apartheid practice.
         As long as the procedure of the election of the leader is not rectify I think there is no hope for this State.As who knows Modiji kind of potential leaders fed up of the system may be now working in the WRC field.And so large human resource of this State is so far not used also.
            This  is for the world to be condemn and the BJP vigilance cell,CEC and UNO to send the observer in the coming election in the places which are suspected to be place of this anti social activities.
            See the good representative must come from all the constituency who follow the principles of justice and equality.As the cleaning process have to start from the top.

                As singing loud song in the Wednesday or the Friday fellowship alone will not do.It is time to display this not by bullet but by Vellot.
                      One has to have the mentality to not side with the Publics only in the accidental and medical case.Then may be the Lord Christ will be really happy also.
                         As  all the great man and tribe seems to be falling down and backsliding on one account or other.Thus this communalism and self glorification is really bad.
               And in some place from the day of the enlisting of the votes the clever workers seems to to be engaged to woe the BLO to increase the number of voters by hook or crook.        
                    Interestingly the minor class V students name are suspected to be put in the voter list by bribing the officers.The issue need to be taken up urgently by the national commission of the Child welfare committee also.
                           And honestly the Chief Election commissioner seen  only checking the election expense is meaningless fact is everyone cheats.
                            But there is need to make the system fool proof like fixing auto alert in the EVM Bellot box if a person cast vote more then one time in other polling station also.
                                And if the INC does not accept this then the Public will have right to think that the INC is worst.As how long the ULTA CHOR KOTWAL KO DATEIN will be practiced here and tolerated here.
                               In fact one Bollywood movie director should come and study the matter here.May be the Prakash Jha may be best for it.

               As he is seen to be interested in making movies on the political subject.And their seems to be new interest of the Indian audience after the movie Merry Kom is started.
                Honestly even if the INC candidate had won fairly  it would have been a no issue if he wins by fair ways.But out here in previous election all the officers seems to have been impartial as their was earlier always a pre-notion that INC will win.
                      In this backdrop I also respect the few officers who sided with us.As there is earlier even report of officers transferred for 5 times in one month in this part of the world .

                      The CEC must make the candidates to make joint address of the Publics in a joint rally in future that too at the expense of the State.Specially in the bank craft State like this.
                              Where ironically in future no senior political candidate may be interested to contest also; unless a guardian angel arrives.So the economic blockade of short by the central Govt. may be seen as not bad by some also as that alone seems to be the way out.
                   And if the senior leaders really mean for the State they must demand for re-election very soon.As it will be bad to only tell one side of the coin.
                      See at times it is heard that the Law and Order become so horrible in the State of Bihar that the Engineers where seen seeking for the posting in the planning department for fed up of being kidnapped by the Mao Wadi and the Ranbir Sena.And soon this may happen in this State also.
             Many strongly feel all the bureaucrats and politicians with the worst case of the disproportionate property case should be asked to return back the money.

                      As in Z News and Aztak their is always seen exposure of the ill gotten money while here the open property is seen neglected by the Publics.But how long the elephant in the class room can be neglected?
                              As this is only State where the money have been spend mostly on the real estate business.And as such the previous money source have to be always kept in the record by the smart business man.
                     But this is also little complicated issue as most of the owner of the lofty buildings are nova rich;and may be small NGO may not be able to do much to expose them.
                Thus for the one who want justice and equality they must lend their voice.As the corrupted ones will also like to remove the genuine leaders by their political lobby of the highest order.
              But the big political party like BJP can really do something about it.As the most of the haves not class leader is seen to be now in this party and seems to have no much love for the haves class also.
             Honestly the condition of the BJP leaders in this State is like that of the CPI now for reconciliation the burden is also on the richer class.As with Modiji in the helms of power odds is against them.
                And even if there is a larger conspiracy to attack us, how we cannot follow the ideal of the great leader like Narendra Modiji in a place where it is needed most?As soon here we may have trench fight in the future like in the battle of Normandy.
            Some even doubts that the earlier fund for making the trans Arunachal Pradesh national Highway here is due to dilly delay Technic of the Govt.

               And to some the project cost must have escalated by now.And some portion of the road may be transferred from the BRTF to PWD to hide the corrupt practice and mismanagement of the fund allocation.
          Thus in compare to the Chinese development in road we may again be seen as slow here.Thus the present State Govt. here can be seen as jeopardizing the national interest also.
                  Thus in context of this State problem I think even in the all party meeting to address this problems ,even the INC party national leaders also may be not averse to bow down for the national interest.
           As some of top INC leaders may be not that bad also especially they have reason to be fed up of the INC local cadres here who seems to be now giving sleepless night to the 10 Jan path leaders also.Making them finger cross when the leaders will run away to BJP.
                                         And amidst this backdrops this omission and commission in some place  will be seen to be done with the confidence that the communal language will be still used to stop the opposition leaders voice in next election which is an illegal ,impractical,unethical and against the INC party ideology also.
           Had their been a symbol of repentance also I may have not written this book.As today also some seems to be unrepentant and is seen to make clandestine transfer of the Govt. servants on the political grounds.
                And seen not doing proper tendering of work and willing to do the work by his own firm .See how long such practice can be tolerated?
             In the coming time legal action may be compelled to be taken against some INC workers also if they are find using

this illegal acts.As non can be threatened to be vote in the name of geographical area and clan .
             This is an illegal act and may be the creation of the Congress Seva Dal training classes.This some Publics have right to doubt;as this alone seems to be the Congress parties X factor in this part of the world.
                I dare the highest body of the INC to contest against me fairly in my assembly constituency .With the same property I have.See even  in the property disclosure of the INC candidate in affidavit in the front of Returning Officer;some body was seen misleading the Returning officer also.
                                   As election is no good environment for a child to grow and need not to say today there is seen less officer coming up from the interior place.So whose loss it is?Thus it is not the core issue for the local Student body also to refuse to give cooperation to the local leaders in enlisting small childrens in the voter list?
                  See what you gain by selling one vote utmost one will get Rs.5-10,000/-But see the loss as the child is he not your areas real future?Thus if the INC means business from their party side will surely also take action against the power mongers.
      Those who is perhaps bringing bad image on the entire party also.Mind it this practice must have doomed the Gandhis party as His own spirit may have despised it.
           And see many a time our complaint was neglected under the previous regime as most of the officers seems to have been bribed and threatened to support the rulling party.
           This change is important if the Party want to show its new face.Honestly some leaders seems to have got the image of a habitual offender  this matter  is most irritating for the civilian society.
              Thus some leaders  need to come out of his comfort zone of day dreaming hearing the  choicest praises heaped by his supporters to live in fools paradise.Who want part of tender work for them also they need to realize that BJP may give them more.
           Thus for the area interest thinking all as my own  I am feeling more sorry for the poor public's of the interior places.And writing this with hope that gross injustice this will be stopped in future.
                   And for the sake of future generation I am toiling now and hope soon this evil practice will be stooped ones and for all.And the arena will be opened for the best to come.
                And so soon this issues should be made so much a big issue that even the relative of the concern leader despise him for winning through this surreptitious means.
                       As after all many political family are now seen living a lonely life after they are no more in power.Thus lessons should have been learnt.
           Thus for the INC man of this State if joining BJP was for a good reason it should be most welcome from our side also.After all many old leaders may have also lost interest in power and willing to truly repent also.But the Public attitude seems to be they must go now.
        It would have been real good for the sake of the poor place like this if we all have decided for the maximum goodness of the society.And for this the Young leaders may also not fail the society also.As some senior leaders seems to  be trapped in the wrong side of the history.               
                 See presently after seeing the performance of Modiji, non seems to be respecting the present leader by heart.

                     Honestly even many INC man confessed to me that they are hooked to his programme.And Peoples seems to be enjoying and feeling proud of Hon`ble M.O.S Kiren Rijiju also.
           And pity ,the present INC leaders in the State is also seldom seen to declare a new project also.As searching for money for paying the salary to the Govt. servants seems to be the only work left with some.And worst seems to have come for the INC business man and contractor `s.
              See for how long the innocent  brothers and sisters of interior circle will be hoodwinked in the name of communal-ism.And the Public's will try to see day dream with the eye open while it is ironically heard that the economic recession is not faced by the top leaders.
                 Thus hopefully the BJP highcommand will this time send some corpus money equally to all the Hon`ble MLA candidate of the party on special case.And it will be not sabotaged on the way.
              Recently I was surprised to see even many unemployed youths from the powerful leaders own clan.And see the few roads made in one circle seems to have been basically one made since one late ministers  time.
                          And it was heard all the Govt. Dept. was earlier made to give fund in that road and recently the PMGS was also going to be made to fund it.
                                  There is definitely something when their is smoke; as according to rumor one INC top leader is heard to have  himself accepted that he have won previous election by dubious means in front of one of his top worker also.So who wins by the proxy vote is he respectable and deserved to be called as Hon`ble leader?

                        But out here some seem to be thinking this method is his expertness and others who have lost is foolish.And if one have committed mistake only for one time we would have been silence also.But how come the most prestigious constituencies witness this injustice cine die.
               And world knows nothing about it thinking the upcoming opposition leader is really unpopular.And as such this need to be exposed as some leader greed seems to be never ending.
                  And interestingly some INC friends may also like this blast more.As  they may be also fed up of some gentleman who are always suspected to be the Narad Muni and making maximum number of party shifting record and  creating  ill will among the top leaders.
             I am writing this with great responsibility as some of my own supporters have also decided to do the same violence also in coming time if their is similar practice, see this will be real bad for all.
               As how long violence can be stopped from our side alone?Thus the present leaders should not start full blown battle between the rich and the poor by thinking that they are untouchable.
          Thus I think it is time to give a serious thought as violence will serve non.Some supporters also claims when we have no need to go to other place why not do the same thing to them?Thus today non can be undermined.
                       So in the coming time the NGO and senior Public leaders are accepted to broker a peace so that both the leader only promise to make a democratic means as via media for the success.And for it the leaders must be appealed to be make a joint election  campaign also.

