Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Miracle of God witness by me:-

                                       It will be dishonest on my part today not to disclose the miracle of God witness by me as of now even if some of my own fumes thinking advocate are most despised and condemn able of all.This is fact as I myself have poor opinion about myself but cannot help myself resisting telling the truth which will initially bitter to some.As I must tell His power and love.As when I was in worst phase of life struggling between life and death He saved me.And any credit fully goes to Him and Him alone for what little quality I have got in life and yes there are more better persons,more handsome and richer than me also ,that I always agree.And I will be really a shy man if from today Peoples look to me with more respect after all this secret revelation ;but now I am compelled as christian to work for thy kingdom to spread his power and love .And this silence earlier may have harmed me also as I may have become an unproductive person for not glorifying God for His great deed.
                                         But among all greatest miracle to my view will be still -love which I am anticipating from other religious persons also;it will be wrong to think me as anti to other religious sentiment also.I have tremendous amount of love and respect for other religious persons. More so for Donyi Poloism as today if we can see this higher spiritual realization then credit also goes to our advance Galo belief system which is proud fully our roots and our common heritage also. And non can try to monopoly on it by seeing other in derogatory manner as great Galo cuture and tradition is our common root.Thus unless one is really called by almighty God there may be no need to seek higher spiritual realization also;as non will enjoy this challenging work unless there is real calling from master.As swami Vivekananda seems to have advocated that growth is life and contraction is death.And before becoming a small Christian believer; myself earlier also played instrumental role in making one mandir and procuring Gangi land for the believer in Basar.This seldom publics knows also and hopefully the great down to earth Lord would have also advocated for peaceful co-existance;as earlier in Human form Lord and Saviour Jesus of Nazareth was seen also so modest to never tell His own power.So that People reecognise him by oneself.As only devil will alone compell one to prey himself forcefully.As everyone is under Lord only and must have been made for a purpose by Him only.
                                            Thus it is high time the 29th Basar Assembly Publics also reciprocate there magnanimity by refusing to see us as a traitor thinking we run away to other religion.As this will be absurd if even the elites think that way;only because we are minority there we need more love also.As then only the God may also protect the non Christians in other Christian majority places.As do unto others what you want others to do to you in other place.See there is manifested injustice to me if last time the sitting Hon`ble MLA assured me of his full cooperation in this coming election and still seems to be after harming me.Then there is still short of aparthaide practise in great Galo society which one boast of always.If the majority is silence.As what greater injustice will not happen to more poorer person then me;if we talk of Galo unification;will this practise auger well.As status of the poor and the minorities in this place have been also bad  from time inmemorial.Where in this place some coglomoration of the vested interest society members seems to mislead the innocent Publics in the name of-`Loss of Culture is Loss of Identity.`to indirectly criticise the Christians believes some critics.Which in fact may be secret plan to thwart the right speaking christians from spreading the justice and equality doctrine of Holy Bible which haves class seems to despise more thinks some.As now even the haves not class is seeing there own rich brethern as real enemy of culture genocide ; for there excessive monopoly due to which the haves not Poor are made more poorer even unable to purchase the sacrificial animal also.
                                And hopeful thus in my time of crisis others will also stand by me as good thing is ultimately said to happen to a good person.As in my kind of place there is absolute need for love and mutual respect between all the religion to inspire the future generation now. As real need is to love and to have godliness in ones heart;as leap service is very easy and truly meaningless.And if no love is there then even there may not be even need of making worship centers; as society have today become more evil so lots of prayer and fasting centers have also come believes some. Whereas the earlier Christian knew very minimum of Lord yet they were firm and where blessed.So all the religious followers must be changed at heart and stop badmouthing against each others leaders unless there is manifest injustice in place like mine. As almighty God and Donyi-Polo must be living like brothers in heaven also and curse this short of society polluters. Who try to divert the Public mind from core issues like corruption and nepotism which divinity seems to be hating more;as seen in all the religious books.And thus we must never feel superior or inferior in name of religion and should be more focused in helping each other.As today's tall claim of prophesy and vision was earlier also common issue with simple villagers.
                         Thus need is accepting each others good trait and work together in common good issue,I will rather loved to be seen as a sincere man ready to help all section of society as everyone is our`s.As told as Love thy neighbor in Holy Bible;as who knows in time of trouble help may pour to me from unexpected quarter from which least was accepted also.As earlier one Panditji was also predicting successful political future for me.By saying once he had also predicted same to Sri Kito Soraji Ex. Hon`ble MLA when he was a truck driver.So who know`s all the religious followers blessings will be more meaningful in my life this time.As it is said Lord Rama appeased Lord Shiva also before Lanka expedition to help finish off his favourite desciple Ravana.After all did Lord Buddha did not asked one to respect any person who attained Bodhistava/enlightened position in any religion?As he may have been well aware of crores of prayer support that was going to pour in for that kind of person.

