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                  The dooms day scenario of the Congress in the four State election was predictable; as the party seems to have been so stubborn and prideful that even the divine warning of the spiritual leaders in one place against a Congress leader in A.P was neglected. And the Congress party preferred to foolishly work against the God`s will also; as it is very much possible, for a gross injustice in small place also whole Congress citadel may be bring down by the Lord for shake of his favorite desciple as it is really difficult to go for number of fastings and prayers and the God`s blessings will be always on one who make true repentance.Thus it is easy to criticize but the life of the opposition leaders have been earlier real challenging and God have been merciful to shower his blessings  this time and  hope of change for better is seem to be so close now.Imagine our commutative happiness when if this mission is accomplished.
               The AAP success is a great moral booster for similar party like PPA in A.P.Which have no financial resource ,only a good ideology ,a better Hon`ble C.M candidate ,best leaders and workers and sympathizers with it;who will surely voluntarily contribute for the better future good for sure. As the Congress and the BJP have desperately failed the State with the Hydropower money of the Corporate House also said to be digested by them.As one is excessively corrupted and other seen to be communal as some critics sees. And both are no less then one Lion and other Tiger for this State.And definitely both hate the Aam Admi party of Arunachal PPA which leaders have come not to make there carrier but to root out excessive corruption and nepotism.
                                 The PPA may give sleepless night to the Congress party and the BJP in the coming election as frustrated youths whose future is our main concern want a decessive leadership which they know only PPA and Hon`ble PPA C.M candidate Laita Umreji can give. See though the PPA have no money but at least to its credit will go putting a truthful representive who will perhaps have no name in signing of Hydropower MOU in Hydropower sector also in coming Lokh Sabha election.Thus the Publics themselves will now decides who is a better person;as it is easy to point finger at other by going in all the doors distributing money.But at least the PPA leaders have credibility like AAP leaders in Delhi as like BJP it is not only filled with few religious zealots who may see BJP as there own similar religion followers.
                                But the true son of the soil who are ready to give standing ovation to the motherland in right time are with us and Publics are respecting PPA`s sending delegation to meet AAP in Delhi long time back.As the PPA stand`s for what Late Tomo Ribaji visioned of a truthful society who was even before Anna Hazareji also.And it emphasize the need for finding the own self bettered by High command culture,and encourages  knowing the motherland- developing pride in its culture and tradition.Respecting the legacy of its own great man`s; knowing and satisfying aam admis aspirations without which this State can never grow.As we believe one who have been not his own can never be other`s and hope ultimately the Publics will vote its own indigenous party.This is even if the Govt. monitor the CCTV footage of the top officials as rumoured to see the opposition sympatishers visiting them.As everything too much is bad.
                           See PPA will never fail our Publics and will never be caught off guard by the secret camera as it seems to have been used against AAP in election.I am sure after this statement personal attacks may also increased against me for which only the Congress man and BJP are good at.But we give a damn as the every member of PPA have come with the Kafan in there head with this philosophy that-`JANANI JANMA BHUMISCHYA SWARGADAPI GARIYASHI,`e,i-the motherland is more then the heaven also.As I am there because of God and this motherland and owe my everything to it and yes have earlier foretold this coming scenario to all the stake holders being a believer.See the Arunachal Publics have reason to love and respect the true leaders of the State of Arunachal Pradesh ;see great man also makes a true repent like -Sri Nick Kaminji PPA Hon`ble Standing PPA President who come in nick of time for the Party.He humbly accepts his earlier mistakes and sometimes we ourselves are embraced when our leader tells his past mistakes openly.
                But that is his greatness as it must be a true repentance and God seems to have already pardoned him for this repentance like King David had made his confessions in market place. And his critics need not worry, he refuse to enter in electoral politics anymore and have only decided to give his rest of life to rebuilt this State.The unrepented person will perhaps never go to heaven also;so we are so proud of our senior PPA leaders who are class apart.See Kamin Ringuji Hon`ble Chairman PPA; tactically he is seen to be man better then Mahatma Gandhi also ;so seems to have been blessed with longer life as his character like statue of Gibraltar is more then money and power also.Our firebrand Working president Khafa Bengiaji he have only one dream like Bhagat Singh to see our State liberated from the excess sin and inadequacies and man is trying so hard to remove any misgiving on his community which is only few Congress leaders making.