                   The question hour must be also given to ask question to the leaders ;and on the lottery basis the different villages should be made to be addressed turn by turn.
           So that there is no feeling of injustice.And see on our part we have been always ready for it as BJP have full confidence in its talents.
            And see equal Police protection need to be given to all the candidates also.See even if the CEC keep mum the great Public's of this State can demand it.
                                   And when the violence is resorted in one place then can it not escalate also?Thus the place where there is always report of the violence; the Govt. need to beef the police more their.
            As some clever leader seems to commit unlawful activity initially and provoke the others to do it later to defame them.
                        The magnitude of this cunningness seems to be unheard of in some part of this State.Why this negative energy is not used for good purpose?See can an old cow give milk any more?This seems to be the case here with the old leaders and their supporters.
              See in my case also sometimes even the security Police have been not provided to me even if I was a official MLA candidate of a recognize party why?And sometime an old and delapated Sainik provided in the name shake only.
                So after one day dethroned by the Public from the political power what our Hon`bles will themselves;do have they ever pondered?  

                    And one thing the INC chaps need to now know that the BJP can do more notorious thing also.As it have more committed cadres.Thus I challenge Hon`ble C.M to personally intervene if he is a good Christian also.
                        As the day the clarion call is made by a popular leader how the workers of his own area will not be more violent also?Do the young leader from the BJP have to tell the way of ahimsa to INC leader?
             Need not to say the circle where there is more violence  is seen to be the most backward area; as few seems to be looting it by keeping others below them by their reign of terror.
                      And most hopeless son of the soil may be still misleaded to think that this journal is against their civilization.If they are real son of the soil must decide now in which camp they are.
              The villagers need to know that the terror used against the opposition leaders party is against the villagers only.As their will be never check and balance in a constituency if truth seeker is not their.
                           And as in the election the climate is very much charged up in some place; thus this evil practices need to be exposed from now itself.
                    So the crooks who try to postulate this ideological difference as personal enmity or as the region Vrs. Other region fight are the harbinger of the haves class society.See what leaders say it really matter thus for God`s sake we need to give peace a chance.
             As in tomorrow the INC may be more in the receiving end also as the world may change apart very soon.Thus the supporters need to think hundred times before saying something.
                     See their may come a time when the leaders own villagers will chase him away if he only uses the lies ,deceit and violence.As everything too much is bad;see how long the Public's can be mislead also?As bad things are ultimately seen as counter productive.
                    See even in the U.P and Bihar all the evil tactics of the INC party in this State seems to be not applied their also.Some  tactics used in election here are so cruel that only a psychopathic or chronic maniac person can use this.But as it is used so who is the man behind this dirty tricks?
                    The smart leader will blame some over jealous workers for the excess in election as usual; but unless he have no knowledge of this developments ,this things will perhaps never happen also.
                    As nothing happens without the permission of the leader specially here in this State.The leader should do anything openly and who wants to win by secret plans is he a good leader?
                                        And what one gains by winning through surreptitious means also?Unless it is not an effort to save his own skin.Or his relatives as some relatives name may be their in the  some scam`s also to be saved  also.God alone knows.
                       See all human being have conscience; by fooling other is he not fooling himself?As the punishment from the God is to be feared most.And this will definitely come to a person who don`t hear his conscience also.                
                                     See in some place in the interior circle there is even no football ground also ;and thus it seems all Youths seems to be being preferred for becoming tools in election only.

                   As there is no place for youths to divert their surmounting problems whereas the rich leaders house seems to be made taller day by day.
                          And also the lack of the alternative leader spoil the future generation so in the coming time the Publics are accepted to not go any seat uncontested.              
                  In the future  I will be more then happy to hand shake a leader if he wins on merit.And allows Public's to freely vote and his goons not warn the minority of dire consequence if their leader lost election.
                            And surely the God and Public also seems to have sympathies with hon`ble MOS kiren Rijiju this time precisely for this reason only.As he himself have been made to suffer in his initial years.
                     As earlier he was also tried to be stopped that way also but many denizens also come up to his aid as many seems to have thought enough is enough.
                  See even the Raksas Ravana was not he that bad also?As did he not also tried to blackmail Lax man the younger brother of Bhagwan Rama to support him also?
        Thus friends in history many answers may have to be made by the present leaders.As nothing go invain with this writing, world will perhaps  remember some one and his families excessive greed for ever.For good or bad also oneday all has to face the consequences.
                             And today atleast I have not put the earlier corrupt practice scene in election in the U-Tube.But this man is also capable of dedicating so many things for a friend who comes to me with a changed heart and thus friendship or fight is upto the adversery.
                Here in this State the A Grade contractors leaders alone seems to be only seen enjoying.See what is a big thing if a person gets the chair but lost his credibility also?

                      And nice to see that for the first time my team is seen as hero here in this State ,this is even if we have lost the election even if the odds was made to be against us.In fact we have to win in future to show the greatness of the Galo society.
           As it is not alone our loss but loss of the society which seems to have become like 3 monkeys of the Mahatma Gandhi.Whom he must have carried to indirectly hint at his critics.
                  And the escapist Publics may have used the meaning otherwise to suit them.Yet all can`t be leader few have to make a honest beginning also for the general Publics to follow them slowly.
                     But we also seems to have won the heart and soul of the Public's even before winning also.As mind it non likes the foul play that too in this days and least from an old and respectable man also.Who may have been respectful earlier but may be not so even if he has now seen political promotion.
           Thus some INC leaders here have to be conscious that they are also not immortal.How long the power will save them?Thus it is time some of them repent of their mistake.As think of living an ordinary man from now itself ,as soon they may have to live that way for ever.
         As some may have this criminal habit from day one and thus the Public's  may be needed to search another  good leader from his own place if one really talks of area interest.
                          As more then keeping the prestige of area being the leader, one with the speech freight can he keep the name of the area in important place like the State Assembly also?

                         But the other one may have  also no money.Thus the Publics also have to accept the limitations of the leaders.As the man can never be 100%.And as for the selflessness I think some have already displayed it.
             See when the great singer Bhupen Hazarikaji was initially struggling for his career it is heard the netizens of the Tirap and Changlang Publics sponsored him in a big way.Where is that great things about the Galo community system have gone?
                    Tomorrow suppose if the highcomand of BJP if it had termed their son of the soil a deserving leader as a poor also.Then was it not the elite of the Society who should have dared them to deny the ticket on that ground itself?
                 See every decision from the profit and loss motive is it good?As is the good leadership is it not our cumulative property which need to be protected by any means.And even will it not be worthwhile to remind the present leaders of the INC party about their hard days in the past?
                  So using goonda against the innocent and poor Public is easy but to do the real work of the Legislator is the real test.And one have to ask himself is he delivering? As using communal-ism directly and indirectly how far this is good?Can other leader can`t do this also?
                   I personally feel that some senior leader may be not that bad person also.Some lower rung leader may be behind all the mayhem also.But can a General also wash his hand if their is violence in election?nevertheless for God`s sake all be a changed man in next election o.k.As for now may be this humble appeal only I can make.
                     See if one is a good leader then whom he need to fear?Will not his good work itself speak loud?And if ones

hand is clean then definitely he can call me for joint meeting for electoral reforms before next Panchayat election also.
             And we should jointly appeal the Public's to promise to attend the open debate even if the election commissioner not pass this American method by next election.On my part I am ready man why egoism in facing the verdict of the Public.In fact one should be more ashamed of winning in indecent way.
                 As whatever good work one top leader does his other face seems to be completely discrediting himself also.
                   See non of a good man will like him to be condemned unecessarily.And remember more a man climb up the ladder of success; there is more responsibility also.As more his torso will be exposed also.
                       As is power and position permanent? and do we politicians have no accountability and social responsibility also?As the interior circle public's should they be not allowed to decide their fate by themselves also?
         That too freely and fairly?As what the majority Public's have gained by a political leader who rules by iron fist?so why they are not allowed to democratically ventilate their grievance in this democratic country?
                         See I could have harassed my opposite leader more by filing lots of RTI and PIL.And have I also till now wrote a criticizing journal in the local newspaper against the leader so far also?
             And honestly this blog is read by few from my State.Thus please don`t allow me to start writing in the Times of Arunachal.And do all to stop the evil practices.After all why I will like myself to be recipient of booty by my silence?
           Thus this warning should be taken up seriously as I am compelled to mean it.And I may also consider removing this journal if there is still a true peace initiative before the final decision for publication in book form with additional justifications is made....................................................................................................................................
                             Thus the Person who have any objection to any content can do so till then.I will be more then happy to cooperate also.As my intention is to more then bringing any one in poor light is to correct him for the betterment of the Society.
                                 For some who will pretend to be angry with me for them and their leader; my question is-Is not the vehicle and the building of the leader increasing day by day?And does leader have no responsibility to the Public's also?
                    And the Public's also need to know that by openness and mingling with others only they will gain more.Or in a reserved society it is only a few Peoples who will benefit.And poor Public`s they will always become few haves class slave`s also.
                       The personal recognition by the senior leader is an small thing; the pertinent question is he is delivering or not?That is to be seen.Who knows given chance new young leaders may deliver better then many senior leader`s also?
                     As the old leaders may have also good intentions also.But have even some P.M have been also seen not  unable to deliver also?That too in a high post.See thus there is need for burning desire.
             This shows that one should be focused in his God gifted talent rather then seen willing to poke into others affairs.Unless you are convinced that you have the divine calling please for God`s shake never join politics for joy ride.
                         As not only this is sin but will ruin a persons life.As the general Publics today have the penchant for knowing the best.
        Tomorrow in this State few sponsors can perhaps  go places along with their God gifted leader who need bare minimum need.And even if non cared but once upon a time RSS also took interest in the Narendra Damodar Modiji.
               And have he failed them and nation also?Thus the BJP is so far really seems to be party with the difference and even in this corrupt State the party is accepted to keep its nerve.
           As one can`t get everything and it is sin to try to bulldoze all for his own interest.Some leaders in the Arunachal Pradesh may have been best suited honestly for the contractor ship profession.
                 It would have been good if an understanding have been made between all the future stake holders as right now all are in the win win or loose loose situation.
         Thus humble appeal to all the Narad Munis /psycho pants please don`t take only the bad portion to ears of my critics.I deserve to be represented in totality in my absent as I can`t be sacrificed just like that sometimes in my absence also.
                 And for one thing the critics must be disrespected who does so.As how so pleasing his word may be he may do same thing to the powerful peoples in few days time.As for me I am openly writing what I want to write also.
         The problem here in this State is the leader have been so feared and enjoyed till now,so the other also want to become a leader to be in equal footing.


