Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Galos should make optimum use of our Officers when we have one like Sri Tabom Bamji as Hon’ble Chief Secretary . Seven years of abundance than will come seven years of famine Holy Bible . The Galo Political leaders should remove their differences and work for common mother land . There can be ideological differences but no personal bitterness . As for someone like us we don’t believe in opposition for Opposition shake . Like regarding District issue I am giving my utmost support to the Basar’s senior leaders . And I also appeal other Galos to refrain from sabotaging this issue. Not that I am Basarite but lately Chinese Dam threat and need for broadening the NH 52 Highway in view of hostile China above us have enhanced Basar’s claim for national interest as this places on the way to China Border in Mechuka need to be developed nicely as it is in higher altitude and safe from Chinese proposed Dam over Brahmaputra . Not to say about its earlier choice as Capital , Basar is fortunately also strategically located ; if Galo’s are lucky may be one day their may be demand for Summer capital . As Itananagar is increasingly under traffic Pressure . The threat of Chinese Dam is also looming large upon it . Specially Naharlagun and Green airport proposal area . Unless Govt . is not sure it should not risk the life of this places . And also with the present trend of other Publics loving everything about Galo way of life if search for Summer Capital comes up Basar may be a good option .
The proposed Airport near Kombo Village is something our leaders should jealously work for . Why not also ? If the China can make 27 airport near Tibet without much domestic need . Than why not here which is close to sensitive Chinese boundary . It will also open up windows of opportunity for the West Siang area along with Mechuka , Tuting and Yinkiong those far flunked areas of Siang . This are some of the remotest place near Chinese border . The Govt. of India should also take it seriously , as if there is effluence than Publics tend to be Patriotic ; even if one day a need arise to normalize relation with China by opening up the Border trade than also this airport could play a major role . Country should also know that in case of Border tension this is only going to be the lifeline and hope for transport of large scale military equipment and evacuation of large Publics . Let us learn from our 1962 experience .The Chinese threat in place above Mechuka may increase ever more after they complete the Dam over Brahmaputra river . Therefore this proposed Airport has national and international importance as well. Also from strategic and geographical point of view there is no better place for making such a long run way airport near Chinese Border therefore this projects should not be salved .As area around Pasighat in East siang another viable place also comes under range of Chinese Dams potential threat area .
Initially of course their will be some Public inconvenience like noise pollution but with time Publics will be acquainted . It is time the Country should be serious about communication with the Borders areas of the Country . The said rejection of proposed Inter District Highway connection by ministry of Surface Transport as claimed by certain source of Govt . is not a good news . The Govt. should immediately take up this issue but more than it , broadening of NH 52 Highway from Likabali to Aalo of the West siang Dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh is more needed now from strategic point of view . As there is Major- General Head Quarter proposal also pending in Pagi Village of Basar on this way to Aalo in West Siang dist. Of Arunachal Pradesh . Besides proposed Airport near Kombo Village of Aalo and Mega Damns going to be mostly built in region above Aalo Hq. of West Siang . This all will be needing large scale machinery to be transferred through this NH 52 road only . And we also need to be prepared against Chinese plans howsoever they claim that they will respect the right of the lower riparian right below the Brahmaputra . and also large army equipment need to be carry from this NH 52 root only. Also in case of Dams danger Aalo is going to be the place for immediate large scale evacuation . Thus from all perspective this place are highly sensitive place . Thus Publics should be also consulted in event of major developmental activity . As for Tawang and other sectors there is already the National Airport at Gauhaty which is not much far away. And it will be difficult and also dangerous to make Airport in high altitude which are very close to Chinese border .
The point is if development comes than let it comes in a large scale so that Publics in large get benefit and be able to change their life and living standard in totality . And we should live in absolute preparedness specially in view of Dragons fuming above us .

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