Tuesday, May 20, 2014


                                                     I am really thankful to the Public's of 29th Basar(ST)Assembly constituency Arunachal Pradesh for showing there tremendous support to me in recent State election. Though the lack of time for campaigning harmed my winning this time;but I gracefully accept the result.
             I am really indebted specially  to the Youths who overwhelmingly  supported me  for a change we all believed in. Meanwhile I will also like to congratulate the Hon`ble MLA Gojen Gadiji and hope he will also keep face with the new mood of the Public's and work for trans piracy,justice and equality.
                   It would have been my Basar area public interest if I have been used as there legislator .As In this days of intense lobby I had ambitious plans for my beloved constituency making great strides like Railway corridor from Silapathar to Basar.And one defense airport in Basar area in connivance with like minded friends ,anyway I will still try my best in this regards.As the gift of knowledge have to be always used for a good cause. 
            See those powerful Peoples who have been seen as reason for my nemesis they have also seen to have suffered bitterly, some critics is heard saying may be curse for meddling with divine will and prophesy.
             But personally I feel I had to also learn my lesions and this have been God send opportunity for this introspection. Someday I will like to write an eloquent story on what transpired in my last election. As for now nothing can be talked of future as it is the wonderful Publics of Basar Area to decide in appropriate time.

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