                  Whereas the leader should have even loved the business man also as there is value of everyone in the society.As the main aim should be the betterment of the society and that can be done by a leader who is a fascilator and a peace maker.
              The things based on hatred will never last so earlier using violence in the election was in bad test.I have even condemn my camp for this also.
                         As the top leaders seems to be feeling that they can`t do other then this.And when the burden of proving this that such practice is no more their in the INC camp.
                     It should not try to justify and accept this humbly. And those who support evil for the sake of support on the party discipline line may harm their own future.As there is definitely reason to rise the eye brow after seeing what transfired in the last election in my assembly constituency.
            Then why we should feel shy specially if we will be tried to be painted as looser by some.As God seems to have given us 2nd chance with the BJP success in the center.And finally we are also compelled to play our strong point which the world will say as our right also.
                  I have honestly never intended to hurt any one in my life.But how long the injustice can be tolerated also specially for the more poorer persons?
                    As the secret group called the Taliban is heard to be sponsored by the top leadership in each election in one leaders own circle to torture the opposition voters in the name of the regional interest.
               Though this time they have not come so open as it was in the last time in previous State assembly election. And

some where jokingly saying that –we wonder if today few close relatives of top INC leaders are not pretending as Taliban with their face covered?
                   Hope this practice should finish very soon by next election and I am soon accepting confessing of previous  Arunachal political leader Talibans in the face book .
         As for the sake of our own poor brothers will it be not prudent to leave this practice for ever?And in the coming election each one is accepted to voluntarily join to give one time chance to BJP.
              Hope my shifting to BJP will  give a bigger platform to fight this evils in this part of the world,where the divine power seems to be compelled to intervene also.As for long Peoples have been threatened  and their confidence and self respect seems to have been broken.
                  As how long one who believes in decentralization of power and want to pave the way for the participation of the Villagers in decision making can be considered as bad leader?The day the Publics are made to have test of good leadership they may also regret thinks many.
                            And when the idea and stand is good then how it is anti particular place/community policy?Only eating and drinking in leaders house does it make him adorable?
            And perhaps same style of giving  few money before next coming election will be the perhaps fate of the Public's of some interior place for their perhaps long stoic silence till now.
                     If the interior place have been made as vote Bank then it is an insult to them.In fact their big problems are never seen and only their small needs may be seen to some extent.
                             Thus the fellow innocent villagers of the interior circle seems to be misleaded by some only for their close proximity with the leaders.As will they be always like to be beggars in  their leader`s house for their own money.
                  And  have this lack of self respect by parents is not harming the young generation of my beloved interior circle Villages  also?As when parents starts borrowing and begging what their children`s will not do?
                         As the smart leader seems to be hitting at the weakest point`s of an Individual ;thus the  old leaders can be praised for mastering this art.And accepted the new generation have also many weaknesses.
                                                    But unfortunately in spite of the fact that the leadership is from some interior circle ; but so far  this interior place is the poorest area also this also need to be understood also.
                     And is it not duty for all to ponder upon this issue of grave concern? as I was puzzled to know that there is more unemployment in this interior circle`s of some of present leaders own place , then in subdivision area also.
                        And in each election they are heard to be lied more also.This is if correct is real pathetic and surprising element also.And since this villagers are seldom going out more the responsible on the Youth`s to educate their parents.
                 See for all the poor the problem is same only.Thus even the relatives of the top leaders should join us if they feel we have better viable plan for the eradication of the poverty.
                                   Thus the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches must also come up and aid us to make a new vibrant and flourishing Basar area.Which will be for all,see this injustice can be removed ones and for all if all the Youths give their helping hand.By doing what they can.
              See many are now seen active in the Facebook this is very good initiative. And I have been always saying we all need to think we are from Basar town as Gomar Ribaji says.

                     And as in fact the real forefather of the present Basar Peoples where Rihar and the name of the Basar town in earlier occasion was said to be Bohar thus the nomenclature should be not a problem.Thus any one who love this area can perhaps his title as Basar.
                     As the Youth is the future and from now they should do what they can, telling the facts to the parents.And by enlisting in the ABVP like Hon`ble MOS KIren Rijiju did much before time in his  College days.See this will help them specially who have more inclination towards social work and wills to become a public leader.
                  See the cute little children’s wearing the RSS dress uploaded in the facebook.So long as there is love for country in the heart what is harm in even joining this?
              As mind it the political party is also a way for short of self employment and why give that chance to other undeserving one?So please join BJP soon and be in a position to determine the future course of action.As life is soon going to be competitive in all the fields.
                   As it is the loss of your future if my good idea is not accepted.And as for my sincerity to implement it I have to be respected as I have already shown my determination by rejecting crores of money offered in the previous election also.
                 As I feel for you and your future and thought their was really a divine will in the previous election.As whatever the critics says the kind of test was made in the previous election of our commulative integrity.
              I feel that chance will seldom come again also.And as for the good deed even if there is God`s will or not.All the

religion have always guide us to be in the side of the truth.Thus this argument need to be stopped here.
              As even if many join the BJP but only few have so far stood the cyclone in the most challenging place.And they have now story to tell to their Children and grand children`s.
           As youths and Rural area future must be changed for good.And for it you must vote for a change even if leaders knows you personally or not.As something must be done soon and cannot be done by one alone.Modiji is a catalyst for change nevertheless you have to finish your own  work.
           Though I have also financial constrains and family problem also,and have not taken contact to clean our society for good also.But if you all trust me I may for one last time take the poison for the dying societies sake also.
             See in coming election non may like to contest election any more also.As the Publics have also become too demanding.Thus the responsibility belong to all.Non can alone do wonder.
              After all how long my family will also suffer to clean the mess for all?The problem with this State is all seems to be longing for easy money.So the investors also seems to be uninterested to invest here.They will also wait for a sincere political leader who is ready to put red carpet for them in true sense of terms.
                    Thus can I be rebuked for the hard hitting punches?Thus all must also contribute in the best possible way for a good cause.As we have to think even if we have suffered for our poverty let our future generation should not face it also.And for it some sacrifice must have to be made by all as this is team work.
          And for it please for God shake stop waiting for redundant and non delivering leader.Who have now I suppose

only the MLAD fund to play his politics and there is little scope from him.As will someone overlook his family interest at this desperate times? As they have proved time and again that they are for themselves.             

                        I really want to remove the bad reasons for the growth of poverty from my society.And see the solution is not running away to foreign country but to make it as one hell of a place to be appreciated by all. If the KFC Chickens for the India can come from Brazil ;why not this factory can be set up here in this State also?         
                       And those who want to support me for the change all believe in ,they can also send me advise and mobile number of prominent Peoples in their village who think like us.As small contribution will increase our capacity to strike.
        As the reason for all the problem seems to be leaders with bad intention to loot who seems to be knowingly keeping other in lurches to blackmail them for their small needs like in medical cases.This is playing politics with hunger.And how long this can be tolerated?
                          See my main area of concern is the rural area and youth development and I am really committed to it.As I have also seen the hell faced by the unemployed youth also.Being still living like them.
       Though I could have avoided my bad time also.See one who faced the same problem like you is he not more respectable?
                    See for God shake have mercy on one who love you.Even if the senior leaders are good man then they may give a 2nd thought to their expansionist plan.As only blaming other will it do?
                And see one never know some senior leaders  may be also a good man ;thus their should be open discussion and question on his future vision also.
                  As when there is a comment by us in Facebook sometimes there are dozen questions ask to us also.Hope impartiality will be maintained in this regard as some senior leaders have always cleverly ducked the serious questions.
                         A vision which one can accomplish even without a ruling INC party back up;that is possible.And Modiji have shown it in Gujrat .As honestly for INC leaders in future odds seems to be coming. And see all the glitters may not be gold also.
                  Atleast fed up of the rich candidate alone in the party for which the party also suffered the INC party also need to appreciate the recent plan of the BJP to give emphasize to the poor leaders but man of integrity.   
                                  As which is more important for a person? to always use his innocent area for his own promotion or for living the area to flourish?As have leaders like Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji and Hon`ble MOS Kiran Rijijuji leaders with less money; have they not contributed more for the national growth also?
                                How long others will be only cheered without appreciating the boy in the neighboring only because he is from other party?As the Gajal of the Chitra Singh seems to be apt here-`KABHI TO KHULKE BARASH, AHALE MAHARBAN KI TARAH.`
                     Thus for the one who want to live for ever ,this song of famous Galo singer Moge Dojis song seems to be very apt when he sang -`NGO DUMAYOM TANI MOKO SI REPIN RUMARE……………….,`This song seems to be