                              But if the society also does not give chance to show one`s caliber, then is that society also not partial to educated, poor and minority leader?As love for Poor and destitutes covers once all other weaknesses thus said great man`s.Thus the great Galos of the 29th Assembly Constituency of Basar will hopefully show there maturity this time; as divinity is enshrined in great Galo blood.As one man cannot jeopardise the interest of all religious community by his mischivious plans;as good god of justice is sitting above.As whatever smart tactics one play;ultimately God`s will be done in earth and in heaven.As enough of false credit have been taken by some leaders for promotion and passing of bill of some genuine gentlemans.And mind it this communal hatred may harm the religious community more, thus this time burden of proving love exit in the Donyi-Poloism religion is more on Gangi brothers now.And more so haves class who where earlier always seen feasting in ruling party power;mind it- coming election may be  last chance to repent for them also.As the will of God seems to be working now to change India for good .And as such don`t hate other person so much that his success will unnerve all the religious/haves class community for ever.As if the more liberal leader is rejected today tomorrow ,more redical one may take benefit of situation.The great Donyi Polo must be also powerhouse of pity,love and magnanimity that`s my humble believe.As merit cannot be seldom stopped by closing one`s eyes isn`t it? ultimately Public have to accept it.One should not live in small make believe world of his own to the detrimental of the whole society.As this is new world where better idea cannot be denied now.

                       Brother there is really God`s spirit but this we unfortunately feel when we are really in dire problem or when it is too late. As long time back I had also once had an operation and was virtually in death point inside the operation theatre.The pain was unbearable but I felt other pain which was more painful. As my soul was crying for not having surety of salvation. And thus after true repentance in coma I felt an anointing and decided to dedicate myself to Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and work for the Poor Publics.Thus non can predict about future; so better we don`t chastises other religion as it is a big thing ;that way we may unknowingly hurting  the God and other god and divine angels also made by God.As they are all for a divine purpose also and must be obedient to God who instead will ultimately bless his obedient disciple who also love others.The alive operation post operation trauma terribly effected me and disturbed my academic carrier also.After lots of emotional fighting with myself finally I found ultimate peace in lord Christ.

                 But honestly accept that I had hunger for God from day one as I studied in Ramakrishna Mission School and wanted to go to spiritual world till  to its logical end.My family never wanted me to join the Christianity and after some 4-5 yrs. Academic failures due to post operation trauma.I decided to sit for fasting programme in Chate Medjiphema Nagaland again ;as the prophesy was coming from some Holy Spirit possessed missionaries of the Jipu prayer centre to do so. And arrived in Dimapur for my final journey for the truth.The chate Medziphema Nagaland  40 days fasting was more painful but God seems to know your endurance capacity. And as I was in brink of frustration due to repeated failure in life;I thought it as a better option to die that way after lots of rejection and frustration in life.This may have motivate me also to stay completely dry initially  for five days fasting without even water .Then after every 2 and half day successively I was made to forbade the food till completion of fasting; In between I could only eat fruit and vegetable as per missionaries directions.God made me sit in Chate successfully .I was along with Mrs.Nyagdo Tasar W/O Evan Nyagdo Tasar and Sri Nick Kamins mother,and till now consider Nick Kamin as spiritual brother .

