Friday, June 21, 2013


                                              May God bless the Uttarakhand of India which is now flooded with water and surprisingly the rich man` building on the river bank is seen as maximum causality now.The rampant MOU seems to have its toil with the divine power also seems to be angry with the Govt.which was so much desperately waiting for a good monsoon for it`s coming Lokh Sabha election good result. Yet nature seems to have washed all its plans after all the river like Ganga,Yamuna  and Alaknanda are considered as divine and pious  by Hindus since time immemorial.The Pilgrime also need to take a lesson that -MAN CHANGA TO KATOTI MAIN GANGA.
                          As the Holy Bible short of  says -The Kingdom of God is in your heart and it is now time to re- look inside the heart to know the real  Shiva also who is truth and which is beautiful also.As said-SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM.See this are akin to the old religious doctrines of Holy Bible-`Love thy neighbor,`and as said by Rishi Ved Vyasa-`ASTADESHU PURANESHU VYASASYAS VACHANA DUYAM,PAROPKARAY PUNYAY PARPIDNAYAY PAPAY.`This means that the summary also of the 18 Hindu Puranas is helping  other is most pious of all activities this is like Biblical -Love thy neighbor advise only.The Congress ruled state of Uttarakhand and Delhi seem`s to be its victim and target now for its lust to make innumerable dams over it.As the free flaw of water alone seems to be making the river soil strong;as the huge dams used to control water for fairy long time making the soil loose.And when there is need for water in lower riparian area`s it will be stopped but when not needed in rainy season it will be released.That is the real danger says many critics.
                    Some critic`s are fearful of the bad omen for the Congress party and definitely the pale face is seen on the face of top Congress leaders after this act of God.The politics apart it is time the country unite for the congress man` folly and man made disaster as in election time we can talk politics. But now humanity command`s our maximum cooperation to those unfortunate Peoples who are victim of human greed and lust .And this have been always congress parties forte making all to cry for its earlier misdemeanor`s.On my part also I am exhorting my Basar area public's to pay some amount in the P.M relief funds even if the PMO office is itself under target in coal scam.As the Congress man should also not fall to such low in the time of disaster.

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