Sunday, October 28, 2012

Who is the real God ?

                              You know the truth and truth shall liberate you as says the Holy Bible.But the truth has a price non knows extent of sacrifice made by great man accept he and God .See what will happen if a person taking regular milk from a Diary later come to know that the milk was in fact made of chemical and he was duped.But mistake have been made,so seeking God in wrong way will prove more fatal. Thus spirituality is toughest of all subject so we avoid it.But will avoiding truth will it stop the risk of death.Thus the wrong preaching on the Children will also have horrible side effect on his carrier if the real most important thing is missed out in his life.See the spiritually matured person have to be seen as a national asset as like you are able to borrow something important from your good neighbor only.And in life when nothing else works the best option will eventually to run to hear thy will.Accepted that this article is long,but mind it for salvation other`s have slogged more in there life.

                       Thus hope the reader will take time out for this most important topic which will alone matter in life; Opt and opt this question –Who is real God? Have come to great souls like Swami Vivekananda since ages and see this question is first step towards knowing God`s kingdom and righteousness to get thy blessings; as there is nothing in this world which man cannot get, if one develops a hunger for God.But the quest have to be honest and devoid of prejudice and most fail to see the truth as there is large principalities of dark forces to overcome by prayer and fasting before getting it.The problems with the Hinduism, animists and others is that from the day one there have been a wrong feeling that this Christian religion is a British/foreign religion. This may be due to open boycott of anything foreign by the earlier freedom fighters .I have tried to challenge this myth in this article inspired by the holy spirit in my recent fasting programme at Jipu prayer centre of West Siang Dist. Arunachal Pradesh North East India from 26th sept to 3rd oct.

               Thus it is better to know the secret of success after all Lord is the master and nothing doing without His blessings. As it is His will and ways that will only matter in this life and heaven. The comparative study of all the religion to come to truth have been helped also by my late mother Tumbi Basar who was a pious lady devoted to Lord Krishna , my experience in Ramakrishna mission School and near death experience in operation theatre where I was saved by Holy spirit. And I was aso helped by the close study of the evolution of the Donyi Polo religion a pre-Vedic religion practice in my society which within short time evolutes’ from praying unknown God and then shifting to praying Donyi-Poloism Sun and Moon god as its search for its own identity increased after advent of Christianity.And this Donyi-Polo practice which is the oldest form of religious practice have still retain many of its old characteristics making it the treasure house of anthropology. Interestingly there is even similar Donyi-Polo language with the Aramic and Prakrit which was used much before even us of Sanskrit.

                 And this article is neither aimed at glorifying any religion or showing other as small as ultimately a person who is not born again person in Christianity is still like an idol worshiper only.So what Holy Bible is good but the followers have to be good myself trying to be best among worst and as such maturing in Christ and trying to be a good Christian. And as the victory eventually rest with the God therefore the Civil society members,BJP and Congress constituting the AVBP and NSUI etc.should do there best to appease the Holy spirit if it really wants to come in power in this time.As if the God rejects no amount of secret plans by the swiss bank black money depositors plan will also help them.As many of the suspected depositors in Swiss Bank is also dying mysteriously one by one why? Killed by whom?

                   The quest for searching God`s kingdom will come by true love to oneself as a fear of death which is the greatest fear will be only faced with full properness by the enlighten ones.And they will soon come to realize that with the love of God and thy blessings will also come the salvation also,but for it honestly some sacrifice have to be made initially,as the eternal life rewards is worth it .Which have been said to be denied to mankind because of the common forefather Adams fall from grace which story is a common world legacy now, as mankind started from forefather Adam only but still we are tempted to eat the evil apple planted by Devil .See by seeing present P.M we can believe the existence of earlier P.M; so is the case in the divinity as there is also work of miracle through some modern prophets like Binny Hean who must have also inherited it from Lord Jesus Christ.

             And after this witness of great man`s work- faith,conviction ,self realization of highest order will come which will definitely give moksha,as in today’s time logical conviction alone can make a person to support a theory.As everyone is today a scholarly person;but to know the truth submission and searching have to be started as Holy Bible guide.As there are thousand reasons to accept that Jesus Christ was different- See the Jesus Christ birth heralded the Roman calendar from it counting of world calendar started.This is 2000 yrs. after His birth. The Lord`s birth in virgin Mother Mary’s womb ensured that He did not inherit the curse of the forefather Adam.The son of God died for our sin which is supreme sacrifice and rise after three days.This was seen by as many as about 500 disciples who were instantly murdered for witnessing and openly accepting seeing resurrected Christ Jesus by Roman Emperor.

            See non will tell lie in the face of His death from the Roman Emperor who used to dealt the believers very harshly. Lord Jesus Christ could even rise dead man after 4 days after death in his life. As the true born again Christian still truly feel the presence of Holy spirit who guides him ,as still there is still open healing in healing crusade in the name of the Lord and savior.The Hindus also believe man will become what he thinks in his death bed thus believing that Lord who have went ahead to heaven, will take us there is also justified from there angle also. In my previous article called-`God`s miracle witness by me,` I have also written the name of the witness also who witness God`s prophesy through sinner like me also.

           And so I found Lord Christ as living God and this religion as result oriented in my own life and ultimately find peace in Him only.So for me if there is easy way out why the need for taking long rout . And the religious Hindus also believe that the great soul remember the previous birth stories and try to fulfill the good karma in this life itself. And as they accept others to hear there view point; they may have to also accept some of other`s view point also.As this common rich knowledge given down from ancestors will alone help us but there have to be even no pride and prejudiced .As the religion have in a way become cocktailed but God see the motive and He will have one order. The misunderstanding may be effect of long isolated life,sometimes we have to trust others also.As satan will use this communication gap to deprive the fruit as said in Holy Bible-`the seed shown in the good ground alone grow`.

            So best is to take the good one of each other.See in my Galo tribe of Arunachal Pradesh India the unique method of memorizing the name of all the forefather helps in sin confession of seven generation forefather also,this is also a good customary practice as the method of keeping the name using last word earlier helped us when there was no education.Say I am Togo my son`s name will start from Go say Gomar and this create a sequence easily to be remembered.We should never laugh at each other,hit from back and accept what have to be accepted.See for the simple believer consolation for them that they have at least taken right ticket of bus to heaven even if it take time; hope they will finally reach the destination. But to those whom Lord calls for a purpose He seems to also give some troubles initially to discipline them. And those who don`t want to come have all the right to do so also,as good God never compels submission.

           See Lord Jesus Christ choose simple human beings who later become apostles after coming in connection with him.Thus He showed that His yoke is easy to carry by humans.One also need to realize that with searching of kingdom of God will also come good wealth, hard work,abundant food, good life, respect and health which seems to be part of package that comes to disciple. Only the Lord and Saviour have to be kept above everything else by the believer and it will be little bit difficult for the person committed to Lord in His old age.So as most of there forefathers in developed countries have earlier also seek the God diligently, definitely blessing is seen in those places from generations to generations more then here also. See within months of 2nd world war Europe come up becoming more beautiful and powerful also. See great Indian Philosopher Swami Vivekanadaji was given shelter with great love in Boston by an American family and the family even helped him reach Chicago the venue of the World Parliament of religion.

