Thursday, September 15, 2011


                        The Congress will praise themselves so will be the BJP to its own leader but the Americans praising Modi for his spectacular performance so much so that Country is piggy riding in Gujarat success due to Modis effort is bit too much to digest for the Congress. For one thing Americans are seldom wrong and they are neutral one can`t accept to purchase their view point.

                       It seems the time for national reconciliation has come, be it fate of black money keepers and corrupt practisers. And if the congress wants concession for other two, than even the earlier Muslim haters may be even have to be pardoned . Today fact is even the good Muslim hates fundamental Muslims who have given the impression that all the Muslims are bad. And remember their was a time none was standing against the Muslim Fundamentalist ,only the Americans and the Narendra Modi did and may be it was also necessary ones, one like it or not.Therefore the criticism on Modis fasting is highly condemnable as Mahatma Gandhi can be also criticised in that way . As lakhs of Muslim and Hindus died in partition due to his delay decesion, sometimes the great mans can be held responsible for death for technical reasons; but better to avoid this controversy as they where great leaders and so is Narendra Modi in modern India. We cannot only criticise a single person or a party . Did BJP did not made enough sacrifice more than Congress even if Jan Lok pal bill is not passed in Gujrat.Even than I accept the great Rajput Modi Bhai to later do so and sacretly help all the victims as the charity is a sacred thing.

                          Other BJP Leaders should make a honorable exit for Narendra Modiji as the Countries P.M as the other part of the Country will also like to have similar Gujarat success story. Advanis confession that he studied in Catholic School was honestly bit too late. Even the Arun Jaitly don’t carry that standing and resource when it comes to be P.M candidate only being in Delhi won’t help.And susma Swaraj can be continued as good party spokesman.The good thing about the BJP is all the good things seems to be coming successively in their favour . Baring Tarun Vijayjis episode here also CBI can be doubted for doubting too many suspects at a time. As if to prolong the trial like Advanis and Modijis case.

                               This is time the Gandhi family make highest introspection before making final decision or it may be making virtual hara-kiri , after all the Odds are against it this time . Gone are the days when the Congress workers where ready to jump inside the acid in the command of the Gandhi family like in film,` Mister India` where Mugambo was the last man one who was laughing . The corruption issue , Political fatigueness aggravated by todays awareness due to media , poor opinion of Rahulji after comparison with the senior Gandhis , the rift within congress between honest and Crooks , Old and Young are problems which congress never felt earlier . Today even the coterie around the Gandhi family seems to be breached with great Anna Hazare complaining Sonia madam herself of remote controlling the Govt. Their was never a challenge on Gandhi fiefdom as now. The history shows the Great Mughal Empire was also harrassed by Maratha like him .

                     The fault is not always Gandhis , it is but natural up and down will come in life of a person . The Congress parties excessive dependency on the Gndhi family may now harm them . As they are after all also mortal human beings . Personally I feel Rahulji is a good person but his goodness will be seen as his weakness . As the old generation will despise his love for youth leaders and some will despise his childish acts to reach publics but this is in fact really appreciable act. But critics think ist is too late already the credibility of the party have been finished by corrupt Congress mans. As some Congress man have always monopolized on this family who unneccerily got all the blame. And some may also despise them as the Gandhi family had always an aura of divinity around them and sure they could not be seen as helpless this time by having to eat and drink in poor mans house.This are all effect of the globalisation every one seems to want Barrack obama type cindrella story a rags to richness story. But any way the final victory belongs to God ,If one personally repent his sins and inadequacy nothing can be unpredictable. But honestly the coming U.P election may need lots of prayer support to the Gandhi family.

                                    And if God does not bless all the good speech will sound hollow as Publics will say they have been born with golden spoon and what they will know about the Poor mans problem and will see them as part of the problem for slow investigation in the Black money issues. As even after Hasan Ali the broker is caught no result yet. And his crore pati ministers is buzz of town most of them overnight rich allready the market is filled with rumour weather Crooks have not blackmailed the Black money depositors in the Swiss Bank or withdrawn their money within two years .And this all may go in favour of Narendra Modi who is a terrific orator and natural crowd puller plus he is rich and powerful and this charismatic power is really going to go in his favour . Today Congress have a parallel Anna Hazare against their Bapu who they have been using successfully in each election . And more mature prince charming Varun Gandhi also from Gandhi pedigree chart in opposition camp . Their only concolence left is in having a identical national flag look a like Party flag. And this too may be objectionable in future to the oppossition as used by a party who ushered in an era of worst corruption and nepotism . Time for Gandhi family to either go to Anna Hazareji and Baba Ramdevjis camp with folded hand for party candidates or face certain doom in future a critic opined. After all one likes it or not Gandhijis atma seems to have entered in the body of Anna Hazare this time.

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