                    The vision shown in Chate fasting programme in Medjiphema Nagaland  by God really come to become truth in my later life also.I was shown my LLB result and later I adjactly got that mark in my final result.The God also show me to gospel to two very successful business man of my hometown, one Late Yimar Ribaji whose house gate was shown in vision .And the other Late Gohen Bamji was shown with large sacrifice alter made in his house front.Later when I come out from Chate after completing the fasting ;both were seen in the verge of death out of dreaded cancer disease. May both soul rest in peace; I went to there house feeling that Lord have shown me to meet them.They must have been good Peoples as God seldom personally directs to help other believes some Holy Spirit possessed persons.Also one Mihuk Taipodias wife of Gensi had also asked me to pray for her husband in Chate.The moment I closed my eyes in prayer Lord show me snake in his husbands body.The wife was surprised when I told her to cast out the serpents spirit.As she said long time back her husband had incidently  killed two Pythons before succumbing to disease and have become dumb.

                     Even I was shown that Lord is giving me writing skill and today when I write in blog I remembered, this was God`s plan shown long time back in Chate fasting centre.See in this lazy world unless there is a real spirit working I won`t have been able to  write article one after another in my blog.So all the credit to Him only,as more I confess that I am the worst Christian He seems to love me more,but even then I need your all prayer support as my intentions are pure to bring a change we all believe in.I have nothing personal against any one.This God`s will for me to live a public leaders life was also affirmed by missionary mother Gadi  in my recent fasting programme in Jipu prayer centre ;who also said that-that Lord was helping me in writing this article’s; thus He alone deserve all credits for this. Specially the new controversial article-Who is real God?seems to have been motivated by Lord`s spirit in recent 7days fasting programme in Jipu prayer centre itself.Hope the Hindu brothers and sisters will be benefited from it. See ultimately option is your`s to follow which religion; but loving God definitely don`t seems to be wanting that option to be deprived to some spiritually hungry Peoples of the Hindus also; who have never get that previlage to know the truth also.As truth alone will liberate all as said in Holy Bible.

But the notable miracle of God witnessed by me is the:-

1.Prophesy to Apang family:-

               When my senior collegian Omak Apangji contested as Hon`ble M.P I was made in charge of the election campaign. And as such I stayed near his father Sri Gegong Apangji`s Ex-Hon`ble C.M bang law only.It is pertinent to mention that Hon`ble Chief Ministership is the highest political post in this part of the world.And those days he commanded immense power;once a strong urge was coming to me again and again  to warn Apangji not to give ticket to his close  relatives in political post. Ultimately on my persistence Miss Mone Yomgam (Apang ) asked me to write it in paper.The Sr.Apang then the sitting Hon`ble C.M was furious to see my written sujjestions; at that time he was seen to be short of possessed by King Herod`s spirit. And made sure I was removed from the bungalow instantly. And also need not to say the Govt. crumbled within days.This was time non dare to even correct Apangji.Later I was phoned to arrange a dinner in my house when Omakjis grandfather died and he was on his way for final funeral. I could not fail a friend and a brother; though unfortunately the same Peoples who amassed huge wealth during there reign fled away from them during crisis time,this is really bad.This is so truth of place like Arunachal Pradesh where Publics only want to help a rich person; and may be God is hating this practices now.

                      Then filled with pity for family friend after seeing there downfall ;I again prayed for them continually and in the Chate fasting programme the God showed me the ascending of the Apang family in power back.This I had also told in advanced to Smty.Mone Apang.And ever since our mutual respect have also increased in life.But I believe they have also still lots of love from God also.