warning to the power obsessed leader as the singer says –                 
                  When I am no more also, this world will nevertheless go on without me also.Thus the old leaders should ponder weather they are blessing or curse for the society?As world may go on better without them also so why this excuses?
                           When some leaders they visit Public's secretly then only they may know that they are part of problem.See what have happened in the Tirap Changlang Dist.with some leaders whimsical character and vision less act crating a mess of everything isn`t it?
                  Don`t create so much mess that when you retire you are unable to visit your own place.As there is difference between the respect and fear.Are the Publics respecting you also?
              As unless you are respected the power that you have gained surreptitiously will never help.After all God is really their and non of the party will like a suspected cursed man excessive sinful person  to be in their party also.
                               And when the Public's have to be also purchased in election then they need to realize how bad they have become.Thus is it not time for the leaders to show their real love for their area Peoples and not alone give lip service?
                       As their power obsession seems to be the main stumbling block for the society’s development and this seems to be unfortunately not accepted from them.And may be the close circle of the senior leader may be also wrong in ill advising them also.
                          As their was time that Public's blessings have made them successful.And thus for their failure in all the front the more better one may have to be now given chance also.
               As in the modern India NAMO have arrived as game changer.Thus in the coming time the real litmus test of the senior leaders will be also seen,thus may be still last chance to say something sweet by the powerful ones which will be music to Publics ears that time may have come.
                     As unless one is terrific orator in todays time he may not succed also.But there are also leaders who even though are uneducated seems to be free from their P.A and Secretary ;and are seen to be expert in the social network cites also.
                              And are really appreciable also as they are seen to have aptitude to change and learn.Thus this argument should not be termed as educated Vrs uneducated  and should not be taken as an insult only but as a word of encouragement also.
        Their seems to be still some time to change for some leaders also,as for Public interest the leader must change.And he should use this modern lobby Technic for demanding justice for the area.
                          See for some they are alleged to be shameless and Public is heard to be liking them for this.If it is so they should sit for dharna like in asking for Dist.Hq. or AIMS for the constituency if it have been promised earlier.As using talent for ones own contract work and tender how far that is useful for the Public's?
                   As the work of the leader must be seen effecting the wheel of the development.As later when the Insurgency arrive and many Youths die who will take risk?See till now God have been merciful to this side of the State and it should be like this for ever also.
                            And see the real greatness of the society is seen with the increasing civil rights in a place.Thus  the elites and Youths of the interior place have to give free and fair atmosphere for election campaign ,for lack of which the Public's themselves seems to be the worst victim.
         See each one is a leader he should not wait for the candidate to arrive and must help in cleaning his own house.And the society belong to all and it must be cleaned by all.
                       Thus few goons and vested interest Peoples who create chaos in election have to be condemned by all.Why 90% Public's have to fear a few?Who are hell bent on bringing stone age in the society.And thus even if few try to capture the booth in the election do they should not be chased away?
        If the whole villagers sell their vote and don`t come in the Polling booth then that village is still slave of some one.Those hope in coming time all will join in to fight for the dignity and pride of the local village also.
                                       And remember selling ones right is anti God activity also.As democracy is basically the prototype of all the religious doctrines in the social context.
                      Please belief in your own hard work ,today non will give that money to change your life completely.Thus this wrong notion must be removed ones and for all.
                    And even a small boy can do this after all you are the owner of your destiny.See by believing in hate speech you are restricting yourself s growth.
                                      And I am accepting in future specially in the remote circle even if goons kidnap the election agent of the opposition party in the coming time as usual.

                         The new resurrected youths should ensure that everyone vote freely; after all this is question of their life and death in the coming time which will be more challenging for sure.
                  As one critics was saying if the terrorism starts it will be in the place like this interior place one day. As the democracy is the only mechanism to ventilate ones frustrations.And so non have right to sabotage it also.
                       Honestly for me liberating the man in the worst position itself is reason for my willing to enter the politics; even if I also never liked it.If tomorrow there is acceptable educated leader from all side also we may give retirement a second thought also.
             But being a party man I have to now also believe in the prudence of the senior leaders of the BJP who may also have better plan for me and all my Colleagues also.
                       But right now their seems to be resorting of threat and compulsion to get the Public's support; this is unacceptable to me.
                       As this is not the true picture of the Independent India.That we should give to the future generation.See the pathetic condition here after election the life is as usual and worst is faced by a poor man.
                     Let us have open debate in election and let their be question hour also to see the genuineness of leader. See when the Public's fear their leader then there is no proper development.
                      Respect should come out of genuine love and adoration ,as later it will be pointless to break the leaders head after he is retired also.
                      The Peoples need to know the value of time; the good leader have so much potentiality that only after making them one may regret also.
                 As within very soon we must do many things for our youths and rural areas who deserve better life.Our Peoples are so poor that the Investors may have to be invited with folded hands.
           And for it all have to come up as a team to bless the genuine leader and accept his vision.Non can alone do this;and new leaders physical limitations like stamina and weak memory have to be also tolerated so long as he have potentiality to make a big stride.
          As non is Mr. perfect also and as they have less money so they have some problems also.But they have at-least not eaten the Public money that have to be appreciated isn`t not?So are they not respectable also?So both the side of the coin may have to be accepted from now.
                Thus for the Youths of some interior circle of this State time to think who is their real enemy?This they have to now ask for themselves.And please don`t blame us for not rising this serious issues in future also.
                    See  a vibrant Public  alone send a good leader.Thus whose loss it is for non rising of voice of discontent as the life of the coming generation in the society is it not important or not?And what legacy you will give to them?
            The way you have lived like a silent lamb will you also let them live like you in poverty and problem also?And for their sake I have left my all shamelessness also ;as I am also man of many weaknesses.But today their seems to be non to voice for my Poor Public's now.So this burning of the mid night lamp.
                               See an opposition leader from other sub-division place is not necessarily anti to the remote circle`s publics,and he may be better option also.
                                     As what matter is ones character,see non will be picture perfect but in place like ours economic offence and injustice seems to be the core issues to be dealt with.
       I assure you better scope on this matter from the BJP side.As eventually someone with same sentiment like me may be selected from the parties side to be your leader also; even if the strong lobby against us by the haves class members have already may have started by now.
                             See even if we have missed out many things in our life does our youth don`t deserve to have a hope and see a dream also?As we have hardly any youthfulness left in us and should we not have happiness through them by seeing them happy?As for me all is our children,brothers and sisters  and so I must work for all of them.
                                      This misconception have to be removed ones and for all that other leader from Basar side are not careful,caring and loving to others.Had their been earlier a bad leader I apologise for it.
               After all when there is development good road and house will it be not the Public's of the remote circle also who will be also not benefiting from this or not?
                   And one like it or not most of the roads in the interior place of Basar area seems to have been made in the time of late Todak Basarji.Ex- Hon`ble PWD minister.Those was time that Congress party had also some good leaders.
                        Thus need of hour is a workaholic leader like Modiji who knows only work and this the poor area like this State need more.Some of present leaders are also very good;

but we may also have to give chance to a new leadership who may given chance not prove bad as well will be my personal humble view.
                        The present era seems to be challenging for the State as from now the work has to be done to get the bill paid .And Modiji seems to be particular about this.And presently as the system is all perverted so it may takes 2-3 yrs for all local Aam admi of other State also to get the real benefit of the Modi Raaj mantra .
              See when majority bad person eat they don`t bother about other person`s weather they are hungry or not.But when another one person who don`t eat open his mouth then their may be real problem. Soon this may be the case here.
     And some time this injustice can be removed by one senior leaders sacrifice.As in all religion the ultimate sacrifice was shown needed and was displayed as a Nobel work.
                This may open new dimensions for other confused leaders also.As when the truck is ultimately taken back by the Bank for not paying back of the instalment can the children can be blamed who is entrusted by parent to get back the truck?
                    Unfortunately here in this State main issue non governance is sidelined;and the student bodies are made to rise meaningless issues which non can perhaps do anything about.
                     The action against the ten worst corrupted persons from all the State may alone now show some credibility of the INC Govt.But the 5 have to be leaders from the INC party as many will bet they will be in the top list.   

                     Thus besides giving few money to ill or feeding the villager in his house there is more lot to do for a leader.Like giving the others a good future filled with hope and dignity. And for this the Public must be given chance to question leader about his vision  in an open debating platform also.
             After all the leader is for the Public's by the Public and with the Public.Simply pretending the Public that he is trying will it do?As with power there is also responsible as today's Public's are very sensible.
          And for better interest of the Publics if a new Governor is send and RSS interfere to make a new Govt.the Publics may be needed to restraint the MLA`s from taking money from the new top leader also.
                     And as the INC top leaders are heard to be trying to dash into BJP office.This time why not the Public interest and the national interest is seen?
                   As some INC leaders are also heard to be interested to join the BJP in the garb of promoting national interest and thinking to retire by next election.
               And if it is so their may be no hurm in opening the door for them.But many within the BJP today seems to be favoring an agreement where they are also made as part if it is so.
        As the smart Congress leaders here are already sensing that in the coming time the Publics may blame them for their pathetic performance.
                Thus very soon the RSS may also interfere and do something for the State interest as the deteriorating law and order problem in the State that too when the China eye brow seems to have raised is perhaps not good for the nation also.

                       See the schemes like PMGS which comes after great persuasion as many villages have applied for it.Here the population of the village have to be also adequate to get it.Thus it is really bad to see that while in some village the road have been reportedly made again and again by different Dept.
                  That too not nicely and astonishingly heard to be again put up in the new PMGSY scheme also .But in some other village  the Publics have to still walk in the katcha road.And the Govt. Dept.scheme  is seen absent thus the Publics anger is genuine.
             May be their in the office  file the road have been already constructed. Why this double standard? Thus it is wrong to play politics on ones poverty and weakness. As the charlatans leaders  have they right to rule the Publics? As why so far the infrastructure was not developed for the Investment to come?
            And again in election trying to mislead some section in the name of the communal ism.Is it good?See if a particular community and religious member have been denied political chance for a short time it would have been other matter.
                     But out their it is other way round. If a member of particular class have been always denied leadership chance is it not apartheid. Thus with the believe that the BJP High command will ensure justice my supporters have asked me to join the BJP.
                Thinking here in this party there will be no preferential treatment to the poor and the minority. See if tomorrow there is plan for injustice it is hoped RSS friends will join to bail you.

                         If your claim is real genuine.After all Modiji was he also not criticized and long before non knew him was he not given chance by the RSS?
                            And was even Lord Sri Krishna was not subject to discrimination by some.But the great Hindu Sasthra which advocate for waging the Mahabharta war for justice sake will hopefully exhort the committed RSS ,BJP and Hindu brothers to jump in our fight without thinking anything.
                          As this is not after all the true character of the Hindu which Lord Rama asked them to do;is it not so?As things are in very bad shape here.See the strong lobby of the present His Excellency Governor of the States earlier  appointed by the Congress party.
               The leech can be better pulled out but not some man this seems to be fitting comment on some Peoples.Thus the RSS brothers may have to be very vigilant now.
                         Thus in time like this may be some have to show that he is a true Hindu, as if a Hindu think this is his Rashtra then he also need to know the Vedic philosophy that -  all have the same Narayan in them and society must be rescued from the demonic forces.
               The gap between the east and north have to be broken first then the south and north.May be helping someone who make a first step in that regard have to be appreciated.
                  Thus in this new era Modijis personal view must be given chance.And being a perfectionist against the corruption and nepotism honestly the man with wrong intention will also not enjoy working with him.
                          May be for the haves class the best repentance may have been investing heavily in the Horticulture and agriculture sector.And see the test of the fruit of the hard work.See I also don`t enjoy writing book but should one not tie the bell in the neck of the cat?