           The leaders like Hon`ble komkar Ribaji Provisional Spokesman of the Regional Forrum of North East and State Gen.Secy.PPA.See he could have focused in his business only and would have become numero uno in business being from a very good family and born with good gene pool.Being son of the freedom fighter late Moji Ribaji Tamra Patra recipient .For one like him and Nick kaminji there was in fact no need to slog like us as they are already well off peoples .I salute them as there concern for State future is really genuine. And even Komkarji may perhaps live the electoral politics as they have already earned there bread with dignity and State have tremendously benefitted from his tour agency Guiddon travels.And he have perhaps delivered more then many Cabinet ministers as many are seen to be like parasites of State .As contrary to him many A  grade contractor leaders in Congress party seems to want to make there grandsons also as A grade contractors. The man with the lamp Prof.Asan Reddiji Secy.General PPA who also slogged extra mile and to his credit genuinely goes in bringing party ideology to the Collegians and Youths. This all great man will and should have always special respect in the mind of PPA party cadres and State Publics as they are sacrificing there today for tomorrow.
                                   The party workers should always keep them above even political post holders to show that this party is really party with difference.As they are working and thinking like missioneries and are more affirmative in putting justice and equality as number one agenda as directed by Holy Bible.This idea rest of top leaders of us in the field have also humbly accepted to follow to make this party as party with difference .So much anger,frustration,argument and tension have gone through in the PPA war room in Naharlagun for the betterment of this State; that our love and sacrifice for State should have been today reciprocated by the great Arunachal Publics who have made no constitutional promise to vote the redundant A grade Contractors Congress leaders of the Arunachal for cine die.As top Congress leaders seems to be thinking A.P politics as there family property and so they seems to be not delivering .
                     Though some of us including myself have still no clue from where my next money will come from for paying the next bill thus is it fair for my critics to identify my political career with the whims and caprice of my successful family members? I salute friends  with lesser spiritual engagement in the opposition role  in this modern Soddom and Gomorrah of world.As there was also time for me to say enough is enough but Lord really helped me.The rise of the dead women on my prayer in last panchayat Bye election  campaign in Ragi Doke Villagers show.As many a times we forget that if there is life then you can enjoy money and good God who have given His everything why His will should not be accomplished also? Thus there definitely seems to be divine sanction this time in what PPA does.As justice and equality chapter is seen to be in heaven list;and for some place when human being are unable to fight that man,God seems to be personally intervening now.
                 And see this I am writing with great responsibility as I have earlier requested the stakeholders to comply there earlier promise to me.And unlike a Congress man we say the same thing everywhere and my veracity of claim can be verified. Its not that one is advocate he is able to speak,one is truthful so God is using him this is the funda.As rising me from death bad,making me to prophesies the future of two Hon`ble C.M and three Hon`ble Cabinet Minister does it not show there is something real fissy in the State of Arunachal Pradesh of the North East India?Where even the God had to interven shame to us.But a strong message to all-Friends if a sinner like me can be used by Lord how much not the true repenter`s will not be exalted by Lord.This need to be understood as criticism is not answer but to benefit His divine blessings while we are alive and when can we really do something good that`s more important.
                As how a opposition leader can be lied in the previous election to keep aside and this time tried to be decimated even if he had always helped his counterpart and was promised of help this time.Thus when my poverty is due to a particular man even if he makes number of excuses this miracles does it not shows God is acknowledging my truthfulness?And see in this 29th Assembly  constituency my religion member have been also never ever given political chance even if we had helped the other religious followers in building there temples and getting land for it  also.But more then the adversary I blame the devil and negative energy that need to be caste out who is misguiding this man in power.SAMAJDHARO KE LIYE,ISHARA HI KAFI HAIN.See the whole world will be seeing my life testimony and will be not amused if the chance is now sold to a richer candidate by outgoing senior leader. Or my own  relative is brought into to indirectly stop the God`s will.
               See this divine warning was also conveyed to the Hon`ble P.M/Emperor  called as Jille Ilahi in urdu e,i- the shadow of God.Thus I cannot be blamed for keeping silence.There was a time I had even no PPA ZPM candidate in my Basar panchayat election and told my cousin sitting ZPM whom some supporters wanted to make him ZPM once more.I had told him-`See brother Kenmar even if I live the dias for you as per the prophesy it won`t materlise; as  the  leadership programme is coming for me only.And he ultimately accepted and interestingly the women quota come in the Panchayat election in our block as I have perhaps no role to play in panchayat election.And yet if there was my involvement my future have been difficult.And this was also told to the ZPM interested candidates like Adv. Goken Bam who did not cared for my warning and end up spending lots of money.Only sri Todak Bamji benefitted as he immediately stopped his ZPM plan.Thus tomorrow it will be foolish to be used by the corrupted leader who will like more leaders to contest from the Basar town which constitutes 60% of the 29th Assembly Basar Constituency.
