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The good better and the best of the political Leaders of A.P

The good better and the best of the political Leaders of A.|P

Our present Hon’ble Chief minister seems to be a good business man it would have been better if he could have sold our State as tourism and organic crop destinations . The leaders will always have certain limitations but their autopsy will help the society for future generation . The present batch of leaders also need to know the present Publics mindset this will also help them in their introspection .
Today the corrupted and the tainted leaders inspite of their power are being also criticized by publics at impunity . The Publics seems to be realizing that the crooks were earlier having field day . As Politics seems to be the last refuge of the scoundrels specially in this part of the world . The good Publics are realizing that it is only who can do any thing below his dignity for the leaders can get something . That too after winning an election Crooks are seen to ask back whatever they gives in election sometimes in form of assuring a job for relative and taking money never to return it .
Therefore first time respect also seems to be increasing for the opposition leaders who are genuinely fighting for the Publics as the benefit of being in Congress party have diminished also for the hardened Congress man as the State leaders in connivance with the beurocrates and and central leaders seems to finish every thing of leaving nothing even for the Seva Dal members . Therefore present leaders need to remove the misconception that they are against the policy of transference, justice and equality .
And specially the gentleman’s, Youths and the one from the minority community as they stand no where earlier : therefore they are seen to honestly accept that they have been earlier taking money and other benefits in elections from the corrupted candidates as there was no any alternative than thus danger bell if seniour politicians mend their ways . As majority Publics are saying If the right Person had come from their own ideology and community , then they say they were ready to sacrifice earlier also . And each time the Opposition influence have also seen to reached new height from Tomo Riba days to Kira Rijijus time .
Today’s good thing is a near unanimity is arriving from all the opposition group that we need to unite as and take a chance after all nothing is impossible. This is not only due to our commitment but due to our compulsion as this time God seems to himself taken up personal responsibility to spearhead the operation to clean Arunachal for good ; thus many incidents are favouring the oppossition . As corruption has become excessively rampant and privileged to few . Today even Mid day meal , Antodaya and IAY scheme CJI sheet seems to be eaten up by our leaders . The Indra Awaas Yojna CJI sheet stocked up by leaders in their private godowns and given to Publics in election belong to the Poors which have been also supplied by their leaders in less numbers and at an exorbitant rate to the BDO an officer in Sumo Journey told me . And what to say about the NREGA even the officers themselves site its inability to implement this projects in our place .

And to a critics a PDS supply can be only corrected if we have a robot working as go down Incharge in the PDS god own or a surveillance camera has to be made access of loading and unloading of the PDS items . As the Publics are now slowly rising from their long sleep this issues have becoming talking point almost daily this will make the matter worse for the present leaders in future . Thanks to the Mobile , Cable network and Internet that everyone has become alert and right conscious citizens also though some have also become more corrupted . A friend told me good thing about India is at least no action can be taken against the Opposition who criticizes the Govt. and today media and the publics seems to have many valid reasons to lambasts at the Govt. policies and high profile nature of the cases will compell Govt. to remain silence and stop witch hunting the oppossition relatives .
Today as many wants slice of cake of development but are angry with the monopoly by few . Those in the top level of the Congress hierarchy and some Officers who alone seems to be enjoying the best as of now . The majority seems to despise them because the need has compelled them as earlier oppossition members also used to get something while today lower caste also seems to have appeared in Congress party . This remind us of the Zamindari system in Bengal earlier says an Unemployed Boy and must be opposed tooth and nail by the majority consisting mainly of poor’s , student bodies , NGO’s , religious community and PPA as a regional love can alone ensure ones commitment for development . And those who openly does not come for help must silently adore the revolution .
This are serious issue the country is more important,to save it we must make an introspection of highest order . The stage today in this State is Poor and Downtrodden may prefer going to China even rather than facing the corrupted Congress party in State where even the Poor Congress Cadres are now seen to be crying foul : and for saving this region this democratic revolution must be encouraged by all after all this is strategic location for the Country. For Gandhis also a word of advise - it may be too late if they continue to interfere in the Arunachal Politics too much after all this is most sensitive area and Public seems to be waiting for onetime political revolution to have belief in seeing the constitutional right's for the Poor and haves not . As the benefits at present only seems to go to the rich aided and abetted by the centre and they seems to be benefitting right now and who knows scam commission may be als reaching to their bosses or why all the scam stars are getting Congress ticket opines a friend . Thus time to show for everyone that they are real patriotic only a democratic revolution will dether the frustrated youths from taking up other means. The seniour leaders should also be more content with what they have gained from State . As many who were even not fit for chaprasis have been given chance time and again leaving out the deserving and qualified ones .