                    The political leader here in this State seems to be not minding using anything for electoral victory.But in coming time with the empty purse what many of them will say?As have they other talent also?
          But whatever may be the justification if the local BJP leaders they really respect Modiji must give a damn to them.And think as one BJP parivar and rise about petty infighting,communalism and parochial view.
                     As by accepting the INC view we have been always trapped in their tricks.See by standing against the evil force only it can be defeated.
                       Let them say that they have money and be trapped like the Germans in the Soviet Union in the 2nd World War.As the commitment and will power have final say.As we have best leaders with us.
               But if we also fall to their tune then some INC leaders they will make the issue as money Vrs. Money as usual. Or may even purchase some of the demoralize official BJP candidates.See there is absolutely no future complicacy if we have a plan for unity.
                      As see the INC is real clever and knows the terrain here well.Thus their must be total understanding and friendship in the coming election with all the sections of BJP from the central observer to the grass root level willing to work together.And the BJP may soon send the best Governor in the State also to aid us thus we have to be positive.
                See by the time the interior villagers in this State would have realized their mistakes, it may be too late

also.Thus the RSS is accepted to send a short of delta force commando unit in the Chuck Noris style to rescue this State where for too long the interior circle places have been misleaded.
                    As their seems to be no plan for self employment and the contract work seems to be meant for only few peoples.Though it seems their could have been other plans and policies also to develop them.
                 Thus the immediate and drastic change here is really essential as the non tribal business man have been kidnapped and murder.And worst will be if the unemployed youths join in this business.
                                             See today the day of the Kushi kushi culture is gone, as now no one need to fear any one.As soon the Lok Ayukta bill can be brought in for good use to bring much needed accountability also.But why the State Govt. is not making a panel of good peoples in it from the opposition and NGO background also?
            Thus their should be absolutely no doubt about  the political clean up process which must begin after the new Governor arrive.As for long the haves class have duped the Poor in this State.
                       As all the INC evil technique in election in this part of the world seems to have been decoded by Public's, BJP,media,Civil society members,CEC and UNO and Bricks group also.
                                     And may be for some contractor leaders they need to learn from great Business man like Warren Buffet.Who was one time richest man in Forbes list and donated half of his property after retirement also.

                             See Warren Buffet  claimed that he have earned  all his money from honest way only, and contrarily only few seems to have the guts to say that he have earned from corruption.Atleast late Dorjee Kanduji ex-Hon`ble C.M can be seen as man much better for his honesty.
                             So the money earned through dubious means if half of it is also donated to the Publics through good NGO  like GRK many good opposition leader may give 2nd thought to his contesting election also.After all everything is for the society interest.
                     We respect some ones monetary help to the Poor peoples specially the sick time.It would have been better if the Gentleman had continued to do so after retirement also.Than may be we would have really respected him.
              The shamless acceptance that he have come in politics only to make personal money is wrong.See there is so much grace with the Hon`ble P.M of the India and Japan.
                              See Modijis RSS past closeness record seems to also helping him.And now there is seen cascading effect after the top is cleaned up ;and this will be best for bringing much needed behavioral change in the State like this also.
                                   See even the present leaders of the INC of this State can leave politics for good and start owning business houses for goodness of whole society. And this brand of leaders will alone now be respected also.
                                 As they may be one who is also needing this.After all the Aam Admi can live a low cost life only if they are no more.And a friend was saying that all the complaint against the BJP leaders of the State was from the INC leaders side only.
            But doing everything for the political reasons alone is it good?After all have I had not helped one Gentleman freely also who seems to be now annoyed with me.
                    Thus can all be seen as bad that too for one man`s personal interest?specially the one who is not in your team right now should he be hated just like that?
                   As in this State the opposite party members are treated as animal but lately respected seems to have also increased.See man like Tamio Tagaji Hon`ble MLA of the BJP is he not respectable?
             Out here in this State opposition leader he  is seen to be criticized even if he had not done any wrong also.But off course non seems to have guts to openly point finger at them also.
                     As this criticism seems to be for appeasing the present leaders in the helms of power.See  the respect one only get for 5-10 yrs. in his political carrier would be meaningless.
        Some missionaries are fighting for eternal salvation also and they are also tried to be dragged in the mud by some in the election time by the use of the spirit of Judas Iscariot who sold Lord Christ for 30 shackles of gold.And shame on some who sell themselves to the corrupt leaders also.
               As going by the Holy Bible when the Jacobs story is seen clearly God also seems to be against selling ones own right.What will be important is making permanent imprint in the history.
                    Many have come and gone but few even if they where not MLA or Minister have made history.Why because God seems to be hating it most.Man willing to eat without hard work.

                         And the INC leaders by telling -`Main Hu Na`e,i- I am their seems to have made the Publics dependent on them.But only the leader like Modiji have to be respected from now who don`t exagrate.Though some seems to be not believing so but that will be only 5%.
                My Publics in some place are so innocent that they seems to have been made addicted to the short time gains and promises in the election.This practice is in fact insult to our great civilization.
                               See the Rashtra Guru Baba Ramdevji Maharaj have he not shown the power of Brahmacharya by his one man battle against the black money issue?
                       And see he could have gone for initial appeasement policy of the Gandhi family also.But will that have helped him , Modiji,BJP and nation ?Holy Bible says the righteous can fight back 777 times also.
                Thus the other dharma Gurus who fight over trivial issues like who is superior- the Sankracharya Swami Swarupa Nanda or the Sai baba trust etc.They need to know that the Publics want practical solutions to their real problems.
                                 And by this sacrifice and strong stand Baba Ramdevji and Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji have gained a short of cult image like Bhism Pitamah in Mahabharata age.And see in future  they are perhaps going to be mattering for a long time.
            As they have not born in a big family to earn this name and the silence of others seems to have given them the edge and made easy cat walk.See the great man see the others silence as opportunity for work.
                             See in the Holy Bible also the stand to clean the society for good can be seen as God`s will.As it is said the Sodom Gomorrah was not only finished for the sin of the Peoples.
              But basically collateral damage was for the injustice to the poor Publics.And thus see how much this great man who brought anti corruption revolution in India will be source of inspiration for the other good Peoples around the world also?
                            And if the ex-Congress man wills to join BJP well and good.But for the top post.May be the narco analysis test may have to be done to find the right person.As the heart is where the persons real intention is.
                       Thus for a person who have no life testimony of serving the motherland can he be easily trusted?As earlier the conglomeration of the thugs seems to have been working in the INC party specially in this State.And eventually they seems to be poised to be collapsing under weight of their own past mistake.
                   I write this nobel Inspired by my father who did lots of good thing ;see the new generation should not criticize me and ask question what I have given to the nation?
                      This nobel is dedicated to my father now suffering from terrible illness may be for seeing me defeated in election.So that a good person is not discouraged to hate the truth,justice and divine power may be I had to write this also.
              And as for my loosing Perhaps Publics of my entire Basar area owe an apology to my father and family.As Sri Dakto Basar now under medication and his siblings according to some have  done more then perhaps any other leader also.
                           The great Kings have been seen in Biblical and epic Hindu mythological stories also to be directly aided by the God to ultimately  achieve success.
                And they have been warned not to take wordly things like wine also.Thus even the Hindu Dectas in earlier occasions refrained from taking Sura.

                    My father recently jocked that he have thrown the tobacco and while doing so asked the doctors in the Nibha clinic to eat it.And was asking me to write this great news in newspaper.And if at his age he can do so other should also leave the bad habits.
           Thus for a good cause even the God`s prophesy is also not needed, as this fight for justice is already being commissioned by God to all.And there is natural feel good when one do good thing.
             The day some redundant leader call it day they may develop more freeness and happiness.Free from the bondage of the guilt that they are no more the cause for the suffering of their own Peoples.As how long the self conscience can be suppressed?
                                  And as so far the Christians have been never ever been given political chance here in my constituency also.The Public's  must never be misleaded by the INC party that the BJP is anti Christian and anti minority party.
                    As till now BJP have not been given chance to adequately function and only after may be 3-4 yrs. their work can be judged also.As Modiji is after all a Human being like us also.
                                 And see we should be also concerned if Hindu brothers is tortured in the JNK.As the best person or the best Govt. or the best country should be careful for the well being of the minority in any place.
                Today INC have lost all the credibility due to juggling with politics on the communal line.Saying something and doing something else.

              The UPA have been given enough chance and have failed on all the account. See if I am friendly with Hindus why they will be not good to me also?Yet in INC the poor leaders and one from the minority seems to be always damped.And thus in coming election many Peoples are saying let the rich men`s party go to hell.
                   So is not question of fearing the powerful RSS made by INC party as a plan to stop the BJP?As whatever the mess created was it not the legacy of the UPA which have ruled us so far?
                         See though the language sounds funny and different both the Christians and the Hindu brothers are they not doing the same thing?And praising the same God in their own way?      
              And not even Hindus singing the Glory of Almighty God in the language they want to sing where the meaning is more or less same.See some of the poem we read in RKM School days-
                  Thus in initial stage it is difficult to bring differentiate between the religion. As the Anup Jalotajis Bhajan kept on coming in our tongue as we have been made addicted to it.
                   Thus for one in the Hindu definitely it will take time to appreciate others.But contrary to the saying that the Hindu is way of life.The Christianity is also personal relationship with Christ.The ignorance of the world seems to be creating all short of confusion.