            Thus west is always not bad also there is always need to learn from each other,as truth may be between this two philosophy of east and west; as there is positive vibrations in all the Kirtans and the Lord`s congregation at prayer service also,but more important is life changing movements.This to me honestly come by personal relationship with Lord Jesus Christ.It is said initially evil spirit come then Holy spirit.Thus we should not be initially not much enthusiastic about spiritual development and should have patience as pilgrim progress. But all the great man were also laughed at initially as the peoples have been unfortunately duped into believing that they will never die, this is the mechanism of devil. As Devil have already a small place in world and more enlightenment ones comes he will have no place to live in the world also,so all religious followers have been mislead by the devil on small issues.

         And for great man it was a small price to get eternal life as more one laughed at someone for fulfilling God`s mission, see to that more he will be successful. As Christianity thrives more in persecuted places and holy spirit works there more where persecution have been at its worst. From the day when the Adam along with the Eve eat the forbidden fruit from that day the emotional thinking and irrational decision influenced by the evil spirits have come to all mankind as said in Holy Bible. Though it is subjects of discussion now who is more responsible for it male fore father or female foremother Adam or Eve for this historic mistake. But as the God authorized the Adam to control law and order in heaven he may be more to be blamed for that historical blunder. As he had all power within his reach to check her wife but he did not.Thus as Tulsidas the famous Indian Hindu writer who compiled whole Ramcharit Manas the story of Lord Rama,in the form of comprehensive modern epic story- Ramayan said that- the women are worthy to be kicked. And critic`s see his mindset as reason for poor treatment on the Sita Mata and Hindu evil practice on women even today so far.

         Thus choose of word is important as one says what is in mind and thus there is danger to society if the violence is propagated influenced by it.Though the origin of Ramayan is also shrouded in mystery by the saying of some saction of Hindus who say this develop from a curse when Rishi Valmiki was once bathing in Saryu river and show the bird being hit by a hunter.And this curse come from his mouth suddenly-`Ma Nishad Pratistam Twamgama Swasati Sama ,Yato Kroch Mitunadekam- Wadi kam- Mohitam`.Which sloka was later edited again and again to come to the shape of present Sampurna Ram Charit Manas.Interestingly the Prakrit language Ma means same No in my Galo language.

           This modern Ramayana critics said was manipulated to keep the Aryan and higher class supremacy which our BSP Mayawati Behenji seems to be always angry about. So it is heard that the smart Hindu business man avoid telling war stories of Mahabharata to there children’s also to make them concentrate in business more.But the subject of main importance is the Bagwad Gitawhich emphasized the duty of Karma to fight against the evil.See there is also many good qualities of Hindus like touching the feet of the elders.Thus there is something good and bad of every culture we should have been able to take the best of each other.

      See Biblically after Adams removal from heaven it is said the heaven which was in earth itself become invisible and kingdom of God started to be dwell in human heart.And like the Kasturi Deer/Barking Deer the man started searching God outside.Thus from Holy Bible perspective also this seems to be lack of leadership of forefather Adam which made grandmother Eve`s daughters to be targeted now for making eating the forbidden fruit. Lord Christi seem to have also come to correct it by loving and caring women folks more, thus we see more attempt to correction old mistake in Lord`s new mission and his new avatar.And when Jesus Christ is seen to emphasis on the prayer together of disciples in congregation more then inside synagogues or temple. This seems to be His plan to take love and devotion out of temple and synagogue in the practical world .The God is a spirit and one who worship Him must do so in spirit form ,in fact even the idol of the Lord Jesus Christ is an abstract thing. He wants us to be good all the time from Monday to Saturday also;and specially in election time and that can have been only possible when we had prayed God in spirit form.By being good in our own heart.

         According to Hindi mythology also,the human beings also fall down from time to time from knowing God personally to praying trinity then to praying the 32000 gods and goddess so much so that today some may have even made rat as god, fearing there grocery loss in godown jock a friend. And may be he is not wrong as technically the Ganesh Puja where Mouse started to be seen with Ganeshji is said to have been started by the Bal Ganga Dar Tilak, an Indian freedom fighter to bring a pan Indian political sentiment during British raaj. As earlier Prasad/Kichri politics could have alone united the ignorant Indians and make them nationalist as non dare to question in India regarding religious beliefs after that, so this fall from grace started slowly and slowly but very soon before pre-Independence.As more awareness of divinity come more violent we become,as it was artificial and meant to show to others more unlike in other time when spiritualism was a natural phenomenon.

        And soon all the old knowledge of divinity got mixed up with hatred and dogmatic views which Satan made good use of to divide us.As many new religions seems to have been solely product of hatred,result of quest to excel then other.And this we can see happening still with the sudden changes of the local pre-Vedic age practice called Donyi-Polo religion practice in my State.The problem with the Peoples now seems to have been taking religion as a outside challenge to there own religion rather then as a friend to help a personal relationship with Him.As religious tolerance is most important issue. But the hypertension and fear from other religion seems to have been aggravated by glovalisation,this is meaningless as if something comes from God it will last in any case.

           So we need to see our own interest at best this may harm a priest if some converts to other religion ,but not majority Public if suddenly one day they stop praying any god.See Lord Jesus Christ said obedience is better then sacrifice as he want behavioral change,not cosmetic change. As the one which come from God will alone last whatever one tries he will fail as non can fight God even devil also.But for one who can`t accept the new opportunity send by good God at least for them better to take the good part in society social work. And mind it soon there may evolve a world religion acceptable to all as this days the Publics have become very analytical; thus this questioning ability is also good as soon this will be best for us.As unless you question how you will know,the devil alone will try to stop this.Problem is little knowledge is danger and People don`t seek the real thing in life.

           Interestingly non knows Lord Jesus Christ skeen color and His place of birth seems to be touching three continent thus He is truelly belong to world;and is son of God. Earlier the Hindus where very tolerant and use to accept the truth as truth .But after the repeated invasion of Mughals who used to kidnap any Hindu girl they like,this seems to have also made the Hindu society more conservative. And thus one never know the computer virus may be also included in the list of god one day some one joked ,but contribution of Hindus to modern world cannot be also undermined.As opposite view is also needed to come to truth.

       As Biblically the truth denomination preachers are predicting the time for rupture e,i-the Holy spirit blessing time is going to be over and going back in Israel from Gentile places.It may be a good news to some but the wise Hindus are also apprehensive about it.As as the Lord Krishna predicted his 2nd coming and they also think they are not unknowingly dishonoring the Jesus Christ in white dress Sri Krishna part-II avatar. The social dynamics also seems to change with time,but since it change so slowly that we don`t feel it.Thus basically there is a communication problem, God so loved the world that he send His only son Jesus Christ for all.The earlier Naradjis Sitar may have today become modern guiter but fundamental of divine world is same this is more important.