Its up to the seniour leaders to give secured future generation or a one filled with chaos and turmoil to the Society which is in worst transition period . The blind following of the Party in power in Delhi by the leaders of which plausible explanation always seems to be State needs fund from centre but is it really reaching the Poors and the downtrodden . If seniours blame the Publics why they are not introspecting themselves who have stopped a revolution by the young generation after all by a revolution only a new mindset will come .
So as long as leaders with dubious records continues the others will also do corruption . After all if boss is doing why not others . Thus their is need for a new change that too in all the place . If this point is objected which our seniours will do why not take other measures . why not wealth and income tax also imposed here in the income and property of the rich after all most of the prime land is occupied by rich and powerful in Urban areas . And CBI allowed to operate here freely or at least honestly the property displayed with the reference of the source . And other steps may be making permanent policy on land allotment , labour appointment and regularisation of service so that the leaders who thrive on MLA and MP LAD are phased out and those increasing the revenue of the State is only promoted . After all what not a Arunachalee have to hear for being dependent on the centre . Will should be oneday plausible explanation by centre to blackmail as in any way they want like PRC to even non tribals .
The Congress slogan that the strong federation will make a strong nation but what is the value of a unitary system which encourage dependency , corruption and increase the gap between rich and poor . The more the media houses like Aztak and Z- news talks about corruption in Arunachal more the China will be compelled to accept it as the integral part of the India .The regional leader like P.A Sangma should have started a regional political entity with the help of North East regional party rather being a NCP member . As it will have helped him and the region better .
But we as a whole are also responsible for this state of affairs as their were earlier no coordinated attack in Arunachal Politics upon the Congress party by the joint opposition . And the Congress who was playing a dual politics in centre and the State of A.P made sure the innocent Publics hated opposition leaders . As in centre Congress was treating opposition with utmost respect while keeping mum from ill treatment meted to the Arunachal Opposition . And thus a doubt has also developed weather the PM Office is not getting slice of Cake from Arunachal corruption where earlier their was no Opposition , and strong media and which made it agile ground for minting money . Their may be honestly more scam to be unearthed after PDS this is what majority thinks after all the corruption graph in Congress ruled State is far more than others . And the Congress leader seldom get most popular CM award in any Congress run State .
Unfortunately Arunachal is the only State in our Country were the constitution of the Country is undermined with impunity . For the Govt. Education and health is never priority only the suppression of the opposition party . And it has disturbed the democracy and one day the publics will have to pay dearly for it . But by that time our leaders may even run away to some far away place as critics anticipate ; already lots of property is said to be possessed by our leaders in other place . why so much greed ? Today all the elites feel the need for a vibrant Opposition party after all this helps the democracy or it will become Demonocracy . The present leadership need to do something about it even if after getting majority why it is annoyed with oppossition ? It shows what type of human beings they are . Before a good leader a Person is expected to be a good person atleast . But it is also to be accepted that since Apangs day some change has also come .
But making compensation for the Opposition not taking the chance nicely good thing is today from the day one itself the Govt. is also facing most scintillating attack from all the corners . And it is heard that even the NCP and the TMC present MLA’s are being advised by their supporters to contest from futuristic party like PPA by next election ; as waiting for congress ticket may lead them no where ; as earlier about 15 rich congress MLA who lost their elections will make sure that Congress Party take none of present opposition MLA’s ; and besides their richness seniour lost leaders they have also right connection , therefore only a fool will try to resist this temptation to join deserving party like PPA as the Congress corruption and miss governance is exposed day by day and State publics is waiting for a messiah . And this present MLA’s can definately play a major role if they want to as majority undecided Publics decide the Politics and though they are keeping mum now are waiting for the right time to support their real friends . Sometimes in jock big things can happen , God must have better plans for today’s opposition leaders and may not like them to be so cheap like others .
