Wednesday, May 21, 2014


                I will like to appeal all the nation regarding an issue of grave concern. I will like to appeal all the fellow Indians to be sympathetic to North east cause and lobby for Hon`ble M.P Neipo Rio and Sri Kiran Rijuji as the Union Minister of this great country.As for the first time there is a chance for the border State to feel real closeness with the nation.
             And at least Governorship for Sri P.A Sangmaji,Tapir Gaoji and one from Assam. I hope the Sangh Parivar will first  see the national interest in mind which they always do while allocating the portfolios which may be decided soon.As Kiranji is the only leader off late who have been seen singlehandedly rising the Chinese intrusion issue.
                      And Neipo Rioji is one seen able to bring peace in Nagaland one of the most volatile place in N.E.Hope P.A Sangmajis camp will show magnanimity for N.E interest ,as he have already achieved all the height of success in his political career and will definitely seen blessings the new generations for sure.By following Advanijis step as he is the grand old man of N.E.And will surely show his magnanimity.
       If there is any senior BJP cadre from Assam he/she  can be also accommodate as Governor. As the development and media is already strong in this State and big neighbor have been already in the vintage stage so far.And the BJP talks of inclusive growth and respecting the commitment to the alliance partner has to be now shown in letter and spirit by promoting man like Hon`ble M.P Neipo Rioji also.
               As for Neipo Rioji he is even heard to be acceptable to many Assam N.E leaders also.And as for Kiranji he is a very popular leader with know how of Delhi politics.And as the prudence of the good king lies in seeing the interest of the poorest of the poor area.Thus hope Hon`ble P.M Narendra Modiji man in different mission this time will surely show his different avatar by breaking all the geographical barer for good once and for all.
                   The Hon`ble M.P Neipo Riojis well wishers can contact JK Riba who is right now his man Friday in this important mission.As being spokesman NERPF he seems to be also committed to his cause.


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