            God want us to be clean and don`t pray self made gods and godess to hide our own mistakes.Therefore there have to be a 2nd thought before criticizing other as blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will be never be pardoned as told in Holy Bible.Even earlier the Christians where also victim of sudden changes ,as some other festival had to be adopted by it which was heard to be never practiced in Christianity.Thus religion have become cocktail now and everyone can be also seen as our own. But the reality is, it was not that way earlier as every forefather originated from same Adam ;and it is said in Holy Bible during one king which theologians believe king Nimrod`s time the common forefather tried to make a big tower at Jerrubabel to challenge the God.

           The infuriated God changed the language and all the forefathers migrated to different parts having different language leaving the work unfinished. This proves the common origin theory of the forefathers Biblically,and this is logical also. Thus there is still part of Godliness in all inherited from forefather Adam`s descendents ;and by selfless love and sacrifice alone all`s blessings will be upon one person who is with God.As the duty of priest with 32000 god`s and goddess jealous of each other may be like warrior lost in the chakrivyuh like Vir Abhimanyu did in the Mahabharta.Thus his role is appreciable but there is seen lack of love,coordination and sharing of ideas owing to which Priests power also seems to be reducing now.

          See earlier in my Galo community one local priest claimed of becoming a tiger also and his followers also accepted that .And if a new good priest is not coming up it is better to surrender to God`s will believe some,as divinity is serious business and in my place charlatans have become mad man pretending to be blessed also.And same may be case with the Hindu Pundits who are not up-to-date as is it not there media exposure of there evil deed curse for there sin done secretly.As the word of the God is double edged sword,before cutting other it pierce one who speak as said in Holy Bible.

            But see even the devil used to recognize the son of God as said in Holy Bible.And God pleased with the baptism taken by Lord Christ and the Holy spirit set in the shoulder of Jesus Christ in the form of Dove. And the God said from above this is my son and I am well pleased with him. But nevertheless the Hindu philosophy is also important to know the real God as the smart one takes the best from each other but the emphasize should be in love and if one is really filled with good spirit ; one will in any case will really love the son of God`s sacrifice for us.As in kalyug we have come in upside down position and thus are seeing the more righteous one from opposite angle.By avoiding truth trying to sleep with eye wide open one cannot avoid the fact,it is better to accept which have to be accepted. As the hatred and despising knowledgeable or appreciable person from other religion is also unreligious activity. Thus the fashion for conversion to Hindu or Christian unless person concern is really interested will be also wrong,also those who stop it if it is also God`s calling.This seems to be really proving as curse to RSS and VHP who have opened up Shakas everywhere as they should not unknowingly take panga with living God Himself. Though it is truth that the Hindu brothers are very knowledgeable but they need to practise spiritualism to logical end.

             As this was what there forefathers did, it is not good to leave the spiritualism in half way and without knowing the ways which a good master alone will help.The congress man can be seen as habitual offenders but not the RSS and VHP who have good moral upbringing in there own way.And need not to say the only party which started state sponsored persecution against Christian in 1970 was Congress –I in State of Arunachal Pradesh.Thus the RSS and VHP had only to do one thing is organizing a big healing crusade if they really want the congress party to lost in election this time.But this is there main problem as they seems to be conglomeration of fundamentalists 2nd to non then Talibans as some critics says.Even if the Congress Party in State of Arunachal Pradesh is conglomeration of vested interest Officers and politicians.

              See it seems Hinduism are the one`s who have introduced the son of God Jesus Christ ;as the three Magis who visited the baby Christ are suspected to be one of Hindu Sadus. The story of the Nuas fate in the ill fated Boat for 7 month in the flood seems to have been referred also in Hindu forefather`s story –Manusmriti when forefather Manu who was also saved in fish.As the Nua who was common mankind`s forefather there sons more particularly Hindu forefather seems to have learnt the importance of cow in the boat when they were hungry. This forefathers experience seems to have permanently made an imprint to respect the cow as sacred by the Hindus. Since incidents happened crores of years back slight variance in story is possible and acceptable.

             But unfortunately the giving of more importance on animal made by God for human welfare have seems to have made the Hindu brothers not developing interest in the will of the all encompassing Lord and knowing His kingdom and glory.Though many Hindus longing for Olympic Gold medal also say that there forefathers Aryans earlier also used to eat Beef meat.But the Hindu importance on milk is a very good trait also and the cow must be protected for its milk value . The hitherto impossible thought Biblical character`s and moral values as demanded by God have been made still possible in the modern world,by one like mother Teresa.This shows the human potentialities if he/she really want to do something, then non can stop him.See today also the magic of magician Dynamo is mesmerizing everyone. And by telling the story of good Samaritan Lord Christ seems to have point that he is more happy with the one who love and cares for other also, even if he is from other religion as he may have been sure of some charlatans joining Christianity for joy ride .

            As to good one he may give repentance and salvation within this very life itself.As when Paul the persecutor was criticized by other , Lord said see how I am going to use him also.And it is said in Holy Bible-`Those who come first will become last, so the starter must not also pride for himself.As Lord have a large heart unlike us and want to accommodate all.Thus Lord belong to world as much as He belong to a Christian and Christianity is a world religion and must be seen as best if it merit this.As the fundamental of this religion is very strong and in heart of heart everyone accept this;as need is for one which is all encompassing .As the religion where there is less scope for rise of social evil like Dowry,Khap Punchayat,Child feticide is it not the best religion also?After all sooner or later everyone will have to accept this;after trying all the format.

             See the climate and weather is also under Lord`s control as country is reeling worst rainfall thus need is to repent as a country also;before a worst thing comes up here also.And only fool will be still stubborn,who don`t love the Country truelly.As all the sectarian violence will be stopped by evangelism only;as there is no scope for territorial sovereignty for a good Christian.Swami Vivekanadaji also rightly quote humanity is divinity, that got to be approach for social relationship; as Swamiji rightly seems to be emphasizing on be local think global by asking god for others then his own problem.In olden age did not even the earlier Hindu kings also did not emphasized personal salvation by abdicating his throne in his old age.It is said in his old age even Aurangzeb the Mughal Emperor was heard to murmur the name of his brothers murdered by him .

                And thus oneday eventually the sinners have to confess that Jesus Christ is son of God.The loving, caring and good person will automatically accept the truth and get salvation eventually and also may get a last chance for salvation also.As the goodness is imbibed in the human character which is now helping to fight against the corrupted in this new world.As truth will eventually triumph as there is no truth more powerful then the word of God in Holy Bible.So we need to think best is going to come soon;and for the rich man also should think that Christ centric state will help all.For then only there will be scope for peaceful negotiation or the Country future is very serious specially for them. The great Hindus should not forgot there forefathers mistake; see the great Bisma Pitamah he also died a dillissioned man, in the epic Mahabharta battle .