                     See the laxman rekha is important to be known in the religion as the morality/ethics and law are all intermingled.Then only their will be true friendship.And  yet very few great man like Ramkrishna Paramahansa can accept that he have seen all the gods and God.It may be like learning Kungfu after Karate and Boxing.
                  As for the common man as Swami Vivekanada said the religion is helping the humanity may be best simple way to address it.As many will not understand the meaning of the Samudra manthan within the Hindu also.
                The comparison is needed to make the world to know how salvation/moksha is important for all.And this ought to be the final aim of the person and nation also.Feel like Modiji will ultimately not only make the nation great but will prefer the Publics for the final journey also. 
                          See if the heavenly power is not appeased how the nation will progress also?As very few Peoples knows its importance thus the mass seems to be making a pauty face each time this important topics are discussed.
                       But as for now this issues be best displayed by action as the nation seems to be not preferred to hear this.As Baba Ramdevji have to also confine to his Yoga teaching. But for a few elite who want to know more may be this off topic which is also very important may be needed to be discussed.
                   See their can be and should not be a State sponsored religion in our country as the Holy Ganga,Jamuna and Saraswati tehjib will forbade us for this.And Modiji have never ever discriminated any one in the name of religion. That is the best part of the present BJP.
                       It is time that the INC leaders accept that they have also seen good times.And exit out after accepting their mistakes; as earlier they have been given ample chance and found unwanted in all the fronts not to say about taking others to higher spiritual realization which seems to be the only duty of man to progress in all the front.
                        As for few leaders things may be like after expiry date is over for the medicine it must be also thrown away.As non can claim that his ways will be always good for all the season.
                    And see the magnanimity of Modiji to give top honour to the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhiji whom the Congress man earlier always cashed on for their parties success. 
                    See there are some Peoples who seems to be always least careless of God`s anger also.See was dislodging of the Gandhi family humanly possible also?
                  Thus it is always better to keep God above everything also.And even the RSS and the BJP will never cross the Laxman Rekha for sure.
           If they feel like somebody is being used by God I swear they will be the one who will be more then willing to give respect to him.
                               As it will be respect to Him only.After all the ideology of the BJP is for the Bharatiyata and hope all the controversy is finished by its party nomenclature. As they know more then anyone that a blessed person alone will be cause of blessing for the BJP party also.

               Had Rahulji knew something about Shastras he may have knew why Lord Shiva helped Rama at the cost of his own disciple Ravana also?
                     Perhaps Lord Rama would have win in any case then what would have been the value of Lord Shiva also?Thus dharma is for all to follow to flourish; see tomorrow BJP will be its own enemy if it start doing what the INC party was doing like the Asa Ram Bapuji in this State.
                  See so far the BJP party seems to have been so much blessed that even the bad act of some Hindu leaders seems to be not mattering and not seen effecting much the party prospect.
                As the Publics seems to have started identifying the party with the development.This is the extent of the INC parties misdenemour.
                And all the good peoples without any question must have joined the right person and  party isn`t it?As undmidfully the devta  joined in that epic battle of Ramayana in favour of Lord Rama also.
                      As blessed are those who are poor in spirit as they will have closeness with God.As said in the Holy Books. And see some may be rich but may lack experience to survive in the new circumstance.As the victory always belong to God.Thus why the due credit be always not given to Him.
                And for this comment alone I may be criticize sometimes and I give a damn after all everything is it not coming from Him?
                  See their seldom comes a time when the warrior are also offered free heaven.And that epic battle time seems to be very soon nearing here in this State.Where all the god and goddess,superior man and women may be automatically attracted to give us their helping hand.
                         Thus for the Kawaris of the Lord Shiva also the moment the election is declared in the coming time in this State will it not be the best place to get the boon of the Lord Shiva.As is He not -SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDERAM.
                          As till now perhaps non was aware of this great injustice in this place;beneath their very nose and now time for repentance seems to have come for all.As the Libya under the Col. Gadaffi was once initially seen as normal from outside;while his own man where unable to say anything for his dictatorial functioning.
                       See when the great Americans are seen to strike to finish the bad elements why our own should now fail us.The day all the religion and the ideology of the country is fused then who can stop us from loving each other.
             As it have been done under the able leadership of Modiji and like in the samudra manthan nector have come.Modiji seems to have get the divine power to remove all the dirt of the society.
                Thus  the coming election in this State may be that historical time where the scene like in the Mahabharata can be practically tested; as in a poor and interior place also the divine power have born and acted sometimes.
              As after hearing daily dosage of the Pravachan in the T.V.May be it is time to do something different with someone different for their right.And when the Peoples are lazy the war seems to be imposed and may be to stop the greater war may be smaller war have to be stopped.
                      As the new test may be also liked by the co- countryman; thus I am optimistic of incorporation of the N.E values also.After the chance have been given to Hon`ble MOS Kirenji and also Merry Kom the boxer in whose name a movie is soon going to be released.
                          Thus when there is feeling that everyone is our own barring the bad elements how the country will not unite?As the engagement in all label have always helped the nation.
                      Modiji should show his greatness by personally campaigning for some selected leaders of this State of Arunachal Pradesh also.To show that we are really part of this country.                  
                   See all great man are our own Baba Ramdevji he is also like any subject from the Holy Bible book also,and as it should have been a Christian who should have done what he did as God wished also.So non of Christian should have right to criticize him also.
                 As the quest for seeking God`s kingdom itself should be praise worthy as the hungry worshipper will eventually find the best ladder.
              Thus  great man should not be criticized by any one if he is fighting for all and is seen doing the will of God.As what someone did is the best part and his small weakness like way he speak or look should have been tolerated only for his great mission.
                               Thus that way a good Hindu is eventually seen as good Christian and vis a verse also.And unfortunately there is also seen many pseudo Christian also.
                                  As Holy Bible seems to be advocating helping his own first also but it is also seen not done this days .Thus we have to introspect ourselves first.
                 And many seems to be selling themselves first in election and atleast I seems to be better in this regards.Thus no eye brow is accepted to be raised when I joined the BJP.
                   But it has to be accepted that in place like Arunachal Pradesh even the targeting of selective prospective opposition leaders supporters also seems to make them helpless also.
               The Public who also file RTI and PIL just like that they are also not praise worthy as ones filed one should not withdraw also.
                 So some seems to have made this filing also as a drama and a  good business as well by some.May in the strike and procession against the corrupted leaders this peoples also need to be targeted.
                                   See only intelligence or richness will not do unless one side with the will of God which was always clear in the Holy Bible and all the religious books to fight for justice and equality.
                             In this State like the Duryodhana selecting Lord Krishnas soldiers and laughing loudly seems to be practiced.And for every Hindu it itself should be ground for helping us as when the righteous are not helped the country will never flourish.
                         And whatever our critics say not giving one time political chance also gives the point in our favour.This any sensible man will accept.And my stand is not for myself also but for many co-believers.
                    And this fight must be joined in any case .Even if their was no prophesy from the mouth of prophet,Sadhu ,Panja expert also.As it is also written in all the  Sashtras/law to help the righteous.
                      Thus thy will  have to be always done.And see the good one will not fail us after all the wall adjacent to the China have to be repaired from all the angels.
                     In fact though I am and I was a worst sinner also,but this time I feel like I am representing many righteous voters.Thus one like Baba Ramdeevji is God`s own blessed person.And he will hopefully intervene if he have real concerned for the Poor.
                               Thus it is perhaps  time those who bring some fund from the foreign Institutions help us also.As some may have been surreptitiously filling his own coffer in name of Poor Publics and God`s work.

                         Surprisingly the Christians have been always alleged of foreign aids.This is also not the case also.But nevertheless their may be some crooks who uses the name of the organizations for his own benefit also.
                   Though I being adviser Peace and Justice Dept.CBCNI is yet to get anything also.And hope this allegations are bull shit.
                 And as I am into many good works and if it is so I say help us also, as from my view the  gospel which in fact is appeal for life transformation can be done by committed politicians also.
                     Perhaps more better also as now we need doers of the Holy Bible in the practical life.Specially who is operating like a missionary, mind it in the worldly life it is more difficult to live a honest life also.Thus the party ticket even to the missionary may be an asset for the party also.
                                                             But if you are destined one day you will become rich this way or that way.Thus better to wait for the right time instead of doing for which you have been not created also.As the INC leaders like the evil spirit just need to be denied attention. It is God who alone will give to His true desciples and in His own sweet time.
               Those who genuinely love you will continue do so for what you are not also.As the true love is the gift of God to mankind and to one like Him.Thus religion was and is never an issue for one who really wan to join in the life transformation moments.
                Thus nothing to fear and just face the world and always believe that the best is yet to come as God is really their.And He will do wonder through you.As He is now doing through Hon`ble P.M.

                            See motivating the Publics is a no mean gift.As today some spiritual leaders are shown making others fly also.See in my own life also earlier I was perhaps used to warn  Ex-hon`ble C.M Gegong Apangji , twice Ex-Hon`ble C.M Late Dorjee Kanduji  and Jarbom Gamlinji ,ex-Hon`ble Cabinet Minister –
                Sri Setong Senaji,Sri Lijum Ronyaji and Ex-hon`ble Cabinet minister Sri Jarkar Gamlinji also.And this great gentleman are all alive will never lie.
                     And that time I was honestly very seriously into religious activity also and really seems to have been used by Him.Thus the spirituality is definitely an important ingredient for the society.
                     The God seems to be wanting to guide a good leader.He open an opportunity for a honest man.As he have opened the opportunity for Modiji as the purity is power.
                The great man like Modiji seems to be always in prayer and fasting this Publics will seldom know.I feel any Holy man will have some power or other.And the best power is nevertheless with the Public's as many of them are so good even if they are not much educated and rich.
                            And in their compare many educated and rich ones are so cruel also.Thus this journal is for good Public's well being irrespective of any caste, creed and religion sect and qualifications also.