               And see even if there is triangular fight it will be again more better if God blesses which have been shown recently with the success of AAP.I am writing this not to promote myself but giving chance for others to repent and bow down to will of God who is God of justice and seems to be very active this days.As see even the Panchayat election of the Tirbin was postponed and my workers beaten black and blue by the miscreants but we got honest beginning and above all the certificate we got is Lord is with us.As my Church name –Emmanuel Church also means God is with us;and when He is with you who can be against you.As the dead women rising this miracle was also a great moral booster for me.  
                                 See the endurance of the leaders in right party seems to be paying of now;the coming time may be end for the politicians who used to shift there party as easily also;as the Congress party will now loudly cry demanding rule for following merger norms which have been blocked in State of Arunachal pradesh in spite of our hue and cry;as in the State like in Delhi Congress position is now in vulnerable position . I challenge Rahul Gandhiji to drop 12 Hon`ble Congress MLA who have defected in A.P to Congress party .This is if he really want to show his determination to reach to Aam Admi; .It will definitely wash there sin to some extent.See the BJP present Hon`ble MLA`s may also dissuade the coming of the Congress steward  in there camp for there own survival ;or may like to  trap jumping jackels in political net as this days non will respect this AYA RAM GAYA RAM culture,as it was earlier always seen in this part of world.As there is saying every Dog has his own day thus best will be for the old leaders to help us as who knows Governors post may be at there reach if 3rd front comes in centre for some special persons.
                And there is also question of moral guilt and the fear of issue of supari against some old leaders by few fundamentalist left in the Congress party; especially who have reason to despise the Congress leaders who earlier enjoyed great power under Congress party in its good days and blocked them to test the nector of power and now want to run to greener pasture.As the party stand may be now we have to sink or sail together and like in Titanic all the Congress senior fate may be sealed this time.And mind it the true Congress man have reason to have lots of respect for the pure opposition leader`s which magnanimity of special smile on them also should have been shown earlier.And the problem for the Congress party is even if party today put the new young uncorrupted face in electoral race,it will be perhaps seen like desperate Nazis putting small kids to safeguard Berlin in operation-Valkyre when Berlin citadel itself was crumbling due to coordinated attack by Allies.As the declarations of series of the Congress parties developmental programmes and policies may be now seen as – `AAG LAGEY TO KUWAN KHODE.`
                   As for the PPA it has decided to say enough is enough with the manipulative leaders who where waiting for the result of the 4 State to make further step.And have decided to give safe heaven for the top leaders come what may. AS Public mood seems to be now wanting to see new face not old Cows who have seaged to give milk any more. It was a great risk yet many have appreciated PPA leaders commitment and parties stand.As some middle man in BJP are still seen trying to bring in old timers in BJP which practice the Publics hate most .As for few man`s greed whole Arunachal Publics are now disrespected in India and abroad.As the senior opposition leaders went through untold misery yet show there dedication to the party and Public’s and deserve respects also.And this time in our PPA august rally in Konsha pin drop silence attention shows the Publics want to hear PPA and PPA only. The good thing about the PPA is it has made strong inroad in the college and the Universities who are seen as the cyber users, smart voters with smart phones. As this days the intern ate have made sure that the honest leaders are given the conscience vote by Publics; even if the money is savored by them from shameless leaders who banged in from ventilator also only in election time.
                     As the young generation have reason to feel that High command cultures have cheated them enough and have brought them in brink of frustration. And are openly writing now even if the PPA leader don`t come for campaigning in villages due to paucity of fund please vote for it.As this can alone break the conglomeration of the vested interest rich class constituting fatty officers,politicians and bussines man who thinks Publics have forgiven there past Himalayan blunders.And parents have reason to pity on there views this time as only a good parent will fear for unemployed Youths future also.As few money in election is not going to solve there problem;there is now need for virtual annihilation of a Govt. which have become pariah for the Publics.And leaders seen oscilating between the Itanagar and 10 Jan path for small matter is seen utterly helpless.