           Thus for you time for siding with more righteous one`s as coming election time is going to be historic. Thus to critics surprise why some still want to commit mistake by not following Lord Krishna’s predicted avatar in this kalyug? As fight between haves and haves not,rich Vrs. Poor, corrupted Vrs uncorrupted etc. is going to ript us apart unless white clothed avatar in kalyug is not followed believe some.Thus time for all to pray Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who alone have answer to protect society from anarchy. See do the anti black money preachers have they also full proof system to fight against it besides hacking up an emotional issue. But may be participating in coming Christmas carol and praying Lord may do the trick. And who knows by campaigning for an Indian Bishop for a Pop post may make the Europeans and Americans also favoring us.As we need to know there language to convince them and above all to appease God who only want the change of heart.As most of the Publics still prefer to be corrupt in election and advise others.

             See how Holy spirit is different ? is it not like taking pure water with you to drink while crossing river Ganga;as you know that water in the bisleri bottle is more cleaner then present Ganga water. So is the Holy spirit not higher among all the spirits and alone can save us all as says the more blessed one`s.As even the Hindus story says when the Lord Krisna`s soul went to higher spiritual realm of heaven after death the Devtas prayed and looked above.And Ramkrishna`s followers started to call him paramhansa as one supreme swan among other.As the one addicted to liquor also instantly find a new boozer friend in a new town,so will be the case in spiritual field tells Baba Ramdevji also.Who is really praiseworthy for fighting for one of the main point of Holy Bible-Justice and Equality.But unless Holy spirit joins also nothing doing,so time for all the Christians to take up this God commission mission with prayer and supplication. Thus the need is to try to identify the good person to be helped,where there have been manifest persecutions to God`s man for a long time.And this should definitely zero in on my birthplace where the indirect persecutions is heard to be still done in interior villages.Friends where there is more persecutions Holy Spirit seems to be direct in action against it.Therefore the sponsors of the better righteous leaders will be themselves beneficiary of amazing blessings and grace in this places.As it is possible for one place only the Lord and Saviour may make political equation upside down in whole country.

           Some want to funnily make gods of his own choose but this will never help tells Holy Bible; as you are one so one who made you thy almighty God is also one ,and His command is the main thing to be followed by us as per Holy Bible. The truth is bitter you like it or not after all He is the boss so it is our compulsion to hear him.And before the gospel also there was God`s little voice directing one to do good or warn from evil deeds , but today since evil have increased many fold so God seems to have send more committed missioneries to warn but earlier also Prophets where disowned.See even in New Testament there is instance of Holy spirit coming to Gentiles who had not taken Baptism then.But this should be a rare occasion and today without God`s shield one will himself feel the difficulties in this much changed world.

           Thus by comparative study best religious doctrines should be taken up,this have to be taken sportingly as like more shop is better for customer.But fact is that already the best have been written in Holy Bible inspired by God and does the Zews are also not accepted as biologically more superior? And this must have been reason of emphasizing the need of samudramanthan in life as talked about by earlier Rishi Munis.Which must have been emphasise for introspection of highest order in life. So one who is against conversion is against divinity also as the spiritual democracy alone is way to salvation as to some special persons He also calls to promote him in higher elevation and to take other with him.

           We should feel happy for him as for one righteous person all society will get blessings.As if He blesses who can be against him. but the constructive competition also seems to help us to evaluate ourselves .See we may have ideological difference, but should not have personal enmity more so in religion. And even the Swami Vivekanada has he not emphasized for the spiritual growth. See the story of Prahlad and Dhruba in Hindu mythology, this they seems to forget , as here the devotee refuse to pray there present god and are seen to struggle to pray higher God hearing His calling. So it will be wrong to insist the child to follow one god let him understand first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.The mechanism of God`s kingdom by first reading and knowing about one who gives everything. And if fed with the word of God from nascent stage the God will surely reveal His secret for any one and will also make him Olympic Gold medalist.

             Thus Lord Jesus Christ said man cannot live without the word of God as we are programme to be blessed by him alone,as even the Arab Oil deposit will finish one day; then what?So need to grave Him before it become too late, as the soul only want spiritual food and before one is grown up and become stubborn it is better to give this to him.Even in the Donyi Polo practice in my society the moment child is born the parent is suppose to cry my child my Child.As there is believe that the evil spirit also claim a child.See we should not regret later,even if we have failed this in our own life , but our children’s deserve it as He is the best,then only we will get love and security from our child in our Old age . After all in our old age we all want good Children to look after us.And this is the reason worth taking risk as eventually the Khap Panchayat will not look after you in old age.See the truth is initially bitter.

              See since all the religion also come in different times we seems to have confrontation and misunderstanding as if they are different also,but if seen critically, they all seems to be helping each other,willing to take one to a higher spiritual arena. So once Lord Christ read in Synagogue-`today all the scriptures have been fulfilled in him,` as if after Satya Yug and Treta Yug he has now come to give more to all in Kalyug to end it.As the Hindu prophets also seems to predict the coming of Lord Christ from long time back.And more clearly by Lord Krishna Himself. Thus from Hindu perspective also Lord Christ He can be thus seen as latest edition of divine power send by God more comprehensive and fit in today’s context. After Rama and Krishna which born in Hindu religion long time ago.Thus as a human being we have to simply take what God have given us without any murmur as God definitely have better plan for us.

              As since we become slave of time and space and seems to be unable to accept the reality so the enlightened one have to be trusted by critical analysis what more we can do? As even doubting Thomas was later ashamed of putting his finger inside the injured Palm of resurrected Lord Christ .See it is also accepted by the Hindus that there were various avatars of Lord Rama from time to time.This may also seems to show that God tried His best to warn the Peoples of sin but non showed any interest to his prophets. Even the Hanuman the monkey god was offered the gold by Lord Rama ,but he chewed it and throw away isn`t it?This story seems to show that there is same thing with word of God as the seed that fell on good ground alone grow as said in Holy Bible.

           In Old Testament God says I am angry God,you shall only worship me.As the human beings were made not by devil but God only and definitely He will like His creations to prey Him only.Thus we must pray him only as here only is our benefit; or non of our creative ideas will succed.As anger for Britishers cannot remove the importance of one omnipotent God.The praying of angel and god is for particular purpose but all encompassing blessings God alone can give.See the present salvation bid is more easier then in olden times also,you have to just give time to word of God meditate upon it and be blessed and at time witness his glory. Even if the People hate you now but eventually everyone have to rely to Prophet alone for his survival, as one who can even defeat death and rise up in three days can He also not give you life and everything you need? As already all the great man have already given confirmation regarding single God theory by benefitting from Holy Spirit possessed Peoples.Which is in large number in my place as God seems to have poured His power for Poor peoples. So why not comply God`s will when Holy Bible said-`God loved the world so much that He send His only begotten son to die for our sin, so that those believe in Him will never die and will have everlasting life.

