Thursday, December 31, 2009


We are very thankful to the Christian Baptist Council of North East India ( CBCNEI ) members for their timely help of the Nyigam fire victims . Specially the Secretary of the Peace and Justice dept. Brother Atungo Shitri . Without their help and cooperation it would have not been possible for the victims of the fire of the Nyigam Village West Siang Dist . Arunachal Pradesh to evolve from this tragic incident which charred the houses totaling to 96 and 40 granaries.

It is this good Samaritan works that we the Peoples of the Arunachal are indebted to the Christian Baptist Centre North East India. It is pertinent to mention that many Baptist Missionaries are already evangelizing and spiritually awakening the locals. The Galo tribes of Arunachal have mission partnership with Chakesang Baptists . From Mongolian point of view we are very appreciative of the Naga big brothers . It is unfortunate that certain section of anti Social elements in Tirap and Changlang District are playing with the lives of innocent Peoples . The Baptist followers should do something about it .It is completely un Biblical and unethical to indulge in violence more so when our Lord and Savior has refrained us from fighting . The anti Social elements are definitely coming in the way of spread of Gods message We should not fell to their wishes . A ray of hope is seen in our dynamic Nagaland Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Neupo rio who should work for the unity of all the regional party in North east than only may be a true understanding of the region , feeling of brotherhood -ness in Mongolian origin line and a Political will for unity of the North East may evolve . As for now whimsical and power obsessive ruler of North East have even tarnished the image of their own Party . Those who have no regional feeling seems to have always work against our interest . As they are purely interested in their own gain and each time have the audacity to mislead us .They indirectly encourage the anti Social elements by keeping mum and doing nothing to solve vexed controversial issues which is very emotive but not practical . There is a time for everything , everything happens according to Gods plan who knows one day today’s popular issue will loose its relevancy . Even if one day the World unites under globalization and the Country disintegrate like Soviet Union as practically one day Multi National Companies may have the major say we may regret our waste of energy and time in present activities . Today With the concept of nucleus family importance increasing one day our cry for Social identity may have no utility .
The Democracy and will of the People has evolved from religion only, thus by undermining it we are fighting our own lord and savior . In Japan there is also Company agents , they are like terrorists of different kind manipulating Business for the Company which indirectly benefits the Country . Why don’t we do the same here . If we imbibe Japanese way , one day we will have real development . As poverty is the genesis of terrorism their fore I exhort rich Baptist members to invest in the poor State like Arunachal and earn in decent and democratic way . The need of hour for the North east is lots of good Missionaries , visionary leaders and Business man like Taizo Sakamoto who started Mitsubishi Company in Japan . Whose discipline techniques , today also other Companies are imbibing . The world is uniting against International terrorism by appreciating this public sentiment the misleaded Youths should stop Un – Godly activity in Tirap and Changlang District of Arunachal Pradesh when there is time for honourable exit .

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