            See the most scintillating and coordinated attack by the PPA leaders this time  it will uproot the Congress citadel; as when Hon`ble MLA Laita Umreji one man alone can shook the edifice of the Congress power centre. And decimation  house of party president of the State Congress party; see what the league of extraordinary Gentleman’s in PPA will not do this time? As it will disarray the Congress frontal wings ,rift apart its supply line and make the party in back foot perhaps in coming Lokh Sabha election itself.As the chakravyuh of the Congress can be alone broken by PPA as there is divine blessings to PPA also like after the injustice to the Dropadi triggered the doom of the Dhuryodhana, the same thing seems to be poised for the Congress party in State after spat of murders which seems to be political in nature.As most of Congress Leaders are in fact chance leaders ;who have been earlier given chance by the silence of the good Publics.And the modern Arjunas will surely decimate there all plans in the coming epic Mahabharata of A.P.which comes once in a while and will be surely time for great judgment by one,who thinks himself prodigal son of the soil.As coming election will surely compel one to be in one camp and see Later some may specially who have never left his comfort zone may weep like Bhism Pitamah when they end up fighting for the crooks.As great day also comes seldom to make name in history and time for removing this CHALEGA attitude now.
                                 The AAP leader Kejriwal need to be appreciate for being like real actor of the film called Nayak.The 3rd front may have to soon revolve around him as he have credibility and may attract them and even AAP with strong presence in urban Cities  will have to ally with the Rural area regional patner to make there dream of passing Jan Lokh Pal Bill . And for the BJP also it may be compelled to invite him in the NDA for which his dream plan of passing Lokh Pal Bill may have to be accepted as condition for changing his stand in supporting BJP in Delhi State Govt. formation.Thus the politics of country have made a new turn the new 1st Front alliance may also take shape with man of of the moment Kejriwal to decide the next course of action.As for PPA we are bind by our NERPF declaration and the stake holder have to talk our Convenor. The time is real bad for the Congress party as how can a party which seems to be like still following Kingship theory survive now when the challenge is seen to be real dangerous,unless the 10 Janpath building is pulled down Rahulji promise to reach the aam admi may never materlise now.So it was time to come to regional party for alliance with folded hands .As kingship theory have been overused by some of the Contractor leaders and perhaps by there fatty wifes as well.
      Specially in State of A.P where some seems to be donning golden necklace like Bappi Lahiriji wearing quantals Of Gold in this days of price rise;while the pride should have been in welcoming the champions of A.P bringing Gold medals.And for this only we had earlier invited the congress leaders of A.P to repent before there pride dooms them;as after all being middle party is PPA should not be acceptable to all?And has time not time come for State Congress leaders to send there kit and kins to repent for there past mistakes by becoming PPA`s supporters and sponsers when there is still some time.After all how only one party and class will always enjoy power at the cost of other?Will God and good Arunachal Publics will also not despise them also if they remain stubborn?
             And so the day of spending money by the Congress and BJP will be surely prove meaningless this time; as the Publics will loot national party leaders;thinking it as there birth right for they  have looted them not only of money but pride and confidence as well;for BJP for not becoming a good whistleblower the A.P Public have reason to be angry with it as well.As the villagers who relish the beef meat and some liking Christianity for its philosophies have already certain doubt on BJP and see PPA is worthy to have God`s blessings as being so close to Donyi Poloist ideology.And also for PPA seniour leaders earlier helping Christian brothers in persecution era. As both national parties have been tried and find unwanted now and thus time to give chance to our own PPA believes many;when the Mishing community in Assam also have supported AGS in the recent Mishing Autonomous Council election how the great Abo Tani sons in particular can not wake up to go neck in neck with Buddhist and Christian community.
        This idea is not wrong as well; as PPA will give Roing model to the state where Hon`ble MLA laita Umreji have served the Publics and proved as servant rather then a leader. As we don`t only complaint but have better answer to the Publics need then the Congress and BJP party also.And have this time definitely right to ask for PPA support as we have earned our right to request with our love,commitment,patience, endurance and sincerity to the great Publics who have been made to think as inferior by repeated abuse by the High command culture.See PPA`s good old day is definitely coming back as Maize is is seen naturally booming in every part of Arunachal Pradesh ;which have sustained our forefathers and great civilization whose time for reckon have come now.May God bless PPA and A.P and all the AA e,i-Aam Admi which can be all fused together and seen as own majestic party PPA.Something of your own to be proud of.
                                                                 LONG LIVE PPA
                                                                 LONG LIVE ARUNACHAL PRADESH


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