               As the prejudice have to be also critically analyzed as it is most important objection to you getting God`s blessings.After all God had to also choose one tribe to prepare it for birth of His son Jesus Christ.And Can He be doubted for this only? as other forefather`s other then Zews may have been indiscipline and not as reliable to Him then Abraham at that time.See the story of the Cain murdering his brother;this kind of story is also accepted by the Donyi-Polo practices in my society which is perhaps the oldest religious philosophy of pre-Vedic period time who says original Abo Tani ,human forefather was killed by Abo Taro e,i- now the unrighteous forefather man whose descendents we seems to be now.And as such seems to have inherited the biological weakness of forefather cain.And since my kind of place have retained its originality the Hindu`s can study this society to see the original form of Aryan practices in pre-Vedic era also also.But there may be also genetical miracle from time to time with Adams DNA coming back again and again to some great man to lead us to righteousness.

           The tower of Jerubabbel story also seems to be told in Hindu , when the story of tower of Muni Sukracharya ,challenging the devtas is seen akin to that Biblical story.See even the name of Ashuras and Rama is also seen in the list of the Bible chronology of human forefathers name written in old Testament Bible.And even Hindus accept that there were several Ram avatars earlier, thus for simple man this are complicated issue.But hope this should satisfy the tribes who give more importance to maintenance of forefathers geneology records.Some critics consider Orientals/Mongols as descendents of forefather Shame.The real Hindu Pandits are supposed to be more knowledgeable in this matter and must support the truth;as out of all sin it is said blasphemy that too to the Holy Spirit is said to be worst kind of sin. And the good Hindus will definitely support the rationality and saved themselves being duped by the psyudo religionists. As the need is to search all encompassing son of God.

             So religious arguments cannot solve the hunger of man for it spiritual beginning is to be made.As this is a feeling which only Holy spirit can satisfy, unfortunately People tend to react by emotion which is temporary and for there weakness also lost the Holy spirit presence very soon. As what is unseen power of God is more as the power behind the miracle of magician Dynamo who is He?or the roots which is hidden beneath the soil yet sprout so big a tree ,this is the mechanism of God.So even question of doubting Thomas one of the 12th Apostles of Lord Christ was wrong.As there was already numbers of proof of God`s miracle in his time. And see Swami Vivekanadaji`s Guru Rama Krishna Paramhansa was referred by an English professor that Rama Krishna Paramhansa who later become his guru possessed this Holy Spirit also .Thus non can satisfy the wondering heart accept fellowship with God and being with anointed one`s.But for it even if the Public initially laughed to Ramakrishna when he was playing in mud he have to be dedicated to that extent and develop that crazy hunger to meet Him.

           And who have find Him alone will have something good to offer to others also.As the pin develops this magnet character after coming in touch with it ,so will be fellowship with truly Holy person will change all.Because slowly People forget there old self being in touch with good Peoples and imbibe there qualities. So this is the secret of success; and as swami vivekanada tested the right guru with rational analysis .And thus the beginning have to be made testing the seen man.As then only the unseen God`s power will be felt later.As the testimony of the good man will be powerful enough to convince one,as unless one is really loved by God he will never do much miracle and sacrifice.

            The most genetically advanced Zews have already introspected everything before hand we have to think that.And begin our journey obediently and shorten our journey like Swami Vivekanada benefitted from Ramkrishna Paramhansa`s long experience by his surrender. As in religion more question there is going to be more delay as time is precious and too many good things have to be done within short time to finish seven generation curse over our forefathers which will disturb us.As already many ifs and buts question have been asked.And did Bharta did not also bring Ganga in his own time for removing the curse of his forefather`s,thus before laughing at other make a rational observation or you may contradict your own religions claim. Please don`t get misleaded by pseudo religionists who shows day dream of materialistic gains which seldom never gives happiness also,as there is no short cut in divinity. Interestingly God only seems to call the most laborious and smart one`s in his ministry, this is contrary to what world thinks them as congregation being filled with lazy Peoples.See after a through fasting session only we realize the meaning and happiness of the world we live in; as many never know what is value of good food even in richness, as this is a common diet/practice for them.

                Thus Christ said man cannot live by bread alone he need word of God to survive as faith comes through hearing the word of God and this alone is our armor’s against the devil`s work as shown in Sawdhan India. As God is word and He acts through word as His promise will never fail thus it is privilege to work for living God when we are alive and save the society and country. As unless one is really convinced by heart he can never follow any thing till the end of life thus this is the litmus test of new man made religion. As the God`s word in Holy Bible alone seems to have changed even the hardened criminal.Once I felt the bitter truth of thy power when I was dying inside the operation theatre and felt the Holy spirit`s healing whereas till then I was not a Christian also. Brothers facing death is real painful and very few also get 2nd chance to have a new life.See it will be dishonest on my part if I did not share this to others as oneday death have to be faced by all.See was the fame Somnath mandir which claimed of mystic power to save itself not ultimately dazed by Mohmad of Gaznavi.Thus what God make will only last we are more important then anything else made by us also.Don`t allow your body to be abused by devil and others on his behalf if you are a real nationalist work for Lord as he alone can make our nation great.As no amount of slogan or poster can make this. It is plain and simple with cross in your poster you will win,why make it complicated as life is short?And the decision will be your`s only as no pain no gain. As nothing can never bring as much vibration as the Holy Bible which seems to be all encompassing. Specially in this transition period when the Kalyug seems to be ending, after so much civil right movements is not God first time seen with righteousness and goodness after His message keep coming in the God channel and His graceness seems to have arrived in this country also.

              So is it not time to welcome him? And the rational thinking will compel the man to evaluate religious doctrines also which is most result oriented ;one based on facts and figures.And as such with time we seems to be inching towards knowing God`s kingdom as He want us to recognize the master only,as globalization have this greatest merit to expose all the hidden things,and truth cannot be remain hidden for ever.Mind it non was as bad earlier also but system failure alone made us sinner, not any more now, see the falling of corrupted Goa Govt. within one month of declaration of election.This is Lord`s era now.

               The analyst believes that the Holy spirits work more when His believers and Poor and destitute are persecuted more. As this things are interlinked, as love for justice is the love for godliness we will sure oneday reach the greatest pinnacle of spiritualism which Buddhists calls-kalchakra if we remain optimistic and become persistent. See right now world is dominate by sin so we cannot think beyond it but soon thing will change for good and nothing the pseudo religionist can now do anything about it now.So the divine force may be against despotic rulers also who may have outlived there utility and have developed dependency on them and disturbing this spiritual growth also.As the corrupted regime is falling right and left everywhere which was earlier disturbing this Holy Bible teaching , as this book is the source of justice and equality which was the source of the civil right movement in this world of no hope.

               Thus it is truly time to accept the Christians as there own by the anti Christians also and join the congregation on the way to go to the promise land.As the victory belong to God,and even for the rich and powerful it is time to repent now in time as best is now taking shelter with God.And come to place like Jipu prayer centre in West Siang Dist.Arunachal Pradesh.Here the Holy spirit possessed persons will tell God`s programme of number of days of fasting to be undertaken by one.And mind it many have benefitted here as there is no easy way out for great sinners like us.As any more crookedness and manipulation may be seen as against will of God,thus time to pass all the bill as demand by civil society members and come to seek thy kingdom.As the divine power seems to be working very much among the innocent Peoples of my State who are more pressed with rampant corruption and nepotism.