                       And  they need protection weather they are in Andaman and Nicober or in the Sundervan area to have faith and pride in the Indian constitution and democratic system.
                    And it seems the God always seems to have also have better  plan for good person to be adjusted in good political post.As it is said one having a good attitude will alone cross the altitude/hurdles.
                                                 And it seems I have been also blessed to say something good and prophetic so that I am also pitied.But  ironically the persons who benefited from my advise seldom gave me any chance and later was also seen to fall down soon also.
                    And I myself was sometimes cheated by the devil for may be for lack of my own prayer.As this is the best weapon for a poor leader like me.And not only me is Modiji is not always praying and fasting also for the national interest.
                                            Thus for the BJP party with the Baba Ramdevji in the top advisory post I should hope for a better future also.As he will definitely like to side with the Dharma only.
                  As this party of-course filled more with the good Hindu believers and lover of the humanity,justice and equality may have greater respect for the spiritual leaders; and I suppose central leaders here in BJP will not play double standard game like others also.
                         By saying something and doing something else during allocation of the party ticket.And afterall the man from the bottom and from the highest level have also invited me in the BJP also.Thus I have reason to be affirmative of the future.                                    
              As earlier in the INC party the  elites, enlightened ones have faced real bad experience. And in the last moment

of the ticket distribution so much unnecessary harassment was given to a deserving ticket seeker.
                      That here in this State the good persons seems to have lost interest in politics any more and so the INC party seems to have seen the drubbing only for this sins.
                 At least for BJP it is not accepted to mislead a candidate who have lesser chance also.As one have to really go through untold misery in election.
                                              But as the BJP have come up against the Publics anger against the system.And we have also burden to maintain our integrity thus hope everything will be good in the end.
                            Thus the BJP must not panic from the initial propaganda of the INC cadres as this present Govt. seems to be thriving in the rumours.And one day may fall prey to its own creations.
                          And so even if the person concern is poor he may have to given the ticket if earlier he have shown guts.As is it not the most needed ingredient?
           As the things have changed here now and more change will be seen and accepted tomorrow.And even the Hon`ble P.M and Hon`ble MOS seems to be wanting honest friends like them also.
                  As how long you can accept the poor state like this to evolve from earlier extortions? As taking exorbitant money for party ticket itself seems to have been the real source of all the problem in the State.
                                             If God wills this book may in future end up as a reference book for the BJP cadres also, and may be commissioned to be written in various languages as some friends opine.
                     I need your all blessing for it so that many who want to show their repentance sponsor this book.As there is price for everything; to bring the righteousness we all need to struggle together.
                   As the BJP is party with difference so it must take this issues seriously as the rise of Naxalism is due to insensitivity to the Poor area`s problems.And may be for it the best solution will be fighting the source from which this things comes up.
                         See I have no personal axes to grind against any one and have given reasonable time to my opposite party also. The problem in this State is everyone knows what is right or wrong but is lacking guts to side with the truth also.
                     The day everyone have the courage to speak the truth I may also leave the political dais for good also.And do the thing which I have denied to me so far.But now for the majority I have to say-`JAGTE RAHO`.
                 The  Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji phenomenan seems to be God send.Specially for dying State like this where some regional satraps and local politicians have captured powers for 20-30 one doing Govt.Job.And seems to have developed a misconception that it is their personal property.
                            And God alone knows they are stuck to power for good or badness of the Society also?But definitely seeing low and order problem of the capital area and many issues the establishment  cannot be respected much.
                       As by transferring and posting the opposition leaders relative alone ,how long the Publics can be stopped from groaning also?
                      Honestly for the INC party many says their ideology itself is in verge of rejection like the CPI.And the INC minus Gandhi family may be able to pull only  for

sometimes by using the secularism card.As both way the party seems to be in a loosing position now.
                     And if the present hon`ble C.M –Nabam Tukiji is a good man he will do away with transfer and posting and make development as the core issue. At least for him he is said to have not resorted  this vindictive tactics too much ,at least in his own constituency.
                       And other thing it would have been prudent for achiever like him to now work for the smooth transition of the power, if he really feels for the State.
                   As his simultaneous election bid have already harmed the State.And already the State seems to have suffered for him only after all was He not the General of the war?
                     After all he should be more loyal to the Public's of the A.P then the INC party also.As he have achieved more then many Peoples with their blessings,and must for future survival of himself and his party not think of making friendship with enemy also?
                     Or may be should he not step down for a better man?It is perhaps the majority Publics he have to ask?After all his Hon`ble C.M sit is it belong to himself?
                      And for how long the INC party man themselves will suffer.As for us we are now acclimatize with eating cheap foods and live like an aestatic man.
                      Some even say  if Hon`ble C.M  is a clean man then whom to worry in facing the President rule also?After all is not the Public welfare not important?As if he is himself really good man then he will not think of power and position that too at this age.
                As all will accept in their heart that there is need for political revolution here in the State.And who knows unable to face the present fund crunch in the Govt. his team may themselves want an exit rout also?
                Thus the role of the peacemaker have been always their in the world.Yes power is also a poison.See ultimately Lord Shiva took poison while other refused to drink it.And today also is called as –DEVO KA DEV-MAHADEV.
                    So brother the greatness is not as much as in riding the VIP car with siren on while others are waiting the traffic hazard to clear from the Itanagar to Naharlagun rout.
               As for common man like he can still drive a motorbike can present VIP`s do so tomorrow when their relative is their in ICU in the Nibha clinic?
                  Thus there is definitely need to bring new change in his view as a big leaders decision also effects the State.As when falling down why not fall with a grace?As dooms day for the INC in the State seems to be imminent this way or that way.
                     That way alone the much needed repentance can be perhaps also shown.As knowingly or unknowingly also great man may have done some mistakes also.
                     And heard to be being from the Christian roots also some man right now in  top position in this State ;he may have to be perhaps personally more acceptable to my point of view also.
                And may be for every Public's also time have also come to view that not necessarily one of your own community and party member will alone deliver.
                           That thinking have already arrived with the winning of Kiren Rijiju Hon`ble MOS and he is also not failing the masses also.

                  And if the Govt. don`t change its wrong policies, very soon their may be soon Peoples revolt this time making the Hon`ble MLA`s to change for good also.
                             And if this happen this time it will be unlike earlier time when the change was for monetary gains.And where the Hon`ble MLA`s alone benefitted.But this days the workers really want to see the good character of their leaders to evolve also.       
                    Thus all need to change their bad habits also as nothing remain hidden this days.And should be ready for supreme sacrifice. And should not be seen as communal and partisan and cruel like some lower rung leaders of the INC party.
                As in fact very few leaders in this State deserve this respectable political post thinks many.As other then their casual work they are not seen to be doing something great also.
                 As after the great Modijis show the Public also seems to be wanting one like him.That too very soon also as so far very less inspirational leader we had in this State barring someone like L.Wanglatji Ex-Hon`ble Home Minister.
                                                See someone had to ultimately go berserk and spiel the bean. It may be also wrong to only blame the INC party ;specially INC in other State as they seems to be not that wrong.
                 As atleast their the contractors alone seems to be not chosen as their party candidate.And the elites,sportsman and spiritual oriented Peoples may be equally respected their.
                           Thus may be time to challenge the old persecution technique of the INC of this State and at least make them to share 30% work to the opposition workers.

                      That too even from the MLAD and from the Special Package.This time seems to have come and it will be also better for the present leaders who are soon going to face the worst corruption charges.
         And top leader may have to remove the impression that only in particular portion`s of the State the investors  are allowed.And the transfer and posting of the Govt.officers suspected to be sympathetic to the Opposition leaders have to be stopped even sooner.
                                            As for some critics INC party of A.P seems to be filled with the dirty trick Dept. experts who plan all the evil for the INC party.And some cadres like the Mr. India Movie some is still ready to jump inside the acid on the command of the Mughembo/boss .And for it may be long brain washing have been the reason also.
                      But the history of Arunachal Pradesh may also pardon that leader who firstly declare publicly promising to not contest in the next election also.And seeking forgiveness for all the earlier Kushi Kushi culture.As here the citadel of the Congress party is also crumbling.
              And all must promise to help in bringing  good leader ship in the State.The rumor mongers are even buzzing that Kiran Rijiju is not opposed to Hon`ble C.M post by many Hon`ble MLA  if there is a coup now.
              The problem with my good friend is he is too good for  both the post and it will be he to judge the best interest of the State.But may be for the State interest also he may have to take a drastic decisions by judging the current Public mood.
                        Hopefully in the future election he will project one deserving leader  if he wills to continue in the centre.As the future of the Arunachal Pradesh seems to be in his hands only and it is definitely in safe hands as he is a nice person this I found from the college days.
                 But as for now the need is to pray to God to bless this State.As the present leadership if they show guts to make a repentance and introspection of highest order God and Public's may also forgive them to some extent.
              And those who are close to them must try to change them for good also as chance for honourable exit may not come always.
                 After all have they not achieved everything in life also specially what they wanted?As one gentleman have been seen always saying to the voters please give me three letter word only for one time.
                            And those who really want to contest again after bitter experience in previous election,well its upto them.As remember the things will be never easy in the coming time.
                     As the Publics seems to be real angry with the earlier leaders and seems to be seeing them as reason for all the mess.As today the Publics have become very vigilant.
                      And unless the old leaders new change avatar is shown the Publics may be still angry with them.As the innocent Publics when they also become angry non can stop them also.As for long many have been misleaded.
                       But since the old leadership have perhaps reached a point of no return and is seen like remote controlled by ten Janpath with no self brain.Thus many young leaders are accepted to come forward and think of changing the State for good by next election.           
                And for this every one`s cooperation is needed like from the corporate house and the RSS brothers also.And if someone from the jungle also join in to help us,if the others

are mute spectators can they be blamed also?After all who will like to miss an epic battle in the neighborhood also?
                       As this selfless service mindset by all alone can now develop the beautiful Arunachal Pradesh which need real serious charismatic leaders.As for the RSS and some powerful groups also the time for their agenda to be changed seems to have come.
                  As today unless there is direct interference of them to bring political change then this State may be one day cancer for the nation also.And history seldom also gives a chance to do a great work.
                       As regarding the earlier show the credit more or less goes to Baba Ramdevji,Mohan Bhagwatji,Narendra Modiji and Amit Shahji.
                                       But now nation as whole need to show that the Arunachal really belong to the Indian nation by removing the difficulties and unhappiness of the local publics in a democratic means.
                 By removing the top leaders who have brought so much unhappiness and desperation that if there is a civil war or fereign aggression the majority have been left with certain doubts as to their loyalty and patriotism towards the country.
                                    As in some place for national interest their seems to be need for direct action plan.And at this time I again remember Kiranjis favourite local Galo singer Sri Moge Doji who sang-`SIGI MOKO SI KUENA…….`Which tells this was the place where all the great man had lived and today what have happened to it?
                  Thus even the RAO may be needed to be involved here to removed this Govt.Some frustrated youths were heard sujjesting this.

