Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Greatness of Mother:-

                                                Blessed are those who have mother still alive it is his/her privilege to serve her and give back little bit of what she have done for him /her .Great war General Napoleon Bonaparte once said show me great mother in France and I will make it a great nation.The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when He was taken to cross and show the crying  women`s in his way to Calvary cross.He said don`t cry for me but cry for the coming generation of the future of the Israel’s. He may have been aware of the power of the mother`s tears to change the more corrupted generation in the future to come.Thus a mother who pray for there Children bring a great change in them,and as some said as good God cannot visit all , so made mother in each home .
                 It is said that Yudhistir when he was asked by the Yaksha an angel what water is more powerful then the current of the water it is said he said the tears of mother.The folk story of our tribe also tells that earlier when in the time of famine a  son after killing  his  mother when he felt like seeing she was secretly eating something .In the belly after cutting her  only a small dendrup was find and regretted later on .My mother Late Tumbi Basar(Doji) also loved me like anything and what little I know is also credited to her in lot many ways.As during her life, she always bothered about me.And after her death also seems to be with me to inspire me.
                   The Poor lady she show her worst life, only being first lady to fight against the injustice of force marriage in our Galo tribe.As there was time that this practice was so brutely executed that non dared to challenge it.And as per her version ,she had to run to jungle and stay there for days hiding.And later only lady to make a case against the whole pre-dominantly male society which was suffering from worst male chauvinistic feeling at that time for her justice.This was in the Court of the Deputy Commissioner West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh in Bango Dere when R.N Haldipur was the Deputy Commissioner.  
                      It is said that my mothers spirit was even sacrificed  to sun god in her absentia by her enemies which was earlier a witchcrafts practice to kill a person whom community hated.And may be this is the reason I have been always skeptics of this evil practices in my society also.Though this have been banned now but in interior places in late 1970`s it was still reported.And like its effect she also did not stayed in this world for long and passed away in our Childhood due to cancer.When my Sister Professor Dr. Topi Basar now teaching in Law Fac.D.U was under tender age.May my mothers soul who was a pious lady get shelter  in heaven for ever for opening up way for less privilege ladies who where also worst dominated by male dominant society.
                   As I have already lost my mother I cannot afford to lost other one who is now awaiting operation and as such I am accepting your all prayer support.Please prey for my mother Smty.Yai Basar`s well being in her operation for stomach stone operation thinking as praying for your own mother.


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