              Friends the latest once should be considered as more authentic and comprehensive and practical from present standard also if they are really convincing and logical. This also happens in any market products; so the philosophy is going to be same in spiritual arena also as truth will eventually triumph. Thus spiritual growth is also very important, by clinging on to old values we may not survive as the hunger for spirituality is worst, and as a man become older and older this comes natural to him also.And with new globalization the Peoples mental satisfaction is never going to be fulfilled if there is no real miracle work and deliverance. Thus as the hungry person will find the kitchen by any means so is in spiritualism ,and the best one will be searched by any means.And People will find a mechanism to help himself by searching for divine blessings. When Hindus have already left trinity god- Brahma ,Vishnu and Mahesh why the need for also retaining 32000 god`s joked a friend.

             As the original God are seldom prayed now and oneday present gods may be also they will be also forgotten .So change and dynamic is a natural process also ,and as this subject is in the heaven list it is better to receive the best and latest one as He sends . Thus think about God and his act in this world from rational perspective from 3rd man`s angle also, rather from any one`s own angle before coming to a conclusion, as many a times we have been brain washed from childhood to do what we have been made to believe. See non is reliable today as good guru earlier used to take lots of pain to make Sisya not any more and as the God is going to effect us for eternity; thus it is a serious subject if one have a higher plans beyond materialistic gains.

            And thus follow the religion of your choice find is it result oriented or not?for all and society also personal advise- if you are happy think you have hit the bulls eye,as for richness good God have already given us good body to earn it.Thus searching kingdom of God means doing His will and by Lord Shivas 3rd eye it seems to means seeing from spiritual eye e,i-using your 6th sense. The problem is that the People are lazy don`t want to give time but howsoever rich one is,there is no short cut in spiritualism.See today many man`s hard earned money have been looted by cyber crime;and suspected black money keepers in swiss bank Heli Choppers seems to be crashing in 3rd world countries. The Holy Bible promise to give more richness also if thy kingdom is seek first, but motive have to be good first.And Lords 1/10 portion have to be given which is minimum due to Him.As we are enjoying His free basic amenities like-sun ,air ,rain given by Him, can its importance be ever negeted.So don`t miss out thy blessings , as this is for an Individual person`s own well being, this property cannot be even shared by loved once. The person who hears others death report with much enthusiasm have to think that it could have been him also; thus need is searching all the secret of God, and mind it kingdom of God is in your heart only search there first.Why when we are only in death bad we realize this when it is too late.

             I was saved in operation theatre by God long time back,but will other be that fortunate? Outside activities will be irrelevant if there is no inside metamorphosis so in everything we do, aim should be for glory of God and promise to change once and for all.And for it humble heart is needed in all the religion I have never seen a spiritual person as humble as Jesus Christ who took baptism from a mortal man like John the Baptist even if He was son of God.As God sees once inside merit and goodness then outward appearance even if He was His own son,if one refuse to sit in congregation thinking himself as more richer then others God save him.

                To make the journey more shorter and easier begin it,as oneday you will be alone and only the memory of working for kingdom of God will help you in the spiritual journey as this family and friend is part of maya only. As under influence of devil we make mistakes in the world; see non of the good Hindu will like to explain the presence of castes and dowry in the Hinduism which non can do anything about it even if they want to remove this,this are bitter truth.As there will be also curse if there is a deviation from will of God and this seems to be its side effect,but we all knowingly overlook this as non wants to sacrifice some portion of his life this is the real problem for India. As everyone criticize our leaders forgetting there role in making them also.This is showing that we are still under devils clouth,and what is the side effect our lakh of crores of black money is now enjoyed by the foreign country man isn`t it.Thus only the Lords will in fasting programme convinced sinner like me to be still in the political field.

               Thus all the good Hindus should promise to remove this injustice of- caste,dowry and child foeticide etc.within 5 yrs. and if unable should think of my advise seriously. As God values the human life and for our dogmatic views future generation of great nation should not suffer. May be the RSS and VHP brothers should see this evil practice as more greater threat then the other religion also ,which in any case wants to help the country more. Thus the person who is against the Christianity is devils advocate to some religious persons view`s as Christianity have helped in removing more dogmatic culture and traditions which have harmed the nation.And by the time one regret it will becomes too late as then the next victim may prove to be his own son or daughter mind it?

              See at least in Christianity there is no such social evil and even earlier Britishers tried to help Raja Ram Mohan Roy to remove Sati practice’s. You can`t have your own way and also expect the blessings of God upon you also,see the Europeans and Americans were more advanced and rational then us and unless they were never convinced from there soul would have never accepted Holy Bible gospel also.As even if one is dog he is God`s and it is a better that way also if he is getting the deliverance. And howsoever we criticize American and British religion, but some of our own aren`t not dying to have the passport of USA and UK to visit it?

               Whereas the target should have been place in heaven thus God sees the heart as some may have been also successful; outside. But in the day of Judgment may be question will be have you saved your own? To first ensure eternal salvation which can be beguine here only. See there are many westerners who tried to experiment upon the Holy Bible from scientific angle also and find it trustworthy, or will they have wasted there time in this religion. As the scientists made carbon dating upon the Bible transcript scroll find in dead sea now kept in Cairo museum. And found that it was really written during time of Lord Jesus Christ. See definitely English life is better off leave aside there life, even in North East Christian place, life is wonderfully good. As no excessive rain and no scanty rain and no great earthquake after 1950`s barring in Sikkim which is yet to be evangelized, praise the Lord.And praise the God nothing like a place where you can express freely what you want to say barring in few place.

              And the degradation of mankind we see in place like Pakistan more where they hate others. As even if you don`t love God cooperate with the mankind for a good cause ;this also seems to be absent there.But precisely in the same place where there is persecutions to God`s worker is more work of Holy spirit now seen.Hopefully oneday we will see a Christian centric State even in the Arab Countries. As Holy Bible seems to promise Israel victory over the Arabs before the rupture and this may be 3rd world war prophesized by some believer. See the violence in Islamic country is due to the conflicting reason where the religious leaders are unable to explain the questioning heart to its logical satisfaction ,as Sufism have a limited role to satisfy the human heart and the gun totting fundamentalists are against God`s Holy Spirit working .And as such later as liberalism will increase in Islam country many may be also sympathetic to the Israils sentiment; after all one day there fuel will be also finished and Arabs have to depend on water reserves of Sea of Galilee in Israil only.

