Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The China has made a strategic move by making a Mega dam above river Brahmaputra . If its additional waters are opened during Flood than great catastrophe will be seen not to say about an Earthquake . Govt . is caught unaware this time like always and there is even unconfirmed report of Boarder fights in Taksin area above Basar . The Congress regime is seen to be insincere regarding this National issue . It is very surprising that instead of giving stress on NH-52 highway between Likabali to Aalo which can play a major role in event of war . It has given more importance to Inter District Highway connection of arunachal Pradesh . That is also needed but for National interest NH-52 broadening was more important . Regarding it also Ministry of Surface transport cancelled it on the ground of paucity of fund .

The long expected settlement of Army Majore Geneneral in Basar is also under cold storage . The poor land donators have suffered most humiliating and frustrating moment in their life . It is things like this which might have made arunachal intellectuals to criticize the Govt. policy in Outlook magazine . The land Donators now want Govt. of India to say categorically weather Central Govt. is really interested in this project . Though earlier some NGO’s had voiced their concerned of its effect in Environment and safety of the locals also but those questions could be dealt after it had come .The Countries defence should come first and Publics as a whole want anti air Craft and anti missiles stationed because if there is war than any place will be obviously targeted . In an eventuality of war in any case we will be sufferer than why not be preferred . Our prodigal son of the soil who is awaiting his promotion as Brigadier Lt. Col . Jarken Gamlin of the Gorkha Regiment can be send as first Brigadier in Pagi Village of West Siang Dist . Basar Arunachal Pradesh if the proposed army Major General Hq. is opened up here . As Gamlin saabs posting here will renew the Publics with Nationalism and Patriotism .May be an Airport can be also opened near Basar with provision for Sainik school. As no where there is large chunk of land near this border region where Dragon is fuming .But has our Defence planners any idea of ground reality ?

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