Wednesday, August 31, 2011


                                         The Badmash Company may have to finally wrap up their  work and shady deals and become philanthropist and missionaries to correct their image and to have a peaceful life in their rest of life .It is time for them to make an honorable exit; As most of them seems to have a good future in prison for corruption and nepotism thanks to the Jan Lok Pal Bill. Regarding their personal life we have no comment but definitely probity in public life we have right. The most corrupted place in Asia will have to finally mend its way.
                                                                          The Leaders of which has given  poor image to the entire region , running away to whichever party which comes to power in center to save their own Skeen from  CBI enquiry . Though misleading the Public that the State funding have necessitated this move. So much so that the national party has today said to have promised not to take any more Arunachalee leaders support in formation of the central Govt.It is their own folly for always being over manipulative and too cunning for which God seems to have send Anna Hazareji as our messiah. Today no amount of membership drive may salvage their image unless of course good opposition leaders are invited in their party or a coalition partnership is undertaken with regional  parties.
                 See the quantum  of richness achieved by some smart Crooks in place like Gurgaon and Noida where Japanese Companies also think thousand times to purchase flat some of  they are said to have one in posh colony .Not that we should be against rich leaders , but we would have been more proud if they have earned in enterpreneurships like tourism and organic crop sector which should have helped all. One gentleman showed in his first election affidavit that his property was Rupees one crore and within five years it increase to whooping fifteen crore. The charity is a sacred thing and I hope our MLA’s and MP’s continue their good Samaritan work of helping the Poors and destitute after they are no more in power. Why so much power obsession blaming deserving young leaders in the name of the religion and communal ,whereas they themselves are blot in the Society.
                                                         Why blame the poor Persons in elections do they had earlier any option to fear ruling party and take money which was symbol of loyality.Only appeasing  the High Command was earlier guru mantra and some smart Crooks used this Ram Ban to their best interest. Before the revolution sweep the whole State and all the ill-gotten money is taken back the privilege few should complete their pending projects and recorrect their mistakes and pave the way for the smooth transition. Mind it today one cannot accept the officers to burn the old file as this time  too much heat is on the corrupted ones. Even the CBI will be under Jan  Lok Pal and the officers may be booked for removing the evidence if they cooperate the Crooks.
                     By still remaining adamant they may not only go to jail they may take innocent Villagers with them. Mind it even the special package fund of the MLA and the MP is subject to using it for building and road construction only; and all the work has to be tender as per the central directives. Even it is doubtful that they can be used for personal use like making house wall etc.Therefore humble appeal don’t show your dadagiri any more.The arrogance of the ruling class will kill themselves like Duryodhan who didn’t even wanted to give one village to the Panch Pandavs.They should also have earlier shared 30% of the share of the work to the opposition members to show their magnamity. Using the opposition to deal with all short of critical work and depriving them from developmental work is inhuman. The Congress friend was saying all short of the bad things where done by illiterate ones .They have reached high post by hook or crooks , this may be true as even today they are said to be  writing notes to Officers to give work to someone in those projects which are supposed to be tendered. See Jan Lok Pal Bill may have retrospective effect which means previous 7 yrs. cases can be refilled.
       Now the onus of the burden lies on the present Govt. to side with Anna Hazares vision or not, as the Publics have become increasingly restless . The Lok Pal members must be filled with genuine Civil society members which we should ensure and  allowed to function freely and pave the way for good young generation leadership . And they are expected to take strict action against the corrupted Politicians and the Beaurocrates  .
             This time even the High command in the Delhi will be under intense pressure to remove the corrupted face in the congress Party as face saving device . Specially In the State of the Arunachal Pradesh where about 90% politicians stands to be shown exit door if the Jan Lok Pal law is drafted .As for the Beaurocrates and the Politicians, best advise will be- make a reconciallary move from their side to the Publics and the opposition leaders by the next Panchayat election . Why so much egoism ,time to save himself and his family members .
    The final nail in the coffin is going to be passing of the Peoples Represent Act act as envisised by the Anna Hazare group, where their will be provision for rejection of the candidates based on maximum unpopular vote. And state sponsor of the election all the official candidates of the registered Political  who  will be allowed to speak in a stage managed by Election Commissioner. And a  minimum qualification mark and the right to recall the Politicians if they are not working up to mark.Fortunately for general Publics of Arunachal who have seen political fatigueness in earlier West Bengal election may be time to see the change of Guards here also.