            See the God seems to be also working his miracle through a little 14yrs.girl called Malala Yusuf Zai in Swat Valley Pakistan for writing against Taliban in her blog from tender age and fighting for girl education. And for the first time after she was seriously injured by Taliban bullet. The 50 Religious leaders have issued fatwa over the Taliban itself thus evil will never last; no religion can prosper by force only .As for our country we are still privileged to have democracy and ask what Swami Vivekanadji asked initially have you seen God ?before seeing the way to seek him in all the poor and helpless Indians face also.And for this Independence and religious tolerance God must have blessed this country immensely.Thus we need to make it greater by making it God`s own place.

           The Holy Bible says that God send his only son Lord and Saviour Jesus of Nazareth to die for others sins.So that the repented once can be taken to heaven.And in the new more complexed world,as it was humanly impossible to reach heaven howsoever good he is by his own good deed,as king Yudhistir`s endeavor to reach heaven as per as Hindu scripture was in Satya Yug period only, from which time things have changed so much.And as the angel Lucifer have been deprived of heavenly pleasure he always confuse the world making them to feel emotional to wordly matters called - maya as per the scholar`s of divinity of Hindu also.And as the crux of the doctrine is same only therefore the devil himself is impediment to our unity of thinking.

                Even Ramakrishna Paramhansa was also claimed by his disciples to be possessor of holy spirit as he must have also seeked thy kingdom first as critics believe. As Holy Bible challenges seek thy kingdom and graceness first and everything shall follow unto you. And as easily the Swami Vivekananda is used as Hindu pride why his real philosophy is also sidelined for the national building measures as seeking God is the first sign of maturity of a person from Biblical perspective ;and this Swamiji seems to have advocated to do without any reservations. As spiritually positive effect crosses beyond all region and boundery.And isn`t the Ram Krishna math and mission not proto type of Popes centre in Rome. And critically Swami Vivekanadaji honestly looked like John the Baptist as if paving the way for coming of God`s gospel in India. And his Chicago address may have been appreciated because as he said-`Sister and Brother`s of America`, and yes from Adam and Eves point of view he really seems to have hit the bulls eye as mankind evaluated from one common forefather Adam only and are really sisters and brothers.

                  Thus says the great- unless there is spiritual growth which is due to liberal discussions on who is God the country will also not prosper,as He is the one who gives everything and will definitely want Him to be remembered and knowned.And it is also our duty to do so isn`t it?As it is the human duty to find this truth and in this alone our well being is going to be there; or like in Japan even if they have materialistic gain we may have prolong Earthquake and natural disaster. As it is written in scriptures seek first thy kingdom and graceness and then everything shall follow unto you.Thus why shyness to discuss most important topic for own,society and national interest as the love for all must remove our individual weakness to tell goodness for everyones well being also.

                     Why we are now afraid of discussing the main thing as spiritual transparency must be the real meaning of Hinduism also.As the old sages tried to explain the atmachintan e,i-self introspection in the pictorial form of tug of war between the devtas and ashuras e,i-gods and demons by calling it samudramanthan where the nectar come as ultimate prize.When the snake was used as tug of war by both Devta and ashuras the immortals and mortal .Thus the Hindu sages seems to have also emphasized the need for self introspection and open discussion to come at truth.The problem with this country seems to be missing this most important point .And as the wine is said to have come with poison in the initial round as per as the Hindu myth;and in the last the nector so the best will be to drink that modern nector which may be Lord `s suffer wine after baptism time.It is said that even a Raksas once tried to drink devtas nector with them but was killed.So there is no short cut in spiritualism some must slog to test this end result.

                  And if there is open discussion on comparative study of religion the Publics will take the best and this will serve the nation and thus need is parliament of religion type of conclave which once happened in America.So why RSS and VHP also will not like this introspection ,as this is the real meaning of Hinduism and here will alone lie there best interest.As the lack of spiritual democracy seems to have harmed the nation more,as the good Holy spirit will alone make the nation great.In fact I have seen the BJP friends having more hunger for spirituality and only they have to be told the religion from right perspective. Who knows most of the anti Christian comment just before election may be written and circulated by the smart congress man to defame Hindus.I hope my good friend Baba Ramdevji and Tarun Vijayji will help me to bring this liberal thinking in the Hinduism to make country once again cradle of civilisation.After all Christianity also sacrificed many of its characteristics to incorporate others views also,but God`s basic fundamentals cannot be compromised. And for them who are hardcore at least appreciating other may help them.

                And mind it this alone will help them,as without thy will nothing doing as by involving Him alone great work can be accomplished by any one. See this have been always this way in Hinduism as seen by the prayer of higher power before going to war also;as some man may be alone defeated by thy blessings only;and in this decisive battle time political party atleast should not take any chance.So the coming Christmas can be a good occasion by all the good congress man and other interested parties to join the God`s mission in joint Christmass carrol organized by Christians to get thy blessings. As the political future is unpredictable which God alone can change now.Thus hoping in coming Christmas carol lots of enthusiasm will be seen with the blessing seekers of God.

            See according to Hindi mythology also only the Yudhistir could make it to the heaven by his own and even there asked by Devtas to take short of baptism in holy river of the celestial world.As there is no scope for egoism and pride in religion world, and so the limitations have to be also accepted by all as days of satya yug/ truth age is over.And today as per Bible only son of God can help who have already paid a price by dying for us.But the real God was once known by all the forefathers who lived a divine life then and there was no confusion about it;See even Lord Shiva refused to fight with Lord Krishna calling him as Narayan to one of his devotee who wanted this blessings. So only the comparative study will help us now to know the real one unfortunately today in spite of so many facilities we have no aptitude for the Lord and thus still stick to old views without accepting the direction of the previous and present avatars.

             But taking the good one of all the religious doctrines we should again be possible to achieve that perfection in life to at least make the world better, even if one does not want to follow Holy Bible in toto.As today we have fallen to such extent from His grace that we laugh at this topics also and get lead by emotions rather by truth.And it is also not important to know Him only but His will also as the God`s love is unconditional but not His kingdom. Which have many rules and regulations to follow which non likes to do today but slowly this will become habit just beginning have to be made by us.As for richness also thy blessings and guidance instead of satans reverence is more important, as one should be also be able to enjoy the money which God give.In exodus chapter of Holy Bible it is written even all god and goddess was made by God only, thus this is an established fact that everything is God`s creation only and to get His blessings some amount of sacrifice have to be naturally made;and this is the harder part but not difficult.And mind it time is less as planning to do good work in old age that time may not come .

              One can read the Miltons -`Paradise Lost`to see the end result of the Character being with wrong power.As non want to overcome temptations like Job did in his life as said in Holy Bible and want to play easy and all fall down like 4 Pandavas as the pilgrim progressed in there end life.And mind it for the escapists who will not like to face the battle of Mahabharata in there life time,they will again entangle in this life cycle born probably as animal next time according to Hindu view.May be even for the pseudo Christians this may be fate accomplished as religion is a passion not fashion. As for those backslide believers for whom God`s programme for fasting in prayer centre does not come as often,it is said later he have terrible problem.Thus in the end days of life at least the believer also have to be careful, sacrificing his all wealth and dedicate to Lord only.And if not at least climb up in the tree top like the Jackeus the bad tax collector when the Lord Jesus Christ was passing by,this may be in modern context can be done by writing in social cites about His glory.As more witness of your worldly duty is needed tomorrow in day of judgement.

