Thursday, September 15, 2011


                                                      Gandhi family will be in a night mare after all this was the same Arunachal Pradesh Loyal Party workers who where accepted to bow down to them in jahapana style not very few days back. But the infighting is all set to remove this ; today earlier party disciplined soldier cannot be taken for granted any more and any wrong decision can finish the party as the both Mr. Jarbom Gamlin Hon’ble C.M and Mr. Nabam Tuki Hon’ble PWD/Urban Minister camp is said to have been ready for Pitch battle in New Delhi Darbar. This way that way if the congress losses power in U.P in the coming election nothing can be said about other camp in Arunachal a critic opined .This is the life cycle , after unimaginable power comes the downfall , the moment People starts giving God like image to a person he/ she falls a critic lamented who was confused to join which party. Coming days will be interesting, will the same Arunachal which have been silent supporter till now , short of second congress Swiss Bank for the party, prove its nemesis when the party needed it most , an expert political analyst said .

                                                    After the Anne Vollen the Queen was killed by king Henry of Theodore dynasty order , Anne vollens father lamented that there is too much problem in palace life . And right now it seems to be same case in the State of Arunachal Pradesh India in its ruler i,e- C.M’s palace . With the new Hon’ble C.M still reluctant to shift to C.M ban-glow after earlier Hon’ble C.M Dorzee Khanduji died in chauffeur crash. will he really shift also is the question now. Just after earlier C.M died now the infighting have cropped in like never before . Earlier it seems the late C.M kept everyone satisfied by financial management; after all the risk takers may only satisfy the colleagues in our state ; not educated ones like Sri Jarbom Gamlin a fellow Stephani like Mani Shankar Aiyer who is said to be man Friday of Jarbomji.Who is aware of coming dangers like Jan Lok Pal Bill After all the State has been earlier too much pampered by the center for toeing its mischievous plans time and again and owing to this many leaders are said to be in danger of becoming Anna Hazares victim. See dozen MOU’s signed for construction of Mega Hydro projects even with the lesser experience travel agent companies. Was State leaders alone responsible for it,who knows the fighting is not instigated ed by the Party observers themselves a Gamlin supporters may have right to think.

                                                      There was a time that Jarbomji tried his best to fight the system through PPA, but he surrendered may be if he had continued and succeeded than he wont have to faced this problem . With the national party this is the problem that more there is money than more bloodshed in transition period . As high command is sitting  far away; after all good man like Anna Hazare have also denounced centralization politics for main cause of the corruption and nepotism .And way Mughal empire was finished by Maratha`s this time also Gandhi family threat seems to come from Maharastra earlier known as Doab area. If there is sweet their will be flies and with both the camps like Road roller ready to collide what one can accept if there is an head on collision. As with money come egoism and whimsical character and madam Sonia will have definitely problem in solving this , in Arunachal which is filled with regional satraps still resorting to Ninja warfare in some places.

                                Now nothing can be said about the Arunachal Publics and they are also responsible for this blind faith in the central party, sooner the better if they started investing in Eco- tourism and Organic Crop for which I can help in marketing in my small way. Or mind it their may be famine if the Publics still believe in ruling party and AOP of the Engineering Dept . Right now if we had regional party the love for the region would have calm our ambitious leaders and love for the region have reduced their greed . And we could have easily allied ourselves with any party which comes to power say it BJP or Congress . At least regional party in Nagaland and Sikkim they are more respected than the Arunachalee leaders in Delhi and other place . Here our own leaders have become the cause of bad name for us for jumping more than needed.

                                 Tomorrow the PPA may be in a vintage position to dictate term as all the national political party will be in desperation to make holy alliance with regional political party of different territory as predicted by Wiki Leaks . If so , we have to be treated equally and corruption issues have to be nicely dealt with if any one wants to be friend with us. Lately State Govt. has tried to make some superficial pressure on the beaurocrates but this is not enough.It is better to talk out the controversial issues more as it will be eventually good for all as it may help in evolving a consensus. The  way Bihar C.M Nitish Kumar took action against corrupted Beaurocrates.Where previous unaccounted property more than  their known source of income of all the officers have been confiscated and made state State property. It is easy to criticize others but honestly their has been definitely lack of genuine good leaders so far even from rich or poor family background.Who could have been able to bring a reconciliation. And probably from middle background have been better to do this needful act.

                                                     Before the Anna Hazares strong legislation makes their life horrible it is also better that they voluntarily bow out from top places. The best from the worst can be easily identifiable those who have sponsored their relatives in opposition party in earlier elections must be good man who wanted to save civil society and those who where always after ruling party must have been after power. And middle category persons are one contesting from TMC and NCP , who neither dare to challenge the ruling party neither oppose it directly . And those who are always seen with ruling party -this brand of Gentleman’s are seldom  seen to be living a secluded life and only seen making money. A friend said those from poor background end up become worst officers as if they want to take revenge from the society. And at least man from good family keep social relationship and even if they are corrupted they are less corrupted and does lots of good Samaritan works.In the coming election the Publics may want none of them and respect one contesting from Parties like PPA as Congress and BJP candidates  may be seen as opportunist persons.

                                           Those who have well maintained their records being from rich father , or took loan from the Bank and having a close business man relative may escape but those whimsical and power hungry maniacs must be done away with is what Anna camp is talking and may soon come here also. Already the media is surprised as the sudden increase of the income of our Union Cabinet Ministers and soon this scrutiny may reach here and mind it even if I don't say many may say later and in more violent way regarding this issues. So we must use our democratic right of free and fair expression before a mob breaks out after all corrupt ones are also our own and in small way everybody contributed in making them.I wonder why ones like Er.Tony Ete E.Eng. PHE where earlier deprived of division post, now time to completely upside down the system if the Govt. means business .Also only single outing a person is also bad after all the ones like Atung welly may have also served many person after realizing his folly; so a reconciliation approach should be made in interest of the society. The senior leaders instead of fighting among themselves should work for paving the way for 2nd class leadership . Nothing like honorable exit and giving reign to deserving leaders even if he is from opposition party; after all they have got more than enough from this society in term of money and power and must pave way for ones having features of  Narendra Modiji , or mind it- they may be   later rebuked for their greediness and self centeredness .Do some of the officers want to get a writing in their burial ground . This man always feared ruling party and died till end like it.Mind it in the event of the passing of  Jan Lok Pal bill the complaint may come more from Opposition party.

                                            Remember there is nothing called as party discipline it is ones personal interest  that matter . See the seniors will see their own interest this is life; there are few Peoples who are good and good People will automatically cater to Party interest; I suppose today only a few leaders from Tirap Changlang Dist. can be bring in this categories of leaders. And tomorrow if the regional wave PPA comes in power also , party should welcome those honest Persons unless NPF gives us a written assurance that they are not for divided Arunachal Pradesh. I suppose this should be not objectionable to our NPF partners also , who may prefer PPA candidates over at least Congress Party , this is at least my personal opinion so far . Therefore those youths who have been lured to membership drive by numerous national Political Party time to give second thoughts if they have not questioned regarding the parties future plans as earlier silence have cost us most with some leaders in those party rumored to have money even in the Swiss Bank to our greatest surprise.

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gamil is going to fall very soon .the responsible fior his dawnfall is his own family.