Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This years Political trend is quite encouraging for the Publics who are eagerly waiting for right opposition Party . There are many critics of the ruling Congress Party but due to lack of Political Platform Publics are now silence . The present Public mood seems to be liking the fresh candidates credit for it cannot be denied to Kiranji though he was the one who mostly hurt the cause of opposition . Next time Peoples Party of Arunachal Pradesh is all set to harness this future Political potentiality . The success story of the Padi Richo Hon’ble MLA Ziro should be imbibed by all the opposition . Nani Ribiaji is said to be happy even after loosing as fed up of the regular strike organized against him by former whenever he did any thing wrong now that he can sleep well . The Apatanis are class apart in everything they do and their policy is worth taking by the Publics . The PPA is committed to fight against the rampant corruption and nepotism and expects the similar cooperation which Ziro Publics gave . Nothing is impossible success of Party even in Dirrang will inspire other place specially in those place which remain uncontested this time as determine prospective leaders should see them to be more easy prey as who knows the leaders their may have remain cut of from the Publics contrary to the Public perception . This is nothing personal but Party ideology which one should respect after all the State interest is prime and lack of opposition has made the matter worse as development is not only making money but rise of human dignity and participating in Democratic process.
It is time for developing right kind of leadership in right Political Platform from now itself . The honest and deserving leaders have ample scope in Peoples Party of Arunachal as it has been proved beyond doubt that money alone speaks in Congress Party . After all election is all about winning , there for why not go the easy way by going to Publics rather than 10 Janpath . The party ideology of the PPA will ensure minimum 30 % free vote and rest can be by Individual capability and Richo technic . In election Publics have been also seen to sympathies against one sided money spending therefore today money cannot be also assured of full success.
The seniors who have lost must take political retirement and take advisory post in PPA this way they will ensure the Party tickets for their relatives . After all in congress only chaplusi of the Hon’ble C.M will last and they have outlived that age when they can be so much shameless . Even those who have won from NCP, BJP and TMC should think about Parties future prospect . As day by day it is going to be competitive age and Publics are not expected to be as blind this time . It may be a rare case with those grass without roots Parties to survive but one has to accept that there are traditional Voters of the PPA which can alone outsmart ruling Congress Party . Why because Tomoji and Bakinji were our own native leaders like Gandhiji inspiring the Congress of Cow belt . Today Publics are searching their roots like Nagaland . The corrupted ones will pooh pooh this statement but they should ponder why some of their Colleage lost miserably this time . Because Publics sees them and their Party as money Bags only and they cannot now purchase all the Publics who want large amount at the cost of not voting honest Candidates . Fed up lack of transparency and rumors of shady deals in Mega Projects Publics may also show them the door bell one by one. But it has to be also accepted that the present leaders have changed quite a lot from the previous leaders and they also need our prayer support for we public also need to rectify ourselves. The days of torturing the relatives of hardened critic should stop. Personal popularity has limitations even the active supporters should realize it it is the trust of the Publics that matter eventually. Will Congress Party evolve from its British Raaj technic to suppress and torture the genuine opposition . So long as development alone is not made the core issue intellectuals and elites should not keep mum . Let us be practical see what happened to Arunachal Congress Party which was solely responsible for death of PPA eventually true regional Party evolved . Those who lives in fools paradise will have a big fall its time all the Publics make a introspection of highest order .

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