Sunday, July 24, 2016


                      It is said that Swami Vivkananda ones said-`If I was born in the time of the Jesus of Nazareth I will have washed his legs with my blood.`See all the great man have appreciate Him even tried to followed Him and their writing and philosophy have some amount of His teachings.
                   But great man where always skeptical of the Christians thus when we point fingers at others we must be also followers of what we say.Thus when the mother of mother Her Graceness Mother Teresa died so many Peoples whose life she changed cried more then for their own mother also.Friends this is the real love and God`s work which is really seen absent this days. 
                 And let us hope and pray some one like her again come who united all as one country then only this country will grow to be great.The recent event`s like report of drying of the Holy river Ganga  in the Go-Mukh glacier original point is a great point to ponder for the so called fundamental religionists and some so called self styled saffron brigade members if they are even trying to stopping the FCRA fund from coming to country and is giving impediment to the registered NGO waiting for foreign fund.
               As in our country non is good at charity and only give their orphan and illegal childrens in the Missionery of charity and other orphan and destitute centers run by the Christians.One can`t fool the power above and cannot stand in his way thus need is to respect one who is really giving yeoman service to nation.As today when FDI is invited in this country hope this foolish act will be not allowed to be done in any level.
           The Antodays philosophy used by Hon`ble P.M in USA and U.K must be allowed to be practiced in this country in truth and spirit.As believe it no money from abroad is used for conversion and non can be converted also and everywhere their is some rotten fish but for it whole country cannot be kept in jeopardize. As when the divine power is in anger He may do anything.Or why their is seen rampant natural disaster this days.Thus we must hear our great leader Hon`ble P.M`s advise.
                 The spiritual persons donated money if coming from outside is used for our countries benefit then nothing wrong isn`t it?Thus hope the will of God is not disturbed and His angered not invited least the Holy Ganga dried up earlier then anticipited.As in Holy Bible it is written-`Victory belongs to God.` 
            And to Him eventually every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that He is the main thing.Thus we must learn from great Hindu Sashtras to be dedicated and be the promise keeper like the Ganga son -Bhisma Pitamah.We may have to also try to bring our own  Ganga by our hard religious life not mare deep in the river and write a will to throw our ash in it after we die.And who knows for different man a different act pleasing to God have to be done.|
                Who knows Sita Mata in Ramayana and innumerable non Hindus of the country have also enriched the Country by contributing the fertility of the land by their dead bodies burried in the countries soil and helped global cooling.Thus we must introspect and be encompassing which is the true practice in the Sanatan Dharma time and true meaning of Hindus also.As all religion seems to be correlated and mutually complimentary you just have to take the positive sides and fill yourself with positive energy. 
                 One can do anything to prove other as inferior but real thing is to bring back love which will come by mutual engagement only.This will be like Amrit coming in Samudramanthan thus let us work together for a great cause.On 4th sept 2016 every God fearing persons in the planet earth is going to celebrate the coronation of the Her divine Holiness mother Teresa`s official recognition of the Sainthood.Please join the great deed of the great soul as this is triumph of humanity if a great soul is recognized.
                    And our Roman catholic brothers have been always pioneers in great deed with their wonderful cathedral and schools enhancing the beauty of each town they are allowed.You say the best and is run by them like St.Stephen College ,St. Xeviers college and CMC Bellore Medical College etc.
                In the capital Itanagar of the State of Arunachal pradesh also the Catholic believers are planning to celebrate Her Majesty Mother Teresa`s coronation day from 9 a.m in the Naharlagun Good Shephard School and is expecting a large crowd.Let in this new global world lets together make the religion related hatred a thing of past. 

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