Money does matter but not always , it will help one or two times onlyt . Only the party and Person with following of Public sentiment have better chance today as politics have changed even Gandhis name is seen to be useless in our State . As Publics seems to prefer local leaders late Bakin Pertinji and Tomo Ribaji as they where our own. See what happened of Apangji eventually ? Sometimes later money doesn’t help someone , if one is really mass leader like Vajpayee and Advaniji , but only if our opposition leaders sacrifice and have patience to work for the Publics and overlook this short time gain lollipop given by Congress leaders . Why the Oppossition leaders are not seeing that the sleepless night and health problem is also faced by the corrupted leaders because publics knows that they are corrupted so bang their doors at 12 p.m . There life is so pathetic that some can’t even eat nicely please don’t go in same line this for your own good as majority Publics are good . Graph shows that in my own 29th Basar Assembly Costituency all the poor but dedicated leaders have been initially given chance . Only after they become rich and lethargi they have been removed . So leaders are seen to be more disloyal for selling themselves not the Publics .
Last time some MLA are rumored to spend even 30 crores but lost and why those opposition leaders who have won legally and ethically want to spoil their perfect carrier by hearing the devils temptation specially when even the NASA is predicting time and again that the world is going to be finished by Solar Tsunami : at least let us met our God with our repented soul . Accepted in Buddhist belt were there is business culture it will be more difficult with popularity alone . But other 80 percent belt have wonderful issues for the Opposition to explore . issues Like alleged kickback in - MOU signed for Hydropower , trans Arunachal Interdistrictrict|Highway connection , delay of twin airport , allege leasing of the Govt. land in |Bombay and Kolkatta , the allege blackmail by rogue farms like |SUBBA Projects ,PRC , PDS , Wangcha Rajkumar murder issue , airport issue , District issue , boundary etc. etc. were the congress seems to have failed miserably .
The opposition member need to only rise this voices of the suppressed and deprived Publics . and his TRP will grow like Rakhi Sawants in T.V. and after all that matters in politics . And what better to follow Gods way after all it will give us immense happiness ; life is so precious that it will not come again live like a king for few days than live like a fox. As to do what the heart wants to do is divine and it will keep one happy in good spirit and health . Don't fear for today as those who now are now harming the relatives and supporters can be later taken care of .After eventuallyt and all truth always triumph .
Surprisingly previous election calculation shows that those contesting from PPA party seems to have get 30 percent free bonus votes in average . This is according to the neutral agents finding . And if someone still wants to be a fool than what to say; because contesting from Congress have also its weak point . Some has also pay dearly from it - as it is seen as rich and aristocrats party and the Publics see the candidates as money bag . The fearful senior congress will definitely try to keep the opposition in fools paradise by trying to befriend us and showing the day dream . But after lost of ones like Kamen Doloji will our Kanduji and Tukiji themselves in their heart will not fear today’s unpredictable politics ? After all by remaining uncontested for such a long time they may have themselves remain more cut of from the grass roots and in the quest for seeing other areas they may jeopardize their own place like Apangji did in last election .
One never know their might be more smart guys in their own constituency waiting for the opportune time ; like all the present young MLA’s to take advantage of the situation and make history and the senior leaders might be just giving a brave front as for now . As too much every thing is bad they may have become too rich and powerful for their Publics to approach them also , who knows ? After all was Doloji was not supposed to be more powerful than his opponent also ? And surprisingly last time those close to Soniaji herself have seen to have lost in Arunachal . The Guru mantra for the political success is Publics are hungry for love not money but senior leaders chamchas will propagate money factor as they themselves want to see their leaders as bank craft and hated by their family and friends after all they are in the top position and their own so called friends may be after their blood .
After all the truth is also powerful even if the Hon’ble C.M command immense power if he fails to deliver than public has the ultimate power . As their seems to be a common thinking in State that whatever project and development comes to State it seems to be eaten up by our beurocrates and big leaders this feeling has to be removed also and transference must be brought in all the deals . It is for their own good also as even within Congress Party their may be lots of distrusts not that all the seniour leaders are bad but also that the society is changing and we might have to hear the new generation demands . The MTV generation who are difficult to be understand even by me who do bit of Cyber netting . And they have some good points also . If we remain like stubborn father in family we may not be looked after latter on by our future generation .
