Wednesday, November 2, 2011


                                                   The jingle bell for NabamTukiji as he is made as the Hon’ble chief Minister. This seems to be Gods plan also . It is pertinent to mention that in the healing Crusade at Aalo west siang Dist. The Christian Preacher  Brother Christopher had predicted that soon  a Christian C.M is going to be Hon’ble C.M and State is going to be a Christian State one likes it or not. And praise the Lord and  amen it happened . Only for the sudden demise of the Dorzee Kanduji and none acceptance of the post by modest brother Setong Sena we have to wait. Fortunate for the senior leader to be made as Hon’ble C.M in the fake end of his carrier as future is unpredictable. So their should not be any heart burn from outgoing C.M as well, as at least he have also made his name in hall of fame.
                                                    The temporary disruption on the will of the God seems to have been catastrophic. That Brother  Setong Senaji should have accepted the post of the  C.M from  the day one, must have  been point of lamentation for some Christians waiting for success of their leader. Anyway  lastly they got what they wanted as Tukiji is also our own . As today Gods dictum have been established in our State. Probably earlier at that  point of time brother Setong Senaji or Hon’ble C.M NabamTuki was not ready; but now that  opportunity have  come.The Nyishi community should be glad that they seems to have God in their side and they have genuine right to at least boast this. As with Gods graceness more intelligent community can be also defeated they have proved.
                                    Its Him who make them rich and powerful , not by themselves their faith has made them successful. Others have to learn this single minded dedication to God from them . And in acknowledgement to miracle shown by God , Nyishi brothers should organize a big Prayer meeting that’s my personal opinion .They should also stand for their co-believers persecuted in other place. As this is also their prayers for years that God seems to have created a peculiar situation .When  with the change of the guards they are in a better position to help their brothers in Christ and complete the plan B of making State as Gods own.
                                 For the cabinet colleagues and MLA’s also- they should realize that Tukiji is  precisely the one whom  they have been waiting for . Who can usher an era of development and convince the Publics. As new political dynamics compel  the importance of the Christian leader for leading society for  its well nit organization and powerful platform. Even if he or she don’t have too much wealth; a Christian leader cannot be underestimated , now that have been amply shown with this change of guards .
                                                           As in all the contentious issues like - the pending Hydropower MOU’s , trans Arunachal Highway connection , Green airfield issues etc.the leaders firm  believe in God alone  and Christian friends every where  may ensure their success as prayer support may come to them from all the nook and corner .Honestly for Jarbomji the star seems to betray him.And Galo belt seems to be in badly need of active evangelism to remove its ill fate. As eventually Sonia Madam herself probably being a  Christian this time  was best accepted to make the  things upside down .
                                            Hon’ble  C.M  Tukiji  and brother Setong senaji should help each other as Christian brothers . And need to make the State prosperous and  should learn from the incidence in Tirap and Changlang Dist.After what happened their, they are suppose to give emphasize to smooth democratic transition. And to a Tuki camp if made as C.M. boss may break the monopoly of Officers . He may even start talking  with genuine  party like  PPA , as this time  high command seems to be preferring a coalition with regional parties , after Wiki leaks prediction for congress compulsion for this short of arrangement before Lok Sabha election  or face being routed. And also he being personally indebted to some PPA cadres who surprisingly stand by him like the rock. The most of the PPA MLA`s being with the Tuki camp may also like him to have a working relationship with the Party. Specially when he have nothing to loss with the  PPA strong hold areas up against his detractors. The intra  tribe ill will towards the party for the change of the C.M post may also be neutralized by this strategy. Who knows in the coming elections the panicked BJP and Congress central functionaries  may declare joint cease fire over the PPA bastions to check its ambitious cadres. As pressure is much on both to have a formidable ally with the regional party and the PPA leaders may end up being game changers. Doing away with earlier practice of showing their bank balance security money to some notorious supporters.
