Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Galos have been given all shorts of names like jumping frogs difficult to be measured so on and so forth . But in heart of heart Arunachal Publics seems to favour and dying for everything Galo. Be its delicious food , tasty wine , beautiful culture and tradition or place . It will be not surprising if there are many Galo secret admirers and supporters . Our Galo senior leaders are also not doing bad . Each time most volatile Hon’ble Home Minister post is only seen to be given to Galos . This is a post without money and with terrible responsibilities. This post has a chance of antagonizing the NSCN and other Underground outfits. It is to be accepted that Hon’ble Minister Jarbom Gamlinji had also shown his guts by criticizing the NSCN during his time . Our Iron Man of State Sri Tako Dabiji is also expected to do same in this regards. Peoples of Tirap and Changlang in particular have a great expectation from him. He should be able to hammer out a solution to achieve phenomenal success in his life . The outfits should be convinced of futility to fight the Govt . when even ULFA is contemplating negotiation with Govt . after arrests of its top brass they should not be difficult to convince . After Talibans are crashed completely the Terrorists may lost their valuable time to get honorable exit also . Thus when there is still time they should be convinced before the world completely gets united against the Terrorist . This way Congress Party will also wash most of its past mistakes. Another pertinent question is why vigilance has been taken from Hon’ble Home Ministers fort folio which have made the Home Minister post like lion without teeth . It seems his Colleagues are not sure of the man who believes in calling a spade a spade, as Old man is said to be best among the worst when it comes to hating the corruption and nepotism.
There are some questions that may be asked by west Siang Publics in particular Why Hydro power portfolio has also not been given to Hon’ble Power Minister Sri Jarbom Gamlinji ? This is when most of the controversial dams are stationed in Siang region only . The smart Hon’ble C.M is said to have assured to sponsor the next C.M himself vis a vis to one who doesn’t disturbs him . That way he had also secured his position even after he is no more C.M . But one thing some Publics in west Siang seems to be liking about him is his guts to dislodge Apangji and his political commitment to some extent . Only all the Great Peoples are seen to be in wrong side of the fence where ideologically redundant party may have to bank on their purse to bribe the voters . It is always the will of the God and luck that one becomes rich and powerful and though right now they are successful but in future things are going to be very competitive .
I foresee great future for Galos this way or that way . It is the perfect timing that’s important. The problem with the Galos in spite of all the Gods gift seems we are facing the most critical transitional period . We have neither become Hindu or Christian under its influence or remain staunch animist and are at a cross road . But after we cross this transition period we will definitely see good Galo days . If the present leadership fails to show their guts in spite of so many blessings their enemy being only their egoism and proud ness. The door of opportunity may be opened for Dynamic leaders from Great Party like PPA where regionalist Galo’s and PPA is seen to be made for each other. As any given day if majority Publics are going to cast their Valuable Vote without influence of money and fear of muscle power this is the Party one is waiting for .Will the present senior leaders of Galo take a daring risk like Neuprio Hon’ble Nagaland C.M who resign from Home Ministers Post from Congress Party to form the regional Govt. before somebody else ride the Bus next time .

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galos are stupid self centred and corrupted people of arunachal Pradesh