Monday, August 29, 2011



           The Editor,

           The Sentinel of Arunachal,

           Itanagar (AP).

           Date- 23.08.2011

Sub: - Press Release.

Dear Editor,

                Please publish this Press release in your esteemed daily at your earliest convenience please.

That as we all know our Country is still an underdeveloped Country in comparison to other countries of the World, the causes of this is corruption in every level of Govt. Office which starts from a Peon to high office. The People of India is now a part of the Anna Hazare’s demands for a strong Jan Lok Pal Bill. As you all know Sri Anna Hazareji is a veteran Gandhian who is on fast since 16th Aug. 2011 on behalf of all Citizen of India. Thus We have formed a Forum against Corruption namely Basar Area Anti -Corruption Forum (BAACoF) on today this 23rd August 2011 at 11 AM in BAWA office by elites and intellectuals from cross section of Basar Society like- Sri Marge Basar President (BAWA ), Sri Jumdak Basar, Gen. Secy. (BASU), Adv. Togo Basar Adviser Peace and justice Dept. (CBCNI) , Adv. Mikar Basar Gen . Secy (BAWA), Adv. Kargo Bam, Chief Adviser (BASU) etc. as we all felt the need for a permanent forum to look into any corrupt practice in our Society especially at Basar Area.

                                   The BAACoF in its first emergency meeting decided to organize a candle light peaceful procession in New Market Basar tomorrow i.e on 24th August 2011 at 5 PM to be started from Urban Shopping Complex in support of the Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption. Therefore, it is an appeal to every sections of the society to join us. Our agitation to demand a strong Jan Lok Pal Bill is not against any Individual and any Party. With a strong Lok Pal Bill we can curve Corruption by at least 80- 90%.So let us join national wide anti graft movement and support Anna Hazareji for Corrupt free Society.

                                                                                                         Long Live India
    BAACoF is specially thankful to the Additional Deputy commissioner Sri Sachin Kumar Shinde IAS for necessary permission for peaceful rally and the D.T Cable Basar for Video coverage and Live telecast of the Procession. 

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