Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It is now time for Hon’ble Chief Minister Dorjee Kandu to fulfill his election promise and give District Head Quarter in Basar immediately .No amount of excuse will now satisfy the publics who have given clear mandate to Hon’ble MLA Gojen Gadi this time to win in 29th Assembly Constituency Basar basing on that issue as Hon’ble Chief Minister wished . This time , for District Hq .issue many friends have become foe and relations got effected . But finally will of the God also seemed to favor this issue . It is wrong to believe that it is Hon’ble MLA Gojen Gadi Saabs and IAS Sri Tabom Bamji only who wants this . It is the wishes of entire 29th assembly Constituency Basar that is reflected in the election result . Therefore there is no question of dissention view as majority Basar has voted for the motion .The need of the hour is inter party meeting of Basar citizens regarding this noble cause . Nothing is more noble than to forget our differences for mother land .
Some of the Basar citizens like me could not be blamed as they waited for the Hon’ble C.M’s second affirmation regarding Basar as Hq but it was bit late . Besides Gadi saab himself failed to meet them and convince . By that time they had already decided to back other candidate and as they had also asked smty Dakter Basar contesting candidate from TMC for supporting this issue therefore they cannot be blamed also . .It will be wrong to blame Sri T. Bamji only , more so one who is one of our Galo pioneer in development . who thinks for all the Galo belt being like father figure . He had earlier done so much for the Galos specially foot hill areas like in boundary dispute when he was DC West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh Aalo . Only later on may be the system have changed him to some extent as he have to see all the state interest . But in heart of heart Bam Sir I know is very good Person very much a family man and a traditionalist and if times come I personally hope he will show us what he believes . Soon I am accepting to work with him in saving of our cherished Mithun wich symbolize our distinct identity of Galos in particular and Arunachals in general. Though some Basar Publics may had initial reservations regarding the Basar as place for District Hq. but they should now unite and strengthened our leaders . Fortunately the report of Governments inevitability to even receive the PM Package and latest report of construction of Chinese Dam above Brahmaputra have further strength the claims of Basar . As paucity of fund of the Govt. and Likabali being a danger zone if Chinese Dam bursts will definitely go in Basars favor in addition to the fact that this is a place where abundant land is available which is secured from neighboring Assam , having abundant water and electricity .
The Foothill Peoples being enlightened ones believing in Christ is expected to be merciful and considerate to the Basar who are yet to be evangelized . And this will show their Christian character which highlanders will appreciate . But all the Likabali , Gensi and Tirbin prominent Persons must be allotted land in new District they should not feel alienated in new scheme of things. And Basar Publics should be ready to sacrifice any time , they should be satisfied that Dist. Hq. is coming to them . The earmarked land for their allotment should be at the disposal of SDO Likabali and EAC / CO Tirbin and their respective Committee should be allowed to look their own internal affairs .Good news is persons like IAS T. Bamji himself is ready to give his additional land if need be to those outside Persons it is heard . It should encourage other rich Basar land lords to do so . Specially those who have covered lots of unalloted land .
The Country should also realize the importance of the Basar and Likabali from strategic point of view as if there is war with China than this NH-52 road routs is going to be very important . As danger zone from Chinese perspective is Mechuka and Taksin where recently border skirmishes are reported . And those far flunked area has to pass through Basar and Likabali only . It would be prudent for the Govt. to broaden NH-52 highway and immediately make Basar as District Hq . Inter District Highway connection is also important but Country immediately need Likabali to Aalo NH- 52 broadening in west siang dist. Of Arunachal pradesh . Later Basar can be elevated as winter capital and Likabali as District Hq. for National interest as this are strategic points for the Country . Earlier many District where created based on political consideration only . The large area and the maximum population of the Galo dominated tribes of the west Siang Dist makes it fit for another 3 Districts .Therefore let us wait for the best and not divide the Galo further though Likabali demand is also genuine but a decision has to be taken as for now .

Sincerely Your’s

Adv. Togo Basar


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, Your view of the political situation in Basar and the whole of Arunachal seems very enlightning. But, as regards your critical review of all the situation, I have a certain feeling that behind them you are leaving behind a door for your own benefit. Like u have criticized Mr. Tabom Bam but, you are also willing to work with him later. The conclusion is that whatever you may write but underneath you too are a hypocrite, striving for power and a chance. May God save you

Kenbom Bagra said...

for my personal benifit the District Headqrters at basar is good, but to be honest i dont encourage the HQ at basar, it should be at Likabali, if not at Dari or ramle bango area as because Basar is so near to Aalo. so hq at short distance place is not encouraging.remote area should be encourage for future development, and in case case there may be chances of rift in between galo brothers.