               So atleast the easy way of secret to salvation may be pity on son of God who died for our sin as , it is our duty to do so to reciprocate goodness with goodness more so to Lord`s sacrifice. As blasphemy against the Holy Spirit have been told as greatest sin. As even if the devil tempt us all but it is so much a historic sacrifice to be neglected for us who are like jerms. But by the time we realize it may be too late;and the thing seen impossible from outside is possible with God if one put his first step like apostle Peter also made to walk above water in thy presence beginning from being a simple fisherman. And even the Holy Bible is word of God which belongs to everyone and some section are collection of memoirs of 12 Apostles who roamed with Christ Jesus; and later Prophets seems to have roamed all the world and spread this message. As even some Hindus unable to do anything with the Hindu disunity due to castes and Dowry practice which seems to be effect of the writing of the Ramcharitmanas says that-The old Ramayana had never advocated the hatred of women and lower caste, which seems to be after thought work of racist,clanist and castist writer.

              And as the Hindu trinity God seems to never said explicitly regarding does and don’ts the Holy Bible can be also seen as work of trinity e,i-father ,son and holy spirit which epic book may have been long lost by Hindu forefathers also. As the Donyi polo believers practicing pre-vedic era ritual claims that the there forefathers wrote scriptures in animal skeen.And eat it up and forgot it in lean period this shows earlier doctrines where same only and get lost.See same kind of philosophy is seen in Veda and Purans ,as Rishi Ved Vyasa said,`Asta Deshu Puransehu Vyashasya Vachana Duyam,paropkaray Punyay.Parpidanay Papam` which is akin to love thy neighbor theory of Holy Bible.Thus the Holy Bible can be seen as more comprehensive and seen as latest addition send by heaven for mankind`s betterment.

               See there is many similarity in the doctrine of the Hinduism and Christianity-which also make one wonder weather the earlier Hindu`s did not aped the Christian missionaries also?and if so good and if not then also it have to be accepted that both have a common origin as what matter is goodness of world, even if a few is unhappy with it.The other similarity between Hindu and Christianity seems to be emphasize of the Christmas tree which seems to have come from kalp Taru concept of Hindu only.The importance of holy spirit in the form of white bird is seen in the Hindu religion also. Even the Lord Sri Krishna seems to have predicted the coming of son of God after Him and himself also died like Christ.Thus Christianity is world religion and our common property also as only due to communication gap there seems to be confusion. Which seems to be devils making to disaduade us to know the truth,see was not some of our own princely State were not subjugating the Publics then?And even the devtas seems to have taken short of the Baptisma in heavenly river and see did Bharta not brought river Ganga from heaven for short of mass baptisma of his dead forefathers souls.

              Even today the Ganga snan/bathing is sine qua non of a Hindu Philosophy like the Holy Baptisma.Thus born again theory seems to be ultimate rule even in Hindu philosophy even if one reach heaven by his good character alone ; he may have still have his weakness also to be washed before final gate of heaven as Yudhisthir was asked to do so by devtas as Hindu mythology tells. This divine river before reaching heaven is also reflected in the famous novel -`Pilgrim Progress ` written by John Bhuyan. The Hindus also seems to divide various stage of Heavens. Interestingly the angel and god is also referred in Holy Bible. Thus by comparative analysis all doubt is cleared that Jesus Christ was son of God. And if this Holy Book is questioned then the critics are also bringing there own religion under doubt.

               As life is also always a learning process by regular interaction with each other so the isolated life will help non. As the prophet Mosses at least took his followers towards promise land,and even if he could not reach it ,his disciples did reached the cannan modern Jeruslam.And So as the Lord Krishna also predicated the birth of present white dressed avatar to finish the Kalyug,thus we need to ponder upon the religion nicely. As they seems to be mutually complimentary and by following it a Hindu is satisfying Lord Krishna only who quoted ,`YADA YADA HI DARMASYA........ DHARMA SANSTAPYAY NITYA SAMBHAWAMI YUGE YUGE`-which says when righteous are persecuted;from time to time great avatar will always born.And as such the fundamentalists cannot be allowed in this great religion.And as some Hindu Pundits also believe after Pitambar,will come Digambar and then Swetambar avatar e,i-Lords incarnation thus the Hindus have to be appreciated for telling everything in advance regarding Lord Jesus Christ.This is highly probable and in that case he is not alleign God to this country also isn`t it?So God belong to all he is everyone`s property, the infighting itself is devils work.See any godly person is a Hindu also as well as a Christian as the intelligent Hindus earlier also were after Him since long time.More need is personal relationship with Christ as outward show is also not important. The pride and false sense of betrayal to there parent religion to not accept savior may be there own loss.As in this world thing will happen according to his will.

                This critically analysis of Hinduism is written based on the book called-cradle tells of Hinduism written by Sister Nivedita an Irish lady who came with Swami Vivekanadaji and was inspired by Swamiji to write this. And this seems to have been the real motto of Swamiji to integrate all the religion as world religion. As same religion and same language also makes a powerful nations like we see in Europe and America. Thus time to focus in the real God then the author like Tulsidas and his creations like Rama which seems to be only historical document of one part of an era .Or was it an exaggeration which got added after centuries of edition thinks some?See Swami Vivekananda seems to have been unable to tell some truth at his own time.And seems to have been eventually compelled to take Mahasamadhee by his critics.

                 As contrary to his own views many things where said to be included in the Ramkrishna Math and Mission like its logo which contains the snake around the white swan.Or was it Vivekandajis way of saying that world is now under the devils spell.As the King Janamejaya who wanted to kill the Nag king Takshaka who killed his father Parishit the descendents of the Pandavas by a big Yagya was also unable to do so and had to finally accept this world as play ground of God,god and angels to check good Peoples. As the serpent who represents devil was once truelly under the great gods also as cursed to be crushed under foot of Adams descendednts.Specially seen as seat of Bhagwan Bishnu as he earlier set upon the Sesh Nag and Lord Sri Krishna seen danced over the Kalindi Nag.And this evil power need to be controlled and Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have today bind it in chains below the cross. So don`t allow it ever to rise once more.

               And today we must take opportunity of an era of liberalism to find the truth and be liberated for which great man`s had to born again and again in this world. Thus now the need is good symphony and co-existence in my kind of place also where the Publics are real puzzled now. Where some serious questions is also rising in the mind of Swami Vivekananda type persons who want to use spirituality for nation building and perhaps this is now the only solution to stop the corruption and nepotism of highest order also. By going into its logical end to find the truth as the living and true God alone can save this nation now, May God save India, Praise the Lord.

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i have read 25% of your article could not get full time to gone thorough the details. confusing because you have mixed up all the things all together and difficult to make a conclusion. any way write up is good.