Friday, June 21, 2013

THE Rockfeller and Carnigie of the Arunachal Pradesh:-

                                                It is said America was not discovered it was made by a few man. Tomorrow when the history will discover who built Arunachal the name that may come more prominently is Sri Tugo Gankakji.As till now there is not a single industrialist like him after all everyone is a leader and not necessary a politician will deliver.I have a feeling that it is time all the rich man instead of waiting for LOC and Govt.contract should go the Tugo Gankak way.As that is the right way to liberate our Peoples from dependency and slavish mentallity.`LAGE RAHI YE TUGOJI PPA AAPKE SATH HAIN`.His Siru Rijo Tea Estate is said to be a wonderland in the Yomcha village of West siang Dist.of Arunachal Pradesh India is result of his hard dedication.
                         See this was time the rich man only used to make huge buildings and wanted to become MLA to become more richer to do more contract works.But he was before time and felt the need for a Industry which can benefit the poor Publics of interior place as also they are still short of slaves of customs and traditions.And still resort to Jhum land and thus it is imperative to bring new better things to them.And why not an innovative person have to be also respected after all love for other is it not the main theme of spiritualism.
                          And I am sure Tugoji will show his magnanimity to purchase the tea leaves of local publics and enterpreuners also.As the unemployed youth`s should prefer this Tea plantation in there backyard as it is a good respectable opportunity then Jhoom cultivation.But now there is also acute need for making a coordinated approach by all; as something now need to be done to control the loitering animals like-cow,Goats  and Mithun`s which need community involvement also.The Yomcha area should rather completely shift to tea business after this Siru Rijo success story.unfortunately in this part of world everyone wants to do everything and fails to gain nothing.
             I have never ever met that great man nor accepting any help to my PPA in phase –II Tirbin Panchayat election.Yet one who is a  genuine person  is genuine.He is said to be a very down to earth man.And the visitor to the Siru Rijo Tea Garden in the Yomcha village can stay in the 2 Star hotel build by him.His title song on His Siru Rijo Tea Garden  is a famous Galo song sang by reputed singer Sri Moge Dojiji.Hope both continue to show`s the true Galo values in future also.And yes unlike others who invested more in shops and malls ;his much property and business interest  is not in fear of demolition now; after the proposed four lining of the Banderdeva to Itanagar Highway road of papum Pare Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India is soon going to happen risking the demolition of shops near the roads.Surprisingly in India worst seems to have hit the unrepeated haves class; see the dangerous flood in the Uttarakhand and Delhi devouring rich man`s building.
             And rise of pro-poor parties like JDU which have seized the excessive corrupted building`s of rich man to make it as School and Colleges.And after so much organized  crime and persecution  against the rise of genuine opposition party; is this step also will be not repeated in other State also? It is time now for pondering for other rich heartless and cunning conglomeration of officers,politicians and business man.May be for them time to be thriving for Public respect like there colleague Sri Tugo Gankakji also.As even if the money may be diversified if there is a witch hunt but it will be not easy also and this days with the increasing corruption awareness against it have also increased more.
            After all there is acute need of more Industrialist like in Ranch and Tourism sector.And mind it time is ripe for that as NH 52 Highway is going to be broadened and Bogi bridge is going to be finished;which will link Dibrugarh and Tinsukia town of North Assam with Likabali very soon.And many educated ,dynamic and non contractor doing young leaders are accepted to take the post in political dias this time in A.P.And like Narendra Modiji`s single entry procedure for Investment willed to be planned by the new leadership is accepted to facilitate rise of more crore patis in A.P.Hopefully with PPA the publics can accept feel good factor for all.Instead of present leaders whose tactics of 10% commission  in every projects making the investors running away or investment slow and making lame excuse in election`s is harming the society.
               The hope is with new breed of leader`s who only want to sacrifice for society after all the love of region and regional /indigenous party alone will it not trigger introspection of highest order?As in era of only limited 1crore MLAD we now desperately need creative, visionary and statesman leaders like opposition ruled State in- Sikkim,Nagaland  and Gujrat.And as most of the old Leaders motive have been exposed to save there own skin from anticipated powerful law against corruption to be passed soon.The Tirbin Publics are supposed to give devils its own dues in coming Panchayat election.As for Poor and destitute of this place golden chance now to give a resounding and magnimous kick to someone living in fools paradise.
                 As even if used of word is regrettable but even not making football fields in many village when there was adequate fund and Publics were not objecting to part with there land is a great betrayal to future generation.And so the Public`s are openly daring the Congress man to spend more money this time.As they are now aware of Hon`ble Supreme Courts strong directive in anti defection law which alone was earlier potent tools for the redundant leader`s to run to new greener pastures in election with whom everyone is truelly fed up now. The prodigal sons of the soil who want to change this time in good occasion  are accepted to join the coming kurukshetra of Arunachal politics in PPA`s support on 24th june 2013 where the PPA candidates will file there ZPM,ASM and GPM nomination in the C.O office Tirbin of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.The donation can be also submitted to  Block President PPA Basar Block in name of  Sri Pelin Lombi Basar SBI Bank Basar Branch Account no. 11877808768.The foreign donators can send gift by mentioning  Swift Code No.SBININ   BB  159 and IFS Code - SBI   N0006032 before the A/C N0.

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