Wednesday, December 18, 2013


                                                                 The propose passing of the Jan Lokh Pal Bill will be a great respite specially for the Peoples of Arunachal Pradesh; as soon  there is provision of passing Lok Ayukta in State also.As unlike in other place the powerful Congress leaders here earlier used to fear non.And can be perhaps only tamed by this draconian law as most senior leaders should have tons of evidence against them.As the provision for finishing the corruption case within one year is something they cannot neglect it any more.
                    As the existing PDS case against few Legislators may tomorrow snow ball to major crisis taking many family with it also opines some critics. As the Rahuljis hasty decisions worst effect may be seen in this place as here the leaders are virtually contractors whereas  in other Congress ruled state things are not that bad. And here the leaders earlier used to  join Congress party only for saving there own Skeen as they never perhaps thought that the Congress citadel will crumble in the centre.
                 See this was the State where earlier suddenly some of the office building and documents seems to have been burnt as if to hide the corruption and nepotism record. Today the smart Govt. servants will be seen to keep the vulnerable copy of the record to save themselves in future. As there is fear that this senior leaders may try to make officer class as escape Goat if tomorrow the Govt. changes in State also.Thus the best way for all is giving chance to the neutral party like PPA which alone can be peace maker for all.Thus this was time to call them and help them.As have been seen in the recent Delhi election the PPA need may tomorrow suddenly arise for both the BJP and Congress in the State also.
                         As the Narendra Modiji card is tried to be stopped by launching Rahulji as Hon`ble P.M candidate with this Jan Lokh Pal Bill, so the future is unpredictable; nevertheless the 1st Front and 3rd Front party option is now seen more favorable even with the DMK refusing to be the part of the UPA-II.Thus even if large hording, calendar and greeting card was send by the local Congress A.P leaders at the state expense the Congress leaders should now understand the gravity of situations for themselves.
              The Congress Govt. in State may be also now compelled to warn the suspected leaders indirectly who are planning to go to greener pastures by taking action against some of the defected MLA who where taken in Congress party.As the future is very vulnerable now for the congress party as the Arunachal Public`s now seems to be liking the PPA as party and Hon`ble MLA Laita Umreji as a good leader.As for PPA nothing of this will Bill should effect us,as the one who have joined PPA in taugh time are seen as heroes by the Publics. And our all great PPA leaders are ready to accept the Law of the land in any given day.
                             The best position for the alliance like AAP in Delhi is now PPA; thus this days non is saying anything against the PPA and it would have been better for even not sending campaigner in the assembly seat of top PPA leaders in coming Lokh Sabha election also; if the PPA have to be wood in future in this alliance days. See the case of the North East is bit difficult it have its own local issues so the BJP cadres confidence is it not bit too much also?As filling the area with the BJP flag does it make it more likeable party?Like in Mizoram in fact here in this State also there is less  BJP Voter also;only the corpus fund and the local shopkeepers filled with the outsiders seems to be benefitting this party also.And see in Mizoram after two terms the Govt. changes automatically come what happens in Delhi.And thus in A.P in coming Lokh Sabha election the PPA may be eventual beneficiary of peculiar circumstance prevailing here as majority like this party and are now fed up with the Congress .As between the thesis and anti thesis synthesis have been always find as best module.
              As this is middle path and path to reconciliation and must be explored by all right thinking persons. And as the Arunachalees are peace loving by nature hopefully this step will be welcomed by all.See the Congress Parties credibility to stay in party in tough time is yet to be tested; and the Publics here are always seen to be avoiding the confrontation and may see PPA as best bet in this peculiar scenerio.Though the party workers of the Congress and BJP will always make noise but the majority undecided Peoples have always decided the politics.
                  Thus for the haves class also nothing like supporting the PPA the middle way which is the best reconciliatory way for there own survival also; as gone is the day for later alliance’s and friendship as this is days of excessive competition. As this time the political decision may make or break a person,family or party  for decades. See the time have truly come for all to think hundred times before taking the right political decision’s; the destiny also always doesn`t give honorable exit chance to all.And this moment of truth have come for many to accept that they have been already given enough chance by almighty God.As taking shelter in genuine party like PPA is like Ganga snan even if they have to be PPA senior leaders supporters suppressing there bitter egoes;as for the Congress seniors leaders who want to jump into other party after Lokh Sabha election also;they have to also realize that things are not so easy in today’s time.As what effect will this Rahul Gandhijis trump card of passing hasty Jan Lokh pal Bill will make also have to be seen.But in all probability after even ditching of the DMK from UPA-II the Congress will be perhaps never be as powerful as before.
             But definitely it can still help in making a 1st or 3rd front in the Country to form the Govt.that also cannot be ruled out.And also all the Honorable MLA`s and top leaders of BJP party have also slogged in there life; and why will they will leave there position as easily for other`s also?As soon the BJP may be also prompted to declare its Hon`ble C.M candidate like PPA as this days Public like clear cut views.And unless Congress leaders willing to jump comes open before Lokh Sabha election in PPA or BJP fold also; there bargaining power may also subsides to great extent also after they have already miss the Bus.
              Thus for the Congress man also it is perhaps time for them to doom together or officially bless the PPA as no matter what tactics is applied; the Congress parties position really seems to be shaky in this State now.And the senior leaders time seems to have elapsed now and does it have a better choice between the BJP and PPA also?So while you go down why not go down with honor and making a indebted ally this is heard to be ask by many serious Congress man now, who have lesser corruption record to there credit yet still want to see the best interest of there boss.As for the PPA we are ready to talk anything under the sun for the betterment of the State.
         And we believe that every Arunachalee is our own and human being will be not always perfect and for greater interest of society we must forgive each other also.And see unlike other party we have never given personal tension to the present leaders by filing RTI,PIL and complaint  etc.even if we were subject to worst persecutions. And for the Public interest we will definitely never like the precious Arunachal money to go down the drain in Election ,even if we are not afraid of any one in election; but it is time we start talking senses to together make this State more prosperous as peaceful reconciliation is a divine way and this should be also explored by the Congress and BJP parties supporters also.
              And they must come to a solution  by keeping the State interest above anything after all our State is so much poor and need best of our sacrifice, love and friendship also isn`t it?And is it not best Christmas time to make that great beginning for everyone’s benefit. As have Switzerland not flourished more by declaring it as a neutral State in 2nd world war time also?

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