2.Prophesy for Buddhists community:-

             Once when I was going down to Delhi late Hon`ble Chief .Minister Dorjee Kanduji was sitting in Borjhar airport along with the Tawang MLA Tswang Dondupji. Late Dorjee Kanduji knewed my elder brother Er.Tomo Basarji present C.E Drawing and Statics very nicely and could recognize me for that.And asked me instantly who is going to be next C.M.?As he persisted I told him one Buddhist person. Once in Darka Village Tswang Dondupji was accepting to me that when I had said this they were just going to Delhi and within ten days lo there was Kanduji as Hon`ble C.M.Praise the Lord He is truelly worthy to be praised. The Lord may have been wanting me to be made as Public leader to ameliorate Poor Publics of Basar area ;by associating me with this big ministers from time to time in there crucial days .But unfortunately they seems to have forgotten my favor and for this they also seems to have fallen soon. By keeping divinity below and giving more emphasis to one`s own vested interest and carnal desires like-false notion of loyalty to party and family which congress party members is seen to act more the present leaders seems to be sufferring. The party discipline which is yet to be truly tested also is all bullshit as Lord is the one who make or break so hope present Hon`ble C.M Nabam Tukiji will keep Lord`s commandment  always  in first position.

                        But having said that I am least among many great Christians who need not be writing in blog and is not well known in social network cites.But more greater then me and I need there prayer support
3.prophesy to Lijum Ronyaji:-

                                                  Once Lijum Ronyaji when he was cabinet Minister of Power Dept.was telling that he was sure of becoming new Hon`ble C.M as he have fixed the matter it with Atal Bihari Bajpaiji ;and next day if Atal was P.M for 2nd time his time was coming he was confidently saying this. Lord seems to have made me to say that it will remain a distant dream.Er.Modak Ribaji working as A.E /PWD in Basar Sub Division still openly accept to hear this conversation personally in room No.3 of Basar Circuit house long time back.And even inside the Church he was once seen accepting this prophesy by me as Lord may have only inspired. As it would have been impossible for me to do so to tell to many big person’s repeatedly if it was not His plan also.

4.Prophesy to Hon`ble C.M Dorzee Kanduji:-

                                                                             My friend Kanduji may his soul rest in peace ,once called me to see him through Kembom Ribaji of Pagi Village when he was in great trouble. It was regarding a PIL filed by social activists one Sri Jodik Taliji.He wanted me to convince Jodikji as the middle man Kembom Ribaji of Pagi Village may have told Kanduji that he heard Jodik saying; he will only hear brother Togo`s advise and Kanduji repeated this.The Holy spirit seems to have made me to ask Kanduji to repent and become born again person.This was later heard to be resisted by his Buddhist officers who even insulted poor Kembomji.And within weeks Dorjee Kanduji died in an Chopper crash.

                  I refused to accept hefty amount offered to me as conveyed through Kembomji ;and even the Holy spirit possessed person missionary Sri Todak Geyi whom I asked about Lord`s will .He had also predicted more or less the same danger for Kanduji.God seems to warn all the worldly rich persons through His disciples. Unfortunately rich and powerful persons are filled with sycophants they seems to be ensuring there premature death.As in Hindu belief it is said the the Laxmi the godess of wealth and Indra the god of power cannot stay together;they cannot see eye to eye.Thus Kamin Dolojis repentance is interesting atleast he may be henceforth seen as a happy man. 
5.Prophesy to Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Setong Senaji:-

                                                                                                The day Kanduji called me in Jodik Tali PIL issue;I bumped into office of the Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Sri Setong Senaji in the morning; and asked him to be preferring for Hon`ble C.M post.As that prophesy of Arunachal soon going to have a Christian Hon`ble C.M prophesy had also come to Evan.Christopher in the Aalo Healing crusade. The big brother thought for a long and faltered. Later after death of Kanduji it is heard He was initially even proposed for Hon`ble C.M post by Hon`ble Ex-CM Jarbom Gamlinjis camp.And sure he would have end up as consensus candidate; and would have stopped the worst political power struggle that Arunachal Pradesh have seen so far after Ex-Hon`ble C.M Kandujis sudden exit.Thus I learn will of God is good for all.

