Saturday, July 16, 2016

How the reversal of fortune for the Congress party in A.P ? :-

                The latest political turmoil in this tiny state of North East |India is a surprise elemant for whole country and triggered the Hon`ble Supreme Court to give a land mark judgement and pave the way for |Nabam Tuki Govt. and as he was given three days time to prove his majority by His Excellency.
                  He made a smart move to invite Sri Pema Kanduji as new Hon`ble Chief Minister.But the reversal of fortune for congress party in Arunachal Pradesh is no surprise for spiritual persons like - Evan.Tojo  Ribaji n sri Chotisu Sajoji Honble Speaker of Nagaland who short of professised about the coming thing.
              As Evan. Tojo Riba who earlier short of said before last state election that divine power wanted some leader out which have been seen right now with the defeat of the Congress party in earlier election.And from this earlier facts  a believer like- Sri Nabam Tukiji Ex-C.M of the State of Arunachal Pradesh seems to have learnt his lesson well.Lately he was heard to have sms and apologised to many spiritual persons for his messing with the divine will.
              On recent visit to kohima the speaker of the Nagaland my dear friend Sri Chotisu Sajo Hon`ble speaker was very particular that Sri kalikho Pul Sahab then Hon`ble C.M should not have cursed God and it will have dire consequence.And on that night itself the Hon`ble Supreme Court judgement came removing him from the Hon`ble C.M post of our State.Mr. Sajo is a great believer .Hope my Hindu College Junior Hon`ble C.M Pema kanduji will take my religious advise given few months back to him on my courtesy visit and keep Dhamma/ righteousness being a good Buddist.
              After all how divine power have also not used me to prophesy about the political future of 3 Hon`ble C.M and 4 Hon`ble cabinet minister including his Lt.father for nearly 2 times.Thus thing in my area must be very bad when sinner and wordly man like me is used mightily by Him.Thus we must fear Him who is closely watching all the developments.
               The new Hon`ble C.M of this State can really take the state to new height if he either join in BJP with youth and honest leaders or atleast make a unofficial understanding with the young and fresh ones in BJP is the general view and perhaps BJP cadres and divine will as well and logical step also as both the center and state need each other.As this State is completely dependent on center for aid.After all being backed by a powerful Buddhist and Delhi University lobby he stands a good chance also if he plays his card nicely.

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