Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What can be done to deal with China:-

                     Will it not be prudent for the toothless central Govt. which have already lost 30 billion rupees deficit in business transaction with China to make them also invest in the border areas of Arunachal Pradesh ?If China really consider Arunachalee as there own brothers ;or why it is allowed to play freely  in the business capital of the country-Bombay?Thus I am for giving staple visa to Chinese visiting Arunachal Pradesh also as this is need of time.And not only that opening of border post for business transactions in Mechuka and  Tawang may be a better option also.As what China need from India is Maize and Soya bean alone which is found amply in Arunachal.
                Thus this way alone the nation may be benefited. And in fact this will benefit the China as well as the major pro-Tibetan lobby of the Arunachal is based in the Mechuka and Tawang area and the border trade may also change the way they think.Thus Hon`ble P.M in his proposed Arunachal visit should ponder upon it.See if the China will`s is it now not  in position to take our countries land as easily also,and after Hydropower projects we have to accept that Chinese side is in vintage position; thus other then the friendship  is there other option left now for our country? As it is foolish to go for Chinese badmouthing without any intention to take a concrete action against them.As the remote place like Arunachal Publics need bread and butter and having said that is still loyal to the main land India.Thus why it should be also made to suffer for Countries unnecessary growing egoism or does Govt.want to hide its weakness?
                    Will the good  relation with the China through border area Public will it not benefit the more poorer area; as if this Naxalism can happen in Chatisgarh area , then imagine what will not happen when it begine herein A.P?As this positive engagement  with China may also benefit the nation as there are lots of stakes in the Hydropower projects now.And it will be in every one`s interest that for it one time atleast the regional party is allowed to flourish in the State of Arunachal Pradesh also.As this is equi-distant party.To not allow the Publics to use democratic mechanism to ventilate there grievance sometimes,how it will auger well for country, as for now the rich congress party proves to be too strong in election but failing to win the body and soul of the Publics.Thus will there be no side effects from this excessive manipulative congress party to country also?
               Thus something need to be kept above politics like the China India relationship in context with the Arunachal Pradesh region.The fact is biologically we are akin to Chinese but spiritually bonded to this country only ,a doubt on us will be really very bad .Thus our motive can never be doubted and we alone want the benefit of the poorer section of society who should not be allowed to go berseck tomorrow by cosmetic changes only after recent Bastar incident.As what the poor and destitute are fighting for is there pride and identity.And mind it Modiji`s poor background may now rather benefit him now.Like once Chinese followed Bruce Lee.And also the central Govt.fund may be also directly damped in to the poor Public`s hand as Rahulji also envisages.As everything should be done for human welfare and ultimately the victory will lie as God want only.
               The Arunachal can never be allowed to be made as the battle ground of the Tibettians,Chinese and the Americans and it is time Govt. must come open with a good vision; without seeing Arunachal Pradesh as a colony for filling up the Congress parties coffers only.As why only the uneducated  rich man seems to be prepared by the congress man as there candidates , who are only given prime posts.Why so much hunger for money?Now this time have come for introspection of highest order for national interest.
                  And the BJP atleast have a edge in this as they never play politics against national interest that has to be atleast accepted.Even if much fuss is made about there Hindu origin which is not a major deal from our perspective if they can really deliver and take us with them also and show there magnanimity by giving the Arunachal West Lokh Sabha M.P seat to PPA as it is a coalition era.And it will also be good for the BJP to concentrate in there Hindu belt as also Congress is also seen focusing in its strong hold area also.Best of luck to both to come successfully alive from coming Kurukshetra political battle. 

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