Thursday, November 17, 2011


                                              The prodigal son of the soil has left us, perhaps the vacuum will be never filled up.Dr. Bhupen Hazarika is first person to break the barrier between the North and south. The Peoples of the North East and Arunachal in particular will never forget him.As he was our pride and instilled confidence and feeling of pride also in us. After long time we have realized our potentialities to some extent.

                                            And world record crowd presence has shown that Dr. Bhupen Hazarika after his death has become game changer. North east is not going to be same again, henceforth their will be victory of good over evil namely corruption and insurgency. He has truly developed pan north East feeling, which he always wanted to develop in his life time.

So powerful was his choose of words in his eternal songs that it mesmerized everyone . See the lyrics in song GANGA.---` VISTAR HAIN APAR , PRAJA DONO PAR, KARE HAHAKAR , NISABDA SADA GANGA TUM , GANGA BAHTI HO KYUN`.

During a time in 1970’s when the society in Assam was going through like now in our State. He seems to have criticized the elites who symbolized river Ganga for being mute spectator for silently witnessing the loot of vested interest- rich and powerful , ultras , outside business man and corrupted officers. By saying why the great Ganga was flowing mindlessly by seeing this misrule. When it claims of having cleansing power. Without staying and cleansing others the way today’s elite are keeping mum and only seeing their own interest . The elite and the intellectuals who where like Brahmaputra had to hear his plea and this songs triggered a renaissance in Assam. See in Assam unlike in our state, it is absurd to see only richness as once capability, though in many regard both the State are alike.

Seems like his state of mind at that time when this eternal songs were written was like never ending hunger ,like of many talented youths who want to do lot many good things for their society; graduating from abroad who are desperately searching for opportunity but getting no reciprocation from society. This passion and pain he seems to have poured in his songs and this has resulted in some eternal melody .see,`Dil hum Hum Karen,` of film Rudali. Unfortunately his own Assamese Peoples seems to have failed to give him due recognisation initially .The great man had his share of criticism also may be being from law caste , but can once talent be stopped for a long time .

This single mans hunger for perfection in musical field was destined to take him to a long way, Full credit to brother sammajul Bhattacharjee President NESO for giving him last farewell in most befitting manner. That was the best standing ovation to the master. Perhaps this is sammajul Bhattacharjees greatest personal achievement in life, get going brother Sammajul and NESO, we are proud of you and your team.

As whatever award after his death is meaningless , but for formality purpose he should be immediately conferred with Bharat Ratna. And Govt. of India should officially regret its late recognisation. Is it a small thing for country to have a moral preacher in a place where thousands died due to insurgency. The singers such as Jubin Garg need to learn from the great singer who have evolved by worshiping his own culture and tradition. One need not move in bare chest to mesmerize the Publics and making a permanent impression in their mind.

The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh did best what it could, I appreciate Hon’ble C.M Tukiji for reiterating with the popular demand for immersion of ashes of great man in all the major rivers of the State. Which the Assam Govt. complied. We the Publics of Basar had rare privilege of honoring the mortal remains of legendry Dr.Bhupen hazarika on his way to mighty siang river on whose bank he composed many melodies songs. I thank Sri Nyamar Karbakji and his team for bringing his mortal remains to the Siang Publics on 16th nov. 2011. As Late Legendary Bhuphen Da was our own as he is said to have once himself claimed half Arunachalee , after once said to be accidentally Brest feed by a Arunachalee mother when he was lost in childhood in sadiya.

Perhaps to become BOJABOR for his whole life was his fate which he penned in a memorable song –` Moi Eti jojabor `, nevertheless others benefit may be even at the cost of his family members. Still Old Arunachalee Peoples remember him with great love and affection and emotionally remember the valuable time shared with him.The down to earth Bhupan Da is said to have savored many a apong and roksi glass with them like their own .The copy of the famous song – `Suraj Ka Kiran , Shis Ka Bhusan……,`has wonderfully projected our beautiful State. It should be declared as State song and rather made to sing in school Assembly session. The movie,`Mera Man Meri Dharm,` can be re-dubbed in different languages and released at our State expense. It should be only seen as great masterpiece. It may also do Arunachal tourism industry some good. Here director has tried to bring a reconciliation between the two distinct ideology in turbulent time of transition period in late 1970`s.

As today the Indian audience seems to be matured and want to see Hollywood Red Indian kinds of movie like –` Last of the Mohicans`. So this film made before time may now click. The lesion we learn from great man is get something from them when they are alive as they are priceless happens once in a life time. Lets learn from Assamese song -`Manuhe Manuhar Babhe`.Than only may be some of our power obsessed senior leaders may get inspiration to leave the dais for the new generation and more talented and creative once. Perhaps this will be only genuine tribute to the great man who seems to have fight all the life for this revolution for justice , equality and creativeness.

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