Thursday, December 31, 2009


Saying is easy but to fight for what you believe is Divine . With the greatest joy in our heart we welcome the most esteemed Hon’ble MLA ‘s of PPA who have come back from the battle field against the odds . The most esteemed comrades will be always remembered in the annul of the Arunachal History for their tryst with the destiny. They have done what others failed. Namely to give a hope to this State that the future is ripe. The regional feeling was the last thing Arunachal Pradesh needed badly . For that can alone bring love for our beloved State that is only the greatest booster for development to all the Peoples from Tirap , Changlang , Mismi , Kamti to Abotani and Buddhist belts .
The fighters have broken the myth that the Congress Fort is impregnable , this tremendous achievement is capable of bringing Political revolution in next election like in Nagaland where many of the Hon’ble MLA’s from regional Party have become Cabinet Ministers for the first time . Fortune favors the brave , our most esteemed Hon’ble PPA MLA’s have proved this once and for all . Gone are the days when the Arunachal was called as land of Kushi kushi . See how congress misrule have been exposed like non funding of Trans Arunachal Highway , partial fulfillment of the Rs. 24000/- ( Rupees Twenty Four thousand ) only announced PM package , Chinese development supremacy in its border areas etc. While each time Congress mislead the Publics that relation with centre is important for State funding. As if sikkim and Nagaland most promising State are not ruled by regional party.
Today all the Arunachal Publics are with this 4 great leaders who have become most popular leaders of our time and may almighty God bless them to go ahead . As the honest are feared and revered they are expected to unearth numerous Govt. scams through RTI and PLI and motivate others to join the party. Meanwhile the other Party will spread false rumors and try to divide and rule us for which they were always good , but their days are numbered as non of the committed PPA should believe this . See what happened to all those deserving Congress leaders falsely promised MLA tickets never to be given and made to waste their time in Delhi . The senior MLA ‘s who have lost their election will they not make sure that they get the Congress Party ticket in next election ? after all they are still rumored to be very rich which is only passport for Congress ticket ; therefore it is better to be with Party which has future or get misleaded and bring bad name for oneself , family and Society . The Hon’ble MLA’s of the PPA has tremendous prospect in the next election as all the Publics blessing and expectation is with it .The leaders like Legendary Tomoji and Bakinji are more revered in this part of the world . Unlike earlier leaders our leaders should look to long time interest than short time gain , they should teach the innocent Publics the prospect of the Party after all being the PPA leader it is your duty . Accepted that this time Party could not give much helping hand baring prayer support but being a new party with your all cooperation things should change for good . Today is your day and credit solely yours nothing official about it you have made it against the odds and will again do so in spite of what critics says and next time together we may do even better . I don’t accept the Congress double speak that PPA leaders where supported by establishment . If so why they don’t come up openly . It is a classic case of taking credit by senior Congress after each election . Even if a friendly helping hand came in my dear friend think it that it was your destiny and karma that some body spare his hard earned money for the Publics as God also seems to be fed up of our beloved States corruption which is going to sure eat it up . Therefore time to see your own interest and not misguided by someone . After all future belongs to you .
Day by day all the Congress misleading is being exposed how two candidates can be assured Party ticket at a time , but with some Congress cadres they seems to be not minding seeing broad day dream but our promising future leaders cannot afford to be misleaded as you have long way to go
The graph speaks itself which shows that PPA ideology is working our Hon’ble MLA Candidates specially with limited resources have won with better margin this time , this shows Party has better prospect than the Congress in coming days. The rumor mongers are already trying to distract us , they are saying lots of money is given by National Parties like NCP and TMC etc in election . Howsoever Congress Party tries divide and rule tactics next time to divide joint Opposition spearheaded by PPA it should be difficult if my Colleagues stick to gun and make a history like in Nagaland ; if you Hon’ble PPA MLA stand firm like rock you will surely make a place in Arunachal history. It was not for money but basically prayer support of the Publics and love for regionalism that our Party was voted to power in 4 MLA constituencies this time . Man , it is impossible to purchase all the Voters, we stand better chance next time being in this Party : after all Peoples love and affection matter most , today what Peoples think in one part Peoples also thinks similarly elsewhere . The Mithun symbol is all encompassing it reflects the partnership between Christians and animists , abotani and Buddhist belt after all mithun and yaks are look-alike .If PPA can manage MLA in Dirrang also what to say about Late Tomojis and Bakinjis bastion Aalo , Basar and Pasighat from were all the Political revolution takes shape not to say about Nishi belt where Congress may be finished next time. The alliance with NCP and TMC may be Political necessity in Maharastra and West Bengal for the Congress Party but out here it seems this Party is used by the ruling Congress to dilute the opposition as they have frankly less takers and disrupts the rise of genuine opposition spearheaded by PPA thus Publics should also realize now. Next time none will want to contest to loss and none will support the party without the future . Even many hardened Congress Party workers are seen to be silent admirer and cross voted for the opposition leaders who are honest , dynamic , daring and fresh .And many are ready to come to greener pasture called PPA if we bring back Mithun our beloved Tata Bo . Long live PPA .

Speech on 16th Nov.2009 in Hotel Donyi – Polo Ashoka

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i dont believe they will stay in PPA as the shifting of Party is main culture of arunachal they may join with congress soon

Kenbom Bagra