Wednesday, June 5, 2013


                                                       Sometimes it will sound too boastful but for the interest of the Peoples of place like in Maharashtra who are longing for water this may be a more prudent to divulge out some of my unique family secrets. As there have been always rumor of rain fall whenever there is celebration/pooja  by my family members who are descendents of forefather(Ato) Marli  and hence called Marli Aaos of Galo clan of West Siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh India.As the Galos are good at remembering the forefathers name like from Great forefather Marli my subsequent forefather`s have been Likar,Kardak,Dakto and Togo myself.And on close verification this  age old myth/ saying of rain fall in Marli Aao family events  is not found wrong either .As this is even acknowledge by great man`s,like-  Sri Tabom Bamji I.A.S. presently working under Home Ministry and Sri Tope Bamji D.C Seppa Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh close relatives.
                     As sometimes the divine power blessed family have seen to have control over nature also as almighty God seems to have given some special trait to all the person and family which most of them may have forgotten; and see mystism was earlier not taken seriously in this part of the world for which possessing this divine power was a common thing.As Publics here in Galo tribes of West Siang Dist. Of A.P claim one famous priest called late kachi Yomchaji even used to become a tiger and hunt.And even fans claims he defeated P.C Sarkar`s father in magical show in presence of earlier Lt. Governor of Arunachal Pradesh K.A.Rajaji also.As even if politics was there since long time but the divine power seems to have been ultimately blessing the honest heart also.See even the Tansen the Mughal court singer is heard to have sing Megh Raga making the rain fall.
                         And the Mongols as we are also,we may have inherited some of our Mughal relatives characters also.Though in this new world this things won`t have been believed much unless the Magician Dynamo happened, who is now openely walking over the river,flying and vanishing in thin air.And this definitely non can  do so today openly unless blessed by God.As  the magicians before him earlier used to treat the  stage beforehand for memorization/hypnotism upon the audience ,a particular type of lights where used,but  there all tricks are exposed now.So as some critics says today Satya Yugh I,e-the age of divine power is again coming back so some great man`s seems to have been blessed divinely also.
                                       Recently Sri Mikom Basarji in GRK society review meeting in my Gori Village  have said that the Marli Aao family members need to be evacuated in the Rajasthan to solve the water problem there.And this is also worth trying project as this can be a gift from Arunachal Govt. side to help the State like Maharashtra now longing for water.And for this the according to some beliefs ,Marli family members of Basar clan of Karko Aao of Galo have to be made to perform there pooja there.And often I have personally found this rumours to be right also as whenever any festival was performed within my family there is seen instant rainfall.And seeing the waste of rain fall here in our State  it will be prudent to take some of our rains in State of Maharashtra by organizing pooja of my family in rainless areas.And if it is found to be truth it will be good while it have to be seen if the divine power have jurisdiction also.May be for this unique gift of god/Uyu/angels/family totem  given since ancient times for this my family members may have been able to appease them also.Unfortunately others don`t appreciate our Christian powerful gifts of prophesy also. I have found the unique dedication of my family man in old rituals ,sacrifice ,festival ,prayer and celebrations etc. 
                              This may be making them to possessing  this unique rain inviting power till now. Plus they are seen to be good man without any ill will to others always trying to  do good Samaritan work,and this is even if they have not accepted Christianity so far.And I being a Christian used to jock them even if one have all the richness and all power of world; but salvation is what is more important.The Publics here have believe that my  family is blessed by the Bire Nyite a short of a benevolent god may be  one god  like Indra Devta the Hindu god of rain.And incidently recently from the chronicles of the Lombi clan of the Tirbin circle of the Galo tribe I come to know that.Before 8th generations of there forefathers of Lombi tribe during Ato Kato Lombi ,that may be during my forefather Ato Karsen Basar`s time.It is said there was a ritual ceremony/Yagya organized  by the Basar and Lombi atos/forefathers by a good priest  in the present Nyodu village area.And he is said to have predicted that soon there will be a white elephant and who sees it first his family will be always rich and powerful.And it is said that my forefather show it for a fraction of second`s.The pertinent thing is white elephant is called as Eravat in Hindu philosophy and termed as the favourite animal of Lord Indra.
               Thus now the latest thing the Marli Aao family is accepting is the invitation from the Maharashtra Govt.  along with there family priests to perform the local Galo pooja/ritual  in Maharashtra to let rain fall for couples of days as per there State need.As like in the fake end of the movie Guide after rain man Devanand  arrived the Poor Public's got rain and redemption ,the Poor Maharashtrians are also longing for water there future  cannot be left to there fate.And for the Maharashtra Govt. also what the harm in trying this also?
                    And I mean this as power must be for a good purpose and what the harm in taking a chance now.Hope this message will be conveyed to Maharastra any man who feels for humanity.And I may also get an excuse to meet my old friend Arjun Rampal Ex-Hindu College room mate who have now become a big movie star.Hope in case of this programme  the Maharashtra Govt. will also arrange this meeting with old pal if they also want to reciprocate my goodness.As this trip is worth taking risk  for the Poor brother and sisters sake who are waiting for the rain and crying in there heart `Ullah Megh De Pani De` like the title song in ,`Do Bigha Jamin`.But this is equally truth that this days a very good priest is really hard to get also.

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