6.Prophesy to Hon`ble Cabinet Minister Jarkar Gamlinji:-

                                                                                                   In the previous Basar 29th State Assembly Basar election even if grandma Smty. Dakter Basar was sure to loss election I supported her.As I had strong conviction that the Congress Party was taking every one for ride in false assurance of come in power surreptitiously. Few days after I went to D.C Office for hearing DC Amzad Tak`s final briefing one day before voting. And I was inspired to tell Jarkar Gamlinji present Cabinet Minister who was sitting in my front ;that he was going to win.As previously Lord show me a vision of him getting elected and even three barking dogs where shown barking at him. Seems either he will always go ahead in life or will have always problem from certain corner. Even recently Jarkarjis wife was telling me his husband was accepting this facts that I had told this.

                                                    The some of prophesy I knew but did not told to others so far was was the Nyigam Village fire accident; as evil spirit was shown hovering around Kidi River just before great fire that engulpe the village; it was shown in my vision while sleeping in the previous night.The Nyigam Villagers may have to refrain from killing too much fish thenceforth and may have to join GRK which is achi Tomojis brainchild to save the animal and fish. As for the future prophesy some of which I am sure about but will not like to divulge now;as it is also not good to break some one`s heart publicly. Lord has promised in Holy Bible to give more blessing then Himself also, who follow Him diligently. In this most corrupted time God is using more mightily to people like Dainamo the magician who can be even seen to be walking above Thames river.This is tactically more difficult; today we are filled with greed so may be thinking for God changing MLA or Minister is difficult;whereas it should be easiest one.One should tremble before God`s will as anger of God can not only finish life but may ensure place in hell for one for ever.

         But I am a small person who also need your prayer support least I develop pride by using excessively  word like I.But mind it my intention is pure.It is to involve Lord in all the matter so that there will be real development. As this have been so in earlier Rajas time also when they used to go to Jungle to appease the divine force before going to war to seek his blessings by undertaking long meditation. By the way all the witness are alive today and they should also not lie of Lord`s work through me.But honestly I will accept the magnanimity shown to a Christian leader like me by other believer as one of the greatest miracle by the Donyi Polo believers also. As the real thing is mutual respect as then only  may be more miracle man like  Priest Kachi Yomchaji may be also born in Gangi believers house.If they also show love really exists with them;as unless a real meaningful thing is gain from religion ;then leap service is meaningless isn`t it? As peaceful co-existance is the real need and for it the real religion doctrine introspection have to be made which is called samudramantan in Hinduism.
               See only because Gentleman against which unending argument and criticism is heaped only because he is absent is wrong.One must be allowed to be defend himself;least dreaded diseases fall on malicious talkers for criticizing a leader living a Leviticus life to some extent.As the real power is talking openly in one`s face without taking help of intoxication or drugs.As many Christian already accept that they are sinner what is new and important about it.And there aggressiveness may be irritating but some relatives  really also want others to know the result oriented Lord.So there motive has to be also appreciated.Today when I look back though I feel myself to be the most worthless creature and sinner number one but Lord have been merciful to me.And seems to have a wonderful plan for whole A.P through me also.All the Peoples should ultimately thrive for higher spiritual goal then only every one will long to support and help you eventurally; after all who comes in name of God alone can solve today’s surmounting problems. And only a fool will like to avoid him and believe in more lies.
                                  As it will be insult to Lord if one is hating one who is doing His commissioned mission. But it is equally important of getting blessings of all the religious leaders and communities as everyone have some good points and power to give also.But the previlage will be for all to accomplish thy will;as He is the real creator of all religion also. And the good Galo`s are now committed to bring a social reconciliation in which we must all be cooperative by loving each other more; then talking always bad thing or good thing about someone. As if Lord loves someone even the criticism may later work for his interest also as criticism funnily make`s the person more famous told a friend. Thus surrendering to will of God will be in neveryone`s interest.As the political revolution seems to be now aggravated by no less then the divine power as now revolution is also seen in less uncivilised place like arab world.