                                                                         After all it is more a Congress and BJP compulsion than PPA`s  to start peace talk a active cadre opined. And for some having friends at both the camp may be more beneficial   . To some close Tuki aid , some black sheep’s need s to be shown exit door. And for them honorably exit is the only way, but if Congress gets  poor result in the U.P. election . The best way to stop them from coming back is coalition with the PPA . As in their opinion the Christians MLA`s may not  contest from BJP and prefer PPA and it is impossible for the Congress to give most favoured status to BJP. And also rise of PPA cannot be undermined with the Donyi Poloists also supporting this party besides Christians who have stand with each other earlier during persecution days . As such to them some selected PPA Leaders have to be given virtual cat walk . When there is no common enemy and future politics very unusual and it is an  era of coalition politics , why so much fuss? Let us see how far Tukijis think tanks are  correct.
                   But  Tukiji  will have to be obliged to the God who seems to have heard the deplorable conditions of the Co- believers especially in places where they have been marginalized. This fight for equality and justice mission is even accepted as the main contentious issues by most of the Christians even in the Nyishi belts. Who may compel senaji or Tukiji to keep interest of the co-believers in this place even above  politics ,like  earlier Kanduji had supported PPA in Dirrang.After all for them it is their prayer support also which resulted in this spectacular success. And to the point of view of some Christian Leaders ,the inter denomination interest cannot be undermined .Therefore Tukiji cannot afford to antagonize all the Baptist and Revival leaders at a time and may have to accommodate some even from other party.
                                  As at least things is better in Nyishi belt for the believers and they cannot be seen to be against the will of the God. As all the recent revolution and changes seems to be in liberating this places where Christians have been persecuted. And Tukiji may have also to clear some  personal mistake for unknowingly  overlooking his own people earlier  in some  tough areas. After so much help the betrayal by some whom he helped at his own co-believers cost  should be an eye opener to learn. That loyalty to God and co-believers  first  is better than loyalty to party which cannot be now taken for granted in this changing time should make him realize that today ball game is different.
                                                Since long time  back I have been advocating for one time chance for  the Leader from Nyishi belt, that way they may become more responsible ; as the sense of achieving something tangible within a community  can only remove their feeling of  alienation. And till now they have also not get any chance. As rise of goondagardi is also due to years of looting of natural resources  by the outsiders and manipulation by the officers who seems to have pampered them.As man devoid of God fearing nature seems to fear worldly danger more. But the good work of the Nyishi and the Tirap Changlang Publics cannot be undermine for few anti social elements  . As the Adviser Peace and Justice Dept. CBCNI that is my humble appeal to Nyishi community from refraining from any violence in future, we have a lots of responsibility to this society.  As whatever differences we have , love alone is the answer to all the problems and what better than seeing the success of our own fellow brother. If there is any misunderstanding the Arunachal Christian Forum should step in to hammer out a solution.
                                          As for Senaji when contacted he is least interested about the coveted post. Hope both the Christian Leaders will work together for the interest of the Christians in particular and others in general. And this victory will be a cause of happiness for all .And prove as successful fight against the Beurocrates and technocrats who have stand against the Bible and rise of genuine leaders for their own interest. The Bible which also talks about justice and equality have been tarnished as book against culture and tradition. But having said that not all the officers are also bad .There are some exceptionally good officers as well who were compelled to be victim of the system . The time seems to have truly come for the truth to come and  be accepted ,to appreciate ones talent and creativeness as he is . As God seems to have already punished Galo enough for their misdenemour, why my community should also lag behind, to work for thy kingdom and glory and be blessed should be now our primary object. Tukiji may not accept those who come to him directly before bowing to our Lord and Savior specially in places where Christians are still persecuted. As he should not afford to antagonize the co-believers and stand against the will of God if he has some semblance of regard for God. who seems to have created this series of opportunists only for some particular place hitherto deprived of his blessings  .
                                                                                                                                          Sincerely  yours ,
                                                                                                                                     Adv. Togo Basar
                                                                                                                                 M. No. 9436229344.

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