Thursday, September 15, 2011


                       The Anna fear has gripped the cabinet ministers to such as extent that they have to release their property in web within short time . And as sharad Pawars name is coming up for misleading the nation, very soon the NCP camp may also attack the PM himself for concealing the property of his family members . Tomorrow the highest form of transparency seems to  set to come in our Countrywhich great man like Swami Vivekananda  have dreamt for years inspired by Holy Bible.

                                   And it seems today even if most of the People have not taken officially Baptisma to become Lords follower, but they are following his philosophy in letter and spirit . After all the God is said to be against injustice to poor and downtrodden more than us .And Anna plan seems to be purely Gods , for only after corruption and nepotism is removed truth will prevail; and after that the People will start seeking Gods kingdom and truth. And so that the Christians does not leg behind in this Good Samaritan cause I have been fortunately a long associate of ones like - Baba Ramdevji .And good that the Americans also side with this civil society movement.So much so that I applied to several funding agents for supporting this historic mission. Like Jindal.Org but seems the Congress prize are only meant for their own followers.

                                    The great Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdevji two are basically same side of the coin ,as the Political party have been aggressive in corruption and nepotism under the influence of the devil so God seems to have send both partners with extra power. They are mutually complementary and together they will remove this Indian curse for once and all I believe. See more congress will resist the Anna demand, more it will be seen to concealing something in its cup-board. Therefore better it put everything out now that media has caught some Union cabinet ministers to become thousand time richr within 2 yrs..But some of the publics question was why the top politicians who are remote controlling the political party and Cabinet ministers relatives money are also not displayed in the web something should be also done regarding this .

                                   From time to time illiterate and the insecure Publics where made as guinea Pig by the extra manipulative few co- homo sapiens in the name of caste and religion.Those Muslim minorities should not live in hypothetical world that life will be worst without Congress Party. I personally feel with the almighty God above us that can never happen. And it is time to forgive Narendra Modiji on the part of the Muslim brothers also , after all most of the violence was also done by few Muslim fanatics. What about the tears of Victims loved ones?If we have forgiven Gandhi Nehru family for lakhs of massacre during partition . so Modiji deserve our forgiveness as he is also atleast going in their line of fasting which even the Old Kings used to do.Honestly the greatness of the Islam was mostly enhanced by our Mongol co-clan members .The Great Mughal dynasty theirfore this confrontation attitude of the hindu and muslim is unfounded and later Mughals also worked for the social unification of the country to much extent.Therefore it is wrong to fill one self with the false  sense of glory of the forefathers and reject the opportunity which a new born again man like Narendra Modiji is giving. After all every one wants deliverance a Roti in his Chulha.

                              The Country belong to everyone, by only supporting the congress party only for Gandhi family are we not doing injustice to others who have come up on their own merit . see the Wiki leaks and US Congress report which has praised Modiji for his spectacular governance. Is it not time for choosing one who can deliver. As it will be difficult to accept one person and one family as numero uno in this fast changing global world; where political fatigueness have recently devoured CPM in West Bengal . After 3 decades of unquestioned power. Hope the sensible Gandhi family will ponder upon this national awakening and elites demand as unknowingly they may have themselves become part of the Problem in this age of no Kings and Emperors.It is easy to be angry at others point of view but one thing I like about Rahulji is he is also not like other kind of person. Or he will seldom accept friendship to one in face book who talks with brutal honesty. This is the features of young India and the country which thribes in truth and free expression , can it be defeated by any enemy if it continously does so. Hope honest adivise will reach to the Congress supremo from the Cooteries   .

                                        Few Sycophants and coteries report cannot change the fact when today all the Country has awakened . It is easy to resort for large scale membership drive with a huge resource but are they trustworthy when it comes to voting. And with scams after scams coming in name of the Congress party will their conscience not effect them. Therefore the other better option will be to sincerely approach for alliance partnership with other unsavory territories which Wiki Leaks also advise. Which will be more practical.It is possible that by money and muscle power things may be still made in their favour; if the Congress party has really most of the money in Swiss Bank.  It may make the U.P election in their favour, but what about the wrath of the God and guilty consiousness which Nehru Gandhi family member from the Christian roots Sonia Gandhi may not like personally. And thus it will be better to leave everything to Gods thy will in the  coming election even if victory goes to BJP so be it.As the have nots seems to be waiting for a change from the overdose of the Gandhi posters.and even if this can't be done in U.P atleast in the State of A.P where maximum corruption and nepotism has been commited in their name and who have even no semblance of loyality to them as infighting is going to be order of day their.

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