                   The great political betrayal by an old friend like Gojenji; to whom I had supported in his hardest days also is surprising ,though  it was time to enrich me to help the Poor and destitute more meaningfully. As last time even losing election would have been good for me;as I would have focused more in my personal life.As educated and enlightened ones may have better solutions to todays problem in the world of e-governance. So for those who believe that 29th Assembly Constituency is going to be the epi centre of the God`s battle field.I am appealing you all to send me help so that I may begin my ambitious project for helping the Poor and destitute in earnestly by sending any helping amount in the account number of Adv.Togo Basar in  SBI Basar Branch A/C No.11877839037.The Basar SBI Branch code number being-6032 and for the foreigners the Swift Code will be needed first which is- SBININBB 159.The money should be transferred in my name as a gift to avoid any complications .See if you are genuinely convinced in your heart that I am for a great mission then only do so, as I need no help also from man of half hearted person.As don`t allow me to take all the blessings,as eventually the will of God should happen one like or not.And for those who doubt the state leaders will also sabotage this plan may send me any gift in my name in given address:- Resident of  kadi village,P.o/p.s-Basar, West siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh India.
                                              See Nehemia had also not seen the Jerusalem yet decided to help in rebuilding its broken  wall.Thus who knows this may be a wonderful opportunity to work with Lord Himself as seldom till now Lord have failed me and Jipu Prayer warriors.As specific programme have come to prophets  for God`s willingness to make socio-economic change in 29th Assembly constituency Basar of West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh India.As seen by one like A.E Eng. Kendo zirdoji and whole prayer warriors of jipu Prayer centre also.So please help us for one first and  last time.As I have been particular about even putting the name of the sponsor`s in my previous articles who sponsered in GBCC Youth programme also as appealed lasr time.And this time in more professional way the audit report will be put in website also.The help have to be send soon and if necessary I will also feature the sponsor-er` s business advertisement in my blog to help them back.And yes in America also there is open fund rising for election;this makes the leader more accountable.See the hidden sponsership have made the system more corrupted.
                                                     I really want to use this money for more meaningful purpose like for benefit of Poor,social and political reconciliation between all the religious community also.See Lord commanded by prophesy from Evan.Christopher in Aalo Healing Crusade that my State is going to become God centric State soon.The meaning of this should be an ideal State where there will be true justice and equality for all and all will be benefited even the Hindu,Buddhists and  Gangi also; as there is still Idol worshippers Samaritans there in Jeruslam because they were good Samaritans.See God is everyones so any doubt will be very wrong as fight is against the principalities of dark forces;as eventually any human being barring animal can be convinced that`s my view.This is my personal belief as I have put my best endevour even hopefull old pal Gojenji will also show his magananimity,to be immortal in his own right.And open the door for similier endevour by seniour leader who need to love educated,young and dynamic new leadership .
                                               As non will like to have Ravana type image in historic Kurukshetra like war zone for sure.The prophesy of missionaries in Jipu prayer centre and Ane Gadi about my political future have motivate me to write this appeal with lots of reluctance.As in that fasting programme I honestly preyed to be made as missionery and did not want to harm any one.And I am more surprised as there is better Christians in my own constituency;my personal visions in recent Jipu prayer centre also seems to be similar to other Holy Spirit possessed person`s view also.Honestly I have no expectation that this appeal will materlise also as non seems to be believing in spirituality this days,specially here in this part of the world.Brother/sisters  there may be less time to join a good mission also and exempt from the pain I have seen in death bed myself in my operation theatre .By helping a Lord`s mission in a place which may have become like Soddom Gomorrah to be destroyed the blessing will be your own working with thy will.See there was also  thousand excuse earlier to rebuke the Prophets;but honestly this seems to be last chance for some to do good work before world change for ever.As good man have already come to Lord during persecution time and as the Truth Church believers are saying Holy Spirit is now going back to Jeruslam.Thus for the repeanted one`s last chance to do something good and tangible in life if it is really will of God.


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