Tuesday, August 9, 2011


                                        The Congress party which was instrumental for the Freedom of the country, time for it seems to have come for a drastic change to save the party even if it means removing 80 percent of the Party old timers and inviting the selfless recognized members of the civil Society. The CAG report on the Sheila Dixit is a point to ponder. The party which have made all the constitutional machineries more Onus of Burden lies on them to follow it in letter and spirit. Or mind it the Anna Hazare protest may end up as the fate of some Arab Countries , as some critics is doubting. Helpless Govt. seems to be right now pulling in, the armies in Delhi to bulldoze it down. But does it has right top do so; more so when it has been mute spectator to the recent Chinese encroachment in the Arunachal Pradesh.

                                       The Sonia mams exit in this important time is seen in this respect , a divided house caught in its own mistakes as some critics says; at least in this moment they should have spared her privacy . But some say if majority are mum than some must speak for the voiceless and and in this divine thinking they may have also gone too far , any way list of the corruption by the congress workers also may have necessitated some good Persons to go overboard which is but natural . I personally wish soniaji all the best of good health and personally feels she is more compelled by party members to take good action some times and should not be effected by this few doubting Thomas who have started doubting everything of the Politicians . And besides are we also good always we have to also introspect before making such kind of comment . The congress Party can still cash on this historic occasion by coming clean. And still we have tremendous faith in Sonia Mams Christian roots to do good Samaritan work .

                                    Truth cannot be hide or suppressed so nothing like coming clean , by putting forward Rahul Gandhi as the prime Minister Candidate when he himself may be demoralized man at this stage some Crooks cannot save themselves ,what will happen will happen ; the will of the God is supreme , this seemingly sinister design of the Black money holders in Swiss Bank and other crooks who are finding imminent treat in Anna Hazares philosophy which opposition party may follow if it comes to power may not work ; coming election is going to be decisive for the Congress this time or never . This party may continue or lost in oblivion for ever as in war it is not good to bring out all the weapons and arsenal and after projecting Rahulji the congress is seen to be trying to play its last gamble . If it boomerang than God save the Congress party. As this time the opposition backed by the Jan lok Pal samartaks I,e- civil Society members will like to finish the congress party for ever, even Gandhi family members secret cupboard may be not spared to search for the hidden skeletons if any if it lost power.

                                            One like it or not that is going to be fact after coming Lok sabha election and vise versa if the congress retains its power. The problem with the congress is if the Gandhi family is roped in than there is an unfortunate incident.And if it doesn’t comes than there is two camps. In future the Pranab Mukherjee camp may also not easily underestimated especially if the U.P elections is won. After all the seniors will like to retire gracefully with two letter word PM behind his name and if the Gandhi family remain defiant the coalition party becomes more strong this is what we are seeing the central politics from last many years. The Congress party is its worst enemy also. Who knows tomorrow annas supporters in Congress may also come up. If U.P is lost even the Gandhi family may search a face saving device and may have to content with having a loyalist as its P.M which in fact is said to be a misnomer. Leave aside Delhi the fact is , even the Arunachal ministers is said to be giving a damn to the high command and always ready for jumping to green pastures in trouble time.

                                              Bottom-line is today the loyalty to the party is diminishing until good Persons in other fences are invited the party may suffer . See most of the anti Lok pal campaign within the Congress may be coming from corrupted Leaders from Assam and Arunachal Pradesh a critic lamented. May be truth as the extent of the corruption in other congress ruled state may not be as much like in this state. As in the case of the passing of the strict Lok Pal bill most of the leaders in this two North east state may go to gallows as they have even trading and supplying contract works license in their names , at least that will be not in the case of other congress ruled state a critic said . Besides they have known not do the work properly for ages as critics believe and may leave many proofs for the new leadership to put them behind the bar if they make unnecessary disturbance , instead of honourably making an exit.

                                              And the worst part is if the Jan Lok Pal Bill is not passed in coming Lok sabha the Congress party may fall in all India level , even if thousand Rahulji comes up and congress manages power in corrupt places like Assam and Arunachal pradesh . Thus the truly the case is like between deep sea and devil for the Party which is now seen as of dated by majority intellectual bearing semblance of Kingship theory. Man it is easy to be fooled by the sycophants, but I doubt if even the Arunachalee congress leaders are more particularly made to sit in the narco- analysis taste, their hidden agenda to run to other green pastures in times of troubles may be exposed.

                                               so much so that it is time my good face book friend Rahulji put truth before everything else than, even if the congress is punished in coming election but in next election it may have a chance at it is very doubtful that the present congress set up will allow the introspection of the highest order . so we should also pray for him and his family to take bold decision . After all one like it or not we cannot deny their some authorityship over certain congress seva dal loyalists . Remember jugglery of the word cannot absolve congress Party of its moral guilt . Even see the BJP has done a honorable thing by sacrificing Yeddurappa on the advice of the civil society members like us, than it is accepted same of the first family and first party of the Country to remove itself from hangover of shiela Ki Jawani. Or we as civil society members have every right to say- ` you to Brutus.`

                                            Some dirty mind of the congress party is now smartly trying to show that the middle class has no political influence, mind it this is the brain of the society . A Mahout can ride on a large elephant. The time seems to have come to change the mahout. The Congress Who have ridden and make enough fools of the large but brainless Publics of the country unless it take immediate holy baptism and become born again party.May be trampled under the mighty feet of the elephant fed up of its beating in the brain with the stick such as price rise , corruption , nepotism and black money siffonning etc.


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