                     And when even the telephone tapping have been doubted to have been started by the INC also,can it complain now if this tactics is used here for saving the country?This voice seems to be raised now.
                      See for long the silence of Arunachalee have costed us dearly,it is time to come open and take our share of limelight with Hon`ble MOS Kiran Rijijuji who is our best gift to nation.As we the Arunachalee can definitely do better  in all the field.
                               And thus hope their will be terrible pressure on the conglomeration of the vested interest officers,politicians and business man in this State in coming time.Thus may be time for them to change fence, bring closeness with us as tomorrow seems to be with the BJP party one like it or not.

                          So many seems to want the Govt. not to hide the facts to the center and get whatever punishment for their earlier mistakes.As unless a good report is send many additional fund may not come also.
                            And see now many youths are openly seen siding the outfits covertly or overtly.And worst will be if they contact the Chinese also.
                                    See for this developments the haves class need to fear more;and as they may be hating me now but one day may also appreciate me for opening this debates.As this only will trigger preparedness.
            As need is to immediately bring a reconciliation which will come by argument and introspection. See what happened in the Tirap and Changlang Dist.?Thus our silence will ultimately harm us all.

                    See from my side I still believe in ideological difference not the personal enmity.And I never enjoy reflecting ones personal folly also.
                      But in democracy is it not better to show Pen is mightier then Sword instead of accepting the offer of weapon by well wishers also?Thus this hard hitting article may be better then the scene of lots of fake encounters and ambush in the future.
                And this is all due to the INC leaders failures; thus unless dozen excessive corrupter are caught ;the INC party with what agenda also they will face Publics in next election?As the majority 95% voter is it more important or the 5% rich voters also?
                        As the majority seems to be willing to see many guillitoned.And with not a honest face in the party this is felt to be highly improbable.In earlier occasion also only cine star late Sunil Dutta was seen as person worth respecting in the Congress party.
                 But see the league of the Extra Ordinery Gentleman and lumineries in the BJP.How the Congress accept to change its future with the redundant,offdated and tainted face?
                             And soon the vigilance cell of State BJP unit of Arunachal pradesh may have to display all the hidden property of some of the excessive corrupt officers and politicians in the BJP websites also.
                           And do all it can do to stop manipulation of tender works by few contractor leaders.As their seems to be even now brazen rejection of clarion call of Hon`ble P.M appealing for e-tendering  of projects  above Rs. 1 crore also.By cleverly finding some new tricks.

                        And if this voice is not rise; then what is the need for an opposition also?  many will definitely right to have ask this.And surely the BJP will also not fail the State also as all senior leaders seems to be very committed here.
                     And only seems to be needing some time to make the final decisive battle.As recently Hon`ble President Tai Tagakji organize a procession against the excessive corruption and law and order problem from the Mithun gate to the His Excellency Governor`s house.
                         Thus time have come for the decisive battle in the State.As many are seen saying now Modiji cannot talk nice thing for other place and leave the Arunachalees to the kind of blood sucking Dracula kind of system.This unfortunately seems to be the condition here and if we remain mum will be seen as crooks also for no folly of ourselves.
                 See I am writing this with great responsibility as here things are really horrible for those who are not born in a good family.Specially in some place, as all are supposed to be live mum and so the God seems to have given some the authority to say more for others also.
                   Unfortunately the INC High commands earlier seems to have promoted uneducated leaders for fake projects like we see here.And still now that seems to be done this is what is making some critics more irritating.
                           And unless in the coming time they promise to give ticket to B.A Pass candidate the INC may be seen in poor light.As earlier the uneducated seems to have been earlier knowingly picked up to increase the Congress parties coffer and party funds.
              As somewhere in mini Hydal projects small turbines seems to have been put where there is more water reservoir;

and large turbine where there is less water reservoir.
                       And even the Generators for Power supply of other place seems to have been re-supplied in another place after making nice painting and denting of it.
                    In Siru Tali Hydro power project even the Banana trees are heard to be used in lieu of iron inside the cement which got exposed after flood.If it is so , who is the owner of the firm who undertook this projects?Has Govt. initiated any action against them?
                       And non so far seems to have questions it.As all seems to be waiting for their turn one by one to loot.But see that will be never allowed by some haves class who will always like to eat the Lions share ,so the small contractors are accepted to also join us.
        And start a full political revolution against few monopolist ones.See if this revolution can happen in the foolish and uncivilized looking  Arab Country why we cannot do so here also?
                         As see the poor contractors  have to give commission everywhere; and  by the time the bill is granted by the Dept. after a long time; they are already trapped in the ten percent commission of the loan taken for accomplishing the work from the money lenders.
                    As the greed seems to be unending for big contractors.And though it was time for them to start factory and Industry they seems to be addicted to earning easy money through contract and supplying cheap materials.
               And in many case the goods are only heard to be delivered in the paper.Thus there is need for transparency in the MLAD and use of the Special package also.See this may have been used for rhetoric rise of personal property by some.

                          And see today if there is impartial inquiry most of the present leaders they will be alone seen entangled in mess as their name and signature alone will be  in the file.
      So sometimes feel pity on the uneducated leaders also.Thus the peace initiatives may have been better mostly for them also.But bigger man have bigger egos can they control their ulter ego also and not doom themselves along with their family members?
                         This is lesions to learn for few ignorant  leaders and the future leaders also.That in the end good will happen to a good person and bad to bad person.After all the clever bureaucrats will always  keep their name in safe.
                     As nothing like being honest and frank as peace and sense of security is with them who work for it also,it is accepted that this short of leaders though initially takes time to make root but will be prosperous in the end.
                And see the happiness is depending on the human beings own talent given by God and Public genuine sympathy.You can`t live with an expectation that their will be one day no reaction to whatever you do now.
             As unlike in other INC ruled State funnily many leaders in this State seems to be directly still involved in the contract work.
                        And interestingly still walking with open bare chest and without mincing any word also.May be it is a habit now and egoism seems to have become better off then their rational view in life.
                       As ones deserving leader win`s non can stop them for cine die also.And thus foul means seems to be

resorted against them.Accepted some senior leaders in Arunachal Pradesh have lately try to change but it seems to be too late for them also.
                              This way that way they may be gone,ones some one was laughing they may perish like Dracula trying to manage with the chicken meat.But in their position many may also do the same thus prayer support is always needed so that we remain good also ones given chance.
                          As their seems system failure in this part of the world as if all contaminated by a nuclear attack.Thus terrible amount of the pressure will be also on the new leader for sure.
                          As the fact is also that the senior leaders should have never allowed the workers to deprive others.Interestingly the local cable network telecast seems to be still deprived to an opposition leader also.
              This is too much and many have now reason to believe that this practise must have been due to terrible amount of the witch hunting like in the Iraq.
           See if the issue have been Societies development then their may have been no question.See who cares what happens in Sikkim?
                         As when the Sikkim Publics are happy who the hell we are to interfere their?Thus when the Publics groan then will naturally their will be no rise of an opposition leaders also?
                          The Public also need to be evolved from worthless fear psychosis upon the ruling Govt.and need to discuss one who delivers.

                        See the nearby Public's of the Aalo 30 (ST) Assembly constituency have already shown their guts by voting for the BJP in the previous election.  
                        And the educated elite leaders  should be ultimately better programmed to lead all in right track.And for the first time the respect seems to be increasing for us even in the INC camp also.
                  See some have to ultimately sacrifice for mother land and how long he can be neglected if he have really done something?As a leader who abstain from many evil is he also not respectable?
                     Specially who want to fight excessive corruption and nepotism and pave the way for the Investment so that there is scope for all.
                              And in this days of increasing population time the old leaders also seems to have P.R problem with the increasing Publics also.Who seems to have developed penchant for powerful speech after savoring lots of T.V shows.
                      And worst part will be our own leader when they will panic in front of the business delegates.As time have come where one need to go out of way to win the Investors as the days of waiting for the easy money is gone.
                As Sanskrit sloka says-`JANANI JANMA BUMISCH,SWARGADAPI GARIYASI.`e,i- the mother land is more then heaven also.Thus one need to serve the motherland with a missionary zeal.
               And amidst hopelessness this ideology  seems to be really being liked by some elites here also, not only the RSS brothers only.

                            Thus in the coming time the Publics are truly going to see the real benefit of one`s good leadership for sure who have this national feeling,and International  popularity also.As the world have truly become a global village and so a leader have to be respected everywhere.                    
                         So we advise all the Youths to follow this Poem -`VIR TUM VARE CHALO,VIR TUM VARE CHALO,SAMNE PAHAR HO,SINGH KI DAHAR HO.TUM KABHI JUCKHO NAHIN,TUM KABHI RUCKO NAHIN.`
                     As there is price for the good things this writing recently I show in the main entry door wall of the North Block New Delhi also.Thus all need to give a helping hand and a good leader may be able to trigger that passion in all.
                        Remember the one who is abusing power and position their days are numbered, soon they will have no place in society also.
                        And in this fear of future they are committing mistake after mistakes;perhaps making their loved ones  and families future more vulnerable also.
                 As the Arunachalee Peoples are so deep rooted that non can leave its own society so easily like the Ugandas Military dictator Idi Amin who had to finally run away to the Saudi Arabia.So time to leave the pride by the powerful who may be thinking themselves as Untouchables now.
                   Thus the time may have come to take a strong resolve by the old leadership to think of surrendering in the Holy feet of great man like Baba Ramdevji who alone may pardon some of their previous wrong doings also.

                   As Satsang does help also so some may be soon needed to be though a different yogic posture by Babaji to fight with his excessive greed.And this Baba Ramdevji may alone can give a lesion.
                           As many are now seen shouting from the top voice see whom the senior leaders can stop now?As when one is eating silently alone; can other be seen sitting ideal also and for an opposition party is it not the real duty also to tell the truth to the world?
                    And so what if one class feel irritate ?all the Arunachal Public's need to be appreciating that Guy if he have a better plan.Even the BJP cadres have to come out from that mindset of-
                    rich Vrs. Poor,local vrs. Outsiders and senior Vrs. Junior my religion Vrs other religion as the fight is with the evil deed of a person not with an Individual and community also.

                                                                                                  ......... to be continued in part -IV