Today some Young and energetic counterparts seems to have also ensured their charismatic presence in terms of manners , down to eartness , creativity , speech , speed and handsomeness : as the section of the Publics also seems to notice this qualities that cannot be denied in today’s kind of Politics where dress does even matter . Like the freshness of the Bollywood star ensures its hit even in competitive film world , so some new comers have also arrived in Arunachal Political arena with big bang who are ready to compensate much of their money deficiency by their charasmatic presence and frendly connections by modern technology where seniours will definately fail . Need not to say many new comers were initially also criticized by the seniors and tomorrow also that will be no exceptions . After all one who have made Politics as his carrier and family fortune and who is so whimsical to never hear othersd point of view . They naturally will see other new comers as their threat and make lots of badmouthing . But the inatible cannot be stopped . The kiranjis case is different; like Bir Abhimayu a small child cought inside the Chakrabhyu all the kauravas like seniours attack him together had he stood any chance ? But that situation should not come again as many Arjuns have today come to fight after initial confusion and reluctancyt as today there are many Krishnas also to encourage them .
As stamina and Youthfulness is God’s gifted virtues and far costly at times than even money . After all in Arunachal 3rd generation leaders have arrived with a big bang and ready to show their miracle like Ranbir Kapoor did in movie called Rajniti as they have something which others don’t have . Man today is the day of Mobile and internet and surprisingly some seniors are rumored to even not carry mobile for its operational difficulties and this traits will definitely go against them . As today in election personal connection matter more in Arunachal . Publics even seems to be not interested in workers and only want to meet there leaders personally . And within limited time of election none can even find honest workers to distribute his money .Need not to say even most of the candidates will not find one to put poster in next elections . As the Publics will take money from both the rich candidates and if every thing goes by plan will vote for PPA freely .
Publics fails to see that many a times the congress party inner system also harms its own prospect . Like valuable time spend in Delhi for appeasing the madam . Therefore in coming days the most of the senior leaders will be mostly expected to mend their own houses like Tako Dabiji as today vigilant publics will never allow the kind of power ones given to Apangji as even Hellicopters may be pelted with stone in many places . Those who want to distribute money in election better beware . And as such the congress party new candidate may not get that logistic support like earlier as in today’s competitive world the Congress infighting may even ensure that opposition candidate will get support from the warring camps . And in spite of all the helping hand if the Govt. Falls than what will be the fate of the leaders also who are hating and witch hunting the opposition now ? Will the same thing not happen what they did to Apangji therefore bit of humanity , morality and decency must be kept to respect a opposition specially today when publics are criticising the suppression of the oppossition family members specially honest officer relatives . after all every body has right to opine and those who are going against this civil right is a monoster and must be kicked out .
The Apangjis regime was good Kandujis better but best is yet to come as the next one is always seen to be better . The Govt. have still certain inhere tent weakness , even if howsoever sincerity they are showing now their seems to be skeletons in each of the senior leaders cupboards who are basically of Apangjis school of thought . Therefore the senior leaders should voluntarily step down with grace as the wind of the change is starting to blow . In the previous election this was unimaginable today all the tom dick and harries are lambasting against the Govt. in papers from day one . What will happen by four years time it for any body to guess ; kudos to the Times of Arunachal whose circulation must have increased ever more after the wide coverage of the PDS scam .
The opposition leaders who keep mum will be seen as - Society Droh and they will lost this golden moment to prosper in life if they go for the temporary greed they will be no were . As they have been basically elected for their goodness and for a change not like some of their senior predecessors who don’t have time other than to play Poker and merry making . Personal friendship is different but eventually everyone has to see his own survival the benefit of the Opposition member lies in his unity and commitment to the publics cause as their voters want them to be different .
The days of the whimsical leaders are numbered why still PPA won in bye election of the Panchayat is anybody to guess . It is easy to compell the innocent Oppossition lagislators to praise the rulling party now but how one can stop all the Publics within 3-4 Yrs. Today the Publics hate drunkards , womanizers and Poker addicted but right now who will tie the bell is only the question . The innocent Villagers will keep mum after their daughters and sisters are taken away but the initiative and the leadership must be taken by some one to object this . And one can make a difference like Mahatma Gandhi . Today some are manipulating State machinery to continue their dadagiri . but for how long ? Those days are gone like in Apang Saabs days , out of fearful to him his supporters debauchery and whimsicalness by some top members close to Apang was tolerated .It was only fear and fear only which determined the election more than the greed in earlier election . atleast from Poor Villagers perspective . If their is a real sincere Person Publics should be more ready to change their ways . After all todays situation is more agile for growth of a leader if he is really sincere . As one factor may be supporting a rich candidate but he can manage many factors .
The Party president of the TMC , BJP and the NCP should learn lesson from PPA president in issuing show cause notice to the Party MLA those dating the Congress senior leaders , as if removed then they would have been no were under Anti defection law . As in all the Opposition party of our state only few are exceptionally rich who might manage the Congress ticket if defected . Mind it for few rich candidates interest others are tried to be made good fool of . Even if one get Congress ticket what is also guarantee he will win ? Have they not won from the opposition party and majority expected them to be a good opposition leaders ? By diluting their image they will be no where . And if situation favours tomorrow even if all the candidates are new the Public may bless them for their sacrifice and the cause and for the change others also believe in .
Apang is Apang and Kanduji is kanduji it will take lots of guts to ride the Political tiger temporarily and even they might have to one day go to Jail if they have done any wrong now , even if none dare to warn them now as both seems to have same modus operendi take risk and go ahead . But if one think everything is good if the end is good ; better be like yourself as made by God and do Gods way of fighting for justice and equality selflessly as this is the best option to enjoy good food , good sleep and good drink of what little one have earned in present and future after all nothing like peace and Godliness . Why live in fear always , as our seniours seems to be always suffering from this Delhi Chalo mindset everytime their is a rumour.
If the Opposition remain united and choose a futuristic party like PPA than who can stop it . After all who is Mamta Banerjee and Sharad pawar to determine our fate it is our own common Publics who seemsto be least interested in regional party of Calcutta and Mumbai. The Congress will definitely try to divide us and misguide us but we will be foolish to hear it . The choosing of the TMC , BJP and the NCP party earlier seems to be more out of fear of the Congress and this decesions have made even our oppossition MLA's more poorer as they are heard to privately accept that lots of questioned had to be answered last election time regarding it . Today when the most Publics wants the direct opposition of the Congress which only PPA can lead in the future by virtue of its ideology and history .
The fools are most welcome to contest from the Bengals and Maharashtra’s regional party if they expect billions of rupees as party fund which seldom will come but not me who is going to be taken for a ride a friend told me . He said that this arguments are already doing the round in TMC , BJP and NCP Party Camps and before Panchayat election most of them may opt for PPA or it will be their political hara-kiri if they remain adamant . As in Congress party none but literary only Gandhi’s can be assured of ticket and it will be better for the oppossition leaders to attack the congress instead of the misconception by the Publics that they have been given share of the Hydropower MOU.
Thus if the other opposition party mean business it should amalgamate with PPA immediately; it is for their own good feels majority Arunachalee . Or at least all the Opposition party must make a joint coalition force before the Panchayat election so that the nefarious design of the Congress is given good reply . Mind it if we are united none can harm us ; by appeasing kanduji the present MLA’s are making their position more vulnerable as time is coming when the frustrated Youths may rally behind the PPA party and make sure that Publics deserve better leaders not one who are selling themselves and remaining mum to the constituencies issues . Time for our opposition leaders to rectify specially those who are dreaming for their own gain as soon they may be treated as traitor by the publics and will be in worst identity crisis .
After all it is the duty of the opposition leader to oppose and even if they don’t like their image they have been already branded as one by destination and fate. God may also want them to make a history for extension of His kinghdom , saving them selves and their family name . Those greedy Opposition leaders may be also partly responsible for making monster of our senior leaders who are in the helms of power now after all oppossition person is a best friend of the person : The present leaders may themselves tomorrow regret having not a good critic as friend than a pseudo psycho pant's party member today when they are in helms of power after all their is no dert